How will the future network shape life in the future? High speed and intelligent understanding of people’s heart

No one can know exactly what the future looks like, but we can take advantage of the current “debris” to overlook it. In the eyes of Liu Yunjie and other scientists, if the Internet is now the road, the future network will be intelligent and high speed. It will not only be fast but also understand you better.

On the intelligent edge network platform of the future network innovation research institute in Jiangsu, China, the consumer behavior of a free WiFi connecting a shopping mall is precisely “portrayed”. Shopping mall has the largest number of people, which stores sell the best, customers like what shopping routes most, through data analysis at a glance.

“This is a microcosm of the future network, and the real economy will take the lead from the future network, because the accuracy of production and sales will be improved by leaps and bounds.” Jiangsu province future network innovation research institute marketing deputy director Xia Keqiang said.

More ordinary people will first feel that the speed of Internet will be greatly improved. The difference from 4G to 5G is like “Bunny jumping” and “cheetah running”. Jiangsu Nanjing will take the lead in realizing 5G business in a small scope in the year, and will achieve scale business by 2020. Just one 5G brings infinite possibilities to the Internet of things, smart city and intelligent transportation. What about artificial intelligence?

“Since 2017, we have made a lot of explorations and attempts in smart cities, smart families, and intelligent industries. For example, the door locks of intelligent household appliances can make the host and visitors live in different places.” Chen Jianhua, general manager of the Industrial Chain Cooperation Department of the China Telecom Co branch of the Internet of things, said that the future network technology will be truly landed through a large number of applications, thus improving production efficiency and facilitating public life.

The experts believe that the future network will develop from the network function and the human-computer to the machine intelligence stage. The zero delay and intelligence of the future network will greatly obscure the concept of space-time. Communication only needs data transmission between nodes, and people can not get greater physical and mental liberation by the need of urban and rural shuttle shuttle. Therefore, from now on to the future, the most important thing is to lay a solid foundation for technology and grasp the entry of future network.

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