If couples are unable to get pregnant all the year round, they may suffer from azoospermia

What is the cause of azoospermia? If couples are unable to conceive all the year round under natural conditions, this shows that they may not only have women’s problems but also men’s reasons. Azoospermia is a direct cause of male infertility. Without the combination of sperm and egg, the fertilized egg can not be formed normally, which can lead to infertility.

So, what is the cause of azoospermia? The main causes of azoospermia are as follows:

1.  Varicocele:
The occurrence of varicocele will seriously affect the blood supply of the male testicles, and it will affect the spermatogenesis of the testis, which will lead to a large reduction in sperm, and eventually there will be azoospermia.

2.  Genitals injury:
If the injury or torsion of the testicles, or the male hernia repair, can also affect the function of the testicle, which will lead to the occurrence of sperm production disorder, and cause azoospermia.

3.  No testosterone:
Testis is an important place for sperm production. If there is no testicle, sperm will not be produced, so it will lead to azoospermia.

4.  Bilateral cryptorchidism:
This is the case that the position of the testicle is not supposed to come to the scrotum. It stays in the abdominal cavity because the temperature is much higher than the scrotum. There is no way for the sperm to produce, and the spermatozoa will occur.

The famous wildlife area in Tibet – the Wuqi and wal National Nature Reserve

Wapiti is the largest deer after moose, and is named after its body like a steed. The genus lactation, deer subfamily and deer. Wild wapiti is a large wild animal. It belongs to two key protected wild animals in national and autonomous regions.

It is located in the northeast of Tibet autonomous region of China. It has beautiful scenery and good natural environment. It is a famous wild animal area in Tibet. There are hundreds of wild animals, such as deer, deer, Shi Qingyang, Tibetan gazelle and so on.

In 1993, by the declaration of the government of the county of like Wuqi and approved by the people’s Government of the Tibet autonomous region, an autonomous regional nature reserve was established in the long Mao Ling township of the county of like Wuqi, and the protection station of the wapiti was also built. In 2005, it was promoted to a national nature reserve.

Up to now, the total area of the Wuqi qelu National Nature Reserve is 1206.146 square kilometers. At present, 488 people are employed in the protected area, while there are nearly 2000 people in the surrounding villages and towns as Rangers, which mainly protect the wapiti and its living environment.

Barbecue is popular, but it’s not well suited to heart patients

Recently, a study from Harvard University showed that eating barbecue meat can increase the risk of hypertension, which may be harmful to the heart. Barbecue is a popular food, but this kind of food is not suitable for heart patients. Barbecue not only destroys meat nutrients, but also produces carcinogens, aggravating heart disease and endangering health.

High temperature barbecue food produces a compound called advanced glycation end products, which reduces cell elasticity and increases the risk of heart disease. If a heart patient wants to eat meat, the steamed meat is healthier and the fried meat should be avoided as much as possible.

If you really like to eat barbecue, pay attention to the following things, it will help to reduce the damage to health. For example, high blood pressure patients should be light diet, the outside of the barbecue usually use more seasoning, salt is very high, not recommended to eat, if you can barbecue food, grasp the ingredients, eat less can also.

Hyperlipidemic patients need to avoid high-fat foods. If the ingredients are lean meat, they can be eaten in small quantities. When the food is barbecued, the water loses very much and causes dry taste. So people are used to brush the food in the process of barbecue to increase the moisture and improve the taste. Be careful not to brush too much, or you will get more salt. At the same time, do not forget to take part in physical exercise and take blood pressure lowering drugs and lipid-lowering drugs on time.

Eat barbecue also pay attention to the ratio of meat and vegetables, 70% meat and 30% dishes is relatively healthy, it is best to match some fresh fruits and vegetables. You can eat a kiwi fruit, or two medium-sized tomatoes, or other seasonal fruits rich in vitamin, which can supplement all kinds of vitamins. Vitamin C rich in fruit can reduce the production of carcinogen nitrosamines, vitamin E has a strong antioxidant effect, helps to reduce the harm caused by barbecue food.

Waitomo Cave: thousands of fireflies are shining brightly in the cave

A limestone cave in the north central part of New Zealand, about 80 km south of South ham, near the main branch of the White River. There are tourist roads. The underground caverns have exquisite stalactites and stalagmites, and boat tours along the underground river are most attractive.

Many people have had the experience of catching fireflies, and after a long chase in the dark, they put small fireflies into the bottle and glimmering through the glass. It is a dream for many people to let fireflies fly like stars in the sky.

In a small city on the North Island of New Zealand, this dream can come true: thousands of fireflies are shining in the cave, and the natural wonders are called “the Ninth Wonder of the world”.

More than 160 kilometers from Oakland drove southward to the town of huetom. In Maori, Huimo means “green water encirclement”. Here is the blue mountain towering, the brook murmur. At the entrance of Waitomo Cave is a wooden house with a wooden roof, with a Maori totem on it.

The Waitomo Cave is located in the huantom cave area of New Zealand, and is famous for its underground cavern phenomenon. The lower limestone formations constitute a series of huge cave systems, decorated by various stalactites and stalagmites and fireflies.

Some cave caves in Waitomo Cave are open to tourists and others are used by experts. It is fascinating to sit on a bamboo raft to see the cave beneath the dark cave. Sitting alone on a bamboo raft and drifting along the underground river. It can also be drifting all the way under the guide of the guide.

Other activities in the area include horse riding, four wheeled bicycles and jet speedboats. The local population is about 9500, with tourist centers, various accommodation and cafes, and Limited shopping shops.

Monastery prosecuted a temple in a Buddhist shrine in Japan

According to reports, Gao Ye Shan in Wakayama Prefecture, Japan, is a Buddhist shrine in the country. It was listed as a world heritage site by UNESCO in 2004. Recently, a monastery was sued by a monastery on the mountain. The monk’s attorney for 16 days said that because of the heavy work, the monk was suffering from depression, and was forced to ask for leave. Now, the temple operators are required to compensate for the loss and make clear the wages that have not been paid to him.

It is reported that the plaintiff filed a lawsuit against Wakayama County Court on 27 April, claiming 8 million 600 thousand yen. The indictment wrote that the monk worked in a temple in the high mountain since 2008 and suffered from depression in December 2015. Since March 2016, he has been in a state of absence.

The local labor standard supervision department confirmed that the monk did have a very heavy job and said he had been working for a month without a day’s rest.

The petition also said the monk’s daily work arrangements include getting up before 5 points a day, preparing for the guests’ morning prayers, and sometimes working until late at night to take care of the guests and finish the other work in the temple.

In addition, since 2015 was 1200th anniversary of the monastery of the high mountain, the number of visitors to the mountain rose sharply. From March to May, the monk had been working for 64 days, and from September to October, he worked for 32 days.

The acting lawyer of the monk said that usually working in a temple would be regarded as a kind of training, but they wanted to expose the work environment of the monks, and they were likely to be forced to do very heavy work. Other lawyers familiar with labour disputes also say that as long as monks earn salaries through work, their work can not be equated to training.

The palace of the palaces was the first experience of Persian architectural art

The Palais Palais in Tehran is also called the Rose Palace. This is a royal palace built in the period of King Fatah Ali. The building was built on the basis of the palace built by King Abbas I of the Republic of France.

King Nasser, inspired by his trip to Europe in 1873, built a museum in the bottom hall, exhibiting crowns of jewels and other items, mainly from the king’s European trip. The coronation of the last two kings of the Pahlavi Dynasty was held in the bottom hall.

The palace of the palaces was the first experience of Persian architectural art. Its beauty was beyond my imagination. All the buildings that were seen in Turkey seemed to be comparable to those seen in Iran.

The autumn sunshine, the fallen leaves, the birds, the white jade of the palace, and the indispensable mirror and color and fine paintings of Iran make us feel like dreams. Every time I arrive in a museum, I can’t help but sigh.

The 19 beam L band receiver is being installed on the 500 m spherical radio telescope in China

The “China sky eye” 500 meter diameter spherical radio telescope (FAST) is installing the first international 19 beam L band receiver, which is expected to be put into operation in early June. The most advanced 19 beam feed receiver in the world is jointly developed by Chinese and Australian scientists. After commissioning, the speed of FAST survey will increase by 5 to 6 times. At the same time, more scientific observation targets will be expanded.

Despite the limited observation capability of the UWB single beam receiver used before, 14 new pulsars were found in “China sky eye”. The newly discovered millisecond pulsar once again highlights the great potential of “China’s eye” in pulsar search. In 2015, China and Australia signed a contract for the development of the 19 beam receiver. After more than 1 years, with the joint efforts of Chinese and Australian scientists, the world’s first 19 beam L band receiver has been successfully developed. The receiver weighs 1.2 tons and costs about 20000000 RMB.

Jin Chengjin, the chief engineer of the FAST project receiver system, told reporters that the 19 beam L band receiver has the highest sensitivity. After the formal investment, the FAST efficiency will be greatly improved, and it will play a major role in the search for pulsars and the spectral line observation. Douglas Hyman, the head of the Australian CSIRO project, said the successful development of the 19 beam L band receiver is based on CSIRO years of technology accumulation. Previously, the world’s most advanced 13 beam receiver was developed by CSIRO.

With the use of the 19 beam L band receiver, the “China sky eye” observation will obtain more accurate positioning images of the radio source, find more pulsars, and observe the neutral hydrogen 1.4GHz lines in different directions of different distances in the universe, in order to better explore the history of the universe and even search for possible extraterrestrial civilization.

FAST deputy manager and director of the office, Zhang Shu, said that at present, FAST has signed a cooperation agreement with China Telecom Guizhou, while the FAST early science data center in Guizhou Normal University is expanding.

Antarctica: the strange phenomenon of the coexistence of “cold and hot”

China’s “Xiangyang red 01” scientific investigation ship began to carry out the fourth voyage of the world voyage and the thirty-fourth Antarctic expedition in China in December 30, 2017. It took 46 days. This is the first challenge to the Antarctic ice area since the “Xiangyang red 01” scientific inspection ship was delivered.

In the waters off the Antarctic, the team completed the box sampling of 15 stations and the columnar sampling of 8 stations, and collected the products of hydrothermal activities and cold spring activities.

“The two samples are only about 200 meters away from each other and are in the same geological structure, indicating that there are systems of hydrothermal and cold spring symbiosis.” The general leader of the global voyage and director of the first Marine Research Institute of the National Oceanic Administration, Li Tiegang, said, “it used to think that cold springs have a variety of genetic types, such as biological and thermal causes, and the results of this survey provide direct evidence for the thermal causes of the seabed cold springs.”

The hot and cold springs are the hot research hot spots in the international ocean in recent years. Because the hydrothermal and cold spring areas not only have a very special ecological system, it subverts people’s “all things grow on the sun”, and the hydrothermal and cold spring areas have rich resources. The “black smoky chimneys” of hot liquid are gold, silver, copper, zinc, lead and other gold deposits. One of the products of cold spring is natural gas hydrate, which can burn ice. However, the phenomenon of coexistence of hydrothermal fluid and cold spring has not been found before.

Changchun World Sculpture Park has a large number of famous sculptures in China and abroad

The sculpture museum is the main building in Changchun World Sculpture Park, with a floor area of 12 thousand and 500 square meters.

The Museum of sculpture has collected and displayed rare African sculptures and over 1000 pieces of sculptures.

The art gallery is uniquely designed with exquisite sculpture. The museum features a special exhibition area featuring special styles of art from five continents.

The art museum also has showrooms, classrooms, international conference rooms and sculpture studio, with complete functions and first-class facilities, providing a world for the vast majority of sculptures to show themselves and feel the charm of art.

There are hundreds of marvelous woodcarvings in the world, and a large number of fine sculptures from famous Chinese and foreign sculptors who have been collected or are being collected.

Free opening of Datong three ancient city cultural relics and scenic spots

Datong, Shanxi Province, 300 kilometers west of Beijing, is a world-famous tourist destination for ancient city culture. Recently, the Datong government decided to continue to increase the free opening of cultural relics in the ancient city. From May 1st onwards, the three ancient cultural relics scenic spots, namely, Hua Hua Temple, nine dragon wall and Drum Tower, are free to Chinese and foreign tourists. The tickets for the former temple are 50 yuan per person, and the tickets for the nine dragon wall and drum tower are 10 yuan for each person. In addition to the Huayan Temple, other cultural relics and scenic spots have been opened free of charge.

The monastery, which stands in the Nancheng gate of the ancient city of Datong, is majestic and majestic. It is the largest and most complete monastery in the Liao and Jin Dynasties in our country. It is a national cultural relic protection unit. The main buildings in the temple are from the south to the north along the central axis of the ancient city. It is gradually the temple of heavenly king, the three Temple, the Great Hall of the great male, the palmound Hall of the East and the west, and the symmetrical distribution of the Manjusri Pavilion and the punge Pavilion. The temple was a relic of the Kaiyuan movement during the Tang Kaiyuan (AD 713-741). It was originally called Kaiyuan Temple, and was renamed as the great pun temple in the Five Dynasties and early Jin Dynasty. In the late 1122, most of the buildings in the temple were destroyed by fire. In the early days of Jin Dynasty, the master of perfection presided over the restoration. In 1445, Emperor Ying Chung gave the name “Shan Hua Temple”.

The nine dragon wall is located in the ancient city of Datong and Yang street. It is the coloured glaze before Zhu Yuanzhang, the thirteenth son of Ming Tai Zu, Zhu Guidai. Built in the late Ming and Hongwu years, the mansion was destroyed by fire in the last year of Chong Zhen, but the nine dragon wall survived. The Qing Dynasty and the Republic of China had been renovated. This is the best quality, best preserved and most magnificent ancient glazed sculpture in the three nine dragon walls in China.

Datong Drum Tower was built in the Ming Dynasty, standing in the southern section of the old city of Datong, the southern section of the cross center, the Qing Dynasty has been repaired many times, is the typical representative of the Ming Dynasty building style buildings. The appearance of the drum tower is square, with brick and stone built on the bottom. It is cross cut through the heart door, and pedestrians can cross the road. The lower two floors of the three eaves pavilion are wooden structures, with big drums placed on the upper floors.

The responsible person of the Datong Cultural Relics Bureau said that, in order to allow tourists to enjoy free and comfortable enjoying the ancient city culture in Datong ancient city, to further facilitate tourists at home and abroad to visit the ancient city of Datong, to share the achievements of Datong cultural heritage protection, to inherit and carry forward the Chinese excellent culture tradition, Datong has been divided from 2016. Batch implementation of the ancient city heritage sites tickets canceled, free open.