In 2018, the 30 best overseas cities ranked first in London

According to reports, QS, the global higher education analysis agency, released the 30 best places to study in 2018, ranking first in London.

Ranking depends on the number of top universities in the city, the local employment market, cultural diversity and quality of life. Based on the survey of 50 thousand students, QS tries to quantify the attraction and advantages of the city to students.

For the students in London, there are more world – class universities than any other city, including the Imperial College London, the University College London, the London School of economics and the king’s college. Students can also enter museums, theaters, cinemas and restaurants to enjoy cultural life.

There’s a lot of job opportunities in London. As an international metropolis, London is inclusive and diverse. Overseas students here do not feel isolated and excluded. However, the cost of living in London is very high, often higher than that of students. Ben, director of research at QS, said the results showed that “London is a place for learning, but the level of consumption is also a shame”. Sowter

The second place is Tokyo, Japan, which is more desirable. The main factors are safety, pollution index and quality of life. Of all the cities, Toronto, Canada is generally regarded as the most attractive city, followed by Tokyo and Amsterdam. In the world university academic rankings, American universities dominate. The top four of Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s top rankings are American universities.

Among the favorite cities, only two of the top 30 cities are Boston and New York. For the most affordable cities, Hungary ranked the highest in Budapest, followed by Malaysia Kuala Lumpur. Another annual study published this week by QS shows that the two most important factors for foreign students to consider are the quality of teaching and whether the geographical location of the university is “popular”.

London’s rankings may trigger a long debate in Britain about overseas students and visa requirements. Earlier this year, a study by QS found that foreign students contributed 20 billion pounds a year to the British economy. The analysis said London was only 4 billion 600 million pounds. The think tank says the findings support calls for international students to be removed from migration targets.

In addition to Tokyo, the other 28 cities are: Melbourne, Montreal, Paris, Munich, Berlin, Zurich, Sydney, Seoul, Vienna, Hongkong, Toronto, Boston, Singaporean, Zurich, Kyoto Manchester, Buenos Aires, Beijing, Amsterdam, Moscow, Shanghai and Prague.

Unmanned minibus were opened on campus

At 10 a.m. on May 8th, Yuan Wei, a doctoral student at the College of electronic information and electrical engineering, Shanghai Jiaotong College of electronic information and electrical engineering, swept the site of a two dimensional code with a mobile WeChat in the entrance to the gymnasium of the Xuhui campus stadium, calling unmanned bus to join him to Jiaotong University History Museum. 2 minutes later, the unmanned minibuses came slowly from the campus and opened the door in front of Yuan Wei.

The unmanned bus will automatically arrive at the station and deliver passengers to the destination. After boarding, passengers can adjust their destinations at any time by car touchscreen or artificial voice interaction system, wherever they want to go. Yang Ming, the head of the Shanghai Jiao Tong University’s intelligent car laboratory, said that the unmanned mini bar is still in the trial run stage. The driving area is limited to the campus. “The Minhang campus is currently planning 3 stations, the electric yard, the mobile college, the south gate, and the Xuhui campus since May 2nd. Kuang Liang Hao, the car can carry up to 8 people at the moment, as long as the call is on call. ”

The minibus carried Yuan Wei along the campus road slowly, and a walking student in front blocked the way of the minibus. “Dripping, dripping”, no minibus automatically whistled to remind, then gradually slowed down until the stop, and so on before the students walked away slowly to return to normal speed.

It is understood that the unmanned mini bar has adopted an intelligent algorithm designed by Zhang Jianlin, a master of electronic information and electrical engineering college, which can handle various dangerous scenes that may be encountered during the operation of a small bus, so as to ensure the safety of the passengers and passengers in the car.

The existing unmanned vehicles are too dependent on GPS for positioning, while in Xuhui campus, such GPS signals are difficult to work properly. In order to solve this problem, the doctoral student Guo Lindong of Jiaotong University of electronic information and electrical engineering used SLAM technology to establish the Xuhui campus laser point cloud map, and the unmanned vehicle is located and navigate through the map matching, so that the unmanned mini bar has a wider application scene.

In order to make the unmanned mini bar more secure, it can operate smoothly and normally in various environmental conditions, and the university has developed a more reliable core sensor, which makes the unmanned mini bar work normally in the rain and snow days. At present, the maximum speed is 15 kilometers per hour during the trial operation stage. After the formal operation, the speed will be increased appropriately under the premise of ensuring safety.

“The car itself can recognize the action of blocking, and it can identify some people and vehicles that do not follow the rules of the road. At present, we will also be equipped with security personnel on the car, and in most cases, the security personnel do not have to do anything, but when some emergency situations are encountered, he will press the emergency stop switch to ensure safety first, the outside of the bus also has a quick stop switch, which can be pressed from the external personnel so that the car will stop urgently.

If you pass the test, there is no need for a security officer in the real operation stage. ” Yang Ming introduced that this unmanned mini bar is a L4 automatic driving system. There is no steering wheel and pedal brake pedal on the car. The system can automatically observe the environment, carry on the steering and acceleration and decelerate control, and can also realize automatic driving through multi sensor fusion. The charge is 5 – 6 hours and can be extended for one day.

In the beautiful Chinese West Lake, Hangzhou, a new university will be born: West Lake University

Recently, the Ministry of Education formally approved the establishment of West Lake University in Zhejiang province. The University of West Lake is a non-profit research university, which is held by the social forces and supported by the state. It mainly carries out the research of basic frontier science and technology, starting from the training of doctoral graduate students, and plans a full-time system of no more than 5000 students.

The Education Department of Zhejiang province indicates that the establishment of West Lake university is a new measure to innovate the institutional mechanism of higher education in China. It is of great significance to the exploration of the government’s support to mobilize the social forces to gather first-rate academic talents and to build a world class university.

As a team organization and social organization, the primary characteristic of modern universities is autonomy in running schools. Schools have academic autonomy, diversity of resource absorption, and the equal relationship between school power and student rights, which is the key element of a modern university.

According to the requirements of the modern university system, West Lake University will strive to build a sound governance system, and the school shall set up a party committee at the same time, so as to improve the direction of running schools. This setting is worth looking forward to. On the premise of adhering to the correct direction of running a school, it is helpful to reduce the cost of the school’s trial and error and improve the efficiency of running a school by taking full reference to the advanced international experience in running school.

It is particularly noteworthy that the West Lake University’s adoption of a non-governmental school running mode of fund-raising will enable schools to get rid of financial dependence economically. This mode of financing makes the University of West Lake different from the traditional public colleges and universities, which helps to maintain the autonomy and high management efficiency of school running, and helps to build up the modern university system.

As the principal of the West Lake University, Shi Yigong is a academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and a famous structural biologist. I have a high academic achievement and have a unique view on higher education. As the first president of the University of West Lake, he said in an open speech not long ago that by the end of 2019, the University of West Lake, 15 years later, became one of the best universities in the world on various indicators.

To prevent children from indulging in Internet, parents should not use mobile phones as babysitters

Why is the network “charming”? To some extent, the Internet is not just a network cable or a WiFi, but rather a social interaction, entertainment, leisure, athletics, reading. This virtual world is colorful and full. How to compete with the “charming” network for primary and secondary school students is a difficult problem.

“The hearts of primary and middle school students are like a vast field. The best way to make fields not long” weeds “is to plant a golden rice. Experts suggest creating colorful extracurricular life so that children can put more energy into effective learning, outdoor sports and social practice activities. Children can naturally improve their immunity to bad Internet content when they are fed up with the “mental feast”.

“The network behavior of young people, the school should not be blocked, and the passive and passive prevention of adverse Internet access, it is better to actively guide young people to the Internet and healthy Internet.” In the study, many schools have found that many schools have issued rules about the use of mobile phones for students, such as “no mobile phone in the classroom”, but most of them are limited to whether or not they are allowed or not used, and lack of effective guidance on how students use mobile phones and specific Internet behaviors.

Experts suggest that the Internet should be guided to help teenagers understand what the network is and what a moral network behavior is. She said that the practice of some countries should be used for reference. For example, in Japan, the “teenager Internet navigator” has been set up to “navigate” on the status and danger of the network society, how teenagers grasp the scale of network use, how to carry on the self monitoring and management of the Internet. In Korea, the ethical content of the network has been included in the teaching materials of primary and junior high school, and the moral and computer teaching in high school. In the wood.

Parents should educate and guide, set an example, attach importance to accompany, dredge psychology, cooperate with schools, and build a solid defense line to prevent primary and middle school students from indulging in the Internet. If the parents themselves are “mobile phone control” and “bow family”, how can we expect children to control themselves? Experts have found that some students are addicted to Internet and mobile travel, which are related to their growing environment.

Some parents often do not allow their children to disturb themselves, they often use mobile phones as “electronic nanny”, let cartoon and mobile games grow up with children; some parents go out to work, children become left behind children, the smart phone bought for the convenience of contact is “lost control”… Experts introduce, in Ningbo national high tech Zone Experimental School, each year will organize Freshmen’s parents to participate in special activities to guide parents to pay attention to the harm of electronic products and online games.

Parents are the first teachers of children, and families are the children’s first schools. “Parents should first do what they want them to do.” Experts suggest that parents should first look at whether their way of Internet is reasonable, whether the content is active, set an example to the children, and let the children learn to use the network in a healthy way.

“Many parents feel that children begin to hate learning because they like to surf the Internet. In fact, many children are addicted to the Internet because they hate learning. If learning occupies most of the life of a child, it will give an opportunity to indulge in the Internet. Experts remind that parents should cultivate a wide range of interests and interests of children and give children high quality companionship, such as reading, playing chess, sports, doing housework, visiting relatives and friends, traveling around the family, visiting museums and appreciating concerts, so as to attract rich and colorful real life to attract children.

Explore the Southeast Asian Millennium Buddhist kingdom: Kampuchea monks have a very high special status

Parents in Kampuchea encourage their sons and grandchildren to serve as monks, and if a family is a monk, it is a glorious matter that relatives and friends and neighbourhood neighbors will come and send out the gongs and drums. When a boy reaches about 5–10 years old, his parents are going to prepare a family ceremony. This is very important for every family.

Walking along the streets or Angkor caves of Kampuchea, you can see monks wearing orange scarf and yellow umbrella at any time and place. What is puzzling is that only the monks in the country can take umbrellas to shade the sun and rain. People are afraid to take umbrellas. A woman who loves beauty is afraid of sunning her face. She can only wear a hat.

In Kampuchea, the monk has a very high special status. As long as he is wearing a robe, he is regarded as an inviolable person. He can not arrest, refuse military service or pay taxes. After shaving the monks, there are superior regulations in employment and marriage.

A man in Kampuchea must get married once in his life and admit his adult in society. From the king to the common people, a monk must be born in his life as a monk. The number of monks can be unlimited, time can be long and short, some are monks for life, and more are years, months or even one or two weeks.

Being a monk is the religious obligation of the people of Kampuchea. It is the way to thank the parents for their sacrifice, or to be a kind of spiritual cultivation before they have encountered trouble or made major decisions. Even if we break the law, we can only do it through religious organizations.

The ancient Angkor Dynasty once experienced many periods, such as Brahmanism, Hinduism (NEO Brahmanism), Mahayana Buddhism and hayana Buddhism. Buddhism was introduced into Kampuchea as early as third Century, and until now it is still a state religion in Kampuchea. More than 95% of the people are believers.

Kampuchea temple has always been the center of religious activities as well as the center of culture and art. Monks spread Buddhist ideas to people, teach children to read and learn culture, and publicize health knowledge.

Education children can’t touch a game of special danger

Although the blame should not be blamed on a single party, experts emphasize that this view does not apply to a few games of exceptional circumstances: “they are particularly dangerous, and parents must keep their children away.”

One kind is the real violence game. With the progress of technology, the violent and bloody plot in the video game is becoming more and more vivid, like a huge virtual mirror, blurring the boundaries between players and game characters. Players are becoming accustomed to the killing and bloody scenes in the game. All kinds of violence suggest that the players may desalination of the fear of violence. In real society, it is easy to commit crimes, especially for young people who have not yet formed a complete moral concept and lack of recognition ability.

The other is to induce consumer games. Because of the lack of self-control of minors themselves, the lack of concept of network consumption and the lack of necessary value guidance, there are often some children in the process of online travel, step by step is induced to produce large consumption.

In fact, these two kinds of games are always a good hand to catch the eye and attract the players to “enter the pit”. They are known as “infamous”, but many times they can continue to hide in the regulatory gray zone.

However, it was a moment. In April 17th, the Ministry of culture and tourism after the official registration was first checked and rectified, and 50 network games, such as “Chu Liu Xiang”, “wilderness action”, were collected and cleaned up.

In the official list of reasons to be cleaned up, it includes the two types of dangerous guidance that experts say – advocating violence and instigating crime; by random extraction, and so on, to induce players to invest in legal money or virtual currency to obtain Internet travel products and services.

Not many men who dare to claim feminism

Last year, I promoted my new book to a University (my alma mater).

During the free exchange, a sociology student called himself a feminist and asked me if I could talk about women’s rights next time.

I am particularly curious that there are not many men who call themselves feminism these days.

“That’s because most men don’t know what women’s rights are. They think women’s rights are women who want to overthrow men and oppress men.” The boy laughed shyly.

I asked him how to understand women’s rights. He said that men and women, personal freedom, all people were not bound by sex, were not abducted by ideas, men and women helped each other and needed each other.

To tell you the truth, I saw the boy who understands women’s rights so thoroughly.

At that time, he was particularly proud of his alma mater.

We often feel that the patriarchal society, as the name suggests, is to protect men’s rights. The male dominated society does not protect most men, nor does it protect women. It maintains the right part of men who stand at the highest point of rights.

Universities offer “weight loss classes”: fat students get credit for weight reduction, and there are restrictions on enrollment

In recent two days, Nanjing Agricultural University’s “weight loss class” has attracted a lot of attention. The course introduction shows that the course is mainly for obese college students. The course selection is one of the following conditions: the body mass index (BMI) BMI is more than 28, or the percentage of body fat is Fat% or more, so it can be selected. There are 18 classes in each semester. The course teacher said that the students who had chosen the course lost an average of 5kg weight, and a student who lost the most weight was minus 26 kilograms. He said that this class should take a high score, not only to see weight loss, but to combine body fat rate and many other indicators.

Weight loss 7.13% is qualified

The teacher in charge of this course, Zhou Quanfu, an associate professor of Sports Department of Nanjing Agricultural University, has introduced the course for 3 years. In order to mobilize the enthusiasm of students, the grading standards of courses have been revised repeatedly.

He said that the score of fat reduction was 60% in 100 points. The main criterion for evaluating the 60 points is weight. “First semester students can get full marks by only 3% of their original weight. Later it was found that reducing 3% was very easy, and gradually increased to 5% until now 7.13%.

Zhou Quanfu said, in addition to weight reduction, the term fat reduction effect in this semester also includes body fat content effect of 10 points, skeletal muscle effect of 5 points, body fat rate of 5 points, weight effect of only 40 points. He said the move was to prevent some students from being reluctant to exercise, hoping to reduce weight by dieting. “While not eating, it can also reduce weight, but the skeletal muscle content will be reduced, but it will be deducted.”

12% of the obesity rate contributed to the “weight loss class”

According to Zhou Quanfu, the other 40 points in physical education included 20 points in physical quality, 10 points in peacetime and 10 points in theoretical examination. It was these 20 points of physical quality that gave birth to the idea of offering exercise reducing fat classes.

Zhou Quanfu said that around 2013, he made a survey among all the students in the school, and found that the obesity rate reached 12%, some of which were still severely obese. For these students, obesity not only affects their own health, but also leads to the difficulty of passing college sports. He said that physical education is a compulsory course in grade one or two of college, with a total of 4 credits.

Students can choose sports courses such as table tennis, basketball, badminton and so on, and get a credit every semester. But no matter what items, physical fitness accounted for 45% of the total score, mainly testing long-distance running, chin up or sit ups. “For the obese students, it is difficult to run one thousand meters, the introduction is not to do a few, so not in class, I feel that they can not pass the sports.”

In view of these students, Zhou Quanfu has set up a exercise reduction class in school to help students lose weight through aerobic endurance exercises, auxiliary strength exercises, diet control and nutritional intervention.

The body fat rate is over 30% to sign up

The effect is obvious, Zhou Quanfu disclosed that since the establishment of the curriculum for 3 years, the average weight of students participating in the program has been reduced by 5kg. Some students who are seriously overweight will choose this course for several consecutive sessions. The maximum weight loss for a two-year period will be reduced by 26 kg.

Hu Yongye, a sophomore in college this year, has chosen sports fat reduction classes for two consecutive terms. “Reduced by 18 kilograms, we all say thin is very obvious.” Hu Yong said that, in addition to looking more mentally after losing weight, the biggest gain in the course was that his physical fitness had become better and would not “take a few steps to breathe” as before. Unfortunately, Hu has lost the qualification to take this course after his weight is up to standard.

According to the official website of the Department of physical education of Nanjing Agricultural University, the class of sports fat reduction is mainly for the obese college students. After students log on to the website, they need to be screened at the site. The main contents of the course include the basic theory and practice of exercise reducing fat, aerobic endurance exercise, auxiliary strength exercise, diet control and nutrition intervention, and foreign course.

Zhou Quanfu revealed that now this course is very popular among students, and some students who have gone to the class want to continue to consolidate, but as long as the body fat rate reaches the standard, there is no further qualification.

The most representative scenic spot in the “Tian hang” karst cave group is Dashi Wai

Dashi Wai pits is located in the north of Tong Le Village, 23 kilometers from the county town of Leye County, China. It belongs to the dry hot valley of the red water Henan end. It is the most representative of the whole “Tian pits” cave group and one of the most famous scenic spots. It is called “the Palace of the Earth of natural precipice”.

The underground forest area of Dashi Wai pit is 96 thousand square meters, the vertical depth is 613 meters, the East and the West are 600 meters, the north and South width are 420 meters, the volume is about 80 million cubic meters. The underground forest area is the first in the world, the depth is the second in the world, and the volume is the third in the world.

The underground karst cave at the bottom of the original forest is 50~200 meters high and 70~150 meters wide. There are two underground and 7~13 meters underground river in the cave. It is one of the underground rivers with the largest flow and the farthest flow in the river at present in Guangxi.

In the two dark rivers, one is cold, the other is warm, and the two rivers are about 30 kilometers. There are many underground aquatic organisms in the river. The most characteristic of the river is the transparent blind fish. There are golden beaches and colorful rocks and huge chemical deposits on both sides of the river bank.

At the bottom of the lower reaches of the Dashi cave, 6 km away from the lower reaches of the river, there is a waterfall 30 to 50 meters wide and about 100 meters high. In September 2004, the sixth generation descendant of Dawa Zi, Xinjiang, succeeded in crossing the Dashi Wan sinkhole on foot, adding to its boundless humanistic charm.

Evidence shows that over the past 10 years, the teaching industry has been gradually feminization

Teachers are highly sexed professions. In OECD economies, from pre school education to higher education, women account for 2/3 on average. The gender imbalance of teachers is especially serious in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Russia. About 4/5 of these countries are women. Among the 31 countries with data, Japan is the only country with a lower proportion of female teachers than the male teachers, and the female teachers account for 48%. This result may be related to the overall lower female participation rate in the Japanese labor market.

There is much evidence that the teaching industry has been feminization in the past 10 years. For example, in the OECD member economies, the proportion of average female teachers increased from 61% in 2005 to 65% in 2010 and 68% in 2014. The proportion of female teachers varies from country to country in countries with available data. However, there are significant differences in the increase of female teachers in various economies, such as slovena and American female teachers, which is up to less than 1%, while Germany, Greece and Japan have increased by 15%.

Although women account for the majority of teachers’ careers, their proportion in leadership positions is still insufficient. According to the survey data in 2016, 68% of the secondary school teachers in OECD economies were women, but the proportion of female principals was 45%. Because principals usually arise from teachers, this shows that female teachers are less likely to be promoted to principals as men.

In addition, there are gender imbalance in different educational fields. In 2015, in the junior middle school stages of OECD economies, the proportion of female teachers in science, mathematics and technology was lower than their proportion in the whole teaching industry.

With the improvement of education stage, gender imbalance has gradually decreased, and the proportion of female teachers has tended to decline. In the OECD economy, in the preschool education stage, the female teachers accounted for 97%, the primary school stage accounted for 82%, the secondary school stage decreased to 63%, the higher education stage was 43%. This phenomenon is very common in most countries with data. In primary schools, the number of female teachers in all countries is over 60% except Saudi Arabia and Turkey. In the higher education stage, only 4 countries in Finland, Lithuania, Latvia and Russia have more female teachers than male teachers.