European and American fashion brands have become targets of Chinese consortia

In January 22, 2008, Li Rucheng, President and President of Ningbo YOUNGOR group, announced that YOUNGOR had successfully completed the merger of the new Ma clothing group, the core business division of the famous American clothing enterprise Kellwood company, the core business department of the men’s clothing group, the 120 million dollar deal, which was referred to as “the first overseas merger and acquisition of Chinese clothing brand.” Case.

Since that transaction, Chinese garment enterprises have gone through 10 years in the overseas merger and acquisition. During these ten years, many enterprises follow YOUNGOR’s trajectory, expand their product category and enter the upstream of value chain with the help of international mature brand channels and business models to land the land international market and occupy the fashion Highland.

According to statistics, the number of Chinese textile and garment overseas mergers and acquisitions has increased rapidly after 2012. The total amount of the transaction is on the rise, from 2 billion 40 million RMB in 2012 to 8 billion 257 million in 2016, and the scale has increased by three times. In 2016, the number of mergers and acquisitions was 46, with a total transaction value of 23 billion 100 million yuan, with an average transaction volume of about 500 million yuan.

The European and American fashion brands have become the target of the Chinese consortium. On the one hand, because of the upgrading of the domestic consumer market, the consumer demand for high-end brands in Europe and the United States has been driven. On the other hand, China has shifted from capacity output to capital output and technology output. “Not only the acquisition of foreign brands, but also the acquisition of foreign technical assets, the best example is Shandong Ruyi group, not only bought the Swiss luxury brand Bally and so on, but also acquired lyica’s spandex fiber technology.

After 3 years of sales decline, China’s personal luxury consumption rebounded in the third quarter of 2016, and returned to the growth track in 2017. In 2017, the market size was about 142 billion yuan, up 20%.

Cheng Weixiong, founder and general manager of Shanghai Liang Qi Brand Management Co., Ltd., pointed out that the low value, low price, low threshold, low margin, low technology and low technology lead to the lower end of the industrial value chain in the domestic garment enterprises, while the distribution of the brand industry in the European and American markets is balanced in high school and low distribution, so the domestic low end popular brands need to be annexed. The medium and high grade brands give reasonable allocation of resources.

In addition, compared with the European and American garment enterprises, some capitalized Chinese clothing enterprises have a large gap in brand operation, product development and global market development and management. The current local strong brands have bottlenecks in the development of local market, and the merger and acquisition of international brands just complement their own short boards, such as brands, Product research and development, marketing, supply chain, etc. Cheng Weixiong added.

Xinbin Manchu Township shows people the unique charm and heavy history of cheongsam’s hometown culture

In April 14th, the Liaoning Tourism Development Committee was sponsored by the Liaoning Provincial Tourism Development Committee in Liaoning province and the main county and city (District) Tourism Development Committee. The Beijing Promotion Week of the four seasons tourism in Liaoning was opened in Beijing. The opening ceremony was attended by the Liaoning Tourism Development Committee, the 14 Municipal Tourism Development Committee, the Beijing Tourism Development Committee, the international tourism organization and travel agency, the non heritage and tourism industry, and the domestic and foreign tourists.

At the opening ceremony, the cheongsam – Fushun cheongsam exhibition of cheongsam – the cheongsam exhibition in the hometown of cheongsam puts the atmosphere into the climax. In the traditional flag clothes and the modern cheongsam models, the audience will be called, the gorgeous stage, the beautiful light, the classical flags traversing the time to the people, and the cultural display of the cheongsam is intoxicated.

Outside the meeting, GG from the Manchu village of Xinbin is wearing national costume to introduce his hometown and tell the Manchu culture from the friends all over the world. Many foreign friends can not help but pick up the camera and pose with our beauties.

In this promotion, Xinbin Manchu country shows its unique charm and history with its own Manchu culture and the culture of Qipao hometown. A new and flourishing new guest Manchu village attracts more tourists to come here and taste the pure Manchu culture.

Untrue propaganda: you can make yourself hot, and the warming effect is several times as many times as the traditional cotton warm underwear

At present, with the decrease of temperature, the sales of thermal underwear have risen in a straight line. There are many brands and different styles of these hot underwear, and the fabric is more and more colorful. The reporters found that many brands of underwear fever, the main component of tag marked polyester fibers (polyester), viscose fiber, modal fiber, acrylic fiber, spandex, nylon and so on, in addition, some brands are especially marked fever underwear tag made of special materials, such as “far infrared fiber” and “salad.” “by Kesi” “Outlast material”, some obscure “high-tech” noun people see dazzling.

Most of the hot underwear businesses claim that they have a high tech material in their underwear, which can heat themselves, and the effect of keeping warm is several times that of traditional pure cotton thermal underwear.

However, in the view of Zhang Tianjiao, an associate professor at Beijing Institute Of Fashion Technology, the concept of “one’s own fever” is completely inconsistent with the scientific common sense. “The concept of self heating is not in accordance with the law of conservation of energy, and there must be a source of energy.” Zhang Tianjiao said.

It is understood that the concept of fever lingerie originated from Japan. Around 2000, Japan launched a special fiber material that produces heat by absorbing water from the body. The fiber material was first used by mountaineers and was later extended to the general consumption field.

In fact, hot underwear is not “high-tech”. Because no matter what kind of material can be heated by hygroscopic. The mechanism of fiber absorption and heating is that when the fiber absorbs moisture, the hydrophilic group in the fiber molecule is combined with the water molecule, and the kinetic energy of the water molecule decreases, and at the same time, it is converted to heat release. Usually, moisture absorption and thermal properties and fiber moisture regain is greatly related to the moisture regain, moisture absorption and thermal properties, moisture regain small moisture absorption and thermal performance is poor, such as wool, modal fiber moisture absorption and good heating effect, and ordinary acrylic and polyester moisture heating effect is poor.

The heating method of the far infrared fiber is to heat and heat the heat first. Zhang Tianjiao said that it absorbs two kinds of energy: one is the energy in the environment, such as visible, infrared and far-infrared rays in the sunlight, and the other is the heat of the environment and the heat of the body itself. Far infrared fiber absorbs the energy and converts it into far infrared rays to radiate it to the human body to provide heating for the human body. “Salad” is a far-infrared radiation acrylic fiber. It is a kind of material that is used to add far-infrared radiation ceramic particles to acrylic fiber by advanced spinning technology.

Zhang Tianjiao said that the heating principle is different from the far infrared fiber, the phase change materials such as Outlast material, when the ambient temperature change, these materials will change, as the ice melts into water, water condenses into ice. When the ambient temperature rises, it absorbs heat just as ice melts into water. If the ambient temperature decreases, it will solidify, which is equivalent to water condensing to ice, so it will heat again. So this is a bi-directional tempering material. ”

But Professor Hu Guoliang of Zhejiang Sci-Tech University College of materials and textile materials pointed out that phase change conditions more stringent requirements, change relatively narrow scope, only in the corresponding temperature range, such as cold or heat to a certain extent to a certain extent, the phase change material can only play a role.

Why does the chicken start to die? The test of the first pass is too important

Parachute murder

Eating chicken is about 100 people per game, sometimes a little less, and many players will find that the start of the start will appear immediately. In fact, if the player is not killed by the fist, it may not pass the test of the first pass, that is, parachute. Many people think skydiving is easy, but if you don’t have a good command of the landing site, at the start of parachuting. Oh, let’s take a look!

Hit the tree

The place for parachuting in PUBG is the best choice for flat open areas, either land or flat roofs. Because there are some Bug in the card character model in the game, you can’t bump into some strange places. For example, the trees will cause the card to parachute, if the height of the safety distance is not enough, I’m afraid to leave the parachute a moment will be killed.

Bump into a roof

The roof should choose a flat place. If there are some strange places, it is easy to get out of the roof and get rid of the roof.

Crash building

The foothold to spacious enough, it is very easy to be judged the whereabouts card directly. So can not look at the opening of the parachute process, a lot of people have not come to pick up equipment to be parachute playing dead, the occupation is lost on the starting line.

Jump too early

Even death is the residual blood around, if there are other game player, then just make two fist died in vain. This is why a start there is reason many people dead, of course, followed by the sudden chug sound of guns. So have you ever had a parachute failure in the game?

Yiwu is the world’s largest small commodity distribution center

Yiwu city in central Zhejiang province China, located in the Eastern Jin Qu basin, 58.15 kilometers long from north to south, east-west width of 44.41 kilometers, an area of 1105 square kilometers, a population of nearly 2 million.

In the history of Yiwu has a famous figure of the Tang Dynasty, Song Dynasty, Jin Luo Zong Ze’s famous doctor Zhu Danxi and modern educator Chen Wangdao, literary theorist and historian Wu Han Feng Xuefeng.

Yiwu is Chinese’s first and only one county-level city of national comprehensive reform pilot, has been awarded the China National Health City, national environmental protection model city, Chinese excellent tourism city, National Garden City, National Forest City and Zhejiang provincial civilized demonstration city honorary title. Yiwu international trade city was awarded the first AAAA shopping area in China by the China National Tourism administration.

Yiwu is China, six counties (city), per capita income, car density ranks first in Chinese, China, is one of the most affluent areas, released 2013 Chinese the richest 10 county-level city ranked first in Forbes. Yiwu is the world’s largest small commodity distribution center, by the United Nations, the world bank and other international authoritative institutions to determine the world’s largest market.

Characteristic industries in Yiwu:

Clothing. The clothing industry is one of the pillar industries of Yiwu, a famous Yiwu Huangyuan garments market. Yiwu has become one of the four major domestic production base of the shirt of Yiwu clothing industry, many enterprises have completed the strategic adjustment, the first single product development into product shirt suits, jackets, T-shirts and other series, have “nengdali” and “proud brother” and “tingdeshuai” and other pieces of famous brand in Zhejiang Province, including “nengdali the dress has also become the” national Mianjian products”.

Ornaments.  In 1982, Yiwu began from Guangdong, Hongkong and other places selling original accessories, after 20 years of market development, Yiwu jewelry industry has achieved great development, has produced Zhejiang Neoglory jewelry Co. Ltd. and Qing Lin, Baer, sun flower, gem, Dingyou and Zhuo Yiannis and a large number of scale and grade of jewelry enterprise. Yiwu jewelry industry production and management enterprises have reached more than 3800, the annual output value of about 12 billion yuan, output and output value accounted for more than 70% of the national jewelry industry.

Zipper. The zipper industry began to develop steadily in the late 1980s. Korea, Taiwan and other places of advanced zipper manufacturing equipment into Yiwu. The main enterprises located in Economic Development Zone, Beiyuan and Houzhai, part of the backbone enterprises located in dense river. Leading products are metal, nylon, resin, plastic steel, injection molding, diamond, invisible, double open, woven, waterproof, fire and other specifications of more than 50 kinds of zipper and pull head. Annual output of 27% of the total, of which zipper exports, including indirect exports accounted for about 70%.

Knitting. To knit socks based industry, has the world’s most advanced knitting machines more than 30 thousand Taiwan, total production accounted for 40% of the country.

Wool spinning.  Yiwu has become one of the two largest woolen textile production bases in china.

Printing. Yiwu has more than 400 printing enterprises, and has the world’s most advanced printing equipment.

Toys.  Yiwu’s inflatable, plastic, plush and other toy products sell well in more than 30 countries and regions.

Craft gifts. Yiwu is China’s craft gift industry and trade base, the annual output value of more than RMB200 billion yuan, of which exports amounted to RMB160 billion yuan.

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Chinese cheongsam makes women more beautiful

According to reports, the cheongsam is the typical clothing inside and outside the harmonious unity, known as the representative of Chinese clothing culture, not only has clear art, rich poetry, beauty itself also let many women go, get addicted to them.

Recently, many foreign women from France, Albania, Russia and other countries also saw the cheongsam style when they held cultural exchanges in Shandong. For the first time saw cheongsam excitement, the girls look revealed, not only into the store to try on color and rushed to pick, and even the end are reluctant to take off. For the appearance of cheongsam, they say with one voice, “it’s so beautiful.”! Never seen such a beautiful dress.”

In May this year, Ji’nan city also has hundreds of foreign youth held “cheongsam party”, not only the scene visible many ladies wearing cheongsam appearance, some men also dressed in Chinese clothing, cheongsam show, during more guzheng performances etc..

“Fond of cheongsam will usually love to all kinds of exquisite dress in the wardrobe,” far away from France to Zhejiang Ningbo city business Li Li said, she often tasting formal occasions such as wearing a dress, cheongsam is very beautiful, very good taste, worn on the body is particularly elegant, this time back to France will also help with a little niece.”

In Zhejiang Yiwu city to sell cheongsam industry He Cuifang said, for foreigners, Chinese dress very beautiful and fashion, often have a foreign girl to pick the cheongsam, who had met more than 20 year old girl with a special interest in cheongsam.

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