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How does a dog express his feelings?

The dog’s ears stick back, said it wanted to attack each other, if strongly disturbed, the face will become hard and straight. And when the ears are soft and soft, they mean “happy” or “spoiled”.

A dog’s eyes change is a change in his mood. When angry, the pupil opened eyes, hanging, became terrible eyes; eyes sad and lonely, moist, feel like talking about the way; when happy, eyes bright, full of confidence or hope, trust, will never look away. On the other hand, if he is oppressed or has any fault, he will shift his sight and lower his head and turn his eyes.

The tail of a dog is also a barometer of his feelings. When the tail shaking badly and a little circle, said it was very happy, the tail swing slowly, said it is intimate feelings; the tail to erect, full of strength and a little shake, said, try other forces provoke each other. When a dog is afraid, his tail falls and is caught between his hips; even when he is frightened, he even rolls his tail under his belly.

Lifestyle promotes breast cancer among young women in the city

“To China of young patients with breast cancer than in western countries, because of the age of onset of breast cancer China average 10 years earlier than in western countries, the incidence of breast cancer patients Chinese peak age is 48 years old, and many are under 35 years of age, 25 under the age of super young patients with breast cancer.” Professor of oncology, Cancer Hospital of Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences and director of the seventh session of the Chinese Cancer Society breast cancer Specialized Committee, Professor Xu Binghe said.

Clinical contact with young breast cancer patients, on the one hand there is work, family pressure, in addition, is not willing to say this disease to others, mentally and psychologically a little can not be put aside.” Beijing society of breast disease prevention and health management of Specialized Committee director Professor Ma Fei told reporters Chinese youth – Youth online. Some young patients are not willing or not to participate in the time of great help for the rehabilitation of the patient group activities under the line, part of the hospital according to their needs, set up a special platform for young people in patients with union and groups, such as the “green rose” union hospital for young patients under the age of 35, to separate some of them counseling.

“20 years ago, our young breast cancer patients were few.” Talk about the reasons for young patients increased, Xu Binghe told reporters Chinese youth – youth online, “first, now the city’s young people are inclined to the Western way of life, choose more high calorie, high protein and high fat diet; and most of the rural people is low in fat, low protein, low energy eating habits, the incidence of breast cancer is low. Second, younger breast cancer is associated with greater stress and lack of exercise among urban young women. Again, high energy, high protein diet will increase the female hormone level, now the age of menarche earlier than before, and later age at menopause may be more late, early menstruation, late menopause female estrogen level is prolonged, will make the incidence of breast cancer increased. In addition, exogenous factors such as high work stress and lack of exercise can also lead to imbalance of hormone secretion and decline of immune function in female.”

Beijing Academy of nursing oncology nurse, nurse, Beijing Breast Disease Prevention Institute of the Standing Committee Mei Zhihong told the Specialized Committee Chinese care Youth Daily – Youth Online reporter: “in recent years, a lot of breast patients are relatively young, we will according to the patient’s psychological intervention. When assessing most patients, we found that many young patients were not even interested.” Such a situation is worrying.

“Because the majority of women with breast cancer are women, when they first begin to get sick, the proportion of psychological disorders is higher than those of other diseases, and many doctors have this experience. There are many psychological disorders in patients with breast cancer, including depression, anxiety, not matching treatment, giving up treatment, and even suicide, so I think communication with patients is very important. When patients, nurse education is on the one hand; on the other hand, we will do a volunteer to visit the training ward patients, patients sometimes have a psychological, that doctors and nurses are not patient, you don’t know my feelings, and patients to communicate with her, psychological will be easier to let go, medical staff to successfully carry out treatment.”

Ma Fei told reporters, had tried to make the breast cancer patients with a therapist to communicate, but found no, because the psychological problems of these people is mainly caused by the disease. “So now we encourage doctors to learn the knowledge of psychological rehabilitation, and even some doctors by spare time learning, test the psychotherapist license. In this way, the doctor told the patient on the one hand the characteristics of the disease, treatment methods, while paying attention to some means of psychological treatment, the effect is much better.

Brush face payments start mass enabled

When you look at your cell phone, your cell phone will recognize your facial features in one second and unlock it yourself. Apple Corp in the latest iPhone X loaded with such functions, but also confirms the “brush face era” has been opened.

In the face brush payment field, in 2015, China’s Alibaba chairman of the board of directors Ma first demonstrated brush face payment, while in 2017, brush face payment on the floor come true.

In September 1st, Alipay said that the date of Hangzhou the Mixc KFC restaurant KPRO officially launched brush face payment function, this is the first commercial pilot brush face payment worldwide. In addition, Jingdong company, Su Ning company also enabled brush face payment.

Use Alipay brush face payment, consumers in the buffet meal on a good meal, choose “Alipay brush face payment, face recognition, and cost about 1, 2 seconds, and then enter the bound with Alipay’s mobile phone number to complete the payment for security verification, the whole process takes about 10 seconds.

Recently, media reports, some Chinese banks launched “brush face withdrawals.””. On the ATM, the user selects the “brush face withdrawals” function, without the card, the system will automatically capture the teller scene photos. Through verification, the system will prompt the bank card for mobile phone number to further confirm the identity of the final verification by the amount of money, and input the password money, less than a minute, you can smoothly complete the withdrawal.

In the field of public transport, brush payments have also begun to be launched on a large scale. August 23rd, Baidu Inc signed a strategic cooperation agreement with the capital airport, together to build a smart airport. At present, the face lift has begun to enter the capital airport control center for testing, mainly responsible for building office personnel access, clocking, data monitoring work.

Baidu Inc relevant responsible person to accept the country is through the car, the interview said, at present, the airport’s face recognition, security and waiting two links. First of all, the security link to take pictures, first, in order to compare the recent photos of passengers with their identity cards, there is a machine to identify whether passengers are ID card I process. At the same time, the camera is also in order to collect the passenger face data, enter it into the database, complete storage registration, then boarding is compared to the collected photos. As for the Public Security Bureau’s database, it is necessary to take another registration, because it is more accurate.

At the train station, when passengers began to enter, face recognition system to collect face information, identity verification, establishment of face information database. If the case happened at that time, the system will face information database locking suspects, while the personnel dispatched in the train station entrance. When a suspect appears in this area, the system alerts the controller and then arrests, which is a complete link.

Scientists discover new ways to combat obesity

American researchers say 19, they found that a “bad fat” into “good” fat method, may make people more likely to lose weight.

The human body has two kinds of fat tissue, white and brown fat. White fat is mainly used to store calories, while brown fat is responsible for consuming energy and heating. In general terms, white fat is the “bad fat” that leads to obesity, and brown fat is a good fat to lose weight. If you change white fat into brown fat, you can probably improve your weight.

Researchers at the University of Washington School of Medicine reported in the latest issue of the U.S. “cell report” magazine, the mice experiments showed that inhibition of a protein called PexRAP activity in white fat, will make this fat towards between white fat and brown fat between the rice color fat into fat cells, leading to rising energy consumption, let mice slim.

The researchers said that Beige fat is the intermediate between white fat and brown fat, can be converted between the two, but its function is more similar to brown fat, can prevent obesity.

“Our goal is to find a method for the treatment or prevention of obesity,” first author, assistant professor Irfan Lodi said in a statement: “our study shows that by inhibiting a protein in white fat activity, can be” bad “fat into a fat to prevent obesity.”

Lodi said their work means that drug developers may now have a new goal to make it easier for people to lose weight, but the challenge is to find a safe method to suppress the body in white fat PexRAP protein activity, without causing the body overheating or have a fever.

The oldest evidence to prove the source of life on earth

According to the Canadian global news website (Global News) reported on September 27th, “a study published in the journal Nature” report, which contains the oldest evidence to prove that the earth is the source of life of the sedimentary rocks of Labrador region in canada.

Graphite particles are the purest form of carbon, the report says, and the graphite particles formed in sedimentary rocks are 3 billion 950 million years old. The chemistry of graphite in the Saglek Bay Area in northern Labrador in the rock composition analysis, researchers from the University of Tokyo concluded that it is a biologically derived material, which is produced by the body, and not from the geological effect.

However, it is not yet clear what specific life forms of graphite have yet to be explored. The researchers say they haven’t yet come up with evidence that the graphite in the sample originated from the organism, but its discovery helped to explore the early life of the earth and other planets.

It is said that this is not the first sign of ancient life in Canadian rock formations. In March this year, the discovery of micro fossils in northern Quebec, said to have 3 billion 770 million to 4 billion 280 million years of history.

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Jigong Mountain mountain outdoor sports Championships in September 25 sunset under the curtain

2017 China Jigong Mountain mountain outdoor sports Championships falling in the city of Xinyang Jigong Mountain in Henan province in September 25th. The tournament is the first international mountain outdoor event hosted by Jigong Mountain, with a total of 116 athletes from 39 national and international sports teams.

The competition is made up of four groups, two men’s groups and a mixed doubles group of three groups, the competition lasts two days. On the first day of the race, the total length of the race is 42 km, and the competitors need to complete 4 projects of cross-country running, mountain biking, orienteering and rope skills. The track is a combination of Jigong Mountain features, athletes can enjoy the natural scenery of the mountains, but also can feel the humanistic charm of Beijing to Hankou railway.

The second race on the track the entire 45 km, the players were running, swimming, mountain biking, riding a rope ladder, run alternately, peel the chestnut and a number of skills competition, downhill. On the same day, cold rain, low temperatures and slippery tracks in the mountains are a great test of the athletes’ physical strength and endurance.

After two days of fierce competition, the Beijing team, Bokdo cool outdoor team and the Guangxi team were successful in exploring the precise four group, double male group and mixed group of double win, dominate their respective group total score list.

The long petal pocket adds beauty to life

Long arms orchid is orchid, orchid is epiphytic plant. As the top grade of ornamental flowers, it is one of the only species in China. It is one of the first class protected plants in China and also a breeding expert. It is one of the excellent parents for cross breeding.

Leaves basal, several, at most, leaf blade band, leathery. Scape from foliage grown, non bracts leaflike; sub roof ends often receive narrow beak into; the flower is big and beautiful, there are a variety of color; in calyx erect, pollen or silty sticky, staminodes flat; stigma hypertrophy, recurved, stigma mastoid, the fruit is a capsule. 7-9 months flowering, November results.

A long – lived orchid tree on a tree trunk or rock at an elevation of 1000-2250 meters on a marginal or sparse tree. The tissues of the long – basket orchid do not store food, and the dormancy period of the cool variety should be guaranteed. In winter, most orchids have a relatively dry and light growing environment. The cultivation of Paphiopedilum annuals big shape, flowers with many plants like temperature, is more suitable to put them in the indoor cultivation. As a flower arrangement, the orchid shape should be large and round, so we should not blindly pursue the quantity of flowers and ignore their quality.

The demand for cultured soil is higher. Most of the orchid origin precipitation more, only a few months a year, the air is relatively dry, so the annual requirements of wet orchid cultivation soil. In addition, in order to prevent root hypoxia, it is necessary to ensure that the soil is well drained.

Because of its peculiar flower shape, color rich, durable and easy maintenance, flowering, growth in the 12 to 30 degrees Celsius, the room temperature of 23 degrees under the conditions of normal flowering, so popular with families of consumers, a huge potential market demand, is one of the orchid species is the development and production of new varieties, but also the development of small pot industry.

Curb rabies should start from the source

September 28th is World Rabies day. In the first 9 months of this year, nearly 10000 people were inoculated with rabies vaccine only in the vaccination clinic of the Cangzhou Municipal Center for Disease Control and prevention in Hebei province. According to incomplete statistics, more than 13000 people in this city are attacked by pets every year, and the cost of rabies vaccine and rabies immunoglobulin is over RMB 60 million per year.

Yue Zhenzhong is director of the vaccination clinic of Cangzhou Municipal Center for Disease Control and prevention. Having worked for 35 years, he said, the most patients exposed to the clinic were bitten by dogs. Every month will see several heartbreaking scenes: lively children and dogs because kissing yaodiao chin; a simple farmer is dog bite body scarred grandma; in order to protect the child was bitten badly bruised from flogging……

Yue Zhenzhong said, after the dog bites, when the move is to inject rabies vaccine as soon as possible. Rabies incubation period is uncertain, because there is no effective treatment drugs, once the disease occurs, the mortality rate of patients is 100%. The city in a pregnant woman was a neighbor’s pet dog in the back of the hand bite, pregnant women worry about injections affect the fetus did not go to the injection of rabies vaccine. 1 months later, both the pregnant and the unborn children died, and the whole family regretted it. Yue Zhenzhong said, rabies vaccination does not exist contraindications, should be immediately vaccinated, pregnant women vaccination is safe, and will not cause adverse effects on the fetus.

In recent years, the number of dogs and cats has been increasing in Cangzhou. In one village, every family keeps a dog on average. Dogs and cats run about in the streets and lanes of the village. Sometimes they can not tell which stray cats or dogs are, and which ones are domesticated. There are also concerns about the low immunity of domestic dogs and cats. CDC has conducted a random survey, urban feeding pets active immune less than 30%. In rural areas, dogs and cats are more numerous, and immunity rates are lower, almost zero.
From 2005 to 2009, hundreds of people died in Cangzhou because of rabies.

Yue Zhenzhong said, in accordance with the terms of reference, the disease control department can strengthen the propaganda, popularization of health knowledge, give people the vaccination work; animal husbandry department responsible for pet vaccination, but because the authority, no coercive measures. For dogs, must be comprehensive management, relying on the “wind” style “to the campaign” no, this work needs to start from the source, if strengthen immunity, pet owners to improve civic awareness.