Which dog is most suitable for domestic use: obey orders and have strong attack power

The so-called faithful protection of the owner of the general use of guard dogs, the first choice of a number of giant mastiff, such as Tibetan mastiff, Caucasus, Central Asia, Marsh Tiff, newbolleton, rovan, Canary, caaso, tuso, Dusa and so on… But the obedience of these guys is so bad that they can hardly control if they are mad.

To obey orders, there must be strong attack power. That is the wolf dog of German and Kunming dogs. Very smart, very obedient, very fighting and not fussy.

In fact, to protect the Lord, to be obedient, to be aggressive, or not to be fragile. The preferred northern canine in the pastoral dog.

If there is a condition, you can get a Mongolia dog. That guy bitten a big wolf dog for less than fifteen minutes, and it’s a hound. It’s doomed to obey orders and rarely attack people.

The invention of new photodynamic therapy for cancer in Japan

The University of karma, Japan, announced in June 11th that a new cancer photodynamic therapy was invented by researchers in the University, which effectively eliminated cancer cells.

It is reported that in many kinds of cancer cells, a substance called “NRAS protein” is activated, which can promote the proliferation and metastasis of cancer cells and slow down the death of cancer cells. Therefore, researchers have been trying to develop a substance that can hinder the role of the protein, but because its structure is stable, other substances are difficult to combine with it, and no such drug has been published.

Photodynamic therapy is by adding chemicals to cancer cells and irradiating them with special light to produce cancerous cells. Researchers at the University of South University found a zinc compound, ZnAPC, which showed that after adding it to cancer cells and taking light, it significantly reduced the number of “NRAS proteins” and almost completely eliminated cancer cells.

The research is still in the laboratory stage, and the relevant papers have been published in the online edition of the journal Nature communication. On the basis of this, researchers hope to develop new ways of treating cancer with clinical application.

It is good to be a tourist to be a tourist

Up to thousands of public toilet in Hongkong are the largest number of municipal public buildings. Among them, 787 are scattered in the suburbs of Islands, tourist attractions, ferry terminals, bus terminus and street junctions, which are managed by the food and Environmental Hygiene Department of the government of the Hongkong special economic zone. The rest of the public toilets located in sports fields, urban parks and country parks are managed by Kangle and the Cultural Services Department and the agriculture, fisheries and Conservation Department respectively.

“The most impressive impression of the public toilets in Hongkong is the bright and clean floors and clean toilets, especially the supply of toilet paper, which is particularly humane.” Xiao Hu, who has studied in Hongkong for 3 years, is very sure of the quality of Hongkong public toilets. “Hongkong public toilet area may be small, but the facilities are complete, and the needs of the disabled, infants and children are fully taken into account. There are handrails, emergency bell and baby care stations.”

Moreover, in order to solve the “worldwide problem” of queuing in women’s toilets, the government of Hongkong is constantly increasing the number of women’s toilets. In addition, some public toilets have bathrooms for free use. These bathrooms are excellent benefits for the tramps, even if they are in a place where they can have a bath.

In the public toilets of Ma Pu, Dapu, Dapu, New Territories, there are blooming orchids on the hand wash table, the air has a faint scent of disinfectant water, the sanitary standards for public toilets and cleaning requirements are posted on the walls, and the staff are scrubbing the mirror. The people who have just washed their hands wipe off the water stains from the table… Cleaners and users are “gentle” to treat the public toilets in Hongkong.

There are many similar “bright public toilets” in Hongkong. North Tan Chung public toilets have biodegradable technology to purify dirt and reduce odor; the beach public toilets on the shallow water bay are praised as “there is no sand in the public toilet on the beach”; there is a spacious space in the parking lot of the Qingyi Lantau Lantau park view platform, with a leisurely corner, and more English, Cantonese, and Putonghua three. Toilet flush, hand wash and keep clean… These public toilet not only make visitors feel comfortable, but also make Hongkong win tourists’ admiration.

Lin Zhengyuee, the chief executive of the Hongkong Special Administrative Region, once pointed out that “public toilets have an important role in reflecting the quality of a place, affecting the tourists’ perception of the city, and the SAR government is determined to continue to improve the public toilet environment.” In recent years, the SAR government has witnessed the continuous renewal of toilet construction and sewage system, and the success of public health education. At the same time, the lack of public toilets and the poor treatment of cleaners have been put on the agenda.

In addition to the government’s input, more and more citizens have also made suggestions and suggestions through government websites. Two people who have paid attention to public toilets have set up a “toilet hygienic Concern Group” page to appeal to the public to protect the public toilets. “To keep the toilet clean is not only the responsibility of the managers, but also to use home care, not to smoke in the toilet, toilet flush, garbage into the basket…” It’s like a toilet in your own home. “

Why can “brain nourishing products” attract consumers?

During the college entrance examination, all kinds of health care products that claimed to be able to “improve their intelligence quotient” and “nourish their brains and nourish their brains” have launched a publicity campaign. According to the report, the State Administration of market supervision has been reminding parents and examinees that health food is not drugs, “nourishing the brain” and “brain health” is not credible. Our country has never approved any health food with “nourishing the brain” health function, and it has approved the health food which has the function of “relieving physical fatigue” and “strengthening immunity” and so on. It is also not applicable. It is helpful for brain strengthening, intelligence quotient and relieving mental fatigue.

“Never approved” brain health products, why can we always publicized and attract consumers in various channels? This may be an “inevitable choice” for health care producers and sellers. Because health products are not drugs, there will be no obvious curative effect. Since there is no obvious effect in the short term, why should we attract consumers to buy it? The simplest way is strong advertising marketing. According to the media survey, many successful domestic health care products are put between 30%~60% in the early days of the market, and the cost of health products accounts for only about 10% of the retail price. It can be said that most health products are promoted by advertisements.

In addition to a large number of advertising, in order to “stand out” from similar competing products, exaggerate propaganda and false propaganda have become the “inevitable choice” for some enterprises. In recent years, some health care products companies have made a lot of money by making up stories and hyping concepts. There are even “medical actors” in the media, playing different “experts” in different advertisements, “doctors”, and using a fabricated identity for consumers to buy products. This kind of health care products that attract consumers through false propaganda can be imagined. Therefore, people often spend tens of thousands of yuan and hundreds of thousands of yuan to buy health care products on the Internet.

The health care products that are suspected of false propaganda and exaggerated publicity should, of course, be severely investigated and dealt with, and do not give them the opportunity to continue to harm consumers. On the other hand, consumers should also improve their discernment and not be attracted by exaggerated advertisements.

In recent years, with the continuous improvement of people’s living standards and the rapid growth of purchasing power, the per capita health care expenditure has also increased rapidly. This laid the foundation for the vigorous development of health products industry. For most people, hundreds of thousands of dollars in health care expenditure is not “a thing at all”. People are increasingly willing to invest in themselves, especially on health issues.

Moreover, although the advertising law clearly stipulates that the advertising of health food can not have the assertion or guarantee of efficacy and safety, the General Administration of the food and drug administration has repeatedly reminded that it does not buy Labels or references to health care products that can prevent diseases and have therapeutic functions. However, many health products still use various ways to express or hint their efficacy, such as “improving intelligence quotient”, “intelligence and nourishing brain” and so on. And these effects are often urgent and realistic for consumers. At this time, the publicity of merchants became a great attraction.

Try to buy a box. If it is effective, many people will not be able to remain rational in the face of temptation. Especially in the important moment of college entrance examination, even if only one percent of the hope, candidates and parents are willing to try. This kind of psychology is the soil of the health products that violate the regulations.

However, as the General Administration of market supervision said in the hint, the improvement of achievements still depends on the hard work and accumulation of hard work, and there is no “panacea” for a short time to improve their intelligence and academic performance. The mentality of consumers eager for quick success and instant benefits can only feed some big talk companies.

Of course, because of the information asymmetry between consumers and enterprises, it is impossible to solve the problem of false propaganda from one end of the consumer. More importantly, enterprises should do their best to win the market through publicity according to regulations. At present, the consumer trust of domestic health products brands is generally low, and some enterprises are booming and decaying rapidly through advertising marketing, which is the guide of the market. To get rid of the “short life” circle, to create an excellent brand of consumer trust, or to quickly give up the “small smart” propaganda, the energy is used to do the product.

Are unmarried women astronauts really unable to go to space?

The vast universe is infinitely wonderful. It attracts every person who yearns for distant space. Whether male or female, this should have the chance to become an astronaut and go into space to have close contact with the universe and strange planets. But recently, the Internet has repeatedly mentioned that unmarried female astronauts can not go to space. This statement undoubtedly disagrees with many of the hot blooded girls yearning for space exploration, and also makes many male compatriots full of curiosity. Yes, can unmarried female astronauts really not be able to go into space? If that’s the case, why can’t they go into space?

Let’s take a look at the fact. With the rapid development of China’s space industry, 10 astronauts have been sent into space, including two female astronauts. After careful study, we will find that these two women astronauts are indeed married and childbearing women. Is it unrealistic for an unmarried female astronaut to go into space?

Later, after consulting many data, we found that experts did explain this problem. It turned out that there were regulations in China. The experts explained that in the space environment, because of the absence of the earth’s atmosphere, all kinds of cosmic rays and radiation, which have super strong killing capacity, exist everywhere. Despite the effective protection of spaceships, there is no guarantee that the 100% will be completely isolated. Coupled with the fact that astronauts sometimes have extravehicular activity, the mere use of spacesuit can not guarantee that 100% will effectively isolate these super harmful radiation.

Experts say that if a small amount of radiation or radiation is leaking in, it is likely to cause harm to the reproductive function of women. Therefore, out of the respect for women and the protection of women’s reproductive functions, it is not in principle to pick up women astronauts who have unmarried unborn children to go to space or other planets. This provision fully shows that the state is actively engaged in the scientific activities of deep space exploration, and pays special attention to the safety of human beings, and always puts the security of human being first.

For the time being, the male astronauts who were sent into space were married. Does this mean that the same principle applies to male astronauts? It seems to be so for the time being. However, according to experts, the choice of married astronauts into space is also a psychological consideration. According to the study, married men and women are more able to think, judge, and cope more calmly when they encounter unexpected events in space, which are also unmatched by unmarried people.

In short, space exploration is a very dangerous thing. It is absolutely necessary for the country to put safety first. However, scientists say that with the increasing progress of science and technology, the experience of space exploration is becoming more and more rich. In the future, we can develop a spacecraft that completely ignores the dangers of radiation from the universe. By that time, even the ordinary people can travel to space. And it won’t be too far away.

Bank of International Settlements: the more people who use encrypted money, the more likely it is to collapse

The Bank of International Settlements (BIS) issued a new warning on the rise of encrypted currencies on Sunday, saying that the encrypted currency was not extensible, and the more people using them, the more likely it would be to trust and be efficient.

In its annual report, the bank said that any form of money needed to operate in a large network requires confidence in the stability and effective expansion of its value. But because of the fragility of the distributed network, the trust can disappear immediately.

In addition, the larger the network, the easier it is to become congested. For example, the most famous digital currency bitcoin transaction costs are very high, and they deal with a limited number of transactions per second.

The bank for International Settlements said: “trust is likely to disappear at any time because of the fragility of the distributed consensus on transactions.” “This not only challenges the finality of personal payment, but also means that the encrypted currency can simply cease to operate, resulting in the complete loss of value.”

Hyun Song Shin, the chief economist at the bank for International Settlements, says that sovereign currencies are valuable because they have users, but many people who hold encrypted currencies are often purely speculative.

“Without users, it would be worthless,” he said.

Earlier this year, Agustin Carstens, general manager of BIS, said bitcoin was “a combination of bubbles, Ponzi schemes and environmental disasters.”

Philip’s organ was successfully transplanted to 5 Chinese people. Life continued in another form in China

In May 9th, the 27 year old Australian boy, Philip, died in Chongqing. On the same day, his liver, kidney and cornea were successfully transplanted to 5 Chinese, and Philip’s life continued in China in another form. It is understood that Philip is the seventh Chinese expatriate organ donor and the first foreign organ donor in Chongqing.

Philip, a foreign teacher at Southwestern University, has lived in China for four to five years. Because the family has a history of genetic disease, Philip has been suffering from diabetes. With the assistance of the Consulate General of Australia and the translators of Southwestern University, Philip’s parents, the local media reported, had a detailed understanding of the legal provisions, donation policies and donation processes of Chinese organ donation, and made donations from Philip’s cornea, liver, kidney, heart, lung and other organs. A written decision to save the lives of others.

Philip’s father introduced that organ donation was Philip’s wish, and he had been advocating organ donation and was a volunteer of an organ donation in Australia.

Li Qing (a pseudonym) was a student of Philip. He studied English for more than a year with Philip, because he liked music, and the two became friends from teachers and students. “Philip likes metal music, when he was in high school, he formed a band with his friends and acted as a guitarist,” Li Qing said.

Li Qing began to learn English from Philip in October 2016. In her eyes, Philip loved life very much and was especially interested in Chinese folk culture. Li Qing introduced Philip to China for four to five years. Besides being an English teacher, he has been traveling all over China. In his WeChat friends circle, Philip showed pictures of travel to China and introduced them in Chinese. In one photo, he wore the armour of ancient Chinese soldiers and rode a white horse.

“I know he has diabetes, but he usually takes care of his diet and travels all the time, which makes me feel good,” Li Qing said. In January this year, Philip was also drying a picture of a hot pot in Monument for Liberation, Chongqing.

In May 31st, Philip was renewed for a long time without a circle of friends, but this time, his mother wrote the obituary in English: “I am the mother of Philip, Philip died in May 9th because of type 1 diabetes, and he has been in a coma since May 1st.”

According to local media reports, 2 kidneys donated by Philip were successfully transplanted to a woman of about 30 years old and a man about 40 years old; his liver was successfully transplanted to a man of about 40 years old. At present, Philip donated liver transplant recipient has been transferred from the intensive care unit to the general ward, the vital signs are stable, the spirit and appetite have been restored to normal; Philip donated two kidney transplant recipients to be operated smoothly, no obvious rejection reaction, two patients have been able to move out of bed; two cornea transplant recipients have been healthy The eyesight has been restored to normal.

The charging problem of the pure electric vehicle industry still needs to be broken through

As we all know, the biggest problem facing pure electric car industry is that the infrastructure is still unable to meet the needs of the vast majority of the owners, and the high-power charging network is expected to provide users with similar charging experiences of traditional gas stations. The move was once seen as an important step for car companies to promote the popularization of pure electric vehicles.

The FIA, which also hosts the F1, is confident that the power system may improve. Agag said to the media: “the energy capacity of the new electric racing car has doubled, and the mileage has doubled. The car also improves battery performance and uses new motor technology. In the future, the above technologies will eventually be used in conventional electric vehicles.

However, it is still a long way to go to apply the latest technology to conventional electric vehicles. PaulFickers, the engineering director of Wei Lai team, admitted that today’s power solution is still able to meet the needs of the competition, but there is still a distance to promote public life. For example, in the FormulaE competition, changing trains is helpless. Obviously, endurance is still the main problem restricting new energy vehicles.

The industry is studying various solutions to these problems, and fast charging technology is an option. The latest model, produced by ABB, has a high power charger, TerraHighPower, with a power of up to 350 kW. In just 8 minutes, the battery will be able to support an electric vehicle with a range of 200 kilometers, and the new charger is suitable for use at the freeway rest station and gas station.

It is reported that the power of this charging pile is almost three times that of Tesla super charging pile, and it is also the world’s highest power charging pile. ABB chargers are now being installed around the world and have recently been selected for use by the US power company. This is by far the largest electric vehicle infrastructure project in the United States.

Apart from the United States, China, which occupies an important position in the world’s new energy vehicle production, R & D and investment, has broad space in the charging pile market. Roughly estimated, the whole construction goal will support the formation of a 100 billion level industry.

The world’s largest container ship “cosmos” is officially delivered in Shanghai

In June 12th, the world’s largest container ship “cosmos”, which was independently developed by China, was officially delivered in Shanghai.

The “universe” is 400 meters long, 58.6 meters wide and a maximum load of 198 thousand tons. The design speed reaches about 42 kilometers per hour and can be loaded with up to 21237 standard containers.

The “cosmic” wheel can realize the operation state of the unmanned engine room and the real-time monitoring of the key parts of the whole ship. The cab sets the most advanced navigation control system, whole ship LAN system and ship and shore satellite communication system, which can ensure the safe navigation of ships and exchange of ship and shore information in the global sea area.

After being put into use, the cosmos will mainly operate routes from Asia to Europe. Because of the large loading capacity, the transportation cost per container will be about 1/4 less than that of now.

The delivery of the “cosmic” wheel marks the maturity and perfection of our super large container ship construction capability.

The first edition of the new edition of the ancient Greek tragedy, Eller, is in Ji’nan

“Eller is so depressed and sad that her mother’s grief can tear people apart, and these sorrows will never die.” The new edition of the ancient Greek tragedy “Eller,” which was organized and arranged by the drama theater in Shandong, China, was premiered in Ji’nan in the evening of June 14th.

Eller Katra, a representative work of the ancient Greek playwright Alfonso Fochler J (about 495 B.C.), is full of the pain and challenge of sin, killing, censure, revenge and so on. It is of great value in the fields of ethics, morality, society and aesthetics. It is one of the important references to examine the development and artistic value of contemporary drama.

After the premiere of Ji’nan, Eller will be touring in other cities of China. That night, at the premiere, more than 500 concert halls were packed. The audience was mostly young and middle-aged. With the development of the story, the audience also showed different emotions such as joy, anger and sadness.

According to Dong Xuan, vice president of Shandong drama theater, “Eller’s” is one of the most famous works in ancient Greek tragedies, and it plays a role in many parts of the world. The redeductive “Eller tra”, based on the story itself, made a lot of innovations in portrayal, appearance, dress and choreography, and created a Chinese version of “Eller cletra”.

Speaking of the new highlight of the repertoire, Dong Xuan said that the actor began to show the way the ancient Greek drama came out from the audience, and the creative team recompose the drama; the scene set 8 dancers and served as a chorus task, using the rhythm of the foot to show the mood and atmosphere of the characters, and to use the chorus to render the scene atmosphere. For the first time, set the narrator’s role and draw the distance between the actor and the audience.

“Culture can close the distance between people”. The director of the play, the art director of the International Drama Festival and the famous Albania dramatist, Adonis Filipi, said after the last 1 months of rehearsal that he felt the unremitting pursuit and hardworking spirit of Chinese theatrical artists and actors, and hoped to continue to cooperate with Chinese actors.

Chinese drama mainly shows Chinese thought and culture, but it also needs to learn from international drama and contemporary drama, and make Chinese drama art more distinctive and attractive. Cui Wei, the Secretary General of the Chinese Dramatists Association, has said that the creative ideas, pursuit, experience and training methods of many dramatic artists in the world are worth the understanding of Chinese Dramatists. While spreading and deducting Chinese stories, artists should also absorb the common wealth of human culture, strengthen cultural exchanges and promote the prosperity of the world.