Inner Mongolia herdsmen’s “new migration”: Summer busy ranch winter residence city

In the last few days of the rest of the June, baiyandorji drove to the pasture every day to check whether the fence was in good condition and whether the herd was enough. At the end of May, baiyandoru moved back from the county town to the pasture and began the busiest day of the year.

The 61 year old Bai dor Er is a herdsman of Sha Ri Zhao Gu Cha, the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region’s Hang Jin banner. 5 years ago, he spent nearly 500 thousand yuan to buy a two storey building with a courtyard in the county town 90 kilometers away. Every year from October to May second, he and his wife and his son and daughter-in-law live in the city, and the old two are returning to the pasture life in the spring and summer, and the sheep hired the shepherd to take care of them all the year.

“Summer is still good on grassland, blue sky and white clouds, cool climate, fresh air.” Sitting in a cool room, white Dow was drinking milk tea, looking out of the sun in the sun. The Caragana of green oil stained the earth, the young wood was blooming red flowers, and the sheep were eating grass in the shed.

In the summer and winter each year, the sheep herd, where the herd of Mongolia, the herdsmen living on the prairie of Inner Mongolia, who have been nomadic for generations. When the pasture was subcontracted to households in 1980s, the herdsmen realized their settlement.

With the increasing prosperity of life, more and more Inner Mongolia herdsmen are living in the “new migration” like Bai Yin Dow. A few years ago, Miguel Dema, a herdsman, bought a house in a flag away from the ranch, and she mortgaged a dress shop with a pasture card.

“I spend most of my time in the city, running clothes and cloth.” She said that because her husband, as a village cadre, could not live in the city together, she went back to the ranch every other time to help the housework and pasture, and often invited the neighbors and relatives to host the family Na Adam.

With the implementation of policies such as prohibition of grazing, grazing and grassland protection, public welfare forest subsidy, grassland ecology has been improving and livestock carrying capacity has been greatly improved. Good quality cattle and sheep meat market produced on the grasslands, plus grassland, forest ecological protection subsidies and other income, herdsmen’s heave drum up, the pursuit of food and clothing and other life quality of the pursuit of higher and higher.

Reporters in Hang Jin banner, Etuokeqianqi and other animal husbandry banner county learned that in recent years, more and more herdsmen are buying houses in the county. “It is good to live in the city in winter. There is heating in the house. It’s not like burning fire in a ranch. It’s convenient to take a bath or go to the toilet, and you can buy things at home.” White tone Dow said.

Bai Yin Dao has a family of 4 people, owns 600 hectares of pasture, and now has more than 400 sheep. “More than 200 sheep a year, plus cashmere, licorice money and ecological subsidies, a year’s net income of two hundred thousand yuan – three hundred thousand yuan.” He said.

From motorcycle to off-road vehicle, Baiyin Doyle changed several rounds of transportation. More than 20 years ago, Baiyin Doyle bought a jeep and later changed it into a pickup truck. In 2016, he bought another TOYOTA off-road car. “Now that the country’s policies are good, life is really not worth saying.” He said.

Hungary’s contemporary paintings and sculptures are exhibited at the Chinese art gallery

In June 17, 2018, the Hungarian contemporary art exhibition, CO hosted by the Hungarian Embassy in China, the Hungarian cultural center in Beijing and the Chinese Art Museum, was opened at the Chinese Museum of art. The exhibition came out of 99 paintings and 24 sculptures from Hungarian artists. From the end of the twentieth Century to the early twenty-first Century, the works of Hungarian art of contemporary art, covering various schools and styles of pop art, expressionism, abstracism and realism, are diverse and colorful, showing the contemporary artistic landscape of Hungary.

Before the opening ceremony, four contemporary voice artists performed music performances, bringing the wonderful experience of the simultaneous change of abstract visual speech and music.

Hungary, the country which is full of fairy tale charm, is known as “the Pearl on the The Danube”. Here, there are brilliant heroic epics and charming natural scenery. Here, there are both Petfi and Lester. Although Hungary and China are thousands of miles away, they all have a long history and many similarities in culture.

The friendly relations between China and Hungary have a long history. Hungary was one of the first countries to establish diplomatic relations with ambassadors in China in 1949. In 2004, China and Hungary set up a Sino – Hungary friendly cooperative partnership. In 2015, Hungary became the first European country to confirm its accession to the “one way”, and the relations between China and Hungary had taken a new step.

As the highest palace of art in the country, the Chinese art museum is an important window for the exchange of foreign art in China. It is committed to promoting and promoting dialogue between different cultures. The “Hungarian contemporary art exhibition” is an important project for cultural exchanges between China and Hungary, and it will also provide a great opportunity for Chinese audiences to understand the contemporary art of Hungary.

Hungary’s traditional art is deeply influenced by many artistic traditions in central and Eastern Europe. After 1960s, a new generation of young artists in Hungary have springing up. They dare to innovate, break through tradition and seek new ways to express their ideas. The exhibition shows the works of artists such as Victor Vasarely, Bolog Laszlo, Zabo Istvan, West Kela Dow marsh and Konoko Domas.

It is worth mentioning that a large number of glass works were also exhibited in the exhibition. The glass art of Hungary originated in nineteenth Century, and after 60s and 70s twentieth Century, the glass art began to emancipate from the industrial design, the creation concept has been changed, the production process has been continuously improved, and the high recognition of the world has been won.

The exhibition will also present the excellent works of Hungarian glass artists. In addition, the exhibition also exhibits the theme of the Hungarian musicians, composers, music educationists and folk musicians, coda Zoe, providing a more abundant viewing experience for the audience.

In 2012, the Chinese art museum had carefully planned the exhibition of “open and communion – China Contemporary Art Exhibition” to Hungary, and introduced the colorful Chinese contemporary art to Hungarian people. It was deeply loved by the Hungarian audience. After 6 years, I believe that the Hungarian contemporary art exhibition will also make Chinese audiences feel the unique style of Hungarian contemporary art.

Apple Corp releases a new vehicle patent: allowing cars to better understand drivers and passengers’ intentions

It is reported that the Apple Corp recently issued a new auto patent, which is mainly to make the car more aware of the intentions of drivers and passengers, including the use of voice and gesture operations to truly intervene in the vehicle’s driving. Apple Corp said that although the patent is still very conceptualized, researchers are still trying to explore the potential application of the technology in the scenario.

In the details of the patent, including passengers can draw the driving route on the smart phone, the vehicle will follow the path of the journey to carry out automatic navigation. At the same time, the intention of the driver can be determined by using the gesture (AR recognition) or eye movement (eye tracking technique) for the information reading, analysis and operation of the vehicle. According to the information, the patent also describes many ways of vehicle perception of occupant operation, and the patented application vehicle will also be based on a self driving vehicle.

To make it easier for us to understand, the Apple Corp further explained that when we want to dock the vehicle, the driver can use gesture control to specify a parking space in the parking area ahead, and then use speech recognition technology to say “I want to stop there.” The vehicle system can be combined with gesture and speech recognition technology to complete the series of parking operations.

According to previous news, Apple Corp is expanding the fleet size of the unmanned road test project, and has expanded the number of test vehicles from 27 to 55 vehicles. The patent is only part of the development of Apple’s autopilot technology. It also hopes that the vehicle can identify the driver’s gestures or voice operations to control the driving. In the future, the idea is to be implemented in an automatic driving vehicle.

“A bee is an encyclopedia” – entering the buzz park

In June 18, 2018, Shandong humming paradise agricultural eco recreation park was officially opened. The leaders of the Shandong Bee Industry Association, the Propaganda Department of the Juxian county Party committee, the Juxian Tourism Bureau and the Longshan Town Party committee attended the event. Nearly 100 journalists from around Ji’nan, Qingdao and Linyi, and nearly 1000 primary and secondary school students in the surrounding areas took part in Kaiyuan activities.

The activities are divided into: opening ceremony, the summit forum of the honeybee industry and pastoral complex, the licensing ceremony of the research and co construction base, the beautiful bee mould, 6.18 lucky children, and the six big sections of the healthy family of the buzz park.

The “beautiful” bee pattern in the activity aroused the enthusiasm of the news media and photographers. As of the time of publication, nearly 10000 citizens visited the park.

Humming paradise is the first Shandong province bee industry complex, located in Juxian, Rizhao City Longshan Town Tourism Avenue. The whole park takes the “honeybee culture” as the theme and takes the characteristic ecological landscape as the core.

Buzz park is also the first innovation industry demonstration zone in the province that combines bee industry with agro ecological leisure and tourism. In particular, healthy family running brings not only an outdoor activity, but also a sweet and sweet activity of family parent-child communication, traveling and poetic running. This activity will be held in the Dragon Boat Festival and will also be a very memorable event in the memory of children’s future growth.

More and more middle school students in Holland learn Chinese and fall in love with the whole of China

According to reports, “learning Mandarin” is no longer a Chinese patent. The heat of learning Chinese is increasing in Holland secondary schools.

This year, Holland officially takes Chinese as an examination subject. It is reported that in the past Chinese test, the passing rate has reached nearly 99%.

“It’s really a big test. When I first started learning Chinese, I thought those words were cool.” Thom Tribble, who goes to school at Hilversum, says.

Rozemarijn, at Wassenaar, added: “at first I felt nothing, because I was not the kind of hegemony that must be the first, but slowly, I found the charm of the Chinese, and even began to fall in love with the whole of China.”

The Chinese language is gradually moving towards the world stage. As the most widely used language in the world, Chinese has also been incorporated into the Holland education system.

In 2010, a total of 9 secondary schools conducted pilot projects in Holland VWO secondary schools. During the period, 20 students successfully passed the examination. This year, the number of people passed has increased from 138 last year to 170.

VWO (voorbereidend wetenschappelijk onderwijs), university preparatory education, a total of 6 years. Students who choose this kind of school basically go to university after graduation.

Similar to the general English test, the Chinese test also sets up four skills: listening, speaking, reading and writing. At the same time, Chinese has also become a 70 school, with more than 1000 learning courses.

According to Jessica Paardekooper, a teacher of the Wolfert bilingual school in Rotterdam, the number of people learning Chinese may be far more than statistics, and the number of Chinese in this school has reached 600 to 700.

Children from Chinese American families are more motivated to learn Chinese.

Chinese teacher Jessica himself is a Chinese Holland hybrid. “Because my mother is Chinese, when I was little, people often asked me if I could speak Chinese. But I often speak Holland language at home, but I know nothing about Chinese. So after graduating from high school, I decided to learn Chinese. After training in Leiden, I stayed in China for a whole year. My mandarin level is really higher, but I still can’t communicate with my mother because she speaks Cantonese.

In order to learn Chinese better, Thom will go to Fudan University of China for further study this summer vacation. “China’s economy is very strong. Maybe I will talk business with Chinese people later. If I can master the local language, it will be very useful.”

Rozemarijn, the Holland girl who has been to China for the two time, is also planning to study Sinology in Leiden.

“It’s OK to teach in Chinese, but in any case, I have to continue learning Chinese. In terms of science and technology, China is in a leading position. Therefore, I feel that learning this language well is a good investment for my future.

According to the Nuffic Organization (Holland education internationalization organization), the number of students who choose Chinese as the final exam subject in Holland students will grow strongly.

As Freddy Weima, President of the Holland Higher Education International Exchange Association, said, “students consciously choose Chinese as a modern foreign language. When you are facing China as a whole, you will find that China is becoming more and more important in the world and Holland, and as a trading partner, we will see more Chinese tourists. Therefore, in the long run, it is a good thing for more Dutch people to understand China’s language and culture.

Japanese earthquake exposure infrastructure

Japan’s Osaka Gas Co said recently that the more than 110 thousand gas supply, which was suspended by the Osaka earthquake, will return to normal in June 25th. Before, the water, electric power, rail transit and so on have been basically restored to normal, most people have also basically restored the life of the past, which also marks the recovery after the earthquake completed the first stage of the work.

In June 18th, the 6.1 magnitude earthquake occurred in Osaka, Japan. Because the depth of the earthquake was only 13 kilometers, the damage to the surface was not small. The monitoring of TV stations showed that the surface of the surface was sloshing. Up to now, 5 people have been killed, more than 300 people were injured, some buildings were damaged, several houses were fire, casualties and property losses were relatively small.

Japan has always attached importance to earthquake prevention and early warning. The building datum law is the most important law of the Japanese construction industry. The seismic performance of the building is higher and the building in accordance with the seismic standard is not easy to collapse during the earthquake. Most of the victims of the earthquake in Osaka were killed by the collapse of the brick wall or the dumping of furniture. One of the pupils was killed in the school’s brick walls on the way to school. It has been found that the brick wall from 1.9 meters to 3.5 meters has violated the Japanese building benchmark law (2.2 meters high). The mayor of Osaka Prefecture, Japan, has been guilty of the crime, Japan. The Ministry of science and technology has asked all localities to conduct safety checks on primary and middle school students’ access to schools.

After the earthquake, rail traffic in Osaka and its surrounding areas was paralyzed, and more than ten million households suffered from water cut, power failure and gas supply. This phenomenon highlights the vulnerability of Japan in disaster prevention, which needs attention.

The earthquake caused the problems of water pipe rupture and water leakage, which largely originated from the aging of the water pipe and poor seismic performance. The statistical results published by Japan’s Ministry of health and labor at the end of last December show that only 38.7% of the main road of the national water pipeline in Japan have seismic performance, only 27.9% of the water purification facilities have seismic performance, and only about 20% of the water pipes in some counties have seismic performance.

In Japan, many infrastructure facilities including tap water pipes were built in the 50s and 60s of last century. 15% of the water pipes in the country are “extended service”. Taking Tokyo as an example, up to the end of March 2017, 13.5% of the tap water pipelines had exceeded the statutory service life. In the event of an earthquake, it is very likely that the same ruptures and leaks will occur.

Osaka earthquake once again sounded the alarm bell for Japan. Targeted improvement of local public facilities seems imminent. Public transport, the Osaka earthquake caused the railway network to be paralyzed – a large number of passengers stranded at the station, and many of them had difficulty getting home. When the East Japan earthquake occurred in 2011, 5 million 150 thousand people in Tokyo’s capital circle were hard to go home, and people walking home were crowded with driveways.

It is estimated that if there is a direct earthquake in Tokyo, 6 million 500 thousand people in the capital circle will be hard to go home. For the Japanese government, it is urgent to solve the problems of the people coming home after the earthquake in large cities such as Tokyo and Osaka, so as to cope with the great earthquake that can occur at any time.

King glory: novice player’s favorite heroes, simple and practical, but also win!

There are dozens of heroes in the glory of the king’s glory. Some of these heroes are very popular, while others are very few. There are various reasons why heroes are liked, but some of them like hero’s skin, such as Zhao Yun’s BMW skin. Some of them like the special effects of heroic skills, such as the elegant Li Bai, who come and go on the battlefield. Some of the unique meaning of this hero’s representative is of course the monkey king of Qi Tian.

But I don’t like the reason. I think one is enough. The output is not enough. These heroic skills are neither harmful nor control. Many heroes in the game, playing and playing heroes are not much, willing to try all kinds of new heroes and new routines, but will go back to the original place, we say they are the hero of the life, many players like this game more because of the hero! Each of these heroes has their own different positions. Let’s see who is the most popular hero in every position.

The most popular ADC in the shooter position: descendants

Descendants of the highest rate of each segment of the hero, after the reversion of the descendant injury straight up, the ability to bring the attack speed add and extra attack arrow can bring a small range of attack, the big trick of the big bird let the number of opponents deep, do not know how many small partners were nailed to the place.

The most popular assassin in the field: Sun Wukong

Sun Wukong should be a hero that all players are very familiar with, and many players will choose this hero to try in the battlefield, a hero who can not use it even if it is not used. The only hero in the canyon’s Canyon is the crackdown, the sense of rhythm and the rush of baton.

The most popular warrior on the road: Arthur

Arthur is a real novice hero, getting into the game free of charge, because of his excellent handle, good output damage and a tank with blood back to the king canyon. 1 the silence effect and the pursuit ability of the skill make the opponent unable to interfere with it.

One of the most popular mages in China: Da Ji

Da Ji is also a novice hero. It is easy to operate but extremely harmful. He often takes away his enemies with a set of skills. This set of 231 quality second person skills makes it the most annoying straw killer in the canyon.

Assisting the most popular tank: the East emperor Tai Yi

The East emperor too known as the strongest hero of the 1 level, in the Royal glory of the strongest 1 group originator, great trick brought by the non release of lock effect, so that many players smell the wind.

Bio printing technology is likely to solve the problem of corneal deficiency worldwide

The University of Newcastle used 3D technology to print the first human cornea, which means that the technology can ensure unlimited supply of cornea in the future. Cornea is a necessary component of the eyes, which determines whether people can see all the beauty of the world.

Conservatively, 10 million people around the world need corneal surgery to prevent eyesight from the trachoma, and about 5 million people are completely blind because of burns or eye diseases. They all need to see light through the cornea transplant.

However, in fact, there is a serious shortage of corneas available for transplantation, which simply can not satisfy such a huge demand. Fortunately, the progress of science has given us boundless hope. A study shows that the stem cells from the healthy donor cornea (human corneal stroma cells), mixed with seaweed hydrochloric acid and collagen, can form a “biological ink” solution that can be printed.

Then, using a simple 3D biological printer, the bio ink can be extruded into human cornea and printed directly. The whole process is less than ten minutes. The study also showed that they could build corneas that fit different patients’ characteristics by scanning the patient’s eyes.

In addition, scientists have survived a few weeks in a similar hydrogel at room temperature, and then use the biological ink containing stem cells to print the cornea tissue without worrying about the growth of the cells.

At present, experts say, 3D printing cornea is ready for safety tests, and it may take several years to test the true use of human corneal transplantation. However, research does suggest that using the patient’s eye digital model is feasible to print the cornea, and this biological printing technology is likely to solve the future world. The problem of corneal scarcity in the surrounding area.

The flock is like a floating cloud: the wetland of the park is beautiful and picturesque

The grasslands of Xinjiang, China, have a vast area of wetland, rich water, vast waters of the lake, and a marsh star rob. It is a good place for all kinds of animals and birds to live and feed.

The effective area of the wetland is nearly 13 thousand hectares. Every May -10 months of green grass, wild flowers in the season, herdsmen come to the queue, nomadic on the lake, sheep like floating clouds, embellished in the felt room on the green, smoke curl up, milk tea fragrance.

The herdsmen here retain a pure Kazakh tradition, and if the guest of the Kazak house is a guest, the hospitable host must entertain you with hot butter tea, mellow mats and hand grabbing meat, and the host will sprinkle the melodious and melodious song of winter and rugged songs to the prairie.

Every year in the prairie grand meeting, the Kazakh traditional horse racing, sheep, girl chasing, wrestling and akken will be held, and the style of the summer prairie is always so passionate.

A friend who takes a self timer needs to be cautious

Recently, some media have revealed that the photos sold by users in the circle of friends were stolen and sold, causing concern.

In fact, our country has continuously strengthened the top level design and system in the protection of personal information, and the social network platform also gives users complaints about the behavior of personal privacy. But in the face of the reselling of personal photos, victims are still faced with problems such as difficulty in prevention, difficulty in finding and safeguarding rights.

In recent years, the development of new technologies such as big data and block chains has brought many conveniences to our life. However, the development of new technology has brought us some unprecedented worries. Among them, the protection of personal privacy has always been the focus of attention.

The leakage of personal information has caused the bank card to be stolen, harassed calls constantly, personal privacy has been placed in full view, and such events have caused a certain disturbance to the lives of everyone. Even the social networking platform between friends and acquaintances, friends circle, is also caught by lawless elements. Why?

The reason is very simple. In the era of big data, data is assets, and data is no longer an independent number of numbers, but has value. With the development of various data tools, the cost of acquiring personal data is becoming lower and lower. Because of the lucrative and low cost, personal information often appears in the circle of friends has become an important prey for criminals to remember.

Imagine how horrific it would be if someone embezzled a self – photo that you posted in a circle of friends and opened your house through face recognition. Therefore, we must not take this kind of action against personal privacy lightly.

First, in accordance with the legislation of personal data security, only the ownership of the data is confirmed and the vouchers can be traced in the law. Secondly, we should strengthen the tracking of the network track, improve the protection mechanism, block the theft by technical means, and punish the illegal behavior. For individuals, it is also necessary to enhance awareness of protection and not to register personal information on non-standard network platforms.

It is also a safe and comfortable environment for social interaction so that everyone can communicate freely and freely, so that technology can really bring benefits to mankind. This is what we really need.