Marathon is not only seen as a means to pursue health, but also a way to resist anxiety

Self repair of the state of Subhealth

The marathon is not only regarded as a means of pursuing health, but also a way of resisting anxiety. It is not only salty, but also full of ritual and consumption. It says that the start is convenient, and the health improvement after long persistence makes more and more people join the marathon army.

Measure the world with footsteps

From Beijing to Shanghai, from London to Boston, the distance of 42.195 kilometers, step by step, shows the most beautiful side of a city for each contestant.

Running is like life, it needs to stay alone

In fact, running is a very lonely sport. Generally, a person is walking alone.
When you can’t hold up, choose to give up or bite and hold your teeth. It’s your own decision. When you bite again and again, you will realize that when you put in the right time and energy, all your life goals can be achieved.

A continuation of life

A father in Wuxi marathon ran away with the death of his daughter. Dick Hoyt of Boston participated in more than 60 marathons with his son with cerebral palsy. Is the marathon a mountain that goes over the past? Marathon is a new life for life. In 1924, someone asked the British explorer George Mallory, who is going to start, why do you have to conquer Mount Qomolangma? He answered briefly, “because it is waiting there.”

The marathon is waiting there, and what about you?

The US team used 3D printing technology to develop a special denture that regularly releases antifungal agents

American research teams have developed a special denture with 3D printing technology, which contains microcapsules that regularly release antifungal drugs, which can effectively prevent dental infections from people wearing false teeth.

A recent study published in the journal material today shows that polymethyl methacrylate is used in this 3D print denture, a material commonly used to make prostheses such as artificial teeth and artificial joints.

The researchers put in the material permeable, biodegradable microspheres and the antifungal drug “amphotericin B” into the microspheres, and the drug could spread to the wearer’s mouth through a porous layer. Unlike traditional denture disinfection methods, patients are able to perform oral disinfection when wearing false teeth.

After testing, the researchers found that the microspheres could continue to release drugs and effectively inhibit the “settlement” of Candida albicans in the mouth, and the compression and impact resistance of 3D printed dentures were also comparable to those of traditional dentures.

Pravin Aleni, an advanced author and assistant professor of oral biology at the Suny Buffalo School of Dentistry, said that the technology allows clinicians to customize the denture for a patient at the side of a dental chair. The traditional production process takes days to several weeks.

The research team said that the next step will be to further study the use of glass fiber and carbon nanotubes and other materials to enhance the strength of this denture. In addition, this technology can also be applied to various clinical tools such as splint, stent and prosthesis.

200 to 300 mainland tour groups visiting Hongkong every day in the mainland of China

According to the Hongkong Da Gong Pao, less than one week from the May Day holiday, the Hongkong tourism industry predicted that in the next ten days, there were 200 or 300 mainland travel groups on average to visit the port in the next day. During the period, the occupancy rate of Hong Kong Hotel and guesthouse will be overcrowded. The drugstore estimates that this year’s business has increased by about 20% compared with the same period last year.

The mainland’s Labor Day holidays this year will be three days from April 29th to May 1st (from Sunday to Tuesday). The Hongkong Immigration Department predicts that about 3 million 980 thousand people, including Hongkong residents and visitors, will go to Hongkong through the various control stations from Saturday to Tuesday during the May Day Labor Day holiday. The Immigration Department predicts that about 446 thousand people will enter the country on Sunday. The Hongkong Observatory predicted that during the labor holiday, the temperature in Hongkong ranged from 23 to 30 degrees.

Cui Dingbang, director general of Hongkong Tourism Promotion Association, said that an average of more than 300 mainland tour groups visited Hong Kong every day within a week. During the peak period of the holiday, from next Monday to Wednesday, the number of missions will drop to about 200 per day due to the heavy traffic in the mainland.

He Baomin, deputy director general of the Hong Kong and Kowloon pharmacy General Chamber of Commerce, said that the number of mainland customers increased significantly over the past few months, thanks to the rebound in mainland passengers and the continued strength of the renminbi. He estimated that business during the May 1 golden week rose by about 20%.

In terms of accommodation, Liu Gongcheng, chairman of the Hongkong Tourism Hotel Association, said that it is still about a week from May 1. The hotel room reservation rate has reached 80% on Friday, and it is expected to be full during the golden week.

The hotel owners association forecast that the occupancy rate of Hong Kong Hotel in May 1 golden week could reach 90% this year. He Ruijian, general manager of Prudential Hotel in Tsim Sha Tsui, Hongkong, predicted that house prices were up 5% to 10% per year, such as HK $1500 per night and HK $2000 to HK $2500 per night for four or five star hotels.

Emergency evacuation – the chief culprit is a rotten durian

Several hundred people in Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology University Library of Australia evacuated 28 days, and finally found out that it was a false alarm. The main culprit was a rotten durian.

A spokesman for the Melbourne Fire Department said that a school official called the police that afternoon that there was a peculiar smell in the library and that there might be dangerous gas. Potentially dangerous chemicals are stored in this library.

About 600 teaching staff and students in the library evacuated. About 40 firefighters entered the museum. After a thorough investigation, the firemen locked the source of the smell, “not a chemical gas, but a smell of durian released in the cupboard.” The durian is rotting away, and the smell spreads through the library ventilation system to other places inside the building.

The library will be reopened later, and the rotten durian will be disposed of by the local environmental protection department

“The biggest window” flight successfully test flight again

The blue origin company, founded by Jeff Bezos, founder of the US e-commerce giant, Jeff Bezos, successfully tested the flight in April 29th and recovered the upgraded version of the “new Shepard” suborbital aircraft. This is the company’s first launch mission this year and the second test of the spacecraft with the largest window.

Thunderstorms in the morning delayed the launch mission for several hours. Around 6 minutes at 13 hours east of the United States time, the “new Shepard” 2 aircraft, which combines rocket and spaceship, took off vertically from the blue origin company, located in the western Texas launch site.

The live video shows that after reaching a certain height, the rocket of the new Shepard 2 spacecraft is separated from the spacecraft. After a few minutes’ launch, the rocket first returned, and an engine ignited near the ground. The landing support was launched and the rocket landed vertically on the target landing site. Then the spacecraft landed with the help of the parachute. From launching to landing, the whole process takes about 10 minutes.

Prior to the mission, the “new Shepard” reached a maximum height of about 100 km, that is, the boundary between the earth’s atmosphere and outer space that is usually defined. After the launch of the day, Bezos said that in the 29 day of the launch mission, the aircraft arrived at the highest point of 107 kilometers, which is the goal height of the implementation (the future), (the distance carrying the manned mission) is another step.

That day was also the eighth test mission of the new Shepard aircraft. In December 2017, the company first tested the “new Shepard” 2 aircraft, the previous 6 tasks used in the old “new Shepard” aircraft was eliminated. The upgraded version of the “new Shepard” aircraft uses the new generation of rockets and the 2 version of the manned module, which is characterized by a “big window” with a height of 1.1 meters and a width of 0.73 meters.

Blue origin company said on Twitter account that there was a test astronaut in the manned cabin, which is the second time that it took the new Shepard travel. In addition, the aircraft carries research loads from NASA and other commercial companies.

The new Shepard aircraft is named after the first American astronaut, Alan Shepard. The goal of the blue origin company is to use this aircraft to send people to sub orbital travel. Suborbital generally refers to the area between 20 km and 100 km from the ground, between the highest flying altitude of the existing aircraft and the lowest orbital height of the satellite.

In addition to the blue origin company, the space exploration technology company, founded by Silicon Valley entrepreneur Elon Mask, has successfully tested and implemented rocket recovery many times. The latter’s rocket has to send the satellite to the earth’s low orbit and the first stage of the rocket recovery. It is more difficult than the blue origin and is more concerned by public opinion.

Why the fox is a cunning and treacherous incarnation

No matter which country or country, the fox is a cunning, treacherous, greedy image. People have not wronged it. The fox is born with suspicion and deceit.

If the fox was shot by a hunter and was not hit, it would take a dead way, soften the body, stop breathing, the hunter thought it was killed, and threw it on the ground, and then caught other prey, and the fox ran away.

Sometimes it could not escape by the hunting dog, and put a stench of “Foxes”, like a chemical bomb, so that the hound was breathless, and the fox took the chance to escape.

The fox is very suspicious. Before going out, listen to the wait-and-see at the entrance of the cave. When it is confirmed that there are no circumstances outside, the fox will just jump out of the hole. Walking on the ice, it always walks, listens and is completely on alert.

But in France, the story of a fox is a special case. Moreover, the image and popularity of the fox in France is similar to that of Sun Wukong, a great Chinese saint in the eyes of Chinese children. The image of a French fox is mostly male. The fox of France has another feature: humour, civilization, wit and flexibility, especially fear of violence and intelligence.

The first abyssal archaeological survey in China has been successfully completed

Since April 20th, 6 Chinese underwater archaeologists have constantly refreshed their submergence records in the North reefs of Paracel Islands, looking for a deeper and broader seabed world, looking for cultural remains that may sleep in the deep sea.

With the help of manned submersible technology, they broke through the situation that the underwater archaeology of our country was mostly concentrated in the shallow sea area within 40 meters, and took the initiative to open the mysterious deep sea door. With this as a starting point, China’s underwater archaeological undertaking opens a new chapter.

At 17 hours on the 26 day, the first deep sea archaeological survey in China was successfully completed with the project leader and the seventh submersible mission of Ding Jianxiang, carrying the deep sea warrior of the deep submarine. Cheers and applause broke out on the South China Sea, which is as blue as a jewel.

Here, once a necessary place for the maritime Silk Road, it is an important channel for cultural exchanges between countries. Storms, huge waves, reefs… Various factors have caused the past ships to sleep in all historical periods. For thousands of years, they have been sealed up in the depths of the South China Sea and become an integral part of China’s cultural heritage. The investigation and protection of them is one of the original intentions of this deep-sea archaeological investigation, and is also the dream of many underwater archaeologists in China.

“Happiness comes too suddenly!” Sun key, director of the underwater cultural heritage protection center of the State Cultural Relics Bureau, said sincerely. As one of the early underwater archaeologists in China, he has witnessed most of the important items of Underwater Archaeology in China. “Starting from this survey, we should begin to work hard to narrow the gap with other advanced countries in this field.” Sun key said.

In recent years, deep sea archaeology practice has been carried out in the United States, France, Denmark, Greece and other countries. France has made rapid progress in this field, and launched a deep-sea archaeological experiment, called “the moon” in 2012, aimed at designing and testing new excavations, methods and techniques to meet the needs of 2000 meters of archaeological sites, and using robots to perform complex deep-water archaeological excavations.

In sun key’s eyes, the depth of submergence is not the most important. “It is important that this survey prove that the manned submersible technology can provide a practical platform for underwater archaeologists in China,” he said. For example, it is possible to find a sunken ship at a certain point in the deep sea, and we can use it to carry out deep-sea archaeological investigations and excavations for 8 hours or more every day, which in the past did not want to think about.

Driverless cars are safer ways of transportation than traditional cars

It is reported that Schwed, the chief executive of Jaguar Land Rover, said that even if there had been a recent accident associated with unmanned vehicles, unmanned vehicles were still more safe than traditional models in the future.

Last month, Uber crashed in an unmanned driving test in Arizona and hit a pedestrian and killed. The driverless test stopped. Based on this, Shi Wade suggested that automobile companies must work together with the government and the whole industry to develop safer driverless technology.

“We need to make sure that we have a more suitable environment, which can’t be achieved solely by the auto company, so the government, the academia and other related industries have to achieve real cooperation.” “If we work together and ensure the normal operation of the network security system, the future of autopilot will be the leading driving technology in the automotive field,” Schwed said at the auto show in Beijing, China. He also pointed out that 90% of road traffic accidents in the world are caused by negligence of drivers.

Schwed said that in addition to self driving cars, the future will also produce a large number of electric vehicles. Although the number of electric vehicles that rely solely on battery operation has so far not been much, with the development of technology, this trend will change, more capacity and more light and low cost batteries will be developed. “Future travel will depend on electricity,” Schwed said. “This is not only environmentally friendly, but also safer.”

Education children can’t touch a game of special danger

Although the blame should not be blamed on a single party, experts emphasize that this view does not apply to a few games of exceptional circumstances: “they are particularly dangerous, and parents must keep their children away.”

One kind is the real violence game. With the progress of technology, the violent and bloody plot in the video game is becoming more and more vivid, like a huge virtual mirror, blurring the boundaries between players and game characters. Players are becoming accustomed to the killing and bloody scenes in the game. All kinds of violence suggest that the players may desalination of the fear of violence. In real society, it is easy to commit crimes, especially for young people who have not yet formed a complete moral concept and lack of recognition ability.

The other is to induce consumer games. Because of the lack of self-control of minors themselves, the lack of concept of network consumption and the lack of necessary value guidance, there are often some children in the process of online travel, step by step is induced to produce large consumption.

In fact, these two kinds of games are always a good hand to catch the eye and attract the players to “enter the pit”. They are known as “infamous”, but many times they can continue to hide in the regulatory gray zone.

However, it was a moment. In April 17th, the Ministry of culture and tourism after the official registration was first checked and rectified, and 50 network games, such as “Chu Liu Xiang”, “wilderness action”, were collected and cleaned up.

In the official list of reasons to be cleaned up, it includes the two types of dangerous guidance that experts say – advocating violence and instigating crime; by random extraction, and so on, to induce players to invest in legal money or virtual currency to obtain Internet travel products and services.

Xing Long Lake: the aim is to achieve the third class water quality in the whole lake area

At the foot of the west side of the science exhibition hall near the Xing Long Lake, a small lake is clear and blue, which is called Hong Liang Bay. Standing on the bridge, you can see the grass and fish and shrimp at the bottom of the lake. The water quality has reached category III. Last winter, we saw hundreds of migratory birds and black swans.

To contribute to the success of the lake, apart from the naked eyes of animals and plants, there is also a micro-organisms invisible to the naked eye. Microbes are also an important part of the “purifier” of the flourishing Lake – five or six microbial organisms, such as transparency, compound bacteria and nitrifying bacteria, which are also put into the lake on the lake.

“Just like adding some salt to fresh soup, it can improve the transparency of water in a short time, and the sunlight penetration is better, and the plant survival rate will be higher.” Experts say that the ecological chain of submerged plants and animals is not enough in the depths of the lake bottom water, and the attached base of single plant type microorganism, composed of high grade material and suspended ball packing in deep water, has large surface area and can absorb a large amount of nitrogen and phosphorus.

The function of “water purifier” formed by ecosystem is very strong, but it is very fragile. Any man-made destruction may lead to the function of “water purifier”. At present, the legislative protection work for Xing Long Lake has been carried out. The relevant person in charge said that the regulation on the ecological protection of Chengdu’s Xinlong Lake Regional Ecological Protection began to be implemented in February 2017. Only about 14 square kilometers of the Xinlong Lake area, no unit and individual should be discharged from water, dumping waste or other pollutants; no fishing or bird fishing; no fishing or picking aquatic. Plants provide legal basis and legal compliance for effectively carrying out ecological construction and planning control in the Xing Long Lake area.

“This year, we will also build a diversion project to replenish water through the east wind channel to eliminate the impact of ecological damage on the main water quality.” Experts say that the diversion project will be able to get through this year. After the break through, the emergency protection will be started immediately, while the water safety is protected.

Since December 2013, the construction and management of the ecological facilities of the Xing Long Lake have been put into RMB about 40000000000 yuan, and 286 farms within the 500 meters of the main river are shut down, and the “scattered pollution” enterprises are also banned from the relocation. “Our ultimate goal is to reach the category III water quality in the whole lake area, and at the first glance is a lake blue.” According to experts, according to the current self purification capacity of Xing Long Lake, this goal will soon be achieved.