Fan Bingbing, the most beautiful and famous film actress in China

Fan Bingbing was born in Qingdao, Shandong, in September 16, 1981. Chinese film and television actress and popular female singer graduated from the Xie Jin Academy of film and television, Shanghai Normal University.

In 1996, Fan Bingbing appeared in the first TV drama “the strong woman” and entered the entertainment circle. In 1998, he starred in the TV play “Huan Zhu Ge Ge” and received widespread attention. In 2002, the movie “love at first sight” entered the movie world. In 2004 with the Feng Xiaogang movie “mobile phone” won the twenty-seventh session of Hundred Flowers Award for best actress.

In 2005, Fan Bingbing released his first music album, “just started” and stepped into the song world. In 2007, he won the best supporting actress of the forty-fourth Taiwan Film Golden Horse Award in 2007 with the movie ghost. The apple movie starring in the same year was selected as the main competition unit of the fifty-seventh International Film Festival, and won the best actress in the fourth Eurasian International Film Festival. In 2010, he starred in the movie “Guanyin Mountain” directed by Li Yu. He won the best actress in the twenty-third Tokyo International Film Festival and won the best artistic contribution award of Tokyo International Film Festival. In 2011, he served as the twenty-fourth Tokyo International Film Festival judge.

In 2013, Fan Bingbing was awarded the best international artist of the year in Hollywood, the top of the list of Forbes’s Chinese celebrities in five consecutive years in 2013-2017 years. 2015 list of “Forbes” global ten highest income actress fourth 2016, starred in the movie “I am not Pan Jinlian” was the sixty-fourth San Sebastian International Film Festival Best Actress, has become the Chinese mainland only won two International Film Festival in honor of the Chinese class actor actor, the film also won the best film of the San Sebastian International Film Festival Golden shell award.

In 2017, Fan Bingbing boarded the “Time” list and cover 100 of the world’s influence, Fan Bingbing served as the seventieth Cannes International Film Festival jury, became the Oscar award jury member; the same year with “I am not Pan Jinlian” was the thirty-first China Film Golden Rooster Award for best actress, Eleventh Asian film awards and best actress the 8 China film director association annual best actress.

Preservatives can prolong the shelf life of food, and make people more fat!

The study found that while preservatives can prolong the shelf life of food, food containing preservatives can make people eat more and cause obesity.

Preservatives have been proved to be harmful to animals. In order to study whether the influence of preservatives on humans is the same as the harmful effects on animals, the researchers tested 3 commonly used preservatives in daily life.

Hydroxycresol (BHT), an antioxidant that is often added to breakfast cereal and other foods, prevents nutrients from deteriorating.
Perfluorooctanic acid (PFOA), a polymer molecule that exists in cooking tools, carpets and other products.
Three butyltin (TBT), a compound in the paint, dissolved in water, usually accumulated in seafood.

First, blood samples were extracted from the human body. Then, the cells were transformed into induced pluripotent stem cells by introducing reprogramming genes, and then cultured with these 3 substances (cultured alone and co cultured).

Experiments show that the chemicals after mixing can cause greater pressure on the body. These preservatives can interfere with the body network, affect the signals sent to the brain by the digestive system, and promote people to eat more.

New cat toilets easily solve the problem of pet excrement

A pet toilet named CATOLET can solve the problem. When the pet enters the automatic device, the sensor detects its existence, and when the pet leaves the CATOLET, it will be tracked. At the same time, it can also be manually adjusted and flushed automatically. No container is needed to collect garbage. All of the garbage will be crushed into the drain and can be used after washing.

In order to solve a large cat owners daily shoveled shit, currently in the Kickstarter to raise the public in a cat’s Gospel weapon — Catolet shoveled shit Cat Toilet, namely automatic flushing toilet, designed by the Catolet team, does not require any packing or cleaning, waste disposal by sensor and transportation system. Full automatic without cat owners worry.

Catolet shell is made of acrylic, conveyor belt made of composite materials, can resist scratching claws and corrosive effect, conveyor belt is made through hole, so as not to wet pet claws.

Catolet with a built-in sensor and a variety of functions, after training, the cat pet will automatically Catolet excretion through sensors, urine and cat feces in the cat left by the conveyor belt transported to the grinding device in the Catolet, was removed with crushing machine in the transmission system and the help of solid waste under in addition, delivery system can make all the liquid (including urine and water) through, therefore do not leave any water, can keep the surface clean.

In addition, the Catolet sensor can also be used to detect the leakage and failure of the water supply system. The whole process is automatic, just to install Catolet in the toilet drain.

Living habits also remain in the original stage of singular race – Endangered pygmy

Called the African pygmies pocket nation, adult height of 1.30 – 1.40 meters. They are too energetic to feed themselves. The world’s shortest race, they live in Central Africa in the northeastern Zaire Yiduoli area, called “the children of the forest”.

Pygmy has a population of about 50000. Their complexion is dark brown, and their hair is upright. It seems to be a little out of the way, and even the navel eyes are particularly outgoing. These pygmies have their own language, like nomadic, to collect mushrooms, nuts, berries, and trapping fishes, but also for cassava.

Though they have been in contact with the outside world for a long time, they haven’t changed their way of life until now. They don’t use money, trade with other tribes or things and things. Their habits are still in the primitive stage. With leaves and trunk to build pygmies living by the river dome shed in general. Both men and women, they are naked, only under the skin of the soft bark.

The hearing, vision and smell is very sensitive, is hunting master. If a bee flew in the distance pygmies 10 meters away, they can say exactly species and male and female bees. The development of fast, eight – nine years old when the function is mature, began to have sex. A Congo (gold) the pygmy girl said: “we are monogamous. After marriage, husband and wife should be faithful to each other, not recklessly.”

The love of salt, love to eat termites. The termites go out of the hole, which indicates a heavy rain. When the weather is hot, before it rains, to find the hole pygmy termites, while eating with relish to catch. An elder Cameroon pygmy Tribe said: “eat termites are good for health. When it doesn’t rain at ordinary times, we smoke the termites out of the hole with smoke. ” The forest pygmies as “universal parents”. They are not allowed to cut down the growing trees. Dry branches can be used for heating or cooking. There was a western expedition to the pygmies in residential areas, because of random cut branches was angry out of the residential area of pygmies.

The very early to know the use of fire, but do not know how to get it. As a result, the most important job of women is to keep the fire. Pygmy women soft branches to form a three-dimensional semi-circular rack, the grass and palm leaves in the branches on the shelf, which is saved in the fire. Every time you move, the fire is the focus of the protection.

The continent’s Central African Republic, Guinea, Cameroon, Rwanda, Congo (Brazzaville), Congo (DRC), Burundi, Gabon, Angola, Zambia and other countries and regions in the dense forests are pygmies live. And outside the continuous social contact, broaden their horizons now, many pygmies, pygmies wear clothes, soap, cigarettes and matches with the tribe.

At present, the risk of pygmies endangered. Some people mistakenly believe that eating pygmy organs can enhance their physique and strength. Fallacies compel them to commit evil. To improve the life and protect ethnic pygmies, attracted international attention to the organization. Although some countries to live in the country of the implementation of the special treatment of Pygmies and policies, mobilize them to leave the original forest, over the lives of ordinary people. However, the vast majority of pygmies still attachment ancestors’ way of life, love to the primitive life closed.

Dark matter particle probe satellite ‘Wukong’ opens a new window to observe the universe

At present, the mainstream scientific community believes that the substance that human has discovered is only less than 5% of the total mass of the universe, and the rest is made up of dark matter and dark energy. Because dark matter can not be observed directly, and the interaction with the substance is very weak, so far we know little about it.

The “truth” of dark matter is one of the most important scientific mysteries of the twenty-first Century. Uncover the mystery of dark matter, after being considered following Copernicus’s heliocentric theory of gravitation, Newton Einstein’s theory of relativity, quantum mechanics, and a great leap in human understanding of the laws of nature.

In the face of the tempting prospect, scientists are competing around the world, trying to find the first trace of dark matter. In the sky, the strong magnetic field equipment is sent into space; underground, deep mountain construction laboratories thousands of meters deep… Scientists have been able to use a variety of detection methods, and there are dozens of international related experiments and equipment.

After two years of continuous observation, “Wukong”, a dark matter particle detection satellite in China, has located a bunch of electron cosmic rays which are obviously different from normal in the super high energy spectrum of 1 trillion and 400 billion electron volt (TeV).

“Dark matter particle detection satellite Wukong uses the way of detecting high-energy cosmic rays to find indirect evidence of the annihilation of dark matter particles.” According to the theoretical model, dark matter annihilation can generate cosmic rays such as high-energy gamma rays and high-energy electrons. Experts once found specific high-energy cosmic rays, it is possible to infer the true appearance of dark matter.

The dark matter particle detection satellite Wukong derived data, researchers in order to eliminate the interference analysis methods may produce, the initial data were submitted by 4 China and foreign team independent analysis, finally come to the same conclusion: 1.4TeV does appear abnormal phenomenon.

This is a recent discovery of scientists from the dark matter in recent years. Experts say that if further studies confirm the correlation with dark matter, human beings will be able to detect the vast unknown of the universe beyond 5% through the dark matter particle’s exploration of the satellite’s “Wukong” step, which will be an achievement beyond imagination.

“Even if it is impossible to prove the trace of dark matter, the dark matter particle detection satellite ‘Monkey King’ has also opened a new window to the universe for all mankind.” The expert said.

Yangcheng Lake Water Park – the natural “air purifier” in Western Kunshan

China Yangcheng Lake Water Park covers an area of 3.79 square kilometers, the water area of 1.2 square kilometers, the park is divided into “crab spring and autumn park” and “falling moon pond” theme areas, plans to set up a river sightseeing zone, landscape Avenue, Lin Yin Avenue and the axis of the landscape is a water vein, to the crab as the center, tourism, leisure, health, shopping and other functions for the integrated ecological leisure places.

Yangcheng Lake Water Park Development and construction in order to respect the natural wetland and to maintain the original style as the fundamental purpose, to get close to nature and return to nature as the basic principle, the radiation will accept the urban tourism of Shanghai, Suzhou and other surrounding areas, actively integrate into the Yangtze River Delta Tourism Environment, its location is the ecological leisure tourism resort.

Focus on the protection and construction of water and green on the efforts, through scientific and rational planning layout, a full range of clean water, a large area of green shop, at the same time, quietly into the modern tourist facilities, expand the scenic spots, to become the city people work body and mind relaxed leisure resort, become Kunshan’s natural “air purifier”.

The planning and construction of Yangcheng Lake Water Park has been basically completed. The green area around Yangcheng Lake around the East is more than 910 thousand square meters. Has completed the fragrant lotus lake, garden, plum garden, Joan crescent stack, marina, refining stone beach, long beach and other viewing function zoning, and the planning and construction of the east entrance, such as outdoor expansion project.

The above picture is the Ecological Experience Hall of the super crabs on the shore of Chenghu Lake in Dongyang, Kunshan, Jiangsu Province, which is 75 meters long and about 16 meters high.

Lasers with fiber as laser gain media have many advantages

“ABL is a strategic laser weapon, and now the United States is developing more tactical laser weapons,” the experts said.

In early January 2006, Boeing said it would take a C-130H transport plane according to the advanced tactical laser (ATL) project modifications, used to carry high-energy chemical laser and beam control and battle management subsystem, which focuses on military or law enforcement action in the city or suburban environment. The head of the Boeing missile defense system says that ATL will be used in air combat, and ABL is used for missile defense, and they all have a revolutionary impact on the battlefield.

Another goal of the US Army is to start testing the laser weapons from larger platforms, such as C-17 and C-130 transport planes, until they are added to fighters such as F-22 and F-35.

The US air force is now far behind the army and the navy in the field of laser weapons.

As early as August 2014, the United States Navy took the lead in installing the first laser weapon on the “ponplug” amphibious shipyard. In mid July of this year, pusai carried out a maritime laser weapon test in the Persian Gulf, and shot down 1 UAVs. The whole process is precise, efficient and quiet.

As early as March this year, the media reported that Lockheed Martin has officially begun delivering this 60 kilowatt – class laser to the United States Army. It is also responsible for the largest vehicle owned by the army – heavy high mobility tactical truck multikilowatt fiber laser. Once completed, the truck will be a high-energy laser mobile test truck.

Experts said, “it needs to be pointed out that the US Army and navy are advancing the actual combat of the laser weapons, mainly the fiber laser weapons, which is similar to the technology reported in the air force, relatively speaking, its technology is relatively mature.

The fiber laser is the laser gain medium for optical fiber is a kind of solid state lasers, have good beam quality, high conversion efficiency, completely maintenance free, high stability and small volume, good heat dissipation, easy shaping, distribution installation, strong environmental adaptability.

Theoretical analysis shows that the output power of fiber laser is limited. Single fiber can not generally exceed 10 kilowatts, otherwise the power is too large. If a large number of photons enter the optical fiber, it will heat up quickly, and it will be destroyed in time, so the fiber will self destruct. Lockhead Martin and company multikilowatt fiber laser, the application of spectral beam combination technology, the combination of a plurality of optical fiber laser beam, the formation of high-energy laser beam, we developed a high power laser weapon system 60 kw.

Douchi is a fermented food with extremely rich nutrition and can also prevent cerebral thrombosis.

Belongs to the fermented black bean fermented food containing protein, calcium, phosphorus, iron, cobalt, selenium, molybdenum, thiamine, riboflavin, niacin, extremely rich nutrition. The old man is fermented black bean “longevity bean”, often eat not only helps Kaiweixiaoshi, expelling wind and cold, but also to prevent the occurrence of cerebral thrombosis.

As early as the spring and Autumn period and the Warring States period, the records of the fermented bean were recorded in the literature, and the Eastern Han Dynasty began to be used as a drug. Li Shizhen in the Ming Dynasty, “Compendium of Materia Medica” in the function of the most detailed records of fermented black bean: fermented black bean can Kaiweixiaoshi, expelling wind and cold treatment, The climate does not suit one. etc.. In recent years, it has been found that the content of cobalt in the fermented bean is 40 times as high as that of the wheat, which has a good effect on preventing coronary heart disease. In addition, the fermented bean can also improve the blood flow of the brain and effectively prevent the formation of cerebral thrombosis.

Beans or black beans fermented black bean soak steamed or cooked, there are fresh two. At present, Sichuan, Guangdong, Hunan are used in black fermented black bean flavor, comparison, thin, salty and slightly bitter. Black is the most suitable fermented black bean cooking, such as fried bacon, fried green pepper fermented black bean soy sauce spinach, soy braised fish, fried oysters fermented black bean. Soy bean can keep the beans color and shape, but almost no other salty taste, can be eaten directly, or spicy, fragrant oil made from other fermented black bean food.

The fermented bean is good, but the old man can’t eat more, less than 50 grams per day. In the process of processing, a lot of salt will be added to the process. If the dish has been added to the lobster sauce, the amount of salt should be reduced so as to avoid excessive salt intake.

Battery raw material shortage may limit the development of electric vehicle industry

According to reports, Germany’s largest industry association BDI warned that the German auto industry will face the risk of shortage of battery raw materials, which will also affect the promotion plan of electric vehicles.

Matthias Wachter, director of safety and raw materials at BDI, said the supply of battery raw materials has entered a bottleneck as demand increases faster than capacity. The supply of raw materials such as cobalt, graphite, lithium, manganese and other raw materials is insufficient, and the future new technology in Germany will be limited.

Automobile manufacturers have increased their investment in electric vehicles because of the government’s efforts to govern pollution. The demand for battery raw materials is expected to increase.

Volkswagen said it was trying to get a long-term supply contract to avoid material shortages. The company is planning to invest 34 billion euros in the electric car business by 2022, in order to challenge Tesla. Daimler’s Mercedes Benz brand plans to launch its electric version of every vehicle by 2022, while rival BMW is the pioneer of I3 electric vehicle. Its goal is to achieve 12 pure electric vehicle mass production by 2025.

The recycling companies such as Belgian Umicore or American group Retriev technology are preparing metals from old batteries to alleviate the expected material shortage.

Rare earth paleontology — Taisui Ganoderma lucidum

The reason Taisui Ganoderma lucidum expensive are the following:

One, things are rare and expensive

As early as 4000 years ago in the “The Classic of the Great Wilderness” there are records that Taisui meat Ganoderma lucidum is rare on earth paleontology, although many ancient books are written, Taisui can eat a piece and a long, but so far, the wild Ganoderma lucidum Taisui found number or less and less, had biologists said it is ancient fossils, visible Taisui rare and precious Ganoderma lucidum.

Two, the vitality is tenacious, can grow all the time

Wild Ganoderma lucidum can Taisui from ancient times has been living, illustrates its strong vitality. Although Lord japper grew very slowly, but it still keeps growing. Taisui Taisui Ganoderma lucidum in suitable environment, large volume can be unlimited reproduction, a pound of Taisui were divided into 100 or 10000 copies, each cut one is living, every one have their own growth. This is the unique character of life in nature.

At the same time, there are some characteristics that other species do not have: freezing not dead – storage at minus 18 degrees for 50 hours and still surviving after taking out. Taisui Ganoderma lucidum has strong corrosion resistance, drying, thirsty, hungry die die. Although the purchase of his one-time expense is very high, but because of its characteristics of the undead, the relative price is cheap.

Three, the water can cure health

The effective components of Ganoderma lucidum Taisui PQQ (PQQ), nucleic acid, chitin, amino acids, vitamins and trace elements. Modern pharmacology shows that Ganoderma lucidum Taisui anti-aging, eliminate fatigue effects, a significant role in the prevention and treatment of hypertension, arteriosclerosis, cancer, rheumatism, etc..

Jupiter is Jupiter water and mineral water infiltration and long-term global liquid, Taisui body has the same effect as Taisui Ganoderma lucidum flesh rare, the growth rate is very slow, so the global good breeding Taisui Ganoderma lucidum water is the best drink of health care and treatment.

Take the Ganoderma lucidum water Taisui gastrointestinal function was improved, the spirit of good, good sleep, good diet. It can effectively resist a variety of common infectious diseases, such as influenza. After taking a period of time, the human circulation system will be improved completely, the ability to resist anoxia is obviously improved, and the body’s whole body function begins to enter the young state. The functions of human body organs such as human respiratory system and hematopoietic system have entered the state of youth.

The effect of topical Taisui water is also very obvious, with a cotton swab dipped water to wipe the affected part of the skin of Ganoderma lucidum. It can effectively treat the skin diseases such as mosquito bites, skin itching, foot gas, hand off skin and other skin diseases. The breeding of Ganoderma lucidum Taisui water in his mouth, but also when his slobber relieve oral inflammation and other effects.