Singapore’s borderless medical group will release the first birth flying saucer reality show

In January 30th, the Singapore borderless medical group announced the first birth of the flying saucer reality show in Shanghai, providing help for thousands of couples who are facing fertility problems, especially those with advanced maternal age.

Because China has opened up a comprehensive two child policy, more than 90 million couples are eligible to have two children, of which more than half of the women have exceeded 40. China IVF experts are scarce, exacerbated by the severe problems of infertility, cause of infertility is very limited in the diagnosis of the counseling and education of inquiry couple is difficult to understand the advantages and disadvantages of IVF, also don’t know in addition to this technology, couples can also change the way of life through the measures to optimize the growth.

“For couples who are preparing for pregnancy, knowing how to change their lifestyle, such as nutrition, smoking cessation, relieving stress, ensuring sleep, proper exercise and mental health, have a very important impact on fertility. In vitro fertilization technology is the combination of eggs and spermatozoa, but the quality of sperm and egg is very important, which will directly affect the success rate of embryo formation and the quality of embryos. Dr. Yu Weixiang, the chairman of the border free medical group, said. He was also the founder of the reality show.

The background of the reproduction flying saucer reality show is that unidentified flying objects from outer space travel to the earth to understand the cause of the decline in the fertility rate of human beings. The program is characterized by the host family to different family detective incarnation of all over the world, exploring the causes of fertility problems, such as the risk of life, food safety, sex couples and psychological pressure, culture, medical experts, the treatment suitability factors such as co.. The first episode will visit a couple of Chinese couples who are pregnant with two children, a pair of husbands with a height of 2.1 meters and a wife of 1.6 meters tall. The program is broadcast every month and will be played on the main online video platform.

Feasibility demonstration from Japan drain away pieces of discarded diapers

Used diapers how to deal with? The problem is a headache for many Japanese families. Japan’s transport ministry said 30 days, the government will set up an expert group on the 31 day, the feasibility from the drain away waste pieces of diapers.

In Japan, a strict classification system of garbage is carried out, and each kind of garbage can only be reclaimed on a specified date. Some of the children in need of care, elderly families, Miss recovery day means to put waste diapers at home for several days.

“Sankei Shimbun” reported on 30, disposal of waste will be used for diapers and food waste crushing technology. In the installation of Restroom diapers special crusher, people can put the pieces directly into the sewer, without waiting for garbage collection. This will greatly reduce the burden of childcare and care.

Because the sewage treatment capacity of waste debris into the sewer will test the diapers in Japan, the expert group will verify the consequences to sewage treatment, for 5 years to enter the practical stage. “Yomiuri Shimbun” reported that this system will first be carried out in nursing homes and hospitals, and strive for the promotion to the ordinary family.

The Japanese health materials industry association statistics show that by the impact of aging, for the Japanese domestic market of adult diapers production to a record high in 2016, reached 7 billion 400 million. Infant diaper production has reached 13 billion 900 million, second for the historical height.

The long distance survey ship will stop again 9 days after the dock, and will spend the Spring Festival at sea

In the early January 30th, the third generation of China’s ocean spaceflight spacecraft, “far 6”, pulled the whistle on the Bank of the Yangtze River and slowly transferred its head to the port.

Yuangwang 6 ship returned to operation in January 20th after its completion of the last ocean control mission. It started again after docking 9 days later. It created the new record of the shortest distance and fastest speed of the single ship in China in one month.

It is understood that this year, China’s satellite launch into the high density period. In order to shorten the preparation period of mission, the far sailing ship No. 6 has made preparations for the mission ahead of schedule, organized task summary and technical exchange dialogue, compared and studied two task documents, combing similarities and differences, and analyzing characteristics and difficulties. Through the arrangement of scientific overall plan, it can effectively streamline all kinds of meetings and activities, reduce the working process and reduce the redundancy of task preparation.

They also take the room temperature and humidity alarm monitoring and other advanced means to reduce pressure and batch inspection personnel on duty, organize all the scheduled holiday; dock work plan, the development of various types of equipment maintenance, maintenance plan and emergency plan, set the ship ready to sail, real time monitoring antenna “target. According to the plan, we have completed 20 preparations of more than 10 categories, such as personnel recharge, material supply, equipment maintenance, instrument verification, etc., which has created favorable conditions for successfully sailing.

In the near two months, the distance 6 survey ships frequently go back and forth in the tropics and ports, and the equipment has experienced temperature changes several times, and the maximum temperature difference is over 35 degrees Celsius. Due to the influence of Blizzard weather, the ship borne measurement and control equipment is subjected to the cold weather test, and the reliability of the test equipment is facing a severe challenge.

Therefore, the ship technical personnel organization in advance, the reliability of cable fastening structure and maintenance inspection, special organization for the maintenance of equipment, testing and verification of state parameter index, through the organization of the FBI task drills for investigation, the existence of hidden parts of the equipment division to ensure equipment tested the accurate, do no problem, ensure that the sea really no danger of anything going wrong.

During the voyage, it coincided with the new spring festival. The crew of the ship will be on the sea for the third time at the Spring Festival. The port after adjustment, they also organize the difficulties and visit the crew and family, to carry out other activities, to ensure that the crew thought stability, houguwuyou. At the same time, they advance to the sea work plan for the holidays for purchasing special purchases for the Spring Festival, the maximum let the crew feel the festive atmosphere of joy.

British Prime Minister Teresa Mefield arrived in Wuhan and opened a visit to China

British Prime Minister Teresa May has made a three – day state visit to China from 31. At 8 and 07 minutes, Teresa Mege flew to Wuhan, Hubei, and opened her first visit to China since the prime minister. Chinese ambassador to Britain Liu Xiaoming, vice governor of Hubei province Tong Daochi and British ambassador to China Wu Bai were greeted at the airport.

Teresa May stayed in Wuhan for only one morning, and the journey was quite compact. The first stop went to Wuhan University to attend the Hubei British educational and cultural exchange exhibition and interact with students. Then she will examine the water resources and water biological protection of the Yangtze River. The last process in Wuhan, Teresa May will go to Yellow Crane Tower at noon, the castle overlooking the towns of Wuhan scenery, and enjoy Peking opera.

Leave the Yellow Crane Tower, Teresa May will fly to Beijing to attend a new round of talks, the British Prime Minister in the year. During the visit to China, the Chinese leaders will meet and talk with Prime Minister Teresa May respectively, and exchange views on Sino British Relations and international and regional issues of common interest.

British media said that Teresa May’s visit to China, with more than 50 people, is a representative of the British business and academic field. It was also the largest of her visits. In addition, even the prime minister, Philip, who rarely appeared in front of the public, went to China to see the attention of the British government on the visit to China.

Before starting, Teresa May told the media that the visit would further close the relations between the two countries and grasp the “golden period” of the relations between the two countries. There are unlimited business opportunities in China and the British side hopes to help British enterprises get a slice of the soup.

The scale of the construction and construction of nuclear power units is close to $1 trillion and 200 billion

From the beginning of 1954, the Soviet Union’s first civilian nuclear power, nuclear power in developed countries has been rapid development, especially in the 1960-1970’s, but then the United States and the Soviet Union, Chernobyl Two Three Mile Island nuclear accident has slowed the pace of development of nuclear power in the world. And as the oil climbed to a peak of $more than 100 a barrel, the development of nuclear power was revived. But in 2011, the spill in Japan’s Fukushima nuclear power plant reappeared, and some countries and regions, such as Germany and Switzerland, decided to abandon nuclear power.

Yang Hanxin, a doctor in the Department of nuclear engineering, University of Manchester, thinks that the core of nuclear waste is not only the consideration of safety, but also the factors such as slowing down of energy demand and impact of renewable energy. In fact, many countries, especially developing countries, need a lot of electricity, and it is more urgent to develop nuclear energy.

Data show that at present, there are 448 nuclear power plants in 31 countries in the world, and the total installed capacity is 400 million kilowatts, which accounts for about 10% of the world’s total electricity generating capacity, reaching 16% at the peak. At the same time, as of July 1, 2017, the construction and construction of nuclear power units are 59, 160 units, the market size is close to 1 trillion and 200 billion US dollars.

Francois Morin with a color to do a more detailed analysis and explanation. As you can see, there are 45 countries worldwide are actively considering the development of nuclear power projects, such as Argentina, Belarus, Bangladesh, Brazil, Finland, Chinese, Hungary, India, Iran, Pakistan, Romania, Britain, Russia, Slovakia, United Arab Emirates, Turkey, etc.. It is expected that by 2050, the new 1000GW nuclear power installed capacity will be added to 25% of the total power generation capacity.

China is considered to be one of the most important forces. According to the “Chinese power development” 13th Five-Year “plan” requirements, in 2020 the national nuclear power installed capacity will reach 58 million kilowatts, the construction scale of 30 million kilowatts. According to the data, as of November 2017, China (excluding the Taiwan region) has invested 37 units of the nuclear motor group, which has been put into commercial operation, and 19 units in the construction of the nuclear motor group. Nuclear power installed capacity ranked fourth in the world, generating more power than Japan, entering the top three in the world, in the construction of nuclear power units for many years in the world first.

Over the past year, China “nuclear safety law” formally promulgated, “Interim Measures for the protection of the safety of nuclear power consumption” issued, the civil engineering construction demonstration fast reactor, which is less than expected, at the beginning of the year plan started 8 units still waiting for the final approval of the three door first AP1000 reactor failed to schedule production, not even complete the loading node.

Xu Yuming, deputy director of the expert committee of the China Nuclear Energy Industry Association, believes that the development of China’s nuclear power is still in a strategic opportunity period. He analyzed that nuclear power is the only energy that can replace coal in large scale and provide stable and reliable power for grid. It is indispensable for the construction of green low-carbon energy system in China. At the same time, the proportion of nuclear power generation and power generation is very low, and there is enough room for development. It is expected that in 2030, the installed capacity of China’s nuclear power can reach 100GW to 120GW, and the power generation capacity of nuclear power is up to about 8%. After 2040, the installed capacity of China’s nuclear power plant will reach 150GW, and the proportion of power generation is close to the current world average of 11%, which is more than quadrupled now.

However, it is not to be ignored that the development of China’s nuclear power is also facing many challenges, including security, economy, independent innovation, public understanding and support. In the third generation of nuclear power construction, there is a widespread problem of delay in construction and increase in construction cost. Moreover, the relationship between supply and demand of economy and electricity has entered the new normal, and the measures such as bidding online and limiting power consumption have reduced the utilization hours of nuclear power equipment.

Strange! A green “shell” hangs high on the tree trunk

Fruit 6 meters tall trees hung like a watermelon, attracted many tourists stop to watch. The bizarre fruit is more than 20 centimeters in diameter, very much like the big green watermelons hanging high on the tree trunk, marveling at the visitors.

This is the new botanical garden exhibition gourd melon tree, alias iron iron watermelon watermelon, native to tropical America, Guangdong, Fujian, Hainan, Taiwan and other places have Chinese cultivation, because of hard shell, mature fruit is often used as a bailer. The iron watermelon will explode when it is ripe, and its power can kill or blow up the bird.

Because of the fruit period, the fruit of the upside down is like the artillery shell falling from the sky, and people call it “artillery fruit”. The iron watermelon is a famous tropical fruit plant. The fruit view period can be as long as 6~7 months, and the appearance of the fruit is green and bright.

Visitors to see the “iron watermelon” that is very strange, let a person very greedy, unable to hide greeds, really want to hand off, break into the mouth, must taste good. However, “iron watermelon” is only good – looking but not edible, it is hard, thick flesh, smell, bad taste.

Iron for watermelon Bignoniaceae gourd tree is a small evergreen tree, 5-18 meters high, is a typical tropical rainforest “old cauliflorous” plants, flowers, fruit single branchlets or old stems; corolla bell shaped greenish yellow, brown veined, flowering in spring and summer.

“Thais” performance in front of desires and temptations of mind, expression of destruction and salvation of humanity

The opera “Thais” is a French composer Massenet in 1894 created the premiere of the opera, according to the Nobel prize winner Anatol France, French writer of the novel creation and.

Massenet not only wrote a popular song “meditation”, Aria and duet, many beautiful melodies and deep understanding of the woman’s heart through the music composer contrast showed socialite and Saint Thais different Thais mood, and A Tana E, the first firm pious and uneasy when ignited desire the pain and struggle, deep love when Thais behave, both dramatic and the depth of human nature.

In the second act between the first and second Intermezzo “meditation” is the work of the most widely circulated violin music, the melody moving, become a violinist who often play works.

The opera “Thais” in the context of the ancient Egyptian city of Alexander, describes a practice in the desert of the holy man save the story of female socialite thais. The holy man A Tana El adventure into the city will indulge in the luxury of life in female Thais with gold powder. She urged her to leave the green circle of red wine and convert to religion. At last, Teis was moved and decided to go to the monastery as a nun. But he was impressed by the beautiful young Thais love Thais.

In his decision to die for love between God and the holy man, tortured, he fled the monastery around. But in the end he could not get rid of the thought of Teis back to Teis side, while Teis has been regarded as hopeless. The holy man crawls in love at the foot of a saint to be a sinner, the sinner’s soul went to heaven, touching story.

The work shows the inner entanglement of people in the face of desire and temptation, and expresses the destruction and redemption of human nature. This opera has been performed for more than 120 years. After several generations of operas, the opera has been produced in many styles and loved by many singers.

More than 3100 new and expanded tourist toilets in Jiangsu have been built and expanded, all of which have reached the standard of national A-level tourist toilets

As of the end of last year, China’s Jiangsu province has entered the National Tourism Administration’s “national toilet construction management platform” system, with a total of more than more than 3100 new tourist toilets, with a total investment of more than 1 billion 200 million RMB, all reaching the national level a tourist toilet standard.

In the crowded Nanjing Confucius Temple Street public toilet, there is a “third toilet”. 8 square meters of small space, baby care desk, baby safety chair, child toilet, barrier free toilet, handwashing platform with armrest and other facilities are available. In Nanjing Zijin Mountain scenic area, Tangshan hot spring resort and other scenic spots, it is convenient for the opposite sex relatives to help the elderly, parents to have toilet with heterosexual children, and the “third bathrooms” to meet the special needs of the disabled is a standard configuration.

In April 2015, the Confucius temple Qinhuai scenery belt was warned by the National Tourism Bureau because of the poor management of toilet construction. In May of that year, the core area of Confucius Temple launched public toilets upgrading and transformation. In Nanjing, the first place to build 6 “third bathrooms”, a tourist toilet that once dragged behind, has become a new highlight of Confucius temple.

“The toilet revolution” is to let the toilet no longer ‘no’, and the toilet will no longer be “dirty”, to meet the growing needs of the people. Jin Weidong, director of Nanjing Tourism Commission, said that for a long time, toilets had been a weak link in the development of China’s tourism industry. Nowadays, the high value of humanity and the humanization have become the development direction of Jiangsu’s tourist toilets.

Nanjing NIUSHOUSHAN area is located in a small hill travel toilet, the rest hall. Like a view overlooking the temple, tower, palace and other attractions. The public toilet named “overlooking” has been rated as one of the world’s highest public toilets by a famous architectural design website. In the NIUSHOUSHAN, “pass” “hidden” 8 literary sense of the “eight NIUSHOUSHAN toilet”, a distinctive theme, hidden in the bamboo forest, hillside, became king of the king.

Science and technology has become a new label for tourist toilets. “There is no water in the toilet here. It’s so clean, it doesn’t taste!” Yancheng site in Changzhou Park, 3 toilets as “red net”. “The site of Yancheng archaeological circles is identified as Chinese is the oldest and most complete preservation of ground city ruins, built in the toilet, not only to achieve the national standard, but also to maintain the historical context.” The person in charge of the scenic spot introduced the idea that the scenic spot selected a new “resource type biological toilet”, not only water-saving, no waste water waste, but also organic manure.

There are three convenient ways to visit the popular scenic spots in Disney Park in Shanghai

At present, there are three convenient ways to visit the popular scenic spots in Disney Park in Shanghai, except for the general way of queuing.

The first is free express pass service in the park, which can be freely received by the mobile phone terminal after entering the park, and the priority will be given to the selected spots at the designated time.

Two is the purchase of honor card, at any time of the day, go to the selected scenic spots to enjoy priority service. Visitors can buy a single scenic spot card, and you can also buy 8 scenic spots. The price of the honor card will float according to the season, and the 29 day client shows that the suit sells for each 440RMB.

Three is the earlier reports of “enjoy the tour service, is equipped with specialized guide, can be customized special trip in the Business Hours period with most attractions and navigate the priority position reserved for performance. According to the official website of Disney Park in Shanghai, the highest price of the service is 21600RMB, the lowest is 8100RMB, and the time length is 6 hours and 3 hours two.

Four cities with a total output of over 2 trillion RMB have obvious innovation driving characteristics

In 2017, Beijing realized 2 trillion and 800 billion RMB of GDP, 3 trillion and 10 billion RMB for Shanghai, 2 trillion and 150 billion RMB in Guangzhou and 2 trillion and 200 billion RMB in Shenzhen. Shanghai broke through 3 trillion RMB, and Shenzhen surpassed Guangzhou for the first time.

From the digital point of view, the total of the four cities of the four cities are more than 10 trillion RMB, accounting for 1/8 of the total amount of the country. At the same time, the economic growth rate of 4 cities remained stable. In 2017, Shenzhen’s economic growth rate was 8.8%, Guangzhou was 7%, Shanghai was 6.9%, Beijing was 6.7%, while the national growth rate was 6.9%.

It can be seen that, under the guidance of reducing the GDP growth target and pursuing the high quality development policy, the characteristics of the four cities’ optimization structure and innovation driven are becoming more and more obvious.

From the perspective of innovation drive, taking Guangzhou as an example, in 2017, the value added value of advanced manufacturing in Guangzhou accounted for about 66% of the manufacturing industry. The proportion of modern service industry added value to the service sector reached 67%, and the proportion of R & D expenditure to GDP reached 2.7%.

Shenzhen, over the past year to build 8 major scientific and technological infrastructure, the newly formed Nobel prize scientists 3 laboratory, basic research institutions 3, manufacturing innovation center 5, overseas Innovation Center 7, the new 3 National “double” demonstration base, the 11 and 195 new model innovation the city’s development, R & D investment of more than 90 billion RMB, accounting for 4.13% of GDP.

From the view of industrial distribution, Beijing and Shanghai have long been dominated by the growth of the third industry. In 2017, the third industry in Beijing achieved an increase of 2 trillion and 256 billion 930 million RMB, an increase of 7.3% and an increase of 0.3 percentage points over the previous year. Among them, the contribution rate of financial, scientific and technological services and information services to the economic growth of the city reached 53.3%. Taking the Zhongguancun demonstration area as an example, the size of the new generation of information technology industry has been nearly 1 trillion and 800 billion RMB, accounting for about 11% of the country.

In the past 5 years, the value added of the third industry in Shanghai has increased from 60.2% to 69% in the past third years. The output value of the manufacturing sector accounts for 6.8 percentage points of the total industrial output value. The modern industry system is based on the modern service industry as the main body, the strategic emerging industry is led, the advanced manufacturing industry is the support of the modern industrial system. At the same time, the contribution of the third industry to financial revenue is remarkable. Taking the data in 2016 as an example, the proportion of the third industry income in Shanghai’s local general public budget revenue reached 81.3%, and the financial industry, real estate industry, leasing and business services industry contributed 70.7% of Shanghai’s fiscal revenue increment.

“In the long run, the city, especially the megacities, will develop into a service – oriented economy, and the proportion of the whole service industry will be higher and higher. In the large cities of developed countries, the proportion of the third industry accounts for 80% to 90%. The size of the city’s population, the greater the consumption demand, the more services it needs to be provided by the city. In the future, the economy of most comprehensive cities will be the guide of service owners. ” Chen Yao, a researcher at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences and vice president of the Chinese Society for regional economics, said.