Zhuang brocade is the Zhuang women’s original arts and crafts, drum is not only practical objects, but also exquisite works of Art

Zhuang brocade is the Zhuang women’s original arts and crafts. The yarn is made of cotton yarn, and the velvet is weft. Warp is usually the primary color. Weft lines are made of all kinds of beautiful patterns with various colors.

The bright color, texture delicate, soft texture and durable. The Zhuang people love the Phoenix that symbolizes auspiciousness. Therefore, “ten pieces of brocade and nine pieces of Phoenix”, the Phoenix on the brocade is vivid and distinctive.

Zhuang brocade has wide variety and wide uses. It can be used as bed blanket, quilt, apron, strap, belt, handbag, satchel, scarf, clothing decoration, etc.

According to historical records, production was produced in the Tang and Song dynasties. During the Ming and Qing Dynasties, Zhuang women were famous for their brocade. After the founding of new China, Zhuang brocade has been further developed as a handicraft of the rich ethnic style. In addition to continuing to produce traditional pattern patterns, more than 40 new pattern patterns have been created.

Tonggu has a history of more than 2000 years. There are more than 600 facets of Guangxi’s collection and collection. There are more than 1400 aspects of its collection and registration. There are many types of bronze drums, and the largest diameter is 1.63 meters. The small weight is twenty or thirty kilograms, and the big is nearly 500 kilograms.

The use of bronze drums has always been different. There are military music, folk music, sacrificial music, symbols of power and wealth and so on.

Tonggu is not only a practical artifact, but also a fine artwork. It has both the embossed pattern and the stereoscopic plastic. It is a complex of engraving and vertical plastic. It is a comprehensive art and embodies the superb casting technology and artistic level of the Zhuang craftsmen.

The longest sea road in the world — China Hong Kong Zhuhai Macao Bridge

In the past 8 years, the world’s longest maritime highway was officially opened to traffic in January 1, 2018.

The longest sea road in the world is Hong Kong Zhuhai Macao Bridge.

It is the longest mileage, the largest investment, the most difficult construction and the longest sea crossing bridge in the history of the world architecture. It is one of the seven wonders of the world by the British guardian.

It has shortened the land access from three to 30 minutes in Hong Kong, Zhuhai and Macao. It has been reduced from 4 hours to 30 minutes.

During the construction of the bridge, scientists and engineers created more than 400 new patents and 7 world’s most.

The total length of Hong Kong Zhuhai Macao Bridge is 55 kilometers. The starting point is Lantau Island in Hongkong. After Tai Ao, it crosses the Pearl River Estuary and connects Zhuhai at one end, and ends with Macao.

The opening of Hong Kong Zhuhai Macao Bridge will directly form the half hour space-time circle of Zhuhai Hongkong Macao. It only takes 30 minutes to drive from Hongkong to Zhuhai Macao.

Nautilus has very high value in the study of biological evolution and paleontology etc

In September 1952, Algeria hosted the nineteenth International Geological Congress, which issued a set of commemorative stamps for the first time. The first stamp appeared on the Nautilus. It has a history of 450 million years. Since then, ammonite fossils picture on the stamps appear frequently.

In 1996, two geographers in the United States, based on the study of the fossils of Nautilus, put forward a very bold view that the moon was going away from us, and it would become darker. The two scientists observe several existing Nautilus, found on the performance of wavy screw shell with the same trees. The thread is separated by a lot, although it is wide and narrow, but the fine wave growth line at each septum is around 30, which is exactly the same as the number of days of modern plastic watch day (one month in Chinese lunar calendar).

It is observed that the growth line of Nautilus grows by one long every day, which is long apart every month. This special growth phenomenon has greatly enlightened the two geographers. They observed the fossils of the ancient Nautilus and were surprised to find that the number of growth lines of the Nautilus gradually decreased with the dating of the fossils, while the same geological age was fixed.

The study shows that there are 26 growth lines on the spiral shells of the Cenozoic Oligocene; the Mesozoic Cretaceous period is 22; the Mesozoic Jurassic is 18; the Paleozoic Carboniferous is 15; the Palaeozoic Ordovician is 9. Thus, in about 420000000 years ago the Paleozoic Ordovician, the moon around the earth only nine days a week.

Geographers also calculated the distance between the moon and the earth by the principle of the law of universal gravitation, and the result was that 400 million years ago, the distance was only 43% of the present. Scientists have calculated the lunar eclipse phenomenon recorded in recent 3000 years, and the result is consistent with the above reasoning, proving that the moon is going away. The mystery of nature really reveals the evolution of the Nautilus is undeniable.

Nautilus appeared more than 500 million years ago. In paleontology, the cephalopod is divided into the subclass Nautilus, the subclass ammonite and the sheath of the sheath. The shape of the shell, the characteristics of the sediment in the body of the body and the type of the body tube, are divided into four hyper orders, such as the right of the right angle, the inner corner Shi Chaomu, the hyper eye of the Pearl angle and the Nautilus hyper.

All over the world, there are more than 350 kinds of fossils, including the ancestors of the Nautilus and the Sinian. The largest fossils of the Nautilus are more than 10 meters in the Ordovician strata. With its similar octopus, squid, cuttlefish and so on, great changes have taken place in the evolution of the body. Some of the shells outside the body have been transferred into the body, such as squid. Others only leave a layer of colloidal film, such as squid. The other shells have disappeared, such as octopus.

The speed of their swimming is quicker, but only Nautilus’s shell has not changed much since its evolution. So it is the oldest and lowest species in the existing mollusks. It is also an important material for the study of biological evolution, paleontology and paleoclimate. It has the name of “living fossil”. What’s changed is that the environment of life moved from the shallow sea to the deep sea of 200~400 M.

Combining optical genetics technology with biosynthesis technology can greatly improve production efficiency.

Genetic transformation of yeast and other microorganisms is needed to produce compounds that human needs. Such biosynthesis technology has been common. A new US study says that combining optical genetics and biosynthesis technology can greatly improve productivity.

Optogenetics is a way to manipulate cells, that is, to transform a specific gene to light, and then to open or close the function of a gene with light and affect cell activity. This technology has great influence on the field of neuroscience, but it is the first time to regulate cell metabolism in biosynthesis.

The recent news bulletin issued by the Princeton University said the school’s research team used light to control genetically modified yeasts, allowing yeast to switch between the two states of “reproduction” and “labor” and efficiently produce isobutanol of chemical raw materials, which can reach 5 times the efficiency of the previous method.

Isobutanol is widely used in many fields, such as chemical industry, automobile industry and so on. Yeasts have the ability to synthesize isobutanol, but when they are fermented naturally, they only produce micro isobutanol, the main products are ethanol and carbon dioxide. Transgenic technology can increase the yield of isobutanol, but isobutanol is toxic to yeasts. If the concentration exceeds a certain level, the bacteria will die.

The researchers implanted a modified photosensitive gene into yeast to make it sensitive to specific blue light. When exposed to blue light, the yeast grows normally, decomposes the glucose to produce ethanol and inhibits the production of isobutanol, and the isobutanol production line will start after the light is removed. With appropriate spacing of light time, higher yield of isobutanol can be obtained, while maintaining the survival of bacteria.

Compared with the methods used to regulate chemical substances, the cost of light is low, the speed of action is fast, and the light source can be opened or closed at any time to achieve accurate control. The researchers hope to apply this idea to other microorganisms and even human cells, and help develop new biosynthetic technology or therapeutic methods.

The elderly dining hall in Guangzhou is covered by the whole urban and rural areas,1 million 500 thousand elderly people can enjoy the hot lunch

“Thanks to the elderly dining hall, we have solved our big problems.” Who lives in Guangzhou Yuexiu District County in the South China Sea Liu Rong Street of the old community of Chen Popo, 74 years old this year. Last year, a 80 year old wife was laid up with a stroke, and the child was busy at work. The heavy burden of daily life fell on her. Cooking became a worry.

In March 27th, in 2018, the first scene of the Guangzhou city pension “big meal” service promotion project was held in Tianhe District. The meeting required all departments at all levels to scientifically plan for the promotion of “big food” service for the elderly, and to expand the connotation of community home care service in an all-round way.

Since 2016, in order to ensure the needs of special old people, such as pure old, solitary, orphan, and other special elderly people, Guangzhou has provided a regular, healthy, nutritious, convenient and quick lunch “big meal” service for the elderly, and set up “the dining hall for the elderly”. At the end of February this year, the city’s total elderly canteen 928, covering the 100% Street Town, village, a total of 150 more than the old man.

In order to achieve the sustainable development of “big meal”, the cost of dining in Guangzhou is generally implemented by the “enterprise let a little, the government make up a little, a little charitable donation, a little personal dig”. Reporters in Tianhe District home pension service demonstration center saw a meal of two meat and one soup lunch, the meal standard is 15 yuan RMB, the elderly only have to pay 6 yuan or 8 yuan to enjoy. The extra money is for the enterprise to give up profits, the second is for the civil affairs department.

Each street town explores the most suitable catering service form. Some receive the catering service license, self built kitchen; some of the catering enterprises with distribution qualification to serve the food service point; some consultative catering enterprise stores as a service point, for the elderly to set up a special area for the elderly; some rely on universities or enterprise canteens, with the point, personalized charge.

Tianhe District also introduced the third party information platform to make a dining card with exclusive two-dimensional code for every elderly who applied for dinner. The old man only needs to show the card when he is eating, so he can enjoy the meal allowance.

Community volunteers and charitable organizations take an active part in the “big catering” service. Guangzhou charity will create a joint platform offering “Guangyi, set the elderly love canteen meal” project.

This year, Guangzhou will also rely on the food and food service network, the introduction of public welfare charities, voluntary services, medical care and other resources, to improve the civil affairs, social security and other departments cooperation mechanism, with the canteen for the elders as a breakthrough, to promote the community home old-age service to a new level.

The famous high-grade economic shellfish, the shape peculiar elephant pull clam

The commercial name of the Pacific slime clam is the elephant clam. It is the largest known drill hole bivalve marine mollusk. The shell is about 18-23 centimeters long. The water pipe can stretch 1.3 meters and can not be constriction in the shell; the weight of the shell can reach 3.6 kilograms. The shell is thin and symmetrical on both sides. The body is flat and uneven. The shell is made of aragonite and has good protection function.

The Pacific Submered clam has no pearl shell; the small moon surface and the grain surface are poorly developed; the top of the shell is not protruding; the inner ligaments are in a spoonful on the plate; the closed shell is a columnar type; there is a tumor like protuberance similar to the main tooth in the two shells; the water pipes of the hole digging are very well developed.

Geoducks due to its big and fleshy siphon was called “geoducks”. Large shellfish of the genus clam. Elephant clam, also known as “bamboo shoot”, belongs to mollusk door. It is a marine shellfish. Individuals are large and small, and their habitats vary from species to species. Usually the two shells are as large, thin and crisp, with a sawtooth, a pair of shells, and a pipe. The pipe is like a thick, stout meat pipe. When it looks for food, it stretches out like a pullout, so it’s like pulling a clam.

The Pacific clam clam has no obvious head but only mouth and mouth and mouth and tongue. The body side such as flat ventral axe foot. The mantle is developed in two flakes, suspended from the back of the body, and a broad outer mantle between the visceral sac, and a pair of gills or two gills in the coat cavity. The main function of the gill is to collect food and gas exchange.

Panopea abrupta hinge teeth, anterior and posterior adductor muscle of the 1, both close to the size. The gill structure is complex, and between lamellibranch gills between blood vessels. The mantle usually has 1-3 points of healing. A water pipe is formed at the entrance and exit of the flow. The siphon meaty, is the famous high-grade economic shellfish.

Mystery of Renaissance: Kaiser silver exhibition of Metropolitan Museum

The main exhibit of this exhibition is a group of special combinations made up of 12 silver plated gold tie cups, which are collectively referred to as Aldo Brandi Nitai Za cups. This is the first reunion of the 12 tazha decorated cups since the middle of nineteenth Century. They have been dismantled and dispersed all over the world.

This exhibition provides a rare opportunity for visitors to enjoy the most beautiful and mysterious relics of Goldsmith’s works in sixteenth Century. According to the narration of Rome historian Suetonius, after proper rearrangement, he recorded the history of 12 Kaiser cups. Each foot of the cup is a foot high, and a shallow foot plate, with a Kaiser image on it, has four pictures of the ruler’s life in the grooves of the plate.

Over the past 150 years, some of the most extraordinary and mysterious treasures of Renaissance have appeared in people’s eyes for the first time. A set of 12 European silver plated gold tie cups, called Aldobrandini Tazze, will be reassembled and exhibited at the verderstone manor. These beautiful table decorations commemorated twelve different Kaiser, the notorious rulers of ancient Rome. Each cup has teza decorated a portrait of a Kaiser, the tray has four scene figure in his life. Sue E Tony Lucius, a historian in Rome, wrote the book “life of twelve Kaiser” in the early second Century, and the 48 illustrations in the book make the book very vivid.

The mystery of Kaiser silverware is that no record can find out their origin. We can not know who had been forging those silverware, who belonged to it, and what purpose they had been forged. However, the new research done in the exhibition now answers these questions to a certain extent.

“The mystery of the Renaissance: the Kaiser silver show of the Metropolitan Museum of the Metropolitan Museum” is on display at the Verde eston manor because almost half of the last two centuries had been part of the Rothschild family collection. In 1872, Baron Anselm Rothschild’s father built the veststone estate, and included a silver cup in his collection in Vienna.

In the centuries after they were created, 12 tie cups were dismantled and were wrongly reassembled and assembled, and then widely dispersed in Europe and America. Through the re combination of reasonable, the decoration is reminiscent of the teza Cup before the 12 emperor Julius Caesar to Domitian history. These 48 scenes spanned nearly 150 years of Rome history, from a comprehensive understanding of the ancient relics, fierce fighting and brilliant victory, to a close glimpse of the royal life.

However, although the original biography of Su Terni was filled with stories such as Caligula and Nero’s notoriously bad behavior, the terja decorated their subjects in the best way and deliberately ignored many of their crimes to create a flattery of the power of the Empire. Now new research shows that at the end of the sixteenth Century, the maker of Kaiser silverware might be a silver Kaiser emperor in Holland, a member of the Habsburg dynasty, and a ruling family of the Holy Rome empire.

The modern history of Kaiser silverware began in 1826, when the silver Thai dressing cup caused great sensation in a merchant’s shop in London, which was first known as the work of Benvenuto Cellini, the most famous goldsmith of the Italy Renaissance. It was in this period that all 12 TAIC cups were plated in order to maintain the taste of the nineteenth Century, so that the TAIC cups we saw today were gold, not the silver implied by their names. This is the last time they get together, and then they are sold to different owners, and now they are scattered in public and private collections around the world.

Since the mid nineteenth Century, this complete set of devices has not been seen together, when it was dismantled and separated, and its components were mistaken. In the exhibition, all 12 elements of the Tate cup will be displayed in their original configuration – a unique opportunity for modern viewers to appreciate one of the most mysterious relics of the sixteenth Century goldsmith works.

The exhibition shows the elegance and elegance of the TetA ornament cup, as well as the ancient and Renaissance coins and medals, as well as the Renaissance printmaking, books and paintings. The exhibition also through the late history of the show, teza inspired 18 and nineteenth Century cup decoration works. In addition to providing new insights into the cup and their history, the exhibition also explored the mystical reputation of the work, allowing visitors to track clues so as to better understand the Renaissance masterpiece.

The main reasons for the formation of dust storms or strong sandstorms

Sandstorms are usually accompanied by strong winds. The dust that they roll up can instantly make the sky gray and yellow, so how does it form?

The formation of sandstorms is necessary, and strong winds and strong winds are favorable factors for the formation of sandstorms. They are the motive force of dust storms, and sand and dust sources are the material basis of dust storms.

Conclusion: favorable sand and dust sources distribution and favorable air instability are the main reasons for the formation of sandstorms or strong sandstorms.

In addition to the above reasons, drought is also one of the main reasons for the formation of sandstorms. The main natural disasters in the areas of dust storm, such as North China, Inner Mongolia and Xinjiang, are drought, drought and rain, and the temperature rise, which is the hotbed of sandstorm. The main component of soil and yellow sand is silicate. When the drought is less than the rain and the temperature is warm, silicic acid on the surface of silicate loses water, so the surface of silicate soil colloid and sand will have negative charge, and there is an exclusion between each other, and the aerosol can not be condensed together, thus forming sand dust storm. Dust storms are essentially silicate aerosols with negative charges.

Three major conditions for the formation of dust storms

The first is the dust on the ground. It is the material basis for the formation of dust storms.

The two is the wind. This is the power foundation for the formation of sandstorms, and the power guarantee for dust storms to transmit long distances.

Three is the unstable state of the air. This is an important local thermal condition. Sandstorms happen mostly in the afternoon, indicating the importance of local thermal conditions.

The policy of studying abroad in France is becoming more and more simplified, and Chinese students are approaching 40 thousand

At present, as an important global destination, the French government’s policy of studying abroad has also attracted worldwide attention.

Why do you want to go to France to study? The students asked are usually answered because of the high quality education – fourth of the higher education in the world; because of the high level of scientific research – the leading world in investment and achievement; because of less tuition – the government takes most of the cost of public schools; because of the unique culture – French art and history…

France, with its unique charm, attracts international students all over the world. A few days ago, the French university spring meeting was held in Beijing. According to the data published by UNESCO in 2016, France is the fourth largest international student reception country in the world, and France ranks the first in the non English (excellent class) countries. Nowadays, about 10 thousand Chinese students go to France each year, and nearly 40 thousand Chinese students are studying in France.

French is a necessary language for studying in France. France has adjusted the French training and visa policy to France, making it easier for Chinese students to learn French in the local life experience of France. At present, if students just want to go to the law for 3 to 6 months of simple language courses, they can quickly apply to the French temporary long-term study visa (VLST); if the time for the study is less than 3 months, it is not necessary to pass the French higher education department and only apply for a short-term visa. In France, more than 130 French teaching institutions have passed the government’s accreditation for training, teachers, facilities and management.

In recent years, the French government has adopted a number of policies to facilitate Chinese students to study abroad, for example, to simplify the process of student visa application; to open special windows in universities to help international students to complete the administrative procedures quickly after arriving in France; students who hold a residence card for many years do not have to change their residence cards every year; a highly educated doctoral student with a “talent passport” receives a direct 4 year validity sign. Certificate and so on.

For PhD education, there are 273 doctoral schools in France, covering 10 fields and more than 70 branches. France is leading the world in pharmaceutical, aviation, agriculture, chemical and automotive industries. At present, there are 70 thousand PhDs in France, 42% of them are international students, and 10% are Chinese students. Every year, more than 14 thousand people get Ph.D. degrees in France.

It is reported that France also provides scholarships, subsidies and travel subsidies for international students’ studies and scientific research activities, such as “French Foreign Ministry – Business scholarship” for the top university students in France and the “Phil excellent scholarship” for the master and doctoral students. International students can use Campus Bourse to search different types of scholarships.

In order to encourage more Chinese students to go to France for a doctorate, the French Embassy in China launched the “excellent master’s French summer school” project last year to make the key major students have the opportunity to go to France for 3 weeks of professional courses. To this end, the French Embassy in China also provides summer school scholarships annually.

Today, for international students who have completed their studies in France and obtain a master’s degree, they can not only obtain temporary visas, but also apply for 1 years in France to achieve career planning, and even if they have returned home, they can also apply for more than 5 years in France.

China has 190 cities above the regional level to realize the interconnection and intercommunication of the traffic card

As of now, China has 190 regions above the level of city realized traffic card interoperability, interconnection card issued 13 million copies, covering Beijing Tianjin Hebei, Yangtze River Delta, Pearl River Delta, Yangtze River Economic Zone, the bus, subway, taxi, public bicycle and ferry multi application.

The Ministry of transport and transportation service said that in 2018, it will further expand the scale of the interconnection of the transportation card, ensure that the 220 cities will be interconnected until the end of the year, and strive to basically realize the interconnection between the urban and rural areas in 2020.

In order to further enhance the convenience brought by the transportation card for people’s travel, the Ministry of transport recently formulated the “transportation card operation service quality management method” (Trial Implementation), and it will be formally implemented in April 1st.

According to the “measures of service quality management of traffic card operations (Trial)”, the future traffic card holders of “transit” logo, in general all the city to achieve interoperability, and enjoy the relevant preferential policies of local; users can also use cash, bank transfer, mobile payment and other ways to carry out Internet recharge business.