An amazing Mantis’s mimicry

1,Mimicry flower. There is a mantis in the tropics. Its forefoot is transformed into petals, and its body is purple and white. It is hidden in the leaves and looks like a purple and white orchid at first glance. Malaysia has a flower mantis, pink body, looks like a blooming flower, attracted butterflies and honey.

2,Mimicry leaves. Other Mantis grows leaves and protuberances on the chest, abdomen, and joints, and mimics them as leaves, branches and tree scars.

3,Form water droplets. There is a praying mantis in the tropical desert, with a green body, a flat, bright, smooth head in the grass, and a glittering drop of dew on the head of the sun.

4,Intimidate the prey. French biologists once saw a mantis encounter with a large gray locust. When the mantis saw the locusts, the mantis immediately opened its wings and trembled to both sides, and the hind wings stood upright, like a sailboat, the side of the body, the poor snakes, the voice of the venomous snakes, the weight of the whole body on the four feet, and the body stood up, standing still, eyes fixed on the locusts. The locusts moved slightly, the mantis head turned, and the grasshopper was frightened by the frame, slowly lying on the ground, running away, and even moving to the mantis. When it moved to the mantis, the mantis swooped past, and the locust became the food in its mouth without resistance.

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