Global bulk price of bulk wine is up to a conclusion

Dong Shuguo, a wine expert, believes that the price increase of European table wine is not only due to serious weather reduction, but also to the soaring of sea freight, the rise of US dollar to euro exchange rate, the increase of market demand and the increase of production material cost.

According to Jia Qiang, chairman of Yantai high Wine Co., Ltd., in the global wine trade, the bulk wine trade accounts for 40% of the market share. In 2016, China’s imported bulk wine doubled over 2014, but only accounted for less than 4% of the volume of global bulk wine trade.

In the first quarter of 2016, the price of global bulk liquor fell to its lowest point in history. In 2016 April, Argentina grape production cuts, Chile had continuous rainfall, heavy losses, wine prices rebounded quickly. This spring, France, Italy and Spain suffered extreme frosts, droughts and other extreme weather, producing a new low yield. Since the harvest season in September, the price of grapes has risen sharply.

According to the global wine production forecast issued by OIV, the global wine production in 2017 is estimated to be 24 billion 670 million liters, which is 8.2% lower than that in 2016, the lowest point since 1950. Among them, Italy, France and Spain are still the 3 largest countries in the world. But overall, Italy’s output fell 23% in 2016, 19% in France and 15% in Spain.

In addition, production in Germany and Chile continued to decline, down by 10% and 6%, respectively, compared with 2016. In the major wine producing countries, the growth of wine production in 2017 was only in Australia, South Africa and Argentina.

According to Jia Qiang, the end of November this year in Holland, Amsterdam at the Ninth World Expo global Wine bulk, bulk wine inventory and price has been very clear, entry-level wine prices in 2016 generally doubled, high-grade wine Rose 10% to 100% dollars. By the end of February 2018, most of the original winery inventory will be emptied, meet the new crop. “By the end of March 2018, there will be no wine available on the global market.” Jia Qiang analyses that there is no need for the Chinese wine industry to be too pessimistic, because most of the companies have been prepared in advance.

According to the chamber of Commerce wine import and export business of import and export branch Chinese Shipintuxu data from 1 to October this year, China’s imports of bulk wine for 145 million liters, an increase of 31.65%; imports amounted to $122 million, an increase of 46.45%, the amount of bulk wine showed substantial growth. In particular, the third quarter, the volume of bulk liquor imports reached 47 million 200 thousand US dollars, up to 100.74% from the same period. The data verifies Jia Qiang’s statement from the side.

The International Civil Aviation Organization warns that global warming will interfere with global air traffic

According to the report, the International Civil Aviation Organization warned that climate warming may cause serious interference to global air traffic, and called on all airports to prepare for immediate preparations.

The International Aviation Organization (ICAO), based in Montreal, Canada, issued a 2016 environmental assessment report in August 2nd. It warned that due to the increase of global air temperature and humidity, the number of clouds in the Middle East and Latin America increased, which affected the visibility of airports in these areas.

The report points out that, due to the change of the upper air jet in the air, the frequent occurrence of sandstorms causes the blockage of aircraft engines and the more frequent icing on the wing surface. The air interference situation of aircraft in the air is increasing.

The report also reminds people that measures must be taken to protect the coastal runways around the world in order to cope with the rising threat of sea level. The report takes Norway as an example. The 46 airports of Norway airport operation company Avinor are mostly located in the coastal area. 20 of them have considerable risks. Several airports are only 4 meters above sea level.

The International Civil Aviation Organization said in its report: “as the climate continues to change, the aviation industry must prepare for the more extreme future climate conditions, and the stability of the aircraft and the whole aviation system should be closely monitored.”

The organization also points out that the main impact of climate change on the aviation industry will be more significant after thirty – forty years, so it is “not necessary to panic”. But the organization cautioned that all airports should carry out risk assessment for existing and new infrastructure so as to save risks and minimize life cycle costs, and ensure the reliability and regularity of aviation industry.

The rise of the laser TV counter potential and the rapid growth of the new display technology

Since 2017, the market of color TV has been in a state of “severe winter”, and the overall performance of the market is low. Data show that the retail sales of domestic color TV in the first, second quarter of this year dropped sharply compared with last year, down 12.5% and 5.3% compared to the same period last year, and the decline in the third quarter narrowed, down 1.7% compared with the same period last year. Although the general season will usher in the peak season of sales in the four quarter, it is expected to get warmer. But on the whole, the survival environment of this year’s color TV industry is very severe. Most of the color TV manufacturers are facing severe tests, and the industry is in urgent need of transformation and icebreaking.

In fact, in order to find breakthrough points through innovative technology and products, various color TV enterprises have long been laid out in the new display technology field. In the past two years, the competition with OLED and QDs in two big camps is the most intense. OLED TV is a revolutionary technology product, but because OLED is now the biggest hot spot in the mobile phone industry, most of the mainstream panel manufacturers will focus on the small and medium-sized OLED panels, and the large size OLED screen providers are few. The limitation of upstream panel supply directly restricts the development of OLED TV industry. Data show that in the first half of this year, the OLED TV sales in domestic offline market is only 23 thousand. If the market penetration can not quickly break through in the short term, perhaps OLED will repeat the mistakes of the plasma TV, and become a flash in the pan regret.

In 2017, laser display technology began to be mentioned more and more by the industry. At the same time, more and more laser TV products appeared and sales began to show blowout growth. According to Ovid yunwang statistics, this year 1-6 month, quantum dots, and three OLED laser projection display technology of TV products in domestic sales were up 44%, 96% and 235%. This means that laser TVs not only achieve a trend of uptrend in the overall sales volume weakness, but also show strong competitive power in the PK with the other two new display technology products.

In fact, the research time of the application of laser display technology in the science and technology community is not short, our country has been studying laser technology for at least 30 years. But the time for laser display technology to convert from “exclusive precision instrument” to “ordinary household consumer goods” was 10 years ago. In 2007, domestic home appliance brand Hisense took the lead in cutting into the field of laser television and received the support of the National 863 plan. At the end of 2014, Hisense officially launched a laser TV product. Since then, laser television has flourished, and a new camp of color TV products has been set up in just three years.

Expert analysis shows that laser display has been able to get into the homes of ordinary people from professional technology and has gained rapid recognition in recent years, mainly from three aspects :

First, the laser TV can fully meet the demand of the TV market. In recent years, the most important change in color TV products is that the size of the screen is getting bigger and bigger. 10 years ago, the average consumption size of TV in China was only 30 inches, which rose to 40 inches 5 years ago. Now 55 inches are becoming the first choice of TV living room TV, and this trend is accelerating. The size of the laser TV is the first advantage. The LCD TV is nearly 100 inches, and the laser TV can reach 100 inches easily. Recently, Hisense has also launched a number of 80 to 150 inches of 4K laser television, from 2K into the 4K era, the laser television has a large screen, the effect is also a lot of improvement.

Second, laser display has the characteristics of low energy consumption, less radiation and long life. It is the most environmentally friendly display technology: the principle of laser TV display determines the extremely low electromagnetic radiation, while the traditional LED TV and CRT TV have larger electromagnetic radiation and greater harm to the human body. As well as energy consumption, laser TV also has a certain advantage. With LED LCD TV as an example, the power of a 84 inch TV is more than 1000 watts, which means that one kilowatt hour is consumed. In the case of 100 inch laser television, the power is usually between 200 watts and -300 watts, which is a low power consumption product compared with the LCD TV.

Third, corresponding to the development trend of large screen TV, laser display is the best way to price the big screen at present. A LCD TV occupies 70% of the cost of the whole machine, and with the increase of its screen size, the price also increases exponentially. The price of 100 inch laser TV is about twenty thousand yuan RMB, which is basically the same as the price of 80 inch LCD TV. And with the technological progress and maturity of laser television, it is believed that the future will allow users to enjoy a more economical and practical consumption experience.

Experts expect to realize the industrialization of combustible ice in 2030

Natural gas hydrate, also known as combustible ice, is the most promising new energy resource in human society. Recently, China Ministry of land and resources and the government of Guangdong Province, the China Petroleum Corp signed a “promote the Shenhu area of natural gas hydrate exploration and exploitation of the pilot area of construction of strategic cooperation agreement”, promote the industry of natural gas hydrate in South China sea. On the 19 day, held at Guangzhou’s “high end forum for exploration and development of natural gas hydrate in the South China Sea”, Yang Shengxiong, chief engineer of the Guangzhou marine geological survey of China’s marine geological survey, revealed and predicted that flammable ice is expected to achieve industrialization in 2030.

Natural gas hydrate is a crystalline material formed by natural gas and water under high pressure and low temperature. Its appearance is like ice and can be burned by fire, so it is also known as “flammable ice”. According to Yang Shengxiong, 1 cubic meters of flammable ice can be converted into 164 cubic meters of natural gas, which is much smaller than coal, oil and natural gas after burning. About 97% of the world’s hydrates are distributed in the oceans, and only 3% are distributed on the land permafrost zone. At present, in the world directly or indirectly found hydrate occurrences up to 234, to obtain hydrate samples in 49, in which 5 mines to carry out the trial mining or mining.

“Gas hydrates are the strategic commanding points of the future global energy development.” Yang Shengxiong said that the content of methane in the global natural gas hydrate is 60 times that of the world’s natural gas resources. Only in the South China Sea, the potential resources of the hydrate in the South China Sea reach about 68000000000 tons of oil equivalent, which is nearly 1.5 times more than the proven oil and gas reserves in the Persian Gulf. The United States, Japan, Germany, South Korea, India and China have all worked out a research plan for exploration and development.

Guangzhou marine geological survey China marine geological survey is a survey of China and the production resources main team, 20 years has 4 times in the northern part of the South China Sea drilling, drilled a lot of hydrate samples, delineated a number of ore block and early Ayumi forecast reserves, build the South China Sea Chinese “combustible ice based on system theory”.

From May to July this year, Chinese production for the first time in the Shenhu Area in the South China Sea combustible ice, continuous gas production for nearly 60 days, the cumulative gas production reached 309 thousand cubic meters, creating a world record length and the total gas production time. In November 3rd of this year, the State Council formally approved the list of natural gas hydrates as new minerals. Yang Shengxiong said that the industrialization of combustible ice was expected to be achieved in 2030. At present, the research and development of its resources reserves, environmental safety, scale mining and commercial profit should be solved to achieve similar mining efficiency with other energy resources.

There are 30 thousand sturgeon sturgeon living in a carefully controlled environment in the Thousand Island Lake

In the Qiandao Lake in eastern China, the wriggling fish stirs the water in 300 iron cages. These fish are sturgeon, from Russia and Central Asia and are famous for their eggs that can be made into caviar.

It is reported that 35% of the world’s caviar production now comes from China, the world’s second largest economy. And the caviar is not a cheap substitute. Made in Qiandao Lake Kaluga roe appeared in Paris 26 Michelin Samsung restaurant in the 21 table, but also French celebrity chef Alan Dikas flagship store in Monaco selected roe sauce.

Qiandao Lake is located 200 miles southwest of Shanghai (about 322 kilometers), is an area of 573 square kilometers of artificial reservoir. Kaluga roe sauce also appeared in the 2016 Hangzhou summit of the group of twenty leaders, to the participants of the food.

Kaluga company deputy general manager Xia Yongtao said: “consumers are beginning to realize that although our roe sauce is China in production, but this is the best quality of breeding can be compared with the wild roe, roe sauce. This is the cause of our product’s hot sale. ”

The company said Kaluga annual sales of 60 tons of roe, roe sauce, make it become the world’s largest producer of. There are 30 thousand sturgeon in the Thousand Island Lake. It takes 10 years for sturgeon to reach sexual maturity, and it can grow to 200 kilograms during this period. In the distance to Qiandao Lake two hours from the company headquarters, there are about 40 thousand Kaluga immature fish stored in the water tank in the special hatch. A little pot of roe sauce priced at $150, the mature sturgeon are composed of the weight of 15% eggs, a sturgeon value is equivalent to a Ferrari car. The sturgeon was guarded for 24 hours a day, living in a carefully controlled environment.

Reported that the 40 year veteran of the Iran expert Abbas Azari visited Kaluga roe sauce, inspected the production process for a customer, he said: “of course, the best from the wild sturgeon roe sauce. But the Chinese sturgeon is very good and has its own unique quality. ”

The process of collecting and pickling fish eggs originated from Iran. It is believed that the English name of caviar is caviar, which comes from Persian cahv-jar or “power block” — but caviar develops from the coast on the other side of the Caspian Sea to the world famous product.

In the Russian Empire of eighteenth Century, Ekaterina the great prepared caviar for guests at a big banquet. After the October revolution, the Russian aristocracy exiled to Europe, bringing the caviar to this place, especially the city of exiles gathered in Paris and London.

After the disintegration of the Soviet Union in 1991, the strict control of the fishing in the Caspian Sea was cancelled. Less than 10 years later, the number of wild sturgeon was greatly reduced. In 2000, the Convention on the international trade in endangered species of Wild Fauna and flora defined wild sturgeon as an endangered species. Soon after, the official ban on fishing for wild sturgeon made commercial farms flourish.

Reported that the Kaluga company produces several different roe sauce: gray green, salty Siberia caviar; light green, butter flavored sea sturgeon roe sauce B-ray — this is the most popular brand of the roe sauce and olive green; Russian caviar, creamy taste is salty, this is kind of the love of the French market. But the peak of roe sauce is made of beluga roe roe sauce, the eggs are almost larger, charcoal sphere, unique taste. Kaluga produced a small box of beluga roe sauce for $2100, equivalent to a roe of 60 cents.

To get to the factory floor, must wear a white coat and boots, wearing a headband and rubber gloves, hands and feet are soaked in sterile water for a minute, and then after a minute “gas bath”, to ensure that the body without dust and hair. Into the workshop, the workers put the fish into the water stun, then use the knife to cut the fish belly up. The two big fish eggs were removed and placed on the iron plate. The rest of the sturgeon was shipped away and sold for fish, mainly to Russia. The fish eggs take a sample and record Kaluga roe sauce per tank has a two-dimensional code, including roe specific production history and the history of fish spawning.

“One of the reasons for our success is our unremitting pursuit of perfect quality,” Xia Yongtao said. The cost of our caviar is 10% higher than that of Western companies, but the demand is far greater than the supply. ”

Reported that 80% of the Kaluga products are exported to the European Union, the United States and Central Asia, and the rich Chinese demand for roe sauce is also growing. In Beijing’s famous roast duck shop in Sheng Yongxing, the owner of the shop, Wang River, began to use caviar to match his signature dishes. “The salty flavor of caviar just sets off the salty flavor of the roast duck skin,” he said. And the ducks come from the land, and the caviar comes from the sea, and the two are combined together.

One reason, of course, is that many Chinese people like rare and expensive ingredients, and even say that they are good for health. “(caviar) is very good to the brain,” Xia Yongtao said of caviar. I promise to have my son eat one can a month and a can before every exam. ”

For the Wang River, caviar is very suitable for Chinese food culture. “Chinese people always want the best,” he said. If caviar is the best thing for Western food, they will accept it. ”

It’s a completely different challenge for Western consumers to buy a “made in China” high-end food, the report says. But it seems that Chinese caviar manufacturers can overcome this challenge.

The luxury cars in Germany are very popular with the Chinese

The Volkswagen Group recently announced the strongest monthly sales figures in history: in November this year, the Volkswagen sold 594 thousand cars around the world.

The reason for the strength of Volkswagen is global layout: in November, the sales of the masses in South America and Russia increased by about 30% year on year. The mass brand has grown by 8% again in the domestic market after suffering heavy damage and customer withdrawal.

But more importantly, Volkswagen’s sales in China soared 16% to 331 thousand. Frank Schwope, a bank analyst in North Deutschland, believes that the strong position of the Chinese market is also the reason why the Wolfsburg company, which owns a total of 12 brands, has successfully sold its about 10.6 ¬†million cars over Toyota Corporation this year.

Daimler and BMW are also obviously horsepower. In the third quarter of this year, the global sales of the three giants of the German auto industry grew by 6%, while the whole market was only 3%. This trend did not increase until the end of the year.

Car professor Ferdinand Dudenhoeffer expected, the so-called high-end brands (BMW, Audi, Porsche, Mercedes) sales next year will be a substantial increase, estimated growth rate of about 4.5%, is two times the global market.

In particular, it is able to rely on the continuing car heat of China so far. More importantly, the luxury cars in Germany are very popular with Chinese. China’s high demand pressure on cars will continue until 2018. In large cities such as Shanghai and Beijing, new car licenses will be restricted to restrict noise, air pollution and traffic congestion.

The positive development of China lead to the single market dependence is more and more big, consulting firm Ernst & Young automotive expert Peter fuhs stressed. He pointed out that China is “working hard to push forward the flow of the future”. Specifically, China is developing into a leading market for electric vehicles and network driving. China will decide the quota for electric cars next year.

The application model of Beidou + is becoming a public service like water, electricity, and the Internet in China

China’s Beidou navigation system spokesman ran Chengji revealed at a news conference in December 27th that the output value of China’s satellite navigation industry is expected to reach 400 billion yuan in 2020.

It is reported that the Beidou satellite navigation system developed by China was officially launched in 2012. It has been over five years. Now it has covered more than 200 countries and regions, and has recently been fully compatible with the US global positioning system (GPS).

Ran Chengqi said, compared with the other three global satellite navigation system, Beidou besides the technical mechanism has three systems, also retained Beidou-1 (also known as the first generation of Beidou satellite navigation system, Beidou satellite navigation experimental system) unique short message service ability and position report.

Compared with the price of GPS chip, the unit price of the Beidou chip has been the biggest bottleneck that restricts the civil use of the Beidou navigation. Ran Cheng said in December 27th, due to the establishment of a complete industrial chain and technology, and the process of the improvement of the production capacity, the domestic big chip from the gap of five years to the current price has dropped to 6 yuan, the overall performance is achieved even better than similar products in the world.

Ran Chengqi also said that the Beidou No. two accuracy in 2012 from 10 meters up to 6 meters, can provide real-time meters, decimeter and centimeter and millimeter level postprocessing of high precision Chinese service in the territory. Beidou three will reach 2.5 to 5 meters in positioning accuracy.

He also said that the application mode of Beidou + “is becoming a public service like water, electricity and Internet” in China, and has been widely applied in public security, transportation, fishery, disaster reduction and other industries.

Peng Siyi, the head of the comprehensive planning department of the Ministry of transport, said that all the public transport ships in China were equipped with the Beidou terminal, and all the coastal areas also built Beidou differential enhancement site. In addition, there are about 4 million 800 thousand vehicles, dangerous goods vehicles, bus line bus and more than 40000 fishing boats to install the Beidou terminal, bike sharing is also used in the Beidou satellite positioning information.

In terms of internationalization, Peng Siyi said that the Beidou system has been recognized by the International Maritime Organization and the international search and rescue satellite organization. The next step will be ready to enter the international organization such as the International Civil Aviation Organization and the related international standard system.

It is reported that China is also speeding into the global networking era through a dense launch of satellites. In November this year, Chinese to a stone star way successfully launched twenty-fourth, twenty-fifth Beidou navigation satellite.

For the future, ran Cheng said on December 27th, by the end of 2018, Chinese to launch about 18 Beidou satellite network No. three, “The Belt and Road” initiative of the countries and regions to provide priority service; by the end of 2020, will build a complete system of 30 satellites, providing positioning and navigation services for users worldwide.

Northeast Normal University – the first comprehensive university of the Communist Party of China in the Northeast

Northeast Normal University is a direct University of the Ministry of education of People’s Republic of China and is located in Changchun, Jilin province. Founded in 1946, the original name of Northeastern University is the first comprehensive university established by the Communist Party of China in the northeast. In 1950, according to the needs of the development of education and renamed Northeast Normal University.

Northeast Normal University is the first batch of national key universities of “project 211”, “985 project advantage subject innovation platform” in one of the first national “top two” of discipline construction of universities, one of the 56 universities approved by the Ministry of education set up the graduate school, higher school subject innovation engineering plan of the University, one of the Ministry of education Yuanjiang discipline the construction plan of 40 key universities, one of the six directly under the Ministry of education of Normal University, university training pilot program of free education and national excellent teacher of Normal University students.

As of May 2015, the school has two campuses and the Department of Jingyue, 23 teaching units, 78 undergraduate majors, 34 master’s degree level disciplines, 22 doctoral programs, 16 postdoctoral stations, the discipline covers 11 disciplines besides military science and medicine. The formation of a comprehensive subject pattern is the base of important national talent training of teachers.

By the end of 2011, the school approved national specialty point 12, 9 state-level courses, 3 national teaching team, teaching high school teacher award 4, “11th Five-Year” national planning materials, the 25 national undergraduate innovative experiment program 160, the national experimental teaching demonstration center construction 3, the national personnel training mode innovation experimentation area 3, 1 professional development project.

In 2005, the school successfully achieved excellent results through the evaluation of the teaching level of the undergraduate course of the Ministry of education. The university has 7 doctoral dissertations as the National Excellent Doctoral Dissertations, and 17 doctoral dissertations have won the national excellent doctorate nomination award.

In 2012, the school won the third National College Students Art Festival performing arts classes first prize two. Northeast Normal University students in the ninth session, the Eleventh “Challenge Cup” national university student extracurricular academic science and technology work has won the competition in science and liberal arts award, the Jilin Province in the category of “zero” breakthrough in the tenth “Challenge Cup” national university student extracurricular academic science and technology work contest won the “survival Cup”; known as “the highest award” Youth Science and technology Chinese “Technology Innovation Award” Chinese Youth Award, Northeast Normal University students for four consecutive years on the list.

The school has a national basic education experiment center, the national primary and secondary school teachers continuing education research center of Northeast Normal University, the national modern educational technology training center, Chinese preparatory school students went to Japan in the Ministry of education, Northeast Education Management Cadre Training Center, the Ministry of education in Higher Teacher Training Center of national training and research institutions. The school also has a distance and Continuing Education Institute, affiliated high school, Affiliated Experimental School, affiliated primary school, and affiliated kindergarten school.

National characteristics include: psychology, accounting, ideological and political education, environmental science, primary education, physics, biological science, geography, Chinese language and literature, English, history, mathematics and applied mathematics.

The national top quality courses are: database technology and application, mathematical statistics, introduction to Deng Xiaoping theory, modern western philosophy, ecology, cell biology, ancient world history, introduction to environmental science, and educational Conspectus.

The national teaching team includes: teaching team of probability and statistics, Shi Ningzhong, cell biology course teaching team (Huang Baiqu), pedagogical principle teaching team (Liu Haimin).

The national experimental teaching demonstration centers include: Northeast Normal University biological basic experimental teaching center, Northeast Normal University media experimental teaching center, Northeast Normal University art experimental teaching center, Northeast Normal University ecological experimental teaching center.

British couple had ten fetal boy, composed of the most masculine family

Bret and her husband, 38, have 10 children – all boys, the biggest 16, and the smallest for just 7 months. Alexis Brett must be the most prolific mother in England. As the only woman in the family, she lives almost in the “man country”.

Bret’s home is completely a boy world, with almost no lady’s stuff except Bret’s make-up bag and perm. The 60 pairs of sneakers and walking boots were lined up in the corridor, without a pair of ballet shoes or high heels, and there were 10 games in the room. Undoubtedly, Bret all-weather lianzhouzhuan, in order to make the home as a disaster site as messy. She get up at 5:30 in the morning, spend an hour to dress to wash clothes and five barrels per day, cleaning.

Although the workload of the family is very large, Bret will not be idle when he has free time. She went to the gym three times a week and was just qualified as a fitness trainer and planned to start teaching next year. She says it’s not difficult to get back after having children, because they have to take care of them all the time.

She joked, “lazy? What is that. I may not be able to rest one day until 2034, and then I may have grandchildren. ” The youngest child is 7 months old Ruth Gardner, mother joked: “probably before he was 17 years old and I can not sleep.”

Her husband, who was diagnosed with Parkinson’s syndrome five years ago, was still helping to cook and take care of the children. As a single daughter, Bret said she never thought that there would be such a big family. The key is not to be nervous. If something happens, there are ten boys, and you know it will all be solved. Bret said he did not plan to regenerate.

Bret is not sorry about having no daughter. She said, “my sons are very happy together. Now, if there is a girl, I really don’t know how to take care of it. In the 20 weeks of pregnancy, we know the sex of the child, but never want to have a daughter. ” However, Bret said she did not plan to regenerate eleventh sons to form a family football team. She said, “I’m going to feel the pain in my hips now. I think it’s my body to tell myself enough. Ten boys are just fine.” David and I sometimes think, ‘look at our masterpiece’. But when our sons came home happily to make us laugh, we thought it was worth it. We felt our family was unique.

Seven tigers have been kept as pets in Brazil’s home

A pet in a family in Brazil is seven tigers. In this family, the seven tiger is not as people imagine to be caged, but in an ostentatious manner to knowledge, and master a tea together, having fun and bathing.

8 years ago, Boggess rescued two of the circus cruelty tigers, brought them home to feed, and helped them breed, and gradually increased the number of tiger family members from two to 7.

The 43 year old Boggess did not have the relevant animal and professional training, but he never felt the danger and the head weighing more than 200 kg of close contact with the tigers, he insisted that, as long as the tiger tiger will give respect, be grateful. “You have to respect and love the animals so that you can also get their respect and love.”

The tiger, like his family member, eats, baths, and plays with his three daughters, and grows up as a child. Now these “big cats” live in his home very happy, and his family has accumulated a very deep feeling. The beast showed a rare and gentle side in front of them.

Boggess’s three daughters, 20 year old Nayala, 23 year old and 24 year old Du Shanni Wuyala, responsible for a chain of “walking tiger tiger” every day, also directly by hand to feed them to eat meat. When the family was eating, the tiger squatted at the table and waited for the owners to feed the meat. At ordinary times, they could walk and rest in the living room and even the bedroom like a cat and dog.

She also said she insisted on swimming three times a week with a tiger named Tom to help it keep fit. Even the puppy in the family seemed to be in harmony with Tom and dared to lie on the back of the tiger unscrupulously.

“They were taken care of and fed by us from the date of birth, and their wild nature was tamed.” Najara said. “Now they are part of the family, and we can’t imagine the days without them.”