Not many men who dare to claim feminism

Last year, I promoted my new book to a University (my alma mater).

During the free exchange, a sociology student called himself a feminist and asked me if I could talk about women’s rights next time.

I am particularly curious that there are not many men who call themselves feminism these days.

“That’s because most men don’t know what women’s rights are. They think women’s rights are women who want to overthrow men and oppress men.” The boy laughed shyly.

I asked him how to understand women’s rights. He said that men and women, personal freedom, all people were not bound by sex, were not abducted by ideas, men and women helped each other and needed each other.

To tell you the truth, I saw the boy who understands women’s rights so thoroughly.

At that time, he was particularly proud of his alma mater.

We often feel that the patriarchal society, as the name suggests, is to protect men’s rights. The male dominated society does not protect most men, nor does it protect women. It maintains the right part of men who stand at the highest point of rights.

The richest man in the world’s most stingy history, only left his son 500 dollars, but to spend $2 billion 200 million to build a free museum!

With the end of the ninetieth Oscar award ceremony, the film “the money world” has gained more and more attention. The movie is a true story, in 60s the world’s richest man Paul Gatti stingy, cold-blooded, selfish image of the people. Little is known about the animated “Grandet” is a collection of all art lovers, worthy of the name, he funded the construction of the Paul Gatti museum will open to the public free of charge: “anyone wearing shoes, you can come to watch.”

“I have 14 grandchildren and grandchildren. If I have only a penny this time, I’ll have 14 grandchildren and grandchildren who have been kidnapped. Paul Gatti, facing the public, announced that he would never pay for his grandson’s ransom. The so-called family affection was not worth 17 million dollars in the eyes of the world’s richest man.

In 1973, Paul Gatti learned from his son that his grandson John Paul Getimis was kidnapped by Italy gangsters. The kidnappers asked the Gatti family to pay 17 million dollars in ransom. The unruly son and daughter-in-law can’t afford the ransom, and they can only ask Paul Gatti for help.

“Nothing” – in the face of public questioning, old Getty was firmly reluctant to pay the ransom, and the “century kidnapping” negotiations fell into a deadlock. The impatient kidnappers sent one of Gatti Sans’s ears and a lock of hair, and old Getty was under pressure from the public to pay a ransom of $3 million 400 thousand.

This is the American public concern about the kidnapping storm let old Gatti bear on the “miser” notoriety, in fact, his selfishness and the love of money has long been known to all americans. Old Gatti didn’t install any outside line phone in the mansion of Sutton square, there was only one coin phone. After the guests finished the dinner, they had to coin their own money to borrow the phone. Even so, old Getty often complained that the workers were stealing the phone, so they put a lock on the phone.

He will only pay the restaurant a meal of himself; he claimed to give all his lover a legacy, but will change up to 25 times, the last “handout” for those money lovers feel anger and shame; for he presided over the funeral priest until the end to confiscate his promise of reward old Gatti is living…… the American version of “grandet”.

But unlike the Grandet, his wealth is ten Grandet than the. Though Gatti oil was taken back by Texaco in 1984, the hotel owned by the Gatti family, the manor and many properties around the world still let them enjoy the status of one of the wealthiest families in the US.

In 1914, the first World War broke out, and Gatti, who graduated from University of Oxford, returned home from England. He went to Oklahoma with $500. A year later, he passed a farm land rich in oil resources, open their own oil era. By the time he was 24 years old, Gatti had become a millionaire by the time he was 24 years old.

During the depression, Gatti decisively and resolutely upstream, acquisition of other oil companies; after the end of World War II, he became the first person to sign the Treaty of oil and Middle East countries. Bravely and resolutely, he became a magic weapon in his way of doing business. In 1957, Gatti’s assets had exceeded 1 billion dollars. In that year, he ranked first in the list of American rich list listed by fate.

Russian literature has a very broad mass base in China

In an interview, Kong Yuanyuan (Chinese CCTV Russian literature program director) talked about the Chinese media’s attention to Russian literature and the popularity of Russian literature in China.

She talked about that, in order to appeal to everyone to read world class literary classics, in early 2015, we produced the first episode of “everyone reading classics” series, hoping to convey the essence and information of books and share good books with people through television.

In the program, the readers are invited to share the pleasure of reading with the audience, while reading and recommending good books to drive the people to read good books and enjoy reading.

Russian literature has a very extensive mass base in China, affecting at least a generation. After the collection of opinions from audience and experts and scholars, two great writers of Pushkin and Tolstoy were selected to represent the influence of the whole Russian literature on Chinese people. After the program was broadcast, it aroused the memory and feelings of numerous audiences for Russian literature.

Finally, she said, through the most influential number selection activities between China and Russia, let more Chinese and Russians know each other, agree with each other, respect each other, transmit each other’s cultural treasures, and enhance communication between the two peoples. This is very significant.

“It’s very slow in the dark”: the latest work of author Zhou Daxin

In recent years, Mao Dun prize winner and writer Zhou Daxin has published new works. Its latest novel, “very dark”, touches the theme of old age for the first time. “Write this book, also hope that I have a preview of the life of old age, and learn to live with aging.” Zhou said.

“It was very slow” by an escort for a family living close observation and participation, reflect the current social problems Chinese: pension, medical care, parent-child relationship, twilight love, novels not only wrote the old people after the body gradually aging, slowly approaching the death process, also wrote the elderly the spirit of deep loneliness, even write their own true feelings in the world.

Zhou Daxin admitted that as he became an old man and had more and more elderly friends, he wanted to describe the scenery of his last journey. “In the world, if we only say from the age level, there are only three kinds of people, those who have already become old, those who will grow old and those who will grow old. The old age is a road that we all can’t go around, and the scenery on this road is not the way you want to see. ”

Zhou Daxin is faced with the challenge of writing a new subject. “Old life is a huge discourse space, and the low decibel voice from the ordinary narration can not hear the echo in this space. I finally decided to tie what I wanted to be a cluster hand grenade and throw it out at dusk and let it blow out a loud noise and attract people’s attention. ” Zhou said, in the narrative style, he deliberately pursue tight rhythm, not for the elegant language, soon arrived to the reader’s heart.

Another challenge facing Zhou Daxin is how to touch the pain of the old man. “Write, will violate the taboo of many old people, make everyone embarrassed; do not write, and feel untrue and untrue.” But eventually Zhou Daxin chose to express the truth, “I present the picture of the old man Xiao Chengshan to the predicament, unreservedly in front of the reader.”

20 thousand words to describe the aging and death, fear of death? Zhou Daxin did not conceal that: “very scared.” He said, let the people become ugly old, white hair, wrinkles, is low, the body bent. The body is slowly emerging from all kinds of diseases. It is getting closer and closer to death. It is frightening to go to the world who has not seen it.

“A writer’s writing is accompanied by his own life, which is easy to say. It is difficult to do. It is especially difficult for Zhou Daxin.” The literary critic Li Jingze on the road, the son of Zhou Daxin died, he wrote “Requiem”; they grow old, he wrote “dark slowly”, “I think he is not writing a novel, but in writing his own life.”

To train your reading ability, and to pay attention to the relationship between reading and thinking and Application

Recently, the Zhongshan University library announced the new student loan list in 2017. The 2017 Chinese history Doctor Li Zihao second in 623 books. His reading speed is 100 pages per hour, and three books can be read every day. Since the undergraduate stage, we have kept the habit of reading 1000 books every year. This kind of Superman’s reading speed makes the netizen exclaim, also promoted a network new word: “Book bully”.

If there is no concept of Li Zihao’s reading, we can refer to this figure: in 2016, the per capita reading of Chinese books was 7.86. In comparison, Li Zihao’s 1000 book is an amazing amount of reading, even among scholars in reading books. Therefore, the title of “Book bully” can be said to be very appropriate.

So, how does “Book hegemony” be made? In the first place, there is a large amount of reading, and the oversize reading can not be separated from the super fast reading speed, and the super fast reading speed is the embodiment of the super reading ability. Yes, it’s “reading ability”, not the “learning ability” that we often mention. Over the years, the country has been actively promoting universal reading, but it seems to have little to do with the cultivation of reading ability.

Reading is also a kind of ability, the ability to be low to a certain extent, will be judged to be “dyslexia”. According to statistics, dyslexia is the most important type of learning disorder, accounting for more than 70% of all children diagnosed with learning disabilities. But because people are not aware of this ability, they often misunderstand these children as “stupid” and “low IQ”.

On the other hand, some people have a special talent in reading ability, and “Book bully” Li Zihao is likely to be. In addition, even if the talent is flat, you can also improve the ability through the training of the day after day. The process of reading is the combination of eyes and brain. From this point of view, many psychologists and educators have been studying the fast reading method, and have made great progress.

Of course, reading is a good thing, but in the final analysis, it is just a way to get information. If we are only satisfied with getting information, instead of thinking and applying, I’m afraid that the meaning of “reading” will be greatly reduced. For people who only read and do not fight, people will also criticize him for “talking on paper”. In this sense, thinking and application can be regarded as a higher level of “reading ability”.

Our country is a big country in education. Many readers have summed up rich reading experience throughout the ages. One of them is generally recognized that we should combine extensive reading with intensive reading. We should read both quantity and quality. For Li Zihao’s “Book tyrants, believe lovers can understand his” crazy”. When a writer introduced his reading experience, he said that he read books in a period of time, read everything, and even read the product manuals. A lot of reading for his writing to lay a solid foundation, but this “Crazy” reading period, he began to calm down and identify themselves interested and not interested in the content of the thinking of the relationship and difference between these words, the speed was slowed down, the harvest is more.

This example also applies to most people. We are unlikely to become Li Zihao’s “Book tyrants”, but we can learn suitable reading methods, train our reading ability, and emphasize the relationship between reading and thinking and application. As long as you can improve your ability, do not do “Book bully” is not so important.

Choosing anime is to choose a way of life

On the day of the interview with Wang Jianming, more than 3 in the morning, the reporter of the evening news of the Qianjiang River received a WeChat from Wang Jianming. He said in WeChat that he would be able to make an interview again, because he was working overtime for fear of delay in the daytime interview.

Later, Wang Jianming told me, when he returned home is more than 4 in the morning, because customers hurried to work, has been in the rush. He said it was a busy time, but it was normal to add a few days to a few days, and it didn’t feel unacceptable.

Wang Jianming was in Hangzhou, he was born in 1986, wearing a pair of glasses, looks elegant, speak loudly in a leisurely manner. As a Virgo boy, I asked him if he tried everything to be perfect. He said he didn’t know the constellations very well, but he felt like it was a little bit, and he described himself as a “sudden pursuit of perfection”.

He explained to me what “suddenly”. If you find a point that is very attractive to yourself, there will be a lot of ideas. If you do not meet the psychological expectations, you will continue to wear, a bit like a “obsessive-compulsive disorder”. It is at that point that all of a sudden rise and interest, and the thought of creating the thoughts of the heart.

However, Wang Jianming also said that his “sudden pursuit of perfection” basically occurred in his own time, because only his own time, he could make his own decisions and keep polishing it. In the work, we still take into account the efficiency and try to find the balance of efficiency and perfection.

Wang Jianming thinks himself a man of reason and sensibility. He said that the choice of anime, is a way of life he chose, that’s all. He didn’t expect too much for the future. He felt that anything, more need to keep a normal mind, do the things done, step by step and steady. When the time is ripe, it will come all the time; if it hasn’t come yet, it does not need to be depressed. Be prepared for it.

The rapid development of animation to fully meet the content consumption demand of the net generation

2017 is a year of rapid development of domestic animation, original comic works blowout, industrial upgrading is very obvious. As an important part of the IP chain, many works of the net work want to be caricatures, but there are no artists. However, the downstream animation, network drama, film and television are waiting for the adaptation of cartoons, which lead to no painting at all.

As a cartoon city, Hangzhou has absorbed the excellent creators from all over the country by virtue of the dividend policy, and the talent advantage has attracted many content production companies to choose a branch in Hangzhou. As of December, more than 1/4 of the hundreds of comic companies (Studios), which were fast looking at APP, came from Hangzhou.

The rapid development of domestic animation, fully meet the content of the net generation of content consumption demand. “Hangzhou is the most suitable city for comics.” Born in 1989 vanilla home in Sichuan, the university is the news, in 2015 by the creation of atmosphere attracted to Hangzhou, read into the animation.

To be able to write her, the brain cave without bottom, in Hangzhou more than two years, successively created “one hour!” The time “and” blue film “50 meters two popular works, the film of this year after the player has more than 100 million Tencent in the video.

In the view of vanilla, one of the most important reasons for this achievement is “too many excellent painters in Hangzhou.” The two books I write are completely different in style and content, but they all match the rhythmic painters very quickly. ”

Born in 1992 to Qilai by more simple: “comic God my idol, Xiao ten years in Hangzhou, so I’m here.”

Just to look through the animation Shi seven, with vanilla not, then “Koi copy” just stay in the notebook computer in vanilla. But the experienced editor thought the idea was very special, and there was no similar content on the market, so the company was just clapper to make comics!

After 3 months of running in, two people quickly become CP in the eyes of the comics: the house is rented in the same district, and the work is about to go together.

When it comes to work, a little distressed Shi Qi – Vanilla “Koi” to a week to update the 40 kinds of lattice, seven are almost always in the painting, “every day she will stay up late, then walk 15 minutes to go to work every day, we are the only sports time.”

In spite of this pressure, two people are happy in the world of creation.

Vanilla is grown up watching football kid and 100% cherry. “Cartoon is beautiful. For our generation, it is the most important memory point of childhood. Until now, when I heard the theme song of” Digimon “, it would be humid.

But Shi Qi and all the young creators, as the idol Hayao Miyazaki, “my university is graduated from sculpture, but chose comics as an occupation, this is my way of saying good.”

The plain in Hangzhou, thousands of miles from home, with every word, every line, looking for the comic world.

The fragrance and nourishment of the book of hope can nourish everyone in Tibet

In December 30th 2017, the reading hall on the first floor of the library of the Tibet autonomous region was particularly festive in the decoration of the colorful balloons and green plants. At 11 a.m., an award – giving event on the theme of “reading warm life” is open.

Writers, teachers, newspaper editors, students, police, security… From 5 to 73 years old, from Tibet, from all walks of life around the readers have a joyous gathering sweet tea, and Tibetan Chinese bilingual communication share free switching personal reading experience and happiness. 10 reading enthusiasts were awarded the title of “reading the people” of the Tibet Library in 2017.

“The library is like my home, and books are like a wise man. I hope that more people can pick up books, and that the fragrance and nutrients of the book can nourish everyone in Tibet. ” Tudenpinto, a reading enthusiast in Tibet, said.

“I was in grade six this year. Because of the school, the book is the best way for me to understand the outside world. And the public library, with a large number of books and free borrowing, has provided a good support for my growth. ” De Keivanm said.

“As a blind man, the book can make me feel the color of life, and make my life full of strength and light.” The three languages of Tibetan, Chinese and English read the Braille, and the students of University of Tibet said long Mei.

“Braille books in Tibet are very limited. I hope that in the future, libraries can introduce more Tibetan and English Braille books to better meet the needs of blind people. “She added.

According to Tsdanpchi, the director of the Tibet autonomous region library, in 2017, more than 100 thousand people from the library to the library of Tibet have reached a new high. “In recent years, the atmosphere of reading in Tibet is becoming more and more strong, and the public library awareness has also increased. With the growth of demand for reading multiple models, we will attract more social forces to participate in it, and further enhance the construction of digital libraries.”

A sound book or a flash point in the publishing industry

First, the sales of traditional publishers in 2016 have declined, and many publishers have not even announced sales of electronic books. In the past three years, the fastest growing area in the publishing industry is a sound book, and the world’s sound book industry is valued at about $3 billion 500 million. According to the data from the American Publishers Association, the income of us e – Books declined in 2016, and the income of sound books increased by about 25.8% year on year. Audio books can be applied to mobile electronic devices such as mobile phones, tablet computers and so on. Whenever you want to download audio books, listen to novels, listen to stories, listen to news, listen to songs, listen to Literature and listen to history, it will be very interesting.

Second, the Finland market in the first three quarters of this year, there is a sound book growth. Demand for sound books has increased in the market. Since the beginning of this year, the resale of downloadable audio books has increased, and the volume of sound book sales has increased. In the first three quarters, the number of interviews with sound books is about 12 times that of electronic books. The sales of traditional printed books were less than that of the same period last year. Consumer users or readers directly open mobile networks and mobile devices in the travel way, listen to only carry whenever and wherever possible, a terminal can store at least 10 CDs so many audiobooks.

In Finland, more and more writers no longer write in traditional printing forms, but publish voice books. The requirements of voice books are different from traditional ones, and even many Finland classic novels, classic books and various books have sound books. Reading aloud books is popular in the market, opening mobile devices everywhere, listening to a detective story, listening to Finland literary stories, listening to original series and children’s voice books.

Third, the songs have been on the market for many years, and listen to the songs whenever and wherever they are downloaded. So far, more and more Finland writers have signed an audio book contract with Swedish audio companies. According to us Publishers Weekly, there are many potential listeners. Let a little cloud technology equipment can store many of the books, carry a small terminal, just opened an audio platform, whenever and wherever possible to download audiobooks, listening to stories, listening to stories, listen to TV, listen to the movie, listen to the news, listen, listen to finnish.

Fourth, there are a lot of carrying information, text, pictures, video, sound, many years ago, people gain knowledge by reading printed books or magazines, the Internet and mobile technology development, now carry a tablet computer, reading in the car when traveling, whenever and wherever possible to download the latest version of the audiobook. Carry a mobile phone or a terminal, listen to songs, listen to the news, listen to stories, listen to listen to the history of literature, drama, film, listen to listen to, listen to stories about travel, meetings, listen to listen to classic books, listen to listen to Finnish, TV, Internet and mobile devices to enhance the knowledge service, or knowledge when listening to. Consumer market demand or the development of e-book.

Fifth, intelligent touch technology, to listen to more interesting, click through pages, which touch the fingers of a line of text, audio books which can automatically read a line of text, children’s book more potential, the children open book, which want to hear a story, just use your fingers to gently touch the electronic book, automatic reading of the line content. With the development of terminal devices, people can only store dozens of hundreds of audio books, listen to novels, listen to stories, and Internet technology innovation to enhance knowledge service.

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