The left hand holds farm tools, and the right hand holds the brush, There are a group of peasant painters in Longde

In the blue sky and white clouds, the farm workers are busy in the gap, and the peasant woman wrapped in the white scarf is nursing the baby child. This painting, the harvest season, is from the hand of Li Yanhu, a peasant painter in Longde county. Longde county is located in the west of the six Panshan mountains in the south of Ningxia. The car passes through the country road, and the colorful hand painted wall paintings are flashed from time to time. The strong cultural atmosphere can be seen everywhere.

Peasant paintings, as a popular painting, are mostly paintings and paintings produced by farmers themselves. In the land of Xihaigu, the farmer painting is the treasure of the folk painting garden of Longde county. Many farmers living in this country hand in hand brushes to describe what they have seen and heard on the soil of the countryside. The change of painting content clearly reflects the real change of people’s production and life in xihaiji area.

Wang Xiaojuan, the deputy manager of the six Panshan cultural city in Longde County, said: “these paintings are derived from life, life, simple subject matter, and the writing method may not be professional, but the content is most inspiring.”

Lu Sheng Sheng, a native born peasant painter in Lian Ping Village, Lian Cai Town, Longde, fell in love with painting when he was young. “On my way to school, I like to draw my fingers on the soil and see what I paint. After growing up, there was no instruction from the teacher, and when the farm work was done, we used to paint to relax. ” Lu, who is 56 years old, believes that life has given him the wisdom of painting, so that he can hold farm tools on his left hand and hold the paintbrush in his right hand. And Lv Changsheng’s life changed because of his love for painting.

In the past, his hand-painted paintings could not be known by the outside world, but only in the neighbours. In 2009, in order to develop the local cultural undertakings in Longde County, the six Panshan cultural city was built. In the 5 years after the completion of the construction, the government provided the households with the policy of reducing the rent and heating the air. Lv Jusheng was one of the first businesses to enter. “There are more people here, and the paintings sell more.” Lu said with a smile.

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