Mourinho: I think second is good. We will never criticize the players

Manchester United challenged West Ham United and finally got 1 points in the 0-0 draw, so Mourinho’s team successfully locked second in the league, and Mourinho received a media interview at the press conference.

As for the second place in the league, Jose Mourinho expressed satisfaction: “we are now the second best team in the Premier League, in a league with a great number of excellent teams competing with 6 teams. I feel good, I’m not evasive, it’s not my character, Manchester United or Manchester United, we won’t celebrate the second league, but we are really happy to get the second place. Because in the past few months, when we realized that competition was impossible, winning second was the only goal we had left. We deserve this position. ”

In this game, Manchester United did not show their strengths and strengths at the offensive side. “I was disappointed,” said Mourinho. “But the players have a good attitude. They have done the game in their way. They are going to win the game as we have planned. But when you need 1 points to lock second, you need 1 points for a comfortable weekend (against Waterford), and when you realize that the game is in the mastery, we then make a good style change. All we have to do is control the game and get 1 points we need.

Then, Mourinho added: “I certainly won’t criticize the players’ performance. When against Brandon, I told them during the midfield that they would lose the game. And tonight, at halftime, I said we will win. Although I said it was wrong, I think our attitude towards the game is positive, and in 80 minutes I understand that 1 points are enough, so we let the game go the way it is. “

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