The famous wildlife area in Tibet – the Wuqi and wal National Nature Reserve

Wapiti is the largest deer after moose, and is named after its body like a steed. The genus lactation, deer subfamily and deer. Wild wapiti is a large wild animal. It belongs to two key protected wild animals in national and autonomous regions.

It is located in the northeast of Tibet autonomous region of China. It has beautiful scenery and good natural environment. It is a famous wild animal area in Tibet. There are hundreds of wild animals, such as deer, deer, Shi Qingyang, Tibetan gazelle and so on.

In 1993, by the declaration of the government of the county of like Wuqi and approved by the people’s Government of the Tibet autonomous region, an autonomous regional nature reserve was established in the long Mao Ling township of the county of like Wuqi, and the protection station of the wapiti was also built. In 2005, it was promoted to a national nature reserve.

Up to now, the total area of the Wuqi qelu National Nature Reserve is 1206.146 square kilometers. At present, 488 people are employed in the protected area, while there are nearly 2000 people in the surrounding villages and towns as Rangers, which mainly protect the wapiti and its living environment.

Waitomo Cave: thousands of fireflies are shining brightly in the cave

A limestone cave in the north central part of New Zealand, about 80 km south of South ham, near the main branch of the White River. There are tourist roads. The underground caverns have exquisite stalactites and stalagmites, and boat tours along the underground river are most attractive.

Many people have had the experience of catching fireflies, and after a long chase in the dark, they put small fireflies into the bottle and glimmering through the glass. It is a dream for many people to let fireflies fly like stars in the sky.

In a small city on the North Island of New Zealand, this dream can come true: thousands of fireflies are shining in the cave, and the natural wonders are called “the Ninth Wonder of the world”.

More than 160 kilometers from Oakland drove southward to the town of huetom. In Maori, Huimo means “green water encirclement”. Here is the blue mountain towering, the brook murmur. At the entrance of Waitomo Cave is a wooden house with a wooden roof, with a Maori totem on it.

The Waitomo Cave is located in the huantom cave area of New Zealand, and is famous for its underground cavern phenomenon. The lower limestone formations constitute a series of huge cave systems, decorated by various stalactites and stalagmites and fireflies.

Some cave caves in Waitomo Cave are open to tourists and others are used by experts. It is fascinating to sit on a bamboo raft to see the cave beneath the dark cave. Sitting alone on a bamboo raft and drifting along the underground river. It can also be drifting all the way under the guide of the guide.

Other activities in the area include horse riding, four wheeled bicycles and jet speedboats. The local population is about 9500, with tourist centers, various accommodation and cafes, and Limited shopping shops.

The 19 beam L band receiver is being installed on the 500 m spherical radio telescope in China

The “China sky eye” 500 meter diameter spherical radio telescope (FAST) is installing the first international 19 beam L band receiver, which is expected to be put into operation in early June. The most advanced 19 beam feed receiver in the world is jointly developed by Chinese and Australian scientists. After commissioning, the speed of FAST survey will increase by 5 to 6 times. At the same time, more scientific observation targets will be expanded.

Despite the limited observation capability of the UWB single beam receiver used before, 14 new pulsars were found in “China sky eye”. The newly discovered millisecond pulsar once again highlights the great potential of “China’s eye” in pulsar search. In 2015, China and Australia signed a contract for the development of the 19 beam receiver. After more than 1 years, with the joint efforts of Chinese and Australian scientists, the world’s first 19 beam L band receiver has been successfully developed. The receiver weighs 1.2 tons and costs about 20000000 RMB.

Jin Chengjin, the chief engineer of the FAST project receiver system, told reporters that the 19 beam L band receiver has the highest sensitivity. After the formal investment, the FAST efficiency will be greatly improved, and it will play a major role in the search for pulsars and the spectral line observation. Douglas Hyman, the head of the Australian CSIRO project, said the successful development of the 19 beam L band receiver is based on CSIRO years of technology accumulation. Previously, the world’s most advanced 13 beam receiver was developed by CSIRO.

With the use of the 19 beam L band receiver, the “China sky eye” observation will obtain more accurate positioning images of the radio source, find more pulsars, and observe the neutral hydrogen 1.4GHz lines in different directions of different distances in the universe, in order to better explore the history of the universe and even search for possible extraterrestrial civilization.

FAST deputy manager and director of the office, Zhang Shu, said that at present, FAST has signed a cooperation agreement with China Telecom Guizhou, while the FAST early science data center in Guizhou Normal University is expanding.

Antarctica: the strange phenomenon of the coexistence of “cold and hot”

China’s “Xiangyang red 01” scientific investigation ship began to carry out the fourth voyage of the world voyage and the thirty-fourth Antarctic expedition in China in December 30, 2017. It took 46 days. This is the first challenge to the Antarctic ice area since the “Xiangyang red 01” scientific inspection ship was delivered.

In the waters off the Antarctic, the team completed the box sampling of 15 stations and the columnar sampling of 8 stations, and collected the products of hydrothermal activities and cold spring activities.

“The two samples are only about 200 meters away from each other and are in the same geological structure, indicating that there are systems of hydrothermal and cold spring symbiosis.” The general leader of the global voyage and director of the first Marine Research Institute of the National Oceanic Administration, Li Tiegang, said, “it used to think that cold springs have a variety of genetic types, such as biological and thermal causes, and the results of this survey provide direct evidence for the thermal causes of the seabed cold springs.”

The hot and cold springs are the hot research hot spots in the international ocean in recent years. Because the hydrothermal and cold spring areas not only have a very special ecological system, it subverts people’s “all things grow on the sun”, and the hydrothermal and cold spring areas have rich resources. The “black smoky chimneys” of hot liquid are gold, silver, copper, zinc, lead and other gold deposits. One of the products of cold spring is natural gas hydrate, which can burn ice. However, the phenomenon of coexistence of hydrothermal fluid and cold spring has not been found before.

The “Moon Palace 365” experiment ended successfully, and renewed the world record of human closed survival

With the 4 volunteers coming out of the “Moon Palace No. 1” laboratory on 15 days, the Beihang University “Moon Palace 365” experiment was successfully completed, and the world record of human closed survival was refreshed again. The experiment was of great significance for human beings to realize the long-term survival of the earth.

Liu Hong, the chief designer of the Moon Palace No. 1 and professor of Beihang University, said the experiment began in May 10, 2017 and lasted 370 days. It was the longest and most closed biological regenerative life support system in the world, which realized the four life of “human plant animal microorganism” with higher closure and biodiversity. The chain closed loop closed the ecosystem for a long time, and maintained stable physical and mental health.

There were 8 volunteers, all of whom were Beihang University students. They were divided into 2 groups, alternately into the cabin, the first class 60 days, the second class 200 days, and the third 110 days. Among them, the second classes had broken the world record for 180 days in the same system created by Russia. The departure time was delayed 5 days than the original plan, the delay of the cabin was a “intentional” simulation of the sudden situation, and the volunteers in the cabin did not know in advance, mainly to study their psychological state under the sudden situation.

According to Liu Hong, the biological regenerative life support technology used in “Moon Palace one” is a key technology to ensure the long-term survival of human beings on the moon and other extraterrestrial planets. After ten years’ efforts, his team developed the first and the world’s third space base biological regeneration life support foundation comprehensive experimental device, “Moon Palace No. 1”, and successfully completed the first long-term high closure integration experiment for the first time in China for the first time in May 2014, making China become the Third Master of the country after Russia and the United States. A country of technology.

An amazing Mantis’s mimicry

1,Mimicry flower. There is a mantis in the tropics. Its forefoot is transformed into petals, and its body is purple and white. It is hidden in the leaves and looks like a purple and white orchid at first glance. Malaysia has a flower mantis, pink body, looks like a blooming flower, attracted butterflies and honey.

2,Mimicry leaves. Other Mantis grows leaves and protuberances on the chest, abdomen, and joints, and mimics them as leaves, branches and tree scars.

3,Form water droplets. There is a praying mantis in the tropical desert, with a green body, a flat, bright, smooth head in the grass, and a glittering drop of dew on the head of the sun.

4,Intimidate the prey. French biologists once saw a mantis encounter with a large gray locust. When the mantis saw the locusts, the mantis immediately opened its wings and trembled to both sides, and the hind wings stood upright, like a sailboat, the side of the body, the poor snakes, the voice of the venomous snakes, the weight of the whole body on the four feet, and the body stood up, standing still, eyes fixed on the locusts. The locusts moved slightly, the mantis head turned, and the grasshopper was frightened by the frame, slowly lying on the ground, running away, and even moving to the mantis. When it moved to the mantis, the mantis swooped past, and the locust became the food in its mouth without resistance.

The greater island of Hawaii is afraid that a more devastating lava flow is coming up, which poses a greater threat

According to reports, the Hawaii Big Island Kilauea volcano recently erupted, scientists 12 days of warning that the Hawaii island is likely to appear more devastating lava flow, constitute a greater threat.

According to scientists, the eruption of the Hawaii volcano may burst without early warning, and the Hawaii National Guard is ready to use ground transportation to help hundreds of residents in the southeast of the island to evacuate. If necessary, a helicopter may be used.

Kira Vee Maher volcano is one of the most active volcanoes in the world. After the eruption began 8 days ago, more than ten large cavities or cracks have appeared on the eastern side of the volcano.

In the next few days or weeks, there may be another series of intense eruptions in Kira Vee Maher volcano. The real danger comes from falling levels of lava inside volcanoes. If the magma falls below the horizontal plane, the sea water will pour into the magma, and the high heat steam will explode, and the large rock mass of the refrigerator will be thrown to half a mile, and the smoke of the volcano will cover the 12 mile radius.

Geologists expect that the new lava eruption may appear in the southeastern part of the worst disaster area, which is now blocked by magma blocking the road.

Steve Brantley, a scientist at the Hawaii Volcano Observatory, said they had found all the signs of pre eruption warning. Tina Neal, the director of the station, pointed out that as the lava lake gradually dried up in the crater, the magma was flowing below the surface and could erupt at any time to form a large, rapidly moving and highly temperature molten lava flow and to release stronger toxic gases.

Hawaii authorities warned residents of Kapoho and Kalapana towns in Hawaii to prepare for immediate evacuation. The National Guard said that once the evacuation order was received, about 2000 residents would be removed from the affected area within 90 minutes.

Hawaii governor David Ige11 announced that President Trump has approved his request to issue a major disaster statement to Hawaii, which means the federal government can assist Hawaii in disaster relief.

Apple Corp is working with the world’s two largest aluminum producers to develop “carbon free” metals

It is reported that Apple Corp is working with the world’s largest two aluminum producers to develop “carbon free” metals for future iPhone and notebook computers.

Rio Tinto (Rio) and Alcoa (Alcoa) have set up a joint venture to develop technology to eliminate greenhouse gas emissions in the process of aluminum smelting and to commercialize the technology and plan to start sales in 2024. Apple Corp said it will help to promote cooperation and will also provide technical support.

This is the latest effort by Apple Corp to reduce carbon emissions. It also shows that metals and mineral company are trying to reduce carbon footprint to meet consumer demand. Mineral company is becoming an important supply chain for electric vehicles and clean energy industries, which require metals including aluminum, copper, lithium and cobalt.

The Apple Corp announced in April that its global plant facilities supplied electricity with 100% clean energy and promised that eventually all products would be produced using recycled and recycled materials.

The surrounding area of the Tian Zi Gang reservoir is a natural oxygen bar

During the May 1, this year, a large number of foreign friends have been visiting this area on the banks of the Tian Zi Gang reservoir. Anji Tian Zi Hu town has favorable geographical conditions and convenient transportation. The surrounding area of the Tian Zi Gang reservoir is a natural oxygen bar. It is also a large scenic spot that does not accept “tickets”.

Every year, the temperature is suitable for 4-5 months. At this time, it is the most beautiful season of the Tian Zi Gang reservoir. All kinds of wildflowers bloom, the blue water of the blue lake is lined with blue sky and white clouds, the wild flowers of the tailing wetland are colorful, the cormorant white crane is decorated with the garden, this is the garden of Eden living in the life.

According to the manager of the reservoir, the water environment is getting better and better through the “five water co treatment” and the environmental construction in the last few years. With the construction and development of the “green mountain green mountain is the Jinshan Yinshan” in Anji, the reputation of the reservoir is becoming more and more ringing.

The foreign friends who come to the leisure and sightseeing of the Tian Zi Gang reservoir are known through the media. They come from all over the world. They are an organized group of activities. The theme of the activities is “healthy life and return to nature”.

An American friend in the interview said, “this time I came to Anji to feel the beauty of nature, clean my lungs with a natural oxygen bar, and let me completely release the depression and irritability in urban life.”

The ancient Rome elevated water diversion bridge is one of the most complete protection of Rome’s imperial monuments

The ancient Rome elevated bridge built in the first Century ad is the symbol of Segovia. It is also one of the most complete imperial relics of Rome. The water diversion bridge is used to draw water into the city’s high terrain, 728 meters long, with 166 bridge holes, completely built with huge stones and no use of any mortar or cement.

In modern times, all towns and houses must have a good water supply system. The ancient Romans had the same idea before 2000. Every time a new city was built, the ancient Romans built canals and brought water to the city.

In Nimes, France, the old water supply system can no longer meet the needs of New Roman cities. So Markus Agrippa, who was in charge of the ancient Rome water supply project, built a canal to bring the water 50 kilometers away into the city.

The Romans routinely buried the diversion canal underground, but somewhere the canal had to cross the Garr valley. The ancient Romans built the magnificent Garr bridge here. It is 269 meters long and flows across the valley at 49 meters above the river.

Inside the walls of Nimes, people can still see a circular pool. It has a sedimentation tank and a series of gates and outlets. These facilities were used to direct water to the water supply system in the city when needed.

The earliest knowledge of water treatment is documented in Sanskrit medicine and Egyptian inscriptions. The description of the device for clearing liquid (water and wine) discovered in Egypt dates back to 1500 BC. Purifying water such as filtration and clarification has been in the history of nearly a thousand years.

The modern public drinking water system started in England and Germany. In 1855, John Sno first recognized the fact that water supply is the root cause of disease transmission through the study of water pollution and epidemic diseases in London. At this point, the bacterial theory of the disease has not been established.

The diversion canal is one of the water diversion tools used in ancient civilization. Ancient Rome is the most widely used civilization in existing drainage channels. The first canal built in ancient Rome was a culvert with a total length of 16 km, and the construction time was 310 BC.

In 144 BC, the first diversion channel was built, with a total length of 90 km, of which the length of the empty bridge is 16 km. In ancient Rome, more than 10 diversion channels were built, and 140 thousand tons of water could be supplied daily. Some channels are still playing a role. They deliver water to the city fountain.