The parrot theory is closely related to the structure of their mouth and tongue

Animal generally have the ability to imitate, especially the ability to imitate the relatively high number of songbirds, often can imitate different sounds, and the imitation of the sound conditions, location, time and different individuals concerned. They are even able to learn to speak, especially the parrots can be said to be very clever.

For example, once a parrot, when he saw the owner pick up the water bottle, he learned the sound of water splash. When it saw a bee flying into the room, it emitted the bee’s buzz. When it heard the knock, it would yell, “please come in”.

Does this mean the parrot will talk? In fact, the parrot is unconscious of these things. After seeing something, it will reflect a certain sound. For example, when people train a parrot, they link the knocking door with the voice of “please come in two” to stimulate the parrot. Parrots store these signals. After repeated stimulation, they will form conditioned reflex. So as long as he heard the knocking, then he shouted, “please come in.” But sometimes outside the board, it will shout, “please come in.”

It can be seen, if this is the parrot is talking, that is not exact. Because human speech is learned from the day after the day after, and the bird’s life posture, song, expression are basically the same, from the innate. They will talk, only in the breeding situation, through teaching and training to learn, but also the unconscious.

Therefore, parrots are closely related to their oral and tongue structures. The bird has a larger mouth, a round tongue and a lot of meat. Special is different, they are at the intersection of the two bronchial syrinx is different from other birds, the wall of this place is very thin, like a film. When the air passes through the syrinx, very easy to make a sound, there are very developed syrinx muscles, called muscle, through this part of muscle contraction and relaxation, can change the shape of syrinxes. Therefore, owners often train them, so that they can imitate the human voice.

Russian Sinology Dean Zych Vince Ki died

On the evening of February 24th, the Russian Sinologist Association honorary chairman, academician Sergei Leonidovich Tikhvinski, a famous sinologist, historian and diplomat, died in Moscow at the age of 100.

Study on the life of Zych Vince Ki China focused on history and culture, he has written more than 10 books, more than 500 papers, which he edited the “reform and revolution” Chinese Series in 2000 by the Russian Federation National Award, then president Putin personally gave him awards.

In addition, Zych Vince Ki served as the editor in chief of the Russian “China history from ancient times to the beginning of the twenty-first Century” the last volume (volume tenth) premiere held in Moscow on November 2017, which also marks the Russian Sinology time-consuming 5 years “history” Chinese all compiled.

As a diplomat, Zych Vince Ki had worked many times in China. In December 1943, he served as the two Secretary of the Soviet Union’s embassy in Chongqing, and became the Consul General of the Soviet Union in Beiping in 1944. He was appointed counselor and deputy to the Soviet Union’s embassy in People’s Republic of China in 1949. He had experienced important historical events such as the founding of the new China and the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and the Soviet Union.

You know: in the life of the magical beer

01, shampoo and embellish

We all know that beer contains barley and hops, beer shampoo can make hair soft and shiny, dandruff can. Can be used to clean the hair shampoo shampoo and then add beer, beer or water to soak rinse.

02, clean the silk clothes

Cleaning the silk with beer can make the clothes smooth and brightly colored and restore the original appearance. First, the beer is poured into the cold water, then the clean clothes are soaked in, soaking for about fifteen minutes, and then rinse out and then dry.

03, coloring clothes

Soak the dark clothes with the water with some beer to soften the clothes and restore the original color. It’s not easy to decolor after the new laundry.

04, wiping glass

Cleaning glass with beer is a good way to do it. Because beer contains alcohol and colloidal solution, so it will wipe away the glass quickly, and the alcohol will soon evaporate, and the glass will become clean and bright.

05, plant plants

This is a commonly used method in the flower market, with a soft cloth and wipe the big beer directly to the plant leaves, foliar fertilization, regular cleaning can make the leaves become shiny and full of luster.

06, watering the flowers

The beer is slightly acidic, can adjust the soil pH, can make acid loving flowers grow more lush. A small amount of beer can be poured directly into the flowerpot.

07, remove the odor of the refrigerator

With the beer cloth refrigerator can decontamination, sterilization, can remove the smell in the refrigerator.

08, pyrexia

If you are very lucky to have a garden, the garden pests will inevitably encounter such unfortunate things. If you don’t have the heart to use pesticides to destroy the organic environment, try beer. Put the beer on the plate and put it next to the food. The pests will be attracted by the taste of the beer, and when they are drunk, they will be treated with you in the beer.

In 2018 the ITTF World Cup team competition ended, Ding Ning won his eighteenth world title

In 2018 the ITTF World Cup team competition ended in London in the early morning of February 27th. Chinese women table tennis men’s team, both defending and realize in 8 consecutive championships, the tournament 7 consecutive. Ding Ning help in defending Chinese table tennis women’s team at the same time, also harvest his eighteenth world title, equalling the world champion legend Deng Ya Ping number, column Nvping number of the history of the fourth world champion.

In the women’s team finals, the Chinese team swept the Japanese team with an absolute score of 3 to 0, and won 8 consecutive championships. Meanwhile, it was the tenth time to win the tournament.

Ding Ning has already won 18 world champion awards, including 6 singles world champions, a doubles world champion and 11 team world champions. The 6 singles world champions include Rio Olympic women’s singles Championships, 2011, 2015 and 2017 three World Championships, 2011 and 2014 World Cup championships. The 11 group world champions include 2 Olympic team champions, 3 World Championships and 6 World Cup groups.

In addition, she won the 2017 World Championships women’s doubles champion. Ding Ning also equaled the record of the table tennis legend Deng Ya Ping’s “18 world champion” and ranked fourth in history. In winning the top 3 women were won 24 world champion Wang Nan, won 19 world champion Zhang Yining and Li Xiaoxia, the five players are Nvping the grand slam. As an active player, Ding Ning still has a chance to equate and even surpass the number of the 3 world champions.

Men in London transcripts also convincing. With the help of national table tennis team to 3 than 0 men across Japan, the number of world champion Malone has reached 20.

“Like building a car like building a house”,Shandong started 24 million 280 thousand square meters of assembled civilian buildings last year

“Like building a car like building a house”, the assembly building is gradually coming into the people’s side. The day before, learned from the Shandong Province Department of housing construction in 2017, Shandong started a new assembly type buildings of 24 million 281 thousand and 800 square meters, the task completion rate of 121.4%, construction area of 33 million 603 thousand and 300 square meters, completed an area of 1 million 704 thousand and 700 square meters.

In the 17 cities of Shandong, the most newly built construction area is Ji’nan, which is 9 million 764 thousand and 100 square meters. The second is Qingdao, which is 3 million 467 thousand and 500 square meters. The new construction area is more than 1 million square meters, and there are Linyi, Yantai, Jining and Tai’an, which are 1 million 238 thousand and 600 square meters, 1 million 163 thousand and 200 square meters, 1 million 158 thousand and 600 square meters and 1 million 16 thousand and 600 square meters, respectively.

In terms of the completion of the task, in the 17 cities, the highest rate of completion of the task is Ji’nan, which is 157.5%. The second is sunshine, for 150.75%. In addition, Liaocheng and Weihai completed 145.4% and 133.8% respectively.

As soon as the construction is mentioned, many people will think of dust and dust, and the building rubbish is full. But assembly buildings can reduce these environmental pollution. Why? Assembly style, a large number of on-site operations are completed in the factory. Staircase, balcony, exterior wall and other building components are produced in the factory by prefabrication. It only needs to be transported to the construction site for assembly and installation. In addition, the assembly building can also save construction materials and water consumption. In this way, it can also reduce manpower, improve construction efficiency and shorten the time limit for work.

In 2018, Shandong province plans to deepen the reform of construction methods, develop green construction and intelligent construction, and improve the technological innovation ability of the construction industry. The unified assembly design standard and standard atlas of the whole province have been compiled, and the 20 million square meters of the fabricated buildings have been started. The proportion of the precast buildings in the planned area is 12%.

Ice and snow tourism in Chongli District, Zhangjiakou, China

In February 25th, with the closing of the Pingchang Winter Olympic Games in South Korea in 2018, the Olympic flag was taken over by the Beijing Olympic Games Organizing Committee, and the 2022 Winter Olympic Games formally entered Beijing time.

In recent 2022 to 2022, the main venue of the Winter Olympic snowfall project — Chongli District of Zhangjiakou, Hebei, where the size of the hotel was crowded with tourists wearing ski suits, and all the skiing fields were full of license plates nationwide. Since the Winter Olympic Games were successfully bid for the “ice snow town”, which was well known in the 2022 Winter Games in Chongli, the skiing tourism industry has developed rapidly.

From the first snow field in 1996 to the skiing of millions of people every year, Chongli has completed the magnificent turn from poor mountainous area to “ice and snow characteristic town”. Behind this is the transformation of Chinese skiing from competitive sports to elite sports, and then to the public. It also represents the development process of China’s ski industry as a whole from a start to a higher level.

In 2017, there were 4 ski resorts in Chongli, including ten top Chinese skiing resorts. The Chongli skiing area won the “top ten Chinese winter tourism destination”. Chongli skiing brand effect is prominent.

The ski industry upgrade cannot do without competition, high-end ski industry races is a gilded signboard. Only in the past 2017, the Chongli court Genting Park held 2017-2018 dense FIS freestyle skiing and snowboarding U site world cup, this is the event held in China for the first time; the 2017-2018 FIS freestyle skiing moguls World Cup in Chongli’s dance ski town held, which has is the world cup two degree in dance held too.

Chen Gang, general manager of Tai dance skiing Mountain Resort Co., Ltd. believes that holding the world cup has increased the popularity of ski resorts, and has attracted more attention from ski lovers as the target customers. It is reported that the 2017-2018 season, Chongli has arranged the sports events and the masses of snow activities in 79, including international and domestic high level competition in 18.

Ecology is the lifeline of the development of skiing tourism industry. Chongli in winter snow mountains, picturesque scenery, “a world of ice and snow is jinshanyinshan concept has gained. While developing skiing industry, Chongli put forward the idea of “global, full season and full factor” tourism industry development. Sports leisure, cultural creativity, health preserving and modern agriculture are everywhere in Chongli. In 2018, Chongli will focus on the Green Olympics concept completed afforestation 400 thousand acres, including the Beijing Winter Olympics event the Olympic core area and the corridor landscape, and stone slope landscape transformation.

Gene expression pattern or precise determination of the dead time of the dead

According to a genetic paper published in the journal Nature communication, according to the data from European biologic database, the change of gene expression in different tissues caused by death will be used to estimate the time of death of the deceased. The study believes that by analyzing a small number of available tissues (such as lung or skin tissue), we can accurately determine the time of death, which will have a certain impact on forensic expertise.

It has been known that most of the variation in specific DNA sequences related to disease risk is regulated by gene expression. However, no major scientific analysis has been carried out for them. The expression of gene type organization (GTEx) research project is a collection of human tissue samples after the death of the biological base, transcription of the project has been devoted to the investigation of multiple human tissues the expression abundance, differences between different individuals, and try to understand the cause of this genetic basis of individual differences.

To understand the change of tissue-specific gene expression after death, Roderick Guigo and colleagues from Barcelona Institute of technology and technology, Spain, analyzed the RNA sequencing data of 36 different organizations from GTEx project. Their research shows that the time of human death affects gene expression and has different effects on different tissues.

The team developed a model to estimate the time of death based on the specific gene expression changes of these tissues, which is hoped to play a complementary role in the current methods. The researchers have further optimized the model to apply it to forensic forensic scenarios. In general, this analysis of a small number of available organizations will have a certain impact on the results of the identification. This has also designed a scheme for its potential application in forensic pathology.

Drinking porridge can also reduce cholesterol

British researchers have recently unveiled the truth of the porridge: a bowl of porridge provides more fiber than a whole wheat bread, and has a lower fat content. Porridge can also lower cholesterol and even prevent cancer than drugs.

Research shows that the real health benefits of a bowl of porridge are derived from a soluble fiber called “doubles glucan”.

This fiber has the highest content in oats. It will form a thick colloidal substance in the intestinal tract, which will bring satiety and satiety to people, thereby reducing human appetite.

It also can add in the gut bacteria, help enhance immunity, lower cholesterol, and can prevent cancer.

Researchers say that the most important effect of doubles glucan is to reduce cholesterol. 2 grams of his dextran (about 70 grams of porridge) a day can reduce the amount of harmful LDL in the body by 7%.

The growth of foreign banks in Shanghai has reached a new high in the past 5 years

Last year, the performance of foreign banks in Shanghai was brilliant. By the end of 2017, the number of foreign banks in Shanghai increased by 13% compared to the same period last year. The growth rate has reached a new high in recent 5 years. The proportion of foreign banks in Shanghai accounts for more than 10% of the banking assets, reaching 10.6% at the end of the year, the highest in the past two years.

Why will the strength of foreign banks improve quickly? This stems from China’s policy of continuing to open and the confidence of the foreign banks in Shanghai for the development of China.

In 2013, the State Council approved the establishment of the Shanghai free trade area. In Shanghai, the financial institutions in Shanghai can make use of the policy bonus of the free trade zone to actively innovate and expand their business. In 2015, Shanghai FTA expanding area, Lujiazui Financial District, Golden Bridge Development Area, Zhangjiang hi tech area three area formally incorporated into the Shanghai free trade zone.

Since 2017, due to foreign banks confidence in the economy and Chinese Chinese banking, foreign parent bank approved the Chinese banking interbank credit scale, foreign banks in Shanghai actively from the parent bank borrowing funds, investment in the domestic market, driven by investment, interbank deposit placements with industry business volume growth.

“The Belt and Road” brings opportunities to foreign banks initiative. Shanghai Banking Regulatory Bureau encourages and supports foreign-funded banks in Shanghai to actively explore and adjust operation strategies, and provide financial services for Chinese enterprises to go out through linkage. As a link, foreign banks have facilitated the business dealings between other branches of overseas banks and Chinese funded enterprises, which has contributed to the global business of the parent banks, and has also developed and consolidated business contacts with these Chinese funded enterprises in China.

Shanghai’s strong economic strength and the ability to radiate the economy are also an important reason for the enhancement of foreign banks’ strength. Located in the center of the Yangtze River Delta Economic Zone, Shanghai has strong radiation ability to the surrounding provinces and cities.

At the same time, Shanghai can also establish a 24 – hour relay business transaction with the international financial center London and New York.

The cooperation of foreign banks in Shanghai has also been strengthened. In 2017, a total of 13 new cooperation projects were carried out in Shanghai foreign banks and Chinese banks, with a total amount of 89 billion 500 million yuan.

Along with the trend of economic development and the overall demand for customer loans to pick up, foreign banks’ loans in Shanghai become more focused on the key areas of the real economy, and the loan volume continues to grow. As of the end of 2017, the loan balance of foreign banks in Shanghai to invest in manufacturing and wholesale and retail sector accounted for 52.2% of the total, higher than the banking financial institutions within its jurisdiction.

After the passengers sit in our high – speed rail, it feels as comfortable as a home theater

“Is the development speed of 400 km orbit from the train, 600 kilometers per hour for the next generation of maglev train has been studied, after the passengers sitting in the high iron us, feel like entering the home theater as well……” Ding Rongjun, a member of the China high-speed rail control technology and a member of the Chinese Academy of engineering, told reporters about such a “high speed rail” imagination in the press conference held on the 26 day of the State Council Information Office.

The technical standards of reducing the per capita energy consumption by 17% and 84% of the “harmony number” are made up of China standard production and more than 1000 invention patents. Ding Rongjun introduced that at present, our country’s research in the field of high speed rail is entering an innovative “unmanned area”.

“Now, everyone sitting on the” Renaissance “is not only more spacious, bright, comfortable, faster, and the signal on the car is better, these are all the changes that can be felt. Ding Rongjun said, “we are studying how to access the media and let the video go to the car. In the future, everyone is sitting on a high speed rail, hoping to become an electronic screen like a home theater, and people forget the fatigue of the journey as soon as they go up. ”

When China high iron met “artificial intelligence”, high-speed rail being full of sense of technology intelligent speeds. “We are going to follow now and run, and we can certainly lead in the near future.” Ding Rongjun said that the permanent magnet drive system has been loaded and is being tested, and will still be in the future in the technical fields such as autopilot and unmanned driving.

The rapid development of high-speed rail technology is a microcosm of China’s technological innovation in recent years, and it is also a manifestation of “concentrating force and doing great things” in socialism.

The main innovation targets are in the forefront of the world, and the level of scientific and technological innovation is speeding up to the international first square… Wan Gang, Minister of science and technology, said at the meeting that the strategic position of scientific and technological innovation in the overall situation of the party and the country has been significantly improved since the eighteen Party’s great achievements, and realized historic, holistic and structural changes. China has become a technological power with global influence.