Harvard graduates survey: more than half of people expect to earn more than 70 thousand dollars a year

According to the report, the Harvard student journal Crimson recently published the 2018 Harvard graduate survey data, most of the respondents graduated on average GPA in A- and above. The future plans to enter the financial, consulting or technology industry, move to New York, California, or stay in Mazhou; and 90% of them are very satisfied with HAF education, if they are revisited You will choose Harvard.

The Harvard school newspaper conducted a questionnaire survey on graduates last week, and received 704 replies, accounting for nearly half of the total. The survey covers all aspects of graduation plan, academic achievement and campus life.

Asked about the post graduation site, New York is most popular, 22% plans to go, and another 9.1% to other countries, the main destination is Europe, and 20% international students will leave the United States after the graduation ceremony.

In the first year after graduation, 53% of respondents expected annual income to exceed $70 thousand, of which 11% exceeded 110 thousand dollars; about 60% expected that they would receive financial assistance from their parents. In addition, nearly 2/3 of the graduates surveyed GPA were above 3.7 and nearly 6% were 4.

China Laos railway key tunnel breakthrough 1000 meters ago

The No. 1 tunnel, the key tunnel of China Laos railway, has broken through 1000 meters in front of the tunnel, which has become the key tunnel project of the first single heading in the whole line of Laos in China to break through the 1000 meter gate.

The two division of the three bid section of China Laos railway is responsible for the construction of No. eight tunnel. Wu Zhibin, the Secretary of the division of the Party Work Committee, introduced to reporters on 21 days that the export of the Tunnel No. 1 of the Ka village was 1000 meters in the 17 day of the tunnel, and the construction period of China Railway Corporation was achieved three months ahead of time.

The tunnel is located in the unmanned area of the Mekong peninsula. Its construction materials are all transported through the Mekong River Ferry, and the logistics organization is extremely difficult. The tunnel is located in the Luang Prabang suture zone. The geological conditions are complex, the folds and faults in the tunnel are developed, the geo dissolve trench, the dissolved groove and the dissolution fracture are common, which are the difficult and difficult projects of the whole line and the safety wind. High risk and great difficulty in construction.

The No. 1 Tunnel of cauncun No. 1 is 4585 meters in length. It is located in the tropical mountain forest of the Mekong River, Laos, Luang Prabang Province, in the tropical mountain forest unmanned and small area. The construction experience of the eight bureau and two branch, which is responsible for the construction task, has been repeatedly summarized, and the many difficulties and high risk points of the tunnel construction have been successfully conquered. At present, the entrance of the No. 1 Tunnel of the cauncun No. 1 tunnel is completed by 5. 66 meters, the export finished more than 1000 meters.

Bridge and tunnel is the key to the construction of China’s Laos railway. The three section of the project is 59 kilometers long, of which 15 tunnels, 40 kilometers long, 66.9% of the total length of the section, 28 of the bridge project, 9 kilometers long, 15.4% of the total length of the section, and the proportion of the bridge and tunnel as high as 82.3%. The two tunnel in wanmen village, Vientiane province of Laos, successfully passed through in December last year, and became the first tunnel in China’s Laos railway project construction.

The Chinese Laos railway project is designed, constructed and operated according to the Chinese railway standard. The national first grade railway, single line, passenger and freight mixed transportation, electric traction, design speed of 160 kilometers per hour. The total length of the line is 414 km, the new station is 32, and the initial opening is 20. The length of the bridge is nearly 62 kilometers, the length of the tunnel is nearly 198 kilometers, and the bridge and tunnel ratio is 62.7%. The total construction period is 5 years, and it is scheduled to open to traffic in December 2021.

Grand scenes of Kira Vee Maher volcano: several cracks and magma covered areas continue to move forward

Hawaii residents’ heartbreaking day: witnessing volcanic magma swallowing their homes with “slow motion”.According to reports, the Hawaii Kilauea volcano continued to erupt, before the crack of the “Lila real estate” area, has been guarded by the United States National Guard, strict control of personnel entry, but the local residents are still allowed to enter the evacuation zone occasionally to check houses. But the scene of volcanic magma slowly swallowing their homes also frightened their hearts.

A resident who has been paying close attention to the movement since the beginning of the volcano has driven journalists into these areas. With the cars passing through checkpoints, the power of Kira Vee Maher volcano is gradually showing itself.

On a street, there was an amazing scene: huge, bubbling magma flows, driven by cracks, surged along the road, swallowing trees and houses on the side of the road. In the course of progress, the magma clucked and hissed from time to time, destroying everything in a seemingly “slow motion” and unstoppable momentum.

The nearby rainforest has been burning, and the asphalt road at the foot is getting hotter and hotter. This scene has caused some residents to start self timer inappropriately.

For others, this is really a terrible moment. A mother and daughter, Lori and Alysha Cruz, were comforting each other, and the magma covered their newly painted mailboxes. They knew that if the magma continued to move forward, his home would soon be swallowed up.

“I live here, and I also empty everything that can be moved. I just want to live with my own place, and finally, if you know every household on the side of the road, they are just like your relatives. The scene is really terrible.” Lori said.

“I don’t know what to expect, but I just hope that the house will not be destroyed.” Said Ali.

There was a sound like a car engine in the ear. It was originally a steam jet from the far side of the river of magma. Local residents said that they should leave quickly. They were worried that there would be new cracks on the ground, or that the volcano was about to start a new round of eruption.

“Such a scene is sad, but from another point of view, the scene is beautiful because it is re – created at the same time that it is completely destroyed.” Howard Rosin, the resident, said.

As night fell, the sky overhead turned orange red. The wind direction changed, so we had to wear a mask to prevent ourselves from inhaling too much sulphur dioxide. In the ridge’s position, we see another grand scene: a number of cracks and magma covered areas continue to go forward until the sight is gone, this is the full picture of Kira Vee Maher’s volcano.

Spanish sail wreck San Jose is worth $17 billion worth of treasure

It is reported that one of the most valuable shipwrecks in history, the eighteenth Century Spanish ship “San Jose”, worth 17 billion dollars worth of treasure, was found 3 years ago in the coastal waters of Columbia. Recently, the latest details of the search for the “San Jose” have come to the surface, and the Woods Holzer Institute of Oceanography said that the location of the ship was actually a robot.

It is reported that this REMUS 6000 underwater automatic driving robot has successfully helped people find the wreckage of Air France Flight 447, which was missing in 2011. The REMUS 6000 robot used sonar system and successfully found the San Jose number at 2000 feet (about 600 meters) underwater.

Woods Holzer Oceanographic Institute said it had not disclosed that the robot involved in shipwreck search was due to respect for the Columbia government. In addition, because of the legal disputes arising from the ownership of the treasure, the specific location of the wreck has not been disclosed.

The San Jose, which contained dozens of cannon and 3 mast, sank in June 8, 1708, carrying 600 people on board, carrying countless gold and silver jewelry. The ship was sunk by the British Army during the war of Spanish Succession. It was planning to return the treasure on board to Spain to finance the war in Britain. The ship later sank in Baru, the coastal waters of Columbia, near the Rosario archipelago.

In 2015, the San Jose shipwreck was successfully searched by a search team composed of international experts, the Columbia Navy and the archaeological institutions of the country.

According to reports, the current “San Jose” treasure has become the target of several countries, and several private businesses have joined it. A few weeks ago, the United Nations Educational, scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) appealed to the Columbia government not to carry out commercial development of wreck wrecks. At present, the location of the wreck is still the “state secret” of the country.

Tesla Model 3 P80D extension mileage 496km

Recently, media reported that Tesla Model 3 used its latest battery matching technology to eliminate Panasonic 18650 batteries and switch to 21700 new batteries.

In addition, the media also exposed the Tesla Model 3 P version of the vehicle performance parameters information, the car or will be named P80D.

It is reported that the battery used by Tesla’s Model 3 uses its latest battery matching technology, eliminating the Panasonic 18650 battery and replacing it with 21700 new types of batteries. The capacity of the Model 3 battery group reached 80.5kWh according to the previous official authentication information of the United States.

In addition, Model 3 P80D model 0-96km/h accelerated to 3.5s, the highest speed can reach 250km/h, and the mileage of integrated road conditions is 496km

A shipyard with more than 150 years of history turned into a museum theater

On the Bank of the Huangpu River in Shanghai, surrounded by the skyscrapers of the Binjiang financial city of Lujiazui, a shipyard, which has more than 150 years of history, became a cultural complex that retained the remains of industrial buildings – “shipyard 1862” and officially unveiled on the evening of 20. The huge structure of the metal lathe has become the “steel skeleton” inside the theater, and the historical memory and artistic charm meet here, which brings different modern customs to this cultural space.

The site of “shipyard 1862” is the site of Shanghai Xiangsheng shipyard, which was built in 1862. According to historical records, the Xiangsheng shipyard was built in the first year of Tongzhi in the Qing Dynasty. After a few years of development, it has been quite large. It has construction machine workshops, iron workshops, woodworking farms, and sand casting workshops. With the changing history, the Xiangsheng shipyard was later merged into the British Union shipyard, which was one of the predecessors of the Shanghai shipyard.

In 2005, Pudong, Shanghai, built a bright and prosperous financial area, and as a historical cultural protection building that witnessed the history of the Huangpu River, the 100 year shipyard was preserved, after meticulously planning and designing the cultural and commercial complex, it is also known as another example of the successful activation of industrial remains in Shanghai.

According to the introduction, in the design of “shipyard 1862”, the historical sense and industrial sense of the old building itself were ingeniously preserved. Japanese designer Kumake Go designed 800 small and medium-sized art spaces for it. The advanced stage, lighting and space design enable it to meet the needs of various cultural and artistic activities. Sitting in the theater, the audience is in a huge industrial museum, and all of them can see rusty iron pipes, weathered concrete columns, and even invisible paint painted factory slogans.

The most amazing thing is that the walls of the stage facing River are equipped with electric glass soundproof doors. As long as the doors are opened, the stage will instantly become “balcony on the Huangpu River”. The endless flow of rivers, ships and bright neon have also become the stage of dancing. Not long ago, when the theatre was tried, the Lithuania OKT drama “Seagull” was invited to perform, and the glass doors were opened and the seagulls flying on the Huangpu River were turned into dramatic elements.

It is reported that “shipyard 1862” will invite performance at home and abroad this year, covering front and outside drama, limb drama, modern dance, concert, and fashion opera, including some of the top international plays from the Silent Drama Festival in London, the Edinburgh Art Festival, the Avignon Art Festival and so on.

If couples are unable to get pregnant all the year round, they may suffer from azoospermia

What is the cause of azoospermia? If couples are unable to conceive all the year round under natural conditions, this shows that they may not only have women’s problems but also men’s reasons. Azoospermia is a direct cause of male infertility. Without the combination of sperm and egg, the fertilized egg can not be formed normally, which can lead to infertility.

So, what is the cause of azoospermia? The main causes of azoospermia are as follows:

1.  Varicocele:
The occurrence of varicocele will seriously affect the blood supply of the male testicles, and it will affect the spermatogenesis of the testis, which will lead to a large reduction in sperm, and eventually there will be azoospermia.

2.  Genitals injury:
If the injury or torsion of the testicles, or the male hernia repair, can also affect the function of the testicle, which will lead to the occurrence of sperm production disorder, and cause azoospermia.

3.  No testosterone:
Testis is an important place for sperm production. If there is no testicle, sperm will not be produced, so it will lead to azoospermia.

4.  Bilateral cryptorchidism:
This is the case that the position of the testicle is not supposed to come to the scrotum. It stays in the abdominal cavity because the temperature is much higher than the scrotum. There is no way for the sperm to produce, and the spermatozoa will occur.

The famous wildlife area in Tibet – the Wuqi and wal National Nature Reserve

Wapiti is the largest deer after moose, and is named after its body like a steed. The genus lactation, deer subfamily and deer. Wild wapiti is a large wild animal. It belongs to two key protected wild animals in national and autonomous regions.

It is located in the northeast of Tibet autonomous region of China. It has beautiful scenery and good natural environment. It is a famous wild animal area in Tibet. There are hundreds of wild animals, such as deer, deer, Shi Qingyang, Tibetan gazelle and so on.

In 1993, by the declaration of the government of the county of like Wuqi and approved by the people’s Government of the Tibet autonomous region, an autonomous regional nature reserve was established in the long Mao Ling township of the county of like Wuqi, and the protection station of the wapiti was also built. In 2005, it was promoted to a national nature reserve.

Up to now, the total area of the Wuqi qelu National Nature Reserve is 1206.146 square kilometers. At present, 488 people are employed in the protected area, while there are nearly 2000 people in the surrounding villages and towns as Rangers, which mainly protect the wapiti and its living environment.

Barbecue is popular, but it’s not well suited to heart patients

Recently, a study from Harvard University showed that eating barbecue meat can increase the risk of hypertension, which may be harmful to the heart. Barbecue is a popular food, but this kind of food is not suitable for heart patients. Barbecue not only destroys meat nutrients, but also produces carcinogens, aggravating heart disease and endangering health.

High temperature barbecue food produces a compound called advanced glycation end products, which reduces cell elasticity and increases the risk of heart disease. If a heart patient wants to eat meat, the steamed meat is healthier and the fried meat should be avoided as much as possible.

If you really like to eat barbecue, pay attention to the following things, it will help to reduce the damage to health. For example, high blood pressure patients should be light diet, the outside of the barbecue usually use more seasoning, salt is very high, not recommended to eat, if you can barbecue food, grasp the ingredients, eat less can also.

Hyperlipidemic patients need to avoid high-fat foods. If the ingredients are lean meat, they can be eaten in small quantities. When the food is barbecued, the water loses very much and causes dry taste. So people are used to brush the food in the process of barbecue to increase the moisture and improve the taste. Be careful not to brush too much, or you will get more salt. At the same time, do not forget to take part in physical exercise and take blood pressure lowering drugs and lipid-lowering drugs on time.

Eat barbecue also pay attention to the ratio of meat and vegetables, 70% meat and 30% dishes is relatively healthy, it is best to match some fresh fruits and vegetables. You can eat a kiwi fruit, or two medium-sized tomatoes, or other seasonal fruits rich in vitamin, which can supplement all kinds of vitamins. Vitamin C rich in fruit can reduce the production of carcinogen nitrosamines, vitamin E has a strong antioxidant effect, helps to reduce the harm caused by barbecue food.

Waitomo Cave: thousands of fireflies are shining brightly in the cave

A limestone cave in the north central part of New Zealand, about 80 km south of South ham, near the main branch of the White River. There are tourist roads. The underground caverns have exquisite stalactites and stalagmites, and boat tours along the underground river are most attractive.

Many people have had the experience of catching fireflies, and after a long chase in the dark, they put small fireflies into the bottle and glimmering through the glass. It is a dream for many people to let fireflies fly like stars in the sky.

In a small city on the North Island of New Zealand, this dream can come true: thousands of fireflies are shining in the cave, and the natural wonders are called “the Ninth Wonder of the world”.

More than 160 kilometers from Oakland drove southward to the town of huetom. In Maori, Huimo means “green water encirclement”. Here is the blue mountain towering, the brook murmur. At the entrance of Waitomo Cave is a wooden house with a wooden roof, with a Maori totem on it.

The Waitomo Cave is located in the huantom cave area of New Zealand, and is famous for its underground cavern phenomenon. The lower limestone formations constitute a series of huge cave systems, decorated by various stalactites and stalagmites and fireflies.

Some cave caves in Waitomo Cave are open to tourists and others are used by experts. It is fascinating to sit on a bamboo raft to see the cave beneath the dark cave. Sitting alone on a bamboo raft and drifting along the underground river. It can also be drifting all the way under the guide of the guide.

Other activities in the area include horse riding, four wheeled bicycles and jet speedboats. The local population is about 9500, with tourist centers, various accommodation and cafes, and Limited shopping shops.