Sharing bicycles is the most popular new travel mode. The network is about second of the parking spaces

Bain, an international well-known consulting company, published a report in May 16th that China has redefined the concept of travel with a new mode of travel, such as sharing a single car and a network of cars, and becoming the largest travel market in the world, under the double stimulus of the rapid popularization of digital technology and a positive attempt by consumers to try new ways of travel. Traditional car companies need to change their current business models so as to seize new market opportunities.

According to reports, Bain’s recent survey of nearly 2000 consumers in China’s one or two and three line cities showed that shared bicycles were the most popular new mode of travel, and 73% of the respondents said they had used shared bicycles and second, 62% of the visitors said they had used a network of vehicles to replace the vehicles. Travel. More importantly, considering the new way of travel, serious traffic congestion and the financial cost of car maintenance, more Chinese consumers refuse to buy cars.

“These new modes of travel have been popular among Chinese consumers in the market, and they are rapidly becoming popular and fast becoming the mainstream mode of travel.” Bain global partners, report co author Ceng Weimin said.

He believes that as technology continues to integrate, government policy support, as well as more such as B2C sharing cars, such as new mode of travel, the Chinese travel market will be expected to continue to maintain a rapid growth trend.

According to Bain estimates, in the past three years, the market share of domestic shared bicycles and net related cars increased by five times and four times respectively. The total transaction volume of China’s net car market reached about US $23 billion in 2016, which surpassed the total amount of other countries in the world.

Reported that behind this explosive growth, the popularity of mobile payment is one of the main reasons. The congestion of roads and expressways in China’s first and second tier cities is another major reason why consumers turn to new ways of travel.

“More Chinese consumers may choose to give up their cars after taking into account the choices of travel mode, serious traffic congestion and the financial cost of raising cars.” Cai Qing, a global partner at Bain, pointed out.

The report points out that the new travel trend will lead the vehicle factory to rethink its profit pattern, and must cooperate with other service providers and other participants in the value chain.

For example, by working with technology companies, the OEMs can acquire large amounts of consumer data. Through more detailed consumer portraits, car manufacturers can have a better understanding of consumers’ travel scenarios and behaviors. In view of this, they need to build alliances to provide precise marketing based on consumer geography, and other innovative services or products, to expand their role in the travel ecosystem, and to eventually raise income and profit.

The report also says that in the process of growing and shaping trips, there is no doubt that in order to surpass competitors, it is necessary to establish mutually beneficial alliances, enhance the necessary corporate capabilities and prudently manage the risks inherent in the emerging industries. After all, no one in China, the world’s largest travel market, can win alone.

Unmanned minibus were opened on campus

At 10 a.m. on May 8th, Yuan Wei, a doctoral student at the College of electronic information and electrical engineering, Shanghai Jiaotong College of electronic information and electrical engineering, swept the site of a two dimensional code with a mobile WeChat in the entrance to the gymnasium of the Xuhui campus stadium, calling unmanned bus to join him to Jiaotong University History Museum. 2 minutes later, the unmanned minibuses came slowly from the campus and opened the door in front of Yuan Wei.

The unmanned bus will automatically arrive at the station and deliver passengers to the destination. After boarding, passengers can adjust their destinations at any time by car touchscreen or artificial voice interaction system, wherever they want to go. Yang Ming, the head of the Shanghai Jiao Tong University’s intelligent car laboratory, said that the unmanned mini bar is still in the trial run stage. The driving area is limited to the campus. “The Minhang campus is currently planning 3 stations, the electric yard, the mobile college, the south gate, and the Xuhui campus since May 2nd. Kuang Liang Hao, the car can carry up to 8 people at the moment, as long as the call is on call. ”

The minibus carried Yuan Wei along the campus road slowly, and a walking student in front blocked the way of the minibus. “Dripping, dripping”, no minibus automatically whistled to remind, then gradually slowed down until the stop, and so on before the students walked away slowly to return to normal speed.

It is understood that the unmanned mini bar has adopted an intelligent algorithm designed by Zhang Jianlin, a master of electronic information and electrical engineering college, which can handle various dangerous scenes that may be encountered during the operation of a small bus, so as to ensure the safety of the passengers and passengers in the car.

The existing unmanned vehicles are too dependent on GPS for positioning, while in Xuhui campus, such GPS signals are difficult to work properly. In order to solve this problem, the doctoral student Guo Lindong of Jiaotong University of electronic information and electrical engineering used SLAM technology to establish the Xuhui campus laser point cloud map, and the unmanned vehicle is located and navigate through the map matching, so that the unmanned mini bar has a wider application scene.

In order to make the unmanned mini bar more secure, it can operate smoothly and normally in various environmental conditions, and the university has developed a more reliable core sensor, which makes the unmanned mini bar work normally in the rain and snow days. At present, the maximum speed is 15 kilometers per hour during the trial operation stage. After the formal operation, the speed will be increased appropriately under the premise of ensuring safety.

“The car itself can recognize the action of blocking, and it can identify some people and vehicles that do not follow the rules of the road. At present, we will also be equipped with security personnel on the car, and in most cases, the security personnel do not have to do anything, but when some emergency situations are encountered, he will press the emergency stop switch to ensure safety first, the outside of the bus also has a quick stop switch, which can be pressed from the external personnel so that the car will stop urgently.

If you pass the test, there is no need for a security officer in the real operation stage. ” Yang Ming introduced that this unmanned mini bar is a L4 automatic driving system. There is no steering wheel and pedal brake pedal on the car. The system can automatically observe the environment, carry on the steering and acceleration and decelerate control, and can also realize automatic driving through multi sensor fusion. The charge is 5 – 6 hours and can be extended for one day.

Lamborghini supercars incorporate more new technology elements into their models

It is reported that with the rapid development of emerging technologies, even super sports car manufacturers should keep pace with the times. The Lamborghini super sports car has always been speaking with performance, and it is now starting to consider incorporating more new technology elements into its car to meet new customer needs for vehicle technology.

AlessandroFarmeschi, Lamborghini’s US chief operating officer, said: “the average age of our customers is between 35 and 45 years old, most of them are new entrepreneurs, have a technical background and have a demand for vehicle technology, and we responded.”

Compared with Lamborghini’s other models, Urus SUV has more new technology functions, such as touch screen, which will continue in the future. Maurizio Reggiani, the director of research and development, points out that “the technical level of the Urus will be a milestone in the future of new cars, and the new generation of cars will further improve the level of the car Federation.”

2018 Beijing auto show: AMG GLC63S Coupe appearance

Mercedes -AMG has brought a new GLC63S Coupe at the Beijing auto show. This is the first appearance of the new car in China. The new 4.0T V8 dual turbocharged engine is equipped with four wheel drive, which is the most powerful version of the GLC Coupe series.

As AMG’s high performance model, GLC63S Coupe has increased the AMG kit on the basis of the ordinary version, and is more radical compared to the previously published 43 series, and the new car has upgraded the front and back bumpers, side skirts, rings, and rear diffusers. For higher performance S versions, there is further improvement, and AMG Night optional packages are provided.

In the interior part, the new car added more movement elements on the basis of GLC Coupe, and the large area of the car was wrapped with MB-Tex artificial leather, and the moving steering wheel was used. Consumers can also choose AMG Performance Studio interior accessories, which will provide Nappa leather.

GLC63S Coupe continues to carry AMG’s 4.0T V8 double turbocharged engine, the maximum output power of the engine is 375kW (510PS), the peak torque is 700N m, and the 0-100km/h acceleration time is 3.7 seconds.

Driverless cars are safer ways of transportation than traditional cars

It is reported that Schwed, the chief executive of Jaguar Land Rover, said that even if there had been a recent accident associated with unmanned vehicles, unmanned vehicles were still more safe than traditional models in the future.

Last month, Uber crashed in an unmanned driving test in Arizona and hit a pedestrian and killed. The driverless test stopped. Based on this, Shi Wade suggested that automobile companies must work together with the government and the whole industry to develop safer driverless technology.

“We need to make sure that we have a more suitable environment, which can’t be achieved solely by the auto company, so the government, the academia and other related industries have to achieve real cooperation.” “If we work together and ensure the normal operation of the network security system, the future of autopilot will be the leading driving technology in the automotive field,” Schwed said at the auto show in Beijing, China. He also pointed out that 90% of road traffic accidents in the world are caused by negligence of drivers.

Schwed said that in addition to self driving cars, the future will also produce a large number of electric vehicles. Although the number of electric vehicles that rely solely on battery operation has so far not been much, with the development of technology, this trend will change, more capacity and more light and low cost batteries will be developed. “Future travel will depend on electricity,” Schwed said. “This is not only environmentally friendly, but also safer.”

Sedan turn over and help people to rescue people

“What happened around 12 o’clock yesterday noon!” Mr. Li recalled that the incident was located near the San long Century City District, SHENLIAO Road, Hong Kong. At that time, there was a jeep and a white car passing through the site. The jeep driver stepped on the accelerator, and the car driver hesitated to hit a wheel. The car ran out of control and hit the road central fence.

After the car hit the guardrail, the car turned upside down, and at last the four feet were buckled on the road. Mr. Li said that the car crashed badly, the windows were smashed, the bumpers fell off, and the parts of the car were all over the scene. At that time, there were a few peddlers on the roadside, suddenly heard “bang” a loud noise, running out to see, it was a car buckled on the road, not clear that there are a few people in the car, there are no people injured.

According to the people on the scene, after the incident, it was heard that the driver and two other people were trapped inside the car. At least 3 vendors were coming in, and they were saving people regardless of the hidden danger of oil leakage.

The 57 year old Wang Yujing elder sister is one of the rescuers. Yesterday, when she was interviewed by our newspaper reporter, she recalled that after the incident, she took the lead in shouting, “save people quickly!” Then, Xu Xuemei, a 30 year old boy selling sugar cane and selling 42 years of noodles, said nothing but rushed to the trouble car with her.

Through the broken window, she could see that there was a man in the car and a man in the driver’s seat. There was a man in the back seat. “The three men shouted at the time,” save me. ”

As the car was buckled and the car body twisted and twisted, several of them tried to pull two front doors and said nothing. At this time, near the intersection, a few private cars stopped, some of the owners took sticks, some took jacks, and some ran up to ask: “have anyone been injured?” Don’t use 120 phone calls? ”

“This way, this door seems to be open!” The man selling sugar cane shouted at the top of the table and pulled out with all his strength. The back door was pulled away in a moment.

3 people in the car crawled out of the door: there was no obvious injury to the driver and the vice driver, and the backseat man’s hand bleed, as if it was cut by broken glass. Because the injury is not heavy, the three person does not have to call 120.

“The whole rescue process took five or six minutes,” he said. Mr. Li said, “fortunately, the fuel tank did not explode.” Shortly after the incident, traffic police arrived at the scene and decided to be a unilateral car accident. Then the barrier car arrived and hoisted the car.

Yesterday, the reporter talked about the Wang Yujing of bake sweet potato, she said quietly: “at that time nothing thought, a heart to save people, the driver is about 30 years old, and my son is generally big.” She added that not long ago, her wife had a heart attack on the road. He was sent to the hospital by a group of unknown kindhearted people. After treatment, his wife turned the corner. “I firmly believe that good people will be rewarded, and I will continue to pass on this love.” She said.

Since the “Wuhan parking” APP has been online, nearly 900 thousand owners have been registered

The streets are clean and refreshing, and the vehicles are in good order. This is the scene of wusheng West Street, Hankou, China, on Monday morning. The inspector wearing yellow uniform is patiently guiding a car owner to park the car on the line coding berth.

The inspector introduces that geomagnetic sensors are installed on each berth, which can automatically detect and record the start time and deadline of parking. Whenever a car stops, the magnetic induction system sends a signal to her PDA (palm computer). In half an hour, she will get to the corresponding berth, sweep the license plate with PDA and upload it to the system, and the system will correspond with the license plate to form a parking information record. As to how long and how much money the vehicle should be charged, the system is automatically generated by the system.

“System design science, easy to use, can automatically generate parking information, so that the public parking is more standard, more conscious, the consciousness of short parking has been significantly improved in the past, the ‘zombie car’ that has been stopped for a long time is gone, and the utilization rate of parking space is also greatly improved.” The inspector said.

Ms. Chang, who has lived in wusheng West Street for nearly 10 years, exclamations, this section is quite narrow, the vehicle before the random stop, the roadside merchants private phenomenon is very common, the long stop “zombie car”, the two rows of parking vehicles become more and more narrow, so that sidewalks and motorized lanes can not be separated, serious shadow Noisy traffic order, sometimes even people can not pass. Every day we pass by here and there, and the traffic is so crowded that everyone anxious to go home feels anxious and anxious.

Recently, with the support of the traffic management and the city management department, the parking space of the “Wuhan parking” was unified, and the nearby residents were widely publicized, with the patient guidance and caring service of the on-site staff, the parking order was obviously improved, and the “one car and one” atmosphere had been formed. The traffic was completely eliminated and the traffic was clear.

It is understood that “Wuhan parking” APP since its on-line, nearly 900 thousand owners registered for use, daily activity of about 100 thousand. The turnover rate of the pre – line berth of the system is less than 300%. Now, the average daily turnover of road parking berths is about 10 times. It not only invigorates the public parking resources, improves the parking utilization rate, but also improves the parking environment and traffic conditions in the city.

Qingdao’s “most beautiful subway” – Qingdao Metro Line 11 officially opened on 23

Qingdao to Haiyang intercity (blue Silicon Valley section) rail transit project, the Qingdao Metro Line 11, officially opened 23 days, its maximum design speed up to 120 km, is one of the highest speed subway lines in China at present, and its scenery along “mountain, sea, spring and forest” along the line is full of view and is also praised as Qingdao. The most beautiful subway.

According to Liu Shengxiu, general manager of Qingdao blue Silicon Valley intercity rail transit limited, which is responsible for the project investment, the total length of line 11 of Qingdao metro line is 58.35 km long, and the average daily passenger volume is expected to be 50 thousand to 80 thousand people after the opening.

With the opening of line 11, the public transport in Qingdao’s main urban area and Jimo district will achieve seamless connection, and people’s travel will be more convenient and fast.

Liu Shengxiu introduced that Qingdao Metro Line 11 has four bright points: fast, high, new and beautiful.

“Fast”: the maximum speed of Qingdao Metro Line 11 is 120 kilometers per hour, which is one of the subway lines with the highest speed in China at present.

“High”: a total of 22 stations, including 18 elevated stations, mainly elevated.

“New”: advocating green and environment-friendly construction concept, and reducing the impact of construction and later operation on the surrounding residents through the application of new processes and new methods.

“Beauty”: the 6 key stations are similar to the waves, which fully reflect the marine culture of Qingdao.

Hang gliding – like a rapid gliding eagle flying posture

Hang gliding is also known as the delta wing (Hang Gliders), delta wing was also is composed of 3 big: wing body, punching bag, deputy umbrella, then you need to be equipped with some flight equipment such as: flight helmet, altimeter, radios, GPS, clear protective glasses, etc.

Because it is a hard wing glider, it avoids the paraglider folding wings, flying wind resistance and resistance to turbulence is better than a paraglider, but is not convenient to carry and transport, as well as to the take-off venue and landing site demand is higher, due to its popularity as a paraglider.

After the advent of paragliders, the development of the delta wing is faltering, because gliding fans tend to choose the more convenient gliders – paraglider, delta wing sprawled flight posture is like a rapid gliding eagle in the sky, also it fascinating.

Now play such gliders lovers is less, the larger delta wing ownership is from power delta wing (Powered hang glider), after all, this is the present domestic the most mature and most readily available light vehicle, it can solve the delta wing of the limits of strict requirements for take-off venue and landing site.

Volvo officially unveiled new car lineup at 2018 Beijing Auto Show

A few days ago, Volvo official officially announced the 2018 Beijing auto show new car lineup, it is understood that the Volvo S90Ambience concept car will be the first appearance of the world, the new XC40 and other models will appear on the exhibition platform together.

In terms of modeling, Volvo XC40 adopts the latest family design style. The thunder god hammer LED headlight is very eye-catching, and the overall shape is more fashionable and dynamic. Coming to the rear part, the tail shape of Volvo XC40 is more similar to the new XC60, and the L type taillight group uses LED light source inside. When the night is lit, the recognition is further improved.

Interior design, Volvo XC40 continues the family interior design language, the overall style is young and fashionable. The central console is equipped with a large size LCD screen, and the air outlet design of the air conditioner is very characteristic. In addition, the new car is equipped with three spoke steering wheel, panoramic sunroof and other rich configuration.

In terms of power system, Volvo XC40 will be equipped with 1.5T and 2.0T engines respectively. The transmission part is matched with the double clutch transmission. In addition, plug-in hybrid version and pure electric version are also expected to be launched in the future.