Loneliness is becoming an epidemic, affecting more and more Americans

Loneliness is becoming an epidemic, affecting an increasing number of Americans. About half of the respondents are lonely, according to a US survey.

By using the “UCLA loneliness scale” online survey of 20 thousand American adults, no less than 43 points were regarded as lonely, the higher the score, the higher the loneliness and social isolation. The results showed that the average score of the respondents was 44 points, which meant that most Americans were regarded as lonely.

In May 1st, the national public broadcasting station quoted a survey report that 46% of the respondents were sometimes or often felt lonely, 47% felt forgotten, 54% often or sometimes felt no one knew themselves, 43% felt that their relationship was meaningless, and 43% felt isolated from others.

David Cordani, chief executive of CIGNA insurance, said: “half of Americans think they are lonely, and I can’t help being surprised.”

The survey shows that the loneliest generation is 18 to 22 years old, with an average score of 48.3 points. People who felt less lonely were those who spent the “right amount” of time to sleep, exercise, work, and interact with their family, regardless of the amount of “right amount”. In addition, the respondents who lived with others also felt less lonely.

Don’t let the boudoir become the third one in a love affair

1.  First of all, your relationship satisfies most of the requirements for girlfriends. For example, talk about it, go shopping together, Tucao, have common likes and dislikes, deep feelings and so on.

2.  You have inner strength, usually only two of you can feel it. It may be that learning may be work, but it will feel the pressure of competing with each other anyway.

3.  She is never willing to admit that you are good, everyone has their own advantages and disadvantages, and ninety percent of them can see that your advantages are not worth mentioning in her.

4.  You will always be a special presence in her. You will not be angry at others, and will rush to you. She won’t refuse anyone’s help, but it will do for you.

5.  When you feel sad or encounter difficulties, she will not take the initiative to comfort you or help you.

If you have such a fake honey beside you, you need to be careful. In front of this kind of girlfriends, be sure to keep a low profile and not show off your love and happiness too much, which will cause envy and jealousy.

Dating is a time shared by your boyfriend and your boyfriend. You can’t let her go in. The advantages and disadvantages of boyfriends are not secret in girlfriends. Remember to talk more about shortcomings and advantages, so as to prevent girlfriends from indulge in fantasy. When you need help, don’t let your boyfriend help you alone. Don’t give them the chance to get along alone.

Date books – things don’t go out too quickly

Dating is not a cure. There are many ways to stifle the relationship between men and women. “It’s hard to bear”. “Everything is going to be asked” is the two reason.

Under the influence of psychotherapy and self – growth books, it is easy for women to dig out their lungs at the first few dates, tell the past relationship, hurt and fear, alcoholism and so on, which is not only boring and lethal, but also clever and relaxed, interesting and mysterious, which is why we suggest not to be too fast. The plate is pulled out.

You can put it in the back and slowly say that you are no longer you, you know the mistake you’ve made before, it is too early to say it and before you are the same to him, we always worry about the other person will worry about our previous situation, first of all you should let him fall in love with you now, and you are the most true.

Follow up and wait for you to be together. Let’s say it slowly. You’ll find that he doesn’t care about the details. In a few months or even a year with you, he has fully accepted you now, believing that you are not so important in the past. It is your present that he has accepted his love, and you deserve it.

Korean women marry more, climb less

A recent statistics show that in the past 35 years, the proportion of Korean women’s “lower marriage” to a husband who is lower than their educational background has increased significantly. On the contrary, Korean women with higher educational background had a significant reduction.

According to reports, the Korea Health and Social Research Institute released the report on the social and economic disparity between spouses and the plan to deal with low fertility rate on the same day. The report said that according to the data analysis of the total family population survey in South Korea from 1970 to 2015, the proportion of couples with equal educational backgrounds increased from 58.1% in 1970 to 78.5% in 2015, and the proportion of two couples with different educational backgrounds dropped from 41.9% to 21.5%.

It is worth mentioning that the ratio of husband and wife less than husband is 41% from 35 years ago to 11%, which is down to 1/4. At the same time, the ratio of wives’ education to husbands increased from 0.9% to 10.5%. According to the report analysis, in the past, Korean women’s college enrollment rate is relatively low, so men with a college degree find it difficult to marry women who have the same educational background.

However, as the overall level of education in South Korea, especially the level of women’s education, the proportion of the equal education and even the “female male low” is obviously increased, which shows that the level of education between the couple is more equal.

However, although the educational level of husband and wife in Korea is more and more equal, the traditional family concept and structure of men and women are not changing. Compared with the past, women are given more expectation in economic income, but the burden of housework and children’s education is not shared by their husbands. These “thing” is still mainly by women, girls do not lead to “carry” on whether children hesitate.

Of the 6 couples interviewed, 2 women gave up their careers to give birth or treat infertility. Some women who are engaged in freelance or short-term work do not enjoy the relevant government subsidies at all. Even those who have regular jobs, some people don’t know that the government has subsidy policy when they are born. The report cautioned that these cases showed that the government’s support and subsidy policies for childbearing and child care were not in place.

Although the educational level of the Korean couples is more and more equal, even the female is stronger than the male, the Korean society is still the “male master” structure of the husband who is in charge of the family and the female is responsible for the family. The report suggests that it is necessary for the government to adjust relevant policies with the times, such as the active implementation of the system aimed at encouraging men to participate in housework and childcare, so as to promote the real equality of couples in the family. Or, the government should change the prevailing “overtime work” in Korean society, so as to create a social atmosphere of two working families.

Early dating techniques: capture your date

1,  I don’t have to think about him before the first three dates. I know that even so, I still miss it, but girl, don’t show it.

2,  Don’t let him go to your house on the first date. It’s better to meet in the downstairs hall or to the restaurant.

3,  Don’t like everything like a friend for many years, this does not bring you closer together, there is no sense of mystery will only reduce his interest in you.

4,  4-5 hours ahead of time is enough for me to finish the appointment. I know you can’t forget it, but you must find a reason to go away like Cinderella. If Cinderella had a relationship with the prince that night, I believe the ending is quite different.

You need to be completely relaxed and you get along very well, but it’s not so easy to do. You have to show he is not so sure you not take it seriously, whether at the same time there are other dates.

After the first date: don’t call him on the phone

After the first date, you may forget to him, and he wanted to call 24 hours of uninterrupted sleep, even sleepless, smirking. But please remember girls, do not take the initiative to call them (as they do not take the initiative to WeChat), there is no need to, don’t let them find you begin to love them, to have a strong interest in them, which will reduce the hunters (male) of prey (you) the level of interest.

The boys are extremely narcissistic animal, you have a look in the past, he will feel like you can’t wait to have sex with him (male and female thinking is completely different, for example, generally about ex girlfriend out of the male, that will happen, if there is no relationship, even the heart will be very angry. Secretly scold the former girlfriend of ruthless, feel still attractive, sure of his former girlfriend hustling.

A woman has the same if looked at him, he would think this lady already stripped naked to have sex with him. But what if you really miss him very much? Teach you a way to use WeChat’s file transfer assistant to send out, when you really send the letter, if you think this method is stupid, this method can let you dispel the impulse to send messages voluntarily, I am also gratified.

At the same time, often call for love boyfriend, often will inevitably happen Zaoxin thing, for example he watch the game playing the game, or other things to do, if he did not reply in a timely manner, most of the women is always uneven, began to complain or suspicious, you say this is why?

Photographing wedding photo in the bright sunshine of the snow area has become a new fashion

Handsome groom knelt, a solemn promise; the beautiful bride dressed in Tibet style dress, smiling. The photographer pressed the shutter, setting unforgettable moments for eternity… This scene is in front of the Potala Palace every day. The main characters in the picture are mostly tourists from the mainland.

Photographing wedding photo in the bright sunshine of the snow area has become a new fashion for visitors to Tibet.

Before entering the palace of marriage, Ms. sun and her boyfriend in Taizhou, Zhejiang, went to Tibet to take a wedding photo. In 2 days, the photographer took hundreds of wedding photos for two people.

“I was the first time to come to Tibet, in the nearest place to take wedding photos, feeling that our love is more than a different meaning!” He said.

In the eyes of many lovers, Tibet is the closest place to the day, where wedding photos are photographed, more to symbolize the purity of love.

Lhasa Caiwang photographers engaged in wedding photography for 10 years. “New people take pictures, not to take a lot of gorgeous scene, not the pursuit of many shapes, but in the hope of a good place to leave the memorial. After years of opening up the album, I still remember the drops of love. Wang said.

In recent years, the tourism industry in Tibet has developed rapidly. Data show that in 2017, Tibet received 25 million 614 thousand tourists both at home and abroad, and realized tourism revenue of 37 billion 940 million RMB, up 10.6% and 14.7%, respectively. In order to attract visitors to Tibet, from February 1, 2018 to April 30th, all the admission tickets in Tibet A-level scenic spots were free.

Looking at the personal data of a potential partner may also lead to a joint assessment of the state of mind

Looking for lovers in different channels, people tend to assess the prospect of love relationships in different ways. Many studies outside the field of love psychology show that when people compare multiple side-by-side options, the priority factors are often different from independent evaluations of specific events. The former is called the joint evaluation mentality, and the latter is called the independent evaluation mentality.

A study of college freshmen discussed the difference in the allocation of dormitories. Most of the students are more concerned with physical features, such as the location of the building and the size of the room, before they know which of the 12 dormitories are to be randomly assigned. In fact, these attributes do not ultimately affect their satisfaction with the dorm. On the other hand, some experience factors, such as the relationship with roommates and the social atmosphere in the dorm, are better than any physical factor in the dorm.

An explanation for this difference between expectation and reality is that most freshmen are in a joint evaluation mentality when they want to live in dormitories, while they are living independently in their dormitories. Before moving into the dorm, they are more sensitive to insignificant physical differences, because these differences are easy to judge. Browsing personal data of potential love subjects may also lead to a joint evaluation mentality, and lead users to overestimate some elements that are easy to see.

In fact, personal information is full of details, which are often easy to distinguish, but have nothing to do with promoting a relationship and promoting a sense of happiness. For example, through personal data, you can easily assess each other’s educational level and appearance, but you need to evaluate your charm and affinity and face to face with each other.

Joint assessment will also enhance the so-called assessment mentality and destroy the mindset of action. The person in the assessment mentality is based on a critical assessment of a particular option based on the available alternative. And people in a mental state of action focus on specific options, such as an ideal partner and a strong pursuit of the goal.

To be sure, all dates involve a certain degree of assessment. However, facing the numerous website users’ information, one by one comparing the evaluation will create a strong assessment mentality for all users, and the action mentality for a specific user is weaker.

One way to get rid of this problematic mindset is to take a moment to imagine what it would be like to talk face to face with people in the material. The mental simulation of a social interaction may make people less critical, but more actively to think about the way they live in harmony with each other. Like dealing with overloading, don’t waste time comparing a person’s information with too many people.

Social analysis: age at first marriage postponed marriage rate continued to decline

Not long ago, the media reported that in 2017, the average age at first marriage in Jiangsu is 34.2 years old, female 34.3 years old, male 34.1 years old. And in 2012, the average age at first marriage in Jiangsu at the age of 29.6, in 2015 at the age of 32.4.

Age at first marriage postponed a press, it caused a lot of hot friends, someone said, “she was 30 years old, indeed the anxious”, also the netizen complain, “housing prices are so high, how to get married?”

In fact, not only in Jiangsu, according to earlier media reports, Guangdong, Shanghai and other places of first marriage age has repeatedly postponed.

In addition to the first marriage age China delayed, the marriage rate continues to decline in recent years. According to the data of the Ministry of civil affairs, in 2016, the civil affairs departments at all levels and the marriage registration institutions have handled 11 million 428 thousand pairs of marriage registration in accordance with the law, down by 6.7% over the previous year. In addition, from 2013 to 2016, the marriage rate in China declined year after year, from 9.92 per thousand in 2013 to 8.3 per thousand in 2016.

Zhang Hua, a graduate student at the Sichuan University, is 28 years old this year, and his hometown is in the countryside of Yunnan province. Nowadays, most of Zhang Hua’s playmates have been parents, some children have even been reading primary school.

Zhang Hua didn’t seem to be worried about his marriage. He told reporters that he had recently received the school’s recommendation that he didn’t receive tuition fees and read doctor’s qualifications, so he would continue to pursue advanced studies.

“Now I don’t even have a girlfriend. What’s the marriage?” Zhang Hua said that it was not easy to learn from the countryside to today’s University. Now there is no car and no room, and it is still necessary to fight in the city. It is better to do it better.

Also the older single, Li Bo, 32, came from Harbin. Li Bo’s parents are now retired, and they are only looking forward to their early grandchildren.

Facing the single troubles and pressure from parents, Li Bo told reporters that he could not bear to let the parents worry, but marriage is marriage must be careful. “I’ve been a couple of girls before, but I don’t think it’s right.”

In recent years, because of the busy study and career, or because of the pressure of social competition, more and more young people Chinese or active or passive rest, marriage seems to be the inevitable.

In recent years, marriage is a common phenomenon in the world, Chinese is no exception, first marriage age increasing.” Zhang Chewei, a researcher at the Institute of population and labor economics of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, analyzed the reporters.

Zhang Chewei said, marry behind the phenomenon, for many reasons, for example, the subjective aspect, young people today are more independent, more educated, they are more willing to pursue their own value. The objective factors in social development, it also brings more pressure to young people, the social factors of marriage are more complex, these will have an impact on the age at first marriage.

Lovers, 13000 kilometers away, travel around the world by kissing

Today I will introduce to you, is a lovely ordinary couple, they are called “dipkiss” couple, because every time they will travel in the landmark building, take a picture of a kiss.

Male Rob and girl student Joli encounter is also very romantic, they met on the road, but Rob is from the United States, and Joli is from Philippines. At the distance of 13000 kilometers, they have feelings and tacit understanding through the Internet.

Finally, because of the ferment of the feelings, they finally decided to meet again. But this time, two people began to travel and love all over the world.

As they travel souvenirs, each of them to a new journey, will take a picture of kissing photos, will at least take a photo in their access to the local dipkiss”. Years later, they have collected a lot of photos and shared their travels with the world…

At the very beginning, they only shared their travel pleasure with their friends and relatives. Recently, they decided to inspire more couples and couples who are in love with their own photos, so that they can feel more confident in their feelings.

Until third years after their trip, Rob finally asked Joli to marry him in Moscow, Russia! Two people three years of long-distance love, finally make it right.

So they began to deal with all kinds of visa problems and required documents, and finally completed a most romantic wedding in front of two relatives and friends.