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RV is the mobile home, the retired husband and wife drive 32 Eurasian countries

At the end of April this year, after the retirement of Shen Zhiping and his wife Tao Meilan drove Qingdao local production of the car, and the two Qingdao touring car riders together on the car journey to europe. Shen Zhiping and his wife’s journey through Asia and Europe, 32 countries, lasted nearly half a year. Lanzhou, Urumqi, Samarra, Berlin, Vienna, Budapest, Rome, Barcelona, Lisbon, Paris, Frankfurt, Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Oslo, Helsinki, Moscow, Omsk, Ulan Bator, Beijing, then back to Qingdao…… In the past half a year, these cities have left footprints of Shen Zhiping and his wife.

Yesterday morning, the reporter saw Shen Zhiping and his RV in the Qingdao Spring Field Vehicle Technology Co., Ltd., located on the West Coast new area. “I came back this time to upgrade the RV, according to the driving experience of the Eurasian tour, the overall upgrading of the RV, for the next trip to prepare. The whole trip ran 48 thousand kilometers, light refueling spent more than 40 thousand yuan.” Shen Zhiping to reporters just sum accounts, because living in the RV save accommodation costs, the expedition cost is the biggest oil money “”. “Compared to our other two caravan cars, our car is still the most fuel-efficient, and ultimately, the entire trip saved more than 6000 yuan more than other cars. This is not a small amount for our ordinary retirees.” Shen Zhiping said.

“Fear not accustomed to eating foreign food, before the trip we took 100 pounds of rice, 20 pounds of Hanging noodles with Qi, daily necessaries, also bought a lot of pickles, the refrigerator with the yogurt, egg beverage, etc..” Shen Zhiping said, every place, in addition to tasting the local food, the couple will go to the supermarket to buy fresh fish and meat and other ingredients, cooking in the kitchen of the saloon car. In addition to food, Shen Zhiping’s car with blankets, utensils, clothes, slippers and other supplies. “Unexpectedly, 100 catties of rice is not enough, we went to a Chinese restaurant in Denmark to buy a big package.” Shen Zhiping said, they also encountered in Finland “Qingdao Hotel”, and deliberately leave a photo at the hotel entrance.

Tired of playing, Shen Zhiping folded the chairs and chairs in the car like magic, and took them out one by one. Then the electric cooker, induction cooker, and then take out the food stored in the refrigerator, washing and cutting vegetables, the pot…… After a busy day, the riders can sit down and chat while eating and drinking. “Car family circle” there is such a saying: the scenery is changing, the family has not changed. The scenery is changing all the way, but living in my home forever. Driving a car is just like leisure, just like carrying a moving home, the mentality of the two is different.” Shen Zhiping said.

Abroad, language is the biggest obstacle. Knowing nothing about foreign languages does not prevent Shen Zhiping and his wife from communicating with local people. Expressions and gestures are common in the world.” Shen Zhiping said, in foreign countries rely on body language to communicate, is to rely on gestures “.

“I’ve been preparing for this Eurasian touring car for half a year, and I need to plan the route and the itinerary in advance, and check out the exact address of each city’s RV camping site online, and mark it well.” Shen Zhiping said that foreign car camping price difference is very big, there are a few euros, 170 euros, the Eurasian tour, all entered the regular car camping is to rest, in order to ensure safety, but also to allow them to Chinese RV self driving tour has to understand. Shen Zhiping said that at present he entered the recuperation stage, the vehicle maintenance upgrade, the next step, he also drove a car with his wife together on the road.

Qingdao is a coastal city with abundant tourism resources, and the coastal coast is the natural RV camp for RV touring. The castle has been the West Coast ecological tourism park, Tibet Masan international tourism resort, Laoshan 100 bird ecology, Jiaozhou Baolong Automotive RV camping car park, Laixi Qin Nan Xiang auto camp more than ten auto camp for the majority of owners and tourists who provide the perfect car service.” Li Xichun, vice chairman of the China Motor Industry Association’s touring Committee, President of Shandong RV camping and self driving travel association, said that the choice of camping trips and camping sites is very important. The professional RV camp has the facilities of sewage discharge, power supply and water supply, which can provide the corresponding supporting service for the RV, and the safety is also guaranteed. If there is no RV camp, it is recommended that the traveler park the car in a parking lot with toilets, monitoring and night lighting. In the suburbs to play, try not to park the car in the suburbs, preferably parked in the nearby villages and towns, and as close as possible to the police station, hospital and other places in the evening.

The National Tourism Administration jointly with the NDRC, the Ministry of public security and other 11 ministries jointly issued the “opinions” on the promotion of self driving vehicle tourism development, put forward a series of solutions of self driving vehicle development policies and measures.”Opinions” put forward, to 2020, China will focus on the completion of the self driving vehicle and a number of public services (RV) tourist destination, launched a number of boutique car caravan tour, built all kinds of self driving caravan camp 2000, initially built up a self driving car brigade in the tourism industry system.

More than 270 fishing masters compete for “king of fishing”

The day before yesterday, the seventh Guangdong province Chinese leisure fishing contest in Gaoming District of Foshan City Taikang mountain ecological tourism resort opened, from across the province more than 270 fishing rods to master friends, for the “fishing” king of the throne.

In the morning, from across the province gathered in Guangdong province leisure fishing fancier fishing base Taikang mountain, they lined the seats to sit the shore, bait prepared behind, waiting for the fish. It is understood that this event is divided into individual 4.5 m pole mixed fish fishing weight game, one pole single tail weight race two projects. The event lasted for one day and was divided into two games, 120 minutes each.

In the total weight competition, the total weight gained by the whole fish caught by the fishing hand is the basis of the results, and the single tail weight competition is calculated with the most effective fish in the whole field. Two titles, such as total weight, single tail weight, champion, runner up, second runner up and other awards.

It is reported that the activities organized by the Guangdong provincial Fishing Association, Gaoming District Culture and Sports Bureau, Gaoming Cangjiang Fishing Association and other units. Foshan City Sports Bureau deputy director Zhang Zhengyuan said, Gaoming District has a good natural environment, so attract the six consecutive Guangdong province leisure fishing contest were held in Gaoming district. The fishermen from all over the province will enjoy the good ecological scenery and enjoy the fishing skills.”

In recent years, Gaoming District is vigorously developing leisure sports, build a platform to build brand competition, pay attention to the mass sports coverage, for two consecutive years by the State Sports General Administration awarded the “national fitness activities” advanced unit of national mass sports advanced units “title, at the same time to” sports and leisure tourism “, build a strong sports zone.

The wild ginseng is Changbai Mountain bred natural treasures

Changbai Mountain is the birthplace of the wild ginseng is one of the natural treasures, it grows at an altitude of one thousand and five hundred meters to two thousand meters of the original forest, is northeast of the first, has completed five internal organs, Ann spirit, soul, only shock, in addition to evil, eyesight, happy, puzzle effect, long longevity, modern medicine, ginseng have obvious effects on the nervous system, cardiovascular system, endocrine system, digestive system, reproductive system, respiratory system and surgical use.

The wild ginseng has thousands of years of history in our country, at present more and more scarce, is a rare natural green tonic. The wild ginseng is relatively high requirements of growth environment, it is afraid of heat, afraid of drought in the fear of the sun, requirements of loose soil, fertile, moist and cool air, so much growth in Changbai Mountain at an altitude of 500 to 1000 meters of coniferous and broad-leaved mixed forest.

Every year from seven to August is the flowering season of ginseng, purple white flowers bear bright red berries, very attractive.

Wild in the mountains grow very slowly, from 60 to 100 years of ginseng, the root is often only a few tens of grams. In 1989, Fusong County farmers picked a “king of ginseng” in Changbai Mountain, weighing 305 grams, which has been estimated to have been growing underground for 500 years. The “King” is currently adopted by China to the largest wild ginseng, as the “national treasure” has been acquired by national preserve.

Ginseng is difficult, the market price is higher, but very high medicinal value. The wild ginseng is the best efficacy of ginseng, and the larger is the growth of years longer, the greater the effect.

Because of the scarcity of production and nourishing effect, enjoys a high reputation in the world, known as the “revive grass jelly”. It is especially suitable for weak body to take off, cold limbs, postpartum time, postoperative recovery.

The boundary lakes between China and Korea

Changbai Mountain China Tianchi is the deepest lake in 1702 after the volcano volcano water, the highest in Changbai Mountain Baitoushan (peak 2691 meters above sea level, the highest peak of the mountain to the northeast). Lake level 2155 meters, an area of 9.2 square kilometers, with an average water depth of 204 meters, as China and North Korea boundary lake. Surrounded by peaks surrounding tianchi.

The climate here is changeable, often filled with steam, instant rain mist, like the misty fairyland. Sunny, shadow clouds reflected peak pool, colorful, attractive scenery. There are monsters in the lake, causing a sensation, and it is still a mystery.

Tianchi is the source of Songhua River. The Tianchi water overflows from a small gap and flows out of the cliff after more than 1000 meters, forming a famous Changbai Mountain great waterfall. Besides the Tianchi Lake and the Changbai Mountain waterfall, there are many lakes waterfalls in Changbai Mountain. Beside Tianchi, there is a small Tianchi, also called long white lake, the water is also blue. In the woods between the birch waterfall and halfway up the ladder cloud waterfall, the scale is not small.

In addition, there is Changbai Mountain hot spring not far from Changbai waterfall, which is a hot spring group with an area of 1000 square meters. There are 13 hot springs out of the water. The water temperature at 60-80 DEG C. Hydrogen sulfide in water, according to research can cure arthritis and skin diseases.

Tianchi in Changbai Mountain belongs to the temperate continental climate, due to the high altitude, cold climate, rain, wind and snow more crazy is that it features. It had 10 months of winter, and the lake froze for 6 months. When the wind reaches 5, the wave height in the pool can reach more than 1 meters.

Changbai Mountain waterfall a thousand li, spray, like rain like scattered, a few miles outside can hear the sound of its roar. The flow continued year after year.

Li Lingyu, the most beautiful sweet singing queen in China

In 1985 by the Oriental Song and dance ensemble recorded her first album “Oriental rookie Li Lingyu”.

In 1987, because of a “Tianzhu girl”, Li Lingyu became popular and known to everyone. The same year, recording a solo CD “midnight streets”, then cut the tape “sweet sweet”, “sweet song Queen”, “sweet girl” and other album, singing the song “Shenyang is my hometown, Shenyang.” “you are beautiful”, “I am not the quiet walk open”, each album sales in more than 1 million.

In 1991, he participated in the CCTV youth program host selection competition and won the two prize, becoming a special host. He presided over the column of “Twelve studio earth Earth Music line” and served as a variety show and other variety shows and hosts of many TV evening parties.

In 1992, he won the Golden Disc Award issued by China Record Corp. In 1992, she sold tens of millions of boxes to her leading singer “Ode to the red sun”, making the highest record ever. The same year in August, with the “mainland artists delegation” to Taiwan singing.

In 1993, signed with Hongkong Dadi record Co., ltd..

In May 1993, Li Lingyu’s debut album “women’s moods” went on the market and reshaped singing style, but it didn’t succeed.

From 1993 to 1995, in the transition after the failure, Li Lingyu went to Japan, with a satellite TV in Japan signed a contract for two and a half years, hosting a music program, with Tokyo as the center, the Asian music status.

At the end of 1996, emigrated to canada. Also invited to attend large-scale theatrical performances, took many film and television drama, and for the television drama with singing the theme song.

In 2004, Li Lingyu in the TV series “secret history” in your sourdrang toffee corner, and sang the theme song of “beauty of Yin”, 2005, Li Lingyu personal investment in the production of a new album “beauty of Yin” registered at the same time, the company’s own culture, Huayu world culture communication limited company, is committed to developing new artists and return to the stage, Li Lingyu is also doing their own company.

In April 13, 2005, China’s first three-dimensional online musical drama “this life adventure” was officially broadcast all over the world. Li Lingyu played the corner of the sun goddess “jade”.

In December 2005, he was appointed as a part-time professor of art education in Continuing Education College of foreign economic and trade university”.

The December 5, 2012 issue of the “smell” and Li Lingyu EP announced the establishment of a personal studio.

The concert was held at the Beijing Exhibition Theatre in November 24, 2012,

Concert at Shanghai Grand Theatre in January 5, 2013.

In March 2013, he served as the judge of the fifteenth youth song competition in Shandong.

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A bright pearl at the easternmost part of China

A song “red sun border” has sung all over the north and south, the song reflects the spirit of the people of Yanbian and local conditions and customs.

China’s Jilin province is a multi-ethnic province, there are 55 ethnic minorities. The minorities here have 5, respectively is Korean, Manchu, Mongolian, Hui and siberia. There are 2 million 185 thousand and 700 ethnic minorities in the province, accounting for 7.96% of the total population of the province. The border line of the province is 1452 kilometers, and most Korean people live in the border areas. The important geographical position and special human environment determine the significance of doing the national work well in Jilin.
Yanji City Exhibition Center is located on the west side of the people’s Stadium in Yanji. The exhibition hall is on the first floor of the exhibition center. The exhibition hall is based on the urban planning, construction and development as the main line. It explains the yesterday, today and tomorrow of Yanji.

Exhibition area is divided into urban landscape, urban memory, planning evolution, overall planning, future prospects and other plates, the central west side of the exhibition, physical sand table combined with multimedia display of the future of Yanji city development spectacular scene. As the climax of the pavilion is 760 square meters in the future planning of Yanji panoramic sand model, super wide arc screen film combines a number of stage lighting one interpretation, stirring, explains the various aspects of Yanji city development from the perspective of the cultural heritage and construction achievements, overall planning and future development.

The development and opening up of Yanbian belongs to the national strategy. Today, in Yanbian City Exhibition Center, we have seen this rapidly developing frontier soil, and the future urban planning will make us look forward to a better tomorrow in Yanji. Later also expect to see the traditional Korean folk performances in Jindal village.

The interactive part of the exhibition center is impressive, such as the interactive scene cinema, the bicycle tour, and the scenery photography, which can deepen the impression through interaction. Next to Jindal village walk, swim, look at the simplicity of the Korean people singing and dancing. Here, let me see the picturesque state of Yanbian, very shocking, let me more comprehensive understanding of the strong cultural atmosphere here.

Walk in the Jindal village on the road, it can be said that every place is a scenic spot, hauntingly. Orderly folk houses, clean streets, enthusiastic people, in the autumn wind, each tourist feel the passion of national unity.

Korean people sing with Chinese song “red sun” frontier, Han nationality friends with Korean singing “Arirang” in the song, as one falls, another rises a warm, harmonious picture of national unity arise spontaneously.

Jindal folk village has focused on building 110 houses, housing construction to retain all of the characteristics of Korean architectural style. At present, the folk village has initially built 88 farmhouse hotels, built the kiln store spicy cabbage base, folk entertainment square, folk culture leisure experience center. Tourists can enjoy food, live in houses, watch Korean folk dances, and participate in Korean folk culture activities.

Like the care of their own eyes, cherish national unity, as strong as their own body, strong national economy, as guardian of their own soul as guardian of national culture. In recent years, Yanbian always adhere to the common solidarity and common prosperity and development of the theme of all ethnic groups in the party’s national policy shine bright, people of all nationalities statewide as a model of national unity is the highest honor, harmonious coexistence, common development, continue to write a new chapter in the cause of national unity, economic development, showing a good situation national unity, political stability, cultural prosperity, social harmony and consolidate the frontier.

The tourists watched the Korean dance, and they were unconsciously infected. I have never thought Korean friends are so hospitable, their dance is so beautiful, tourists also want to study. And their house was so clean that I couldn’t bear to wear it. I think it would be a great experience if we could rest here for a night.

“I just put on the Korean national costumes, with the traditional headdress, feel really like a genuine Korean girl. I feel very comfortable here, and the Korean people who come here will greet us warmly and make me feel very warm.” One of the tourists said excitedly.

It is with harmonious ethnic relations, to promote the concerted efforts of all ethnic groups in Yanbian, comprehensive strength greatly improved. Today, Yanbian uses harmonious ethnic relations to promote economic development, becoming China’s most eastern part of a bright pearl.

College students play creative, remodeling dormitory into “space capsule”

According to netizens put forward their own transformation of dormitory “if there is a security risk” problem students, the teacher said, do these transformation, no modification of the dormitory in any line, even if the installation of LED, the power of 30 watts, “and the school dormitory limited power does not conflict” between 400 to 500 watts. LED lights no users to imagine that the costs of electricity, they opened two hours on the afternoon of 27, with less than once.

The school dorm center on the 28 day of the “black technology” dormitory conducted a comprehensive inspection, found no security risks, administration center responsible person said, the school has been to encourage and promote the students’ living quarters to beautify the environment, but at the same time, each dormitory safety is related to people’s life and property safety, there is no security risk even students aware of refitting the dormitory, have to prepare to dorm center report in advance, by professionals in a comprehensive and meticulous investigation, determine without security risks under the support of students in the dormitory “creative play”.

Secretary of the Communist Youth League Beijing Institute of Technology Ouyang Zhe College of art and Design Institute told reporters, to support students’ extracurricular technological innovation activities, students often participate in creative games, with entertaining way to enrich students’ extracurricular life, the dormitory is changed “,” this group of talented children found creative focus from in life, but also the design of learning professional knowledge for practical results.

Beijing Institute of Technology College of art and design 4 the third grade students with black technology modification of the dormitory, the dormitory is not only the “capsule” effects, and a variety of intelligent devices to dormitory life, their daily life is like in his “science fiction film”, author Deng Yadong reporter dialogue modified dorms. He would like to emphasize that they are not Polytechnic University, Polytechnic male, liberal arts students can also use the “Black & creative fun”.

Reporter: have you ever been exposed to these “black technology”?

Deng Yadong: Although we are learning the design students, but very interested in these black technology, often see some new intelligent products advertisement on TV, on the Internet, including the science and engineering students in our school have some achievements in science and technology, we can get close to, so in fact of black technology “no stranger.

Reporter: the same is playing “black technology”, do you think you liberal arts students and science and engineering students are different?

Deng Yadong: I think the science and engineering students focus on the process of invention and creation, and we design and art college students focus on the user experience part. Simply speaking, they are “production technology”, “we are responsible for the use of technology”, as well as the modification of the dormitory, according to some practical problems, we find a suitable technology, can also put the black technology play very hi.

Reporter: do you use the design expertise when you rebuild your dormitory?

Deng Yadong: of course. Our transformation of the dormitory is not only practical, but also beautiful. For example, “capsule” is part of our interior design professional design of the song, he proposed to the LED lamp with lines extending line so that the cabin looks deeper, I also proposed to put some blue tablecloth on the table top, echoes with the lights on, then put forward the bed move a little place, showing a “color space”.

Reporter: you said that your dormitory renovation is “creative play”, where do you think the creativity is?

Deng Yadong: every day back to the dormitory, do not think back to the dormitory, but back to “space capsule”, do you think this is not creative? There is a lot of college students think the hostel is a place to sleep, but I don’t think so, you in the dormitory every detail of life, can affect your “happiness”, if you according to some problems, put forward their own design, and combined with the mature technology will change to show the idea and experience get the maximum satisfaction, this is creative.

RMB’s international influence continues to rise

From more countries included in reserve assets, to pay and investment functions are widely used, the renminbi to join the International Monetary Fund (IMF) special drawing rights (SDR) after a year of international currency basket, “circle of friends” continues to expand, continue to enhance the influence.
The currency of a country evolves from sovereign currency to international currency, which is usually the main payment currency of international trade, the main international investment and financing currency and the main international reserve currency. The three major functions of the renminbi have been making progress since they entered the basket for one year.

With the steady development of China’s economy and the stable exchange rate of RMB, the RMB bond size of foreign institutions has exceeded the 1 trillion mark. According to the latest data, in September, foreign institutions held RMB bonds scale has reached 1 trillion and 42 billion 152 million yuan, a record high.

According to SWIFT statistics, as of June 2017, more than 1900 financial institutions in the world use RMB as payment currency. Singapore, Russia and other more than 60 countries and regions put the RMB into foreign exchange reserves.

Lagarde, President of IMF, said that the RMB will be recognized by the international community and become a free international currency. IMF, deputy director of the Asia Pacific region, Li Changyong, said that many people said that the RMB “basket” after the international use has not increased significantly, this view is short-sighted.

Some analysts pointed out that the RMB is recognized by more central banks and international investors, the reason behind this is that China’s economic and financial market-oriented reforms to win more trust in the world. Eswar Prasad, a professor at the Cornell University and director of the IMF Department of China, believes that the importance and attractiveness of the renminbi as a global reserve currency will ultimately be determined by the market.

Singapore monetary authority believes that China has taken significant steps to open foreign exchange and securities markets to foreign institutional investors over the past two years. The HKMA just saw this situation and incorporated the RMB into Singapore’s official foreign exchange reserves.

Zhang Yi, general manager of the Sydney branch of Bank of China, said that the reserve currency is a government action, and behind the government’s behavior has its economic momentum. It’s smart for the government to invest in the renminbi, based on the return on the renminbi.

In November 30, 2015, IMF announced that it would bring RMB into SDR, with a share of 10.92%, and form a new basket with the US dollar, euro, yen and sterling. Last year, the RMB formally joined the SDR, making the international application of RMB expand.

According to SWIFT statistics, the RMB in September in the global trading share of 1.85%, is the world’s sixth largest payment currency. The report pointed out that, considering the proportion of China’s economy in the world economy, we can expect the RMB will occupy more share in the international payment in the future.

Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Thai branch general manager Lin Shiqiang said in an interview with Xinhua, China and the ASEAN economic cooperation culture is profound, forming China ASEAN countries RMB investment circle will effectively improve the use of the yuan in ASEAN countries, promote RMB internationalization directly.

Experts pointed out that the RMB “into the basket” is not only an important symbol of the internationalization of the RMB jump, but also put forward higher requirements for the RMB exchange rate market.

Benefit from the favorable economic prospects and market-oriented reform and other favorable factors, the RMB exchange rate remained stable, and stable exchange rate and the internationalization of the RMB formed support.
Professor Farrokh Contelakte School of Rutgers University said, in the face of many challenges at home and abroad under the background of Chinese government through a series of control measures to achieve a good stability of the renminbi, which is remarkable.

The Pedersen Institute for International Economics senior researcher Tamim Baumi said that if the Chinese financial reform and RMB internationalization progress, expected future possible global dollar euro currency RMB “a situation of tripartite confrontation” pattern.