The “Moon Palace 365” experiment ended successfully, and renewed the world record of human closed survival

With the 4 volunteers coming out of the “Moon Palace No. 1” laboratory on 15 days, the Beihang University “Moon Palace 365” experiment was successfully completed, and the world record of human closed survival was refreshed again. The experiment was of great significance for human beings to realize the long-term survival of the earth.

Liu Hong, the chief designer of the Moon Palace No. 1 and professor of Beihang University, said the experiment began in May 10, 2017 and lasted 370 days. It was the longest and most closed biological regenerative life support system in the world, which realized the four life of “human plant animal microorganism” with higher closure and biodiversity. The chain closed loop closed the ecosystem for a long time, and maintained stable physical and mental health.

There were 8 volunteers, all of whom were Beihang University students. They were divided into 2 groups, alternately into the cabin, the first class 60 days, the second class 200 days, and the third 110 days. Among them, the second classes had broken the world record for 180 days in the same system created by Russia. The departure time was delayed 5 days than the original plan, the delay of the cabin was a “intentional” simulation of the sudden situation, and the volunteers in the cabin did not know in advance, mainly to study their psychological state under the sudden situation.

According to Liu Hong, the biological regenerative life support technology used in “Moon Palace one” is a key technology to ensure the long-term survival of human beings on the moon and other extraterrestrial planets. After ten years’ efforts, his team developed the first and the world’s third space base biological regeneration life support foundation comprehensive experimental device, “Moon Palace No. 1”, and successfully completed the first long-term high closure integration experiment for the first time in China for the first time in May 2014, making China become the Third Master of the country after Russia and the United States. A country of technology.

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