Huya – China’s most profitable game player platform

At 9:30 a.m. local time in the United States at 9:30 on May 11th, the “first game of the game live” was successfully listed on the New York stock exchange in the United States to become the first broadcast platform of the game in China.

Thanks to its excellent business models and content ecology, tiger tooth has become China’s most profitable game player platform before listing. Industry related people revealed that after IPO, tiger teeth will be a huge brand, capital and industry resources, tiger teeth jumped into the integration of China’s live game industry.

“Tiger tooth listing” is a key turning point in China’s live broadcast industry. After listing, we will further integrate industry resources, strengthen integration with game manufacturers, support upstream and downstream partners, and create a more prosperous ecosystem. Referring to the strategy of tiger tooth listing, tiger tooth live broadcast CEO Dong Rongjie told the US media in May 11th.

In the less than 3 years from 2016 to 2018, the live industry staged the trilogy of tortuous evolution, and tiger teeth entered the capital market, and the industry entered a new competition stage.

Tiger tooth is born out of YY’s game community operation and technology ecology, and has the advantage of natural game live broadcasting at the initial stage. The strong combination of tiger tooth and Tencent confirms this point. After listing, tiger tooth will borrow capital layout content ecology, carry on continuous, deep and comprehensive content cooperation with game manufacturers, explore the cooperation mode of two-way integration, grasp the source of content, and intervene more opportunities in the stage of game R & D.

As the direct seeding industry has entered the mature stage, the competition for users will be more intense. Where there is better quality and richer content, users will choose where to go. As a provider of 24 hours with users and highly interactive content, the live platform is one of the sources of energy sources that constantly provide quality content and constantly improve and enhance the content of the content, but in the final analysis, it is the host. “A new live broadcast, the emergence of the head anchor takes 3-4 months. Therefore, the starting stage is the basis of the platform. Whoever can do the new game and cultivate the head anchor will win the game. And the probability of having head content is the biggest. A senior industry personage is a word of truth.

Therefore, for the live broadcast platform, the mechanism of screening and cultivating the host is particularly critical, and as the only company in the industry that makes the ecology of the guild and the host very effective, the guild system and the guild host ecology’s deep research and super operation ability have been regarded as the deepest moat of the tiger teeth. In 2017, Q4 data showed that more than 30 thousand guilds and 600 thousand anchors were active on tiger tooth platform.

Technology, ecology and guild mode have laid the foundation for the leading industry of tiger tooth, and tiger teeth will further expand its advantages after listing. Tiger tooth prospectus shows that the funds raised will be mainly used to expand production and enhance products and services, and be used for working capital and other business users. In addition, tiger tooth will also use some of its funds to purchase business, products, services and technology.

The strategic determination of tiger tooth is also reflected in a series of actions to integrate upstream and downstream resources. Through the depth of integration with the game manufacturers, tiger teeth will have the opportunity to explore more cooperation models with the game manufacturers, which will also feed back to many companies in the game industry chain. At the same time, increasing ecological support will also benefit more associations and brokerage firms on the chain.

The integration of upstream and downstream resources based on content upgrading will build an active industry ecosystem for tiger teeth. The competition in China’s live game industry will also enter the era of multi platform competition and enter the era of industrial alliance competition. No doubt the tiger teeth have won the opportunity to win in the “new era”.

Avenger League 3: Infinite War, the main theme of the fight against justice, and many superheroes are falling down

From the 2008 “Iron Man”, the film company has been launching 19 superhero films, the latest “Avenger alliance 3: unlimited war”, the main theme of anti justice, many superheroes have fallen.

As the film, or the biggest villain in the series of films, it is the absolute protagonist. It has the longest appearance and invincible. At the same time, the portrayal of the big villain is also relatively deep: he has a daughter, he has the “environmental” ideal that has persisted for thousands of years.

Man Wei film company has been pointing fingers for ten years. Judging from the evolution of villain’s character, its evil ranks are almost directly proportional to the complexity of their characters. The early iron tyrant and the red skull belong to the traditional villain, and hatred is actually the image of the Hulk’s original sin.

The medium-term Loki’s bad deeds are just trying to prove to his father that he is stronger than his brother. In the later period, IgG was cool and thin, and also had the secret pain of eternal love. As for the latest elimination of tyrants, we had long understood the essence of the universe, and naturally ignored life and death.

From another angle, no villains will foil the hero, and the hero will be as lonely as the box office.

Elderly people are more likely to have health problems if they get cell phone dependency

Listen to drama, play chess, brush micro-blog, chat WeChat, video chat… The first half of 12 hours every day in the eyes stare down on the mobile phone, Uncle Wang, dizzy badly. After checking the doctor, he told him that it was too long to play the cell phone.

Uncle Wang, who lives in Chen Kou Dun, who lives in Qiaokou District, is 72 years old. He always pays attention to health care and health care. Last September, Sun Tzu, who was not at work, bought a smart phone to honor him. Sun Tzu only taught for two or three days, and Uncle Wang went to school. Listen to play, play chess, play card, watch news, brush micro-blog, video chat, the life of King Wang suddenly becomes rich and colorful, no longer do not have to worry about to play.

The simple and interesting game in the mobile phone is addictive, and Lord Wang does not go out to exercise. He holds a mobile phone at home every day, and often goes to sleep at 12 at night. Recently, he often felt dizzy, and his arms were numb and his things were blurred. He hurried to the first hospital of the city to visit the geriatrics department. X-ray examination found that Uncle Wang was cervical deformation, eyesight drop badly. After detailed inquiries about life habits, doctors believe that the rapid decline of cervical spondylosis and vision are related to his excessive use of cell phones.

Chen Hui, director of the Department of Geriatrics, said that the popularity of smartphones has made more and more people infected with “cell phone dependence”, and the outpatients often encounter elderly people playing with mobile phone health problems. Compared with young people, the functions of various organs of the elderly are declining. For a long time, mobile phones are more likely to cause or aggravate the original diseases. For example, looking at a mobile phone for a long time will aggravate the disease of the cervical spine. A long time staring at the small screen of a cell phone leads to a decline in vision or even blindness. The lack of sleep will aggravate the hypertension.

Chen Hui warned that elderly people should not play more than two hours a day, not more than 10 minutes each time. He suggested that children should not only use social software or telephone to communicate with their parents. They should spend more time with their parents and take their children home. The elderly should take part in community activities, get acquainted with more friends through chess or sports activities, and establish more social circles.

Education children can’t touch a game of special danger

Although the blame should not be blamed on a single party, experts emphasize that this view does not apply to a few games of exceptional circumstances: “they are particularly dangerous, and parents must keep their children away.”

One kind is the real violence game. With the progress of technology, the violent and bloody plot in the video game is becoming more and more vivid, like a huge virtual mirror, blurring the boundaries between players and game characters. Players are becoming accustomed to the killing and bloody scenes in the game. All kinds of violence suggest that the players may desalination of the fear of violence. In real society, it is easy to commit crimes, especially for young people who have not yet formed a complete moral concept and lack of recognition ability.

The other is to induce consumer games. Because of the lack of self-control of minors themselves, the lack of concept of network consumption and the lack of necessary value guidance, there are often some children in the process of online travel, step by step is induced to produce large consumption.

In fact, these two kinds of games are always a good hand to catch the eye and attract the players to “enter the pit”. They are known as “infamous”, but many times they can continue to hide in the regulatory gray zone.

However, it was a moment. In April 17th, the Ministry of culture and tourism after the official registration was first checked and rectified, and 50 network games, such as “Chu Liu Xiang”, “wilderness action”, were collected and cleaned up.

In the official list of reasons to be cleaned up, it includes the two types of dangerous guidance that experts say – advocating violence and instigating crime; by random extraction, and so on, to induce players to invest in legal money or virtual currency to obtain Internet travel products and services.

Swimming in the first quarter of 2018, earning $105 million online games

Recently, the company launched its unaudited Q1 earnings as of March 31, 2018. According to the financial data, during the period of Q1, the total income of the tour was $137 million, an increase of 14% over the same period, and the income of online games was 105 million dollars, an increase of 24% over the same period last year. The average monthly active accounts of PC games are 2 million 500 thousand, while mobile game accounts for 2 million 600 thousand of the monthly active accounts.

Changyou today released its unaudited financial report for the first quarter ended March 31, 2018.

The highlights of the first quarter of 2018:

The total income was 137 million US dollars, up by 14% over the same period last year, down by 5%, exceeding the company’s guidance.

The income of online games was $105 million, an increase of 24% over the same period last year, a decrease of 4%, exceeding the company’s guidance.

According to the United States general accounting standards, the net loss was $13 million, compared with the net income of $30 million in the first quarter of 2017 and the net income of $34 million in the fourth quarter of 2017.

According to non – US general accounting standards, the net loss of Changyou was $16 million, with net profit of $35 million in the first quarter of 2017 and net profit of $34 million in the fourth quarter of 2017.

The Kingdom era opened a prelude to the new pattern of SLG competition

SLG+ competition, for most people, has always been a proposition with unlimited potential and difficulty in practice. As a game type which relies solely on the strategy layout, the complex core system makes the competitive nature of SLG self-evident, but at the same time, how to bring a game suitable for online operation to the offline is a problem that needs the manufacturers to face and solve directly.

Similarly, the representative of the competition is not only a few games, but the whole huge competition system and the linkage of the line. And how to make the League brand internationalization and expand its influence is also the pain point of many domestic mobile competition events.

These issues have always been the SLG’s competition, and as the world’s first largest SLG game international competition, the “kingdoms World Tour: the Asian final”, which was successfully held in Hongkong in April 22nd, provided the opportunity for the development of the SLG competition to take the first step.

After a year of evolution in the first half of 2016, after a year of precipitation and evolution and the best competitive game of the year’s Google Play, the long – accumulated word of mouth broke out in the last year. The era of the “Kingdom of kings” reaping the world’s large numbers of SLG players has begun to break through the pattern and layout the field of mobile phone competition. The tournament held in the kingdom of kingdoms invited players from China, Taiwan, Hongkong, South Korea, Japan and Southeast Asia (Indonesia primary election win, representing the competition area) to gather in Hongkong to participate in the final of the Asian region.

SLG, as an electronic competition, has the advantage of playing, but it also has a painful point: “money = strength”. Including some domestic SLG games that have tried to compete, failed to break through this barrier. Without fairness, the game is meaningless. In the Kingdom era, the solution is to introduce a completely fair and proprietary server model, and the team will use the same account, unfold the 6V6 confrontation, and go through multiple rounds. The winner will be awarded the glory of “the top of Asia” and the 30000 dollar battle team prize and the pure gold medal of the Kingdom epoch. Chapter.

And in the six teams that came out, after two rounds of fierce fighting, the [JXI] from mainland China and the [S8S] team of South Korea reached the summit. At the beginning of the final, [S8S] took the advantage of the time difference, but then [JXI] took the advantage of the occupation time. Over half of the competition, after the two sides alternately changing their defense, after mutual test, the tense competition also gradually entered the climax: [JXI]004 took the big surprise, and successfully held the first wave of [S8S] offensive! But [S8S], who specializes in a single offensive, has successfully reversed in the last 10S and won the “Asian kings” championship.

The seventh Global Game Conference opened in Beijing

The seventh Global Games conference hosted by GMGC opened in Beijing National Conference Center in April 2nd. The conference, with the theme of “game changing the world”, covers the rich content of Chinese game pageant, block chain + game, online C side, information stream advertising, game combined transport, ASO operation and technology, GMGA award ceremony, independent games, game docking, IP docking, the Middle East of the Nuggets, and exchange of Chinese and foreign developers.

The two days of the conference, with the theme of “game changing the world”, as the first opening game and digital entertainment industry in the Asia Pacific region, attracted 500+ enterprises at home and abroad and 10000+ participants to meet in Beijing to share and explore the development of the games and entertainment industry in 2018.

In 2 days, the global game leaders summit, the IPA independent game developer competition, the IP docking, the international game distributor closed door meeting and the brand enterprise special field will follow the classic plate content. Chain Summit, GMGA award ceremony, co construction responsibility and escort net Tour – the Chinese game Festival and other innovative sections are coming. The seventh Global Games conference is believed to bring more value of dry goods and business cooperation to participants and industry guests.

Mr. Song Wei, founder of GMGC, delivered the opening speech on behalf of the organizers. Song Wei said that by 2018, GMGC has been growing with the game industry for 6 years, witnessing the rapid development and transformation of games in recent years. The theme of this conference is “game changing the world”. It is based on the higher dimensions to observe the changes that games bring to the world.

In the opening ceremony of the morning April 2nd, GMGC reached the strategic cooperation of the “National Cup” competition competition with the black space and time, and successfully held the signing ceremony of strategic cooperation. The two sides combine the strategic partnership with the two sides to give full play to the advantages of both sides, jointly help and build the internationally famous Chinese independent brand, and will jointly promote the investment of the National Cup competition competition, the intelligent + sports vertical field exhibition activities, the national cup e-Competition base investment, the content of the competition of the competition. . After the signing ceremony, the seventh Global Game Conference officially entered the agenda.

“Game barriers” are included in mental and behavioral disorders

For many people, a smartphone is like an extension of the body, like an extra organ that is always fixed on the hand. The first thing to wake up is to watch the cell phone, the last thing before going to bed or the phone. Many people watch a mobile phone every 5 minutes, and if they are lost or left at home, they feel uneasy. This kind of behavior is often called addictive. It is addictive to use mobile social, online shopping and games.

So, is excessive use of electronic products affecting health? Can cell phone addiction be classified as a mental disorder? Answer: Yes, but not all.

The number of mobile game explosions shows that addiction has a certain universality. Recently, the game “travel frog” fire. Some people eluded the “King glory”, dodged “Li Zeyan”, escaped the “jump” but fell into the stupid frog pit. Every day, I was thinking about frog son. The dependence and addiction of games are becoming more and more worrying.

On the one hand, game developers are very good at grasping people’s psychology and constantly promoting explosive products. On the other hand, anxiety, pressure and loneliness are perplexing modern people, and games cater to people’s psychological needs in some aspects. Especially young people, it is more likely to be trapped in it.

In recent years, WHO has made a clearer definition: for the first time in the revised edition of the international classification of diseases, “game barriers” should be included in mental and behavioral disorders. Patients with “game barriers” are unable to live, work, and socialize. However, the World Health Organization has not put forward specific treatment guidance.

It should be pointed out that this does not mean that all the people involved in the game have “game barriers”. Research shows that only a small number of people involved in digital or video game activities are affected by the game barriers. “Most people who play video games are not affected by this disorder, as most drinkers are not affected by the use of alcohol. However, in a particular case, excessive use can lead to adverse effects. ” The mental health and substance abuse of the World Health Organization, Dr. Svladimir Pozniak, said.

More broadly, the World Health Organization has not yet explored the link between the use and health of the Internet, smartphones and other electronic devices. For example, the relationship between the time of children using electronic equipment and cognitive development, the relationship between body or bone development, etc. Moreover, during the process of evaluating existing evidence and research, the experts did not find enough evidence to include any technology driven behavior addiction in the revised version, such as “smartphone addiction”. Now, the question of science and technology and its potential negative health effects is far more than scientific research and guidance.

China has the world’s largest Internet market, more than half of its population surfing the Internet, and more than 90% of them have access to the Internet by smartphones. China can make a great contribution to improving our understanding of the relationship between the use of electronic equipment and health. We are working with China’s technology companies to monitor data on usage and usage patterns, in order to better understand the role of technology in human physical and mental health.

With the revolutionary development of technology, the use of electronic equipment has leaps and bounds around the world, and research institutions and public health institutions are working hard to follow up. With the announcement of the game barrier, the World Health Organization has solved one of the jigsaw pieces, but there is still a lot of work to be done together.

“The night of the fortress” the hand tour version opens the test play experience

Epic Games announced last week that the game “Battle Royale fortress night” will be landing iOS/Android mobile phone platform later this year, the news surprised a lot of people. While the developer announced the news, he also hinted that an exclusive “test – experience experience” would be opened on the iOS platform.

Players who want to participate in the iOS platform “fort night” have to click on a web page and enter their own email. After losing email, the player will receive an email containing code. You can use this code to change the participation experience of “play experience activities” on App Store.

According to the information of Epic Games, the night tour of the bastion only supports iPhone 6S/SE, iPad Mini 4, iPad Air 2, iPad 2017, iPad Pro or updated equipment, and the system version of game request is 11.

In addition, the players who participate in the play experience are also able to get a special invitation code to share the invitation code to their friends. Unfortunately, the users of the Android phone need to wait until later this year to enjoy the game.

The “fort night” has now landed on the PC/PS4/Xbox One platform and will be landing on the mobile platform iOS/Android this year.

Wuhu Fantawild – a modern and future aerospace as the theme of the scenic spots

Wuhu Fantawild by Sunshine Plaza, special joy Avenue, fisherman’s Wharf, space world, mysterious valley, Mount Vesuvius volcano, West legends, fairy Valley, dinosaur, Liaozhai Peninsula, conch Bay, Du than farm child in the Kingdom, water world, fireball 15 main item area, including theme projects, recreation leisure and landscape projects, more than 300 projects. The content of the park covers many aspects, such as modern science and technology, future science and technology, scientific fantasy, mythology, history and culture, comprehensive performance, and children’s amusement. The form is novel and rich in content to meet the needs of tourists of different ages.

Wuhu Fantawild follow human space exploration footprint, experience the surge high and sweep forward the trip into space! This is a scenic spot with the theme of modern and future aerospace. Here you can touch the planet in the universe, distant and mysterious, also can soar, experience the wonderful feeling of soaring.

Interstellar flight:

Interstellar flights are equipped with advanced computer control technology, highly dynamic simulation platform and large screen movie plot, so that you can experience a high-speed flight in the distant space world and experience a thrilling Star Wars.

The project is mainly composed of preview hall, performance hall, general control room and so on. In front of the tourist, the ball type screen with a diameter of 20 meters, a dip of 55 degrees and a 160 degree movie. In the process of experience, the spaceships that tourists can take can be tilted, lifted and vibrate according to the plot, then the lens and the ambient sound and light effects are applied to simulate the real space flight. The project can be seen for 100 viewers at a time.

Take the beautiful spaceship, avoid head-on roaring rocks, space-time tunnel through the mysterious, to experience an exciting star wars!

Space Mountain:

This is one of the aerospace knowledge of the indoor exhibition hall, a set of computer dynamic simulation, multi screen video synchronization, virtual reality, digital television and other high-tech means in a body, to create a set of educational, entertainment and knowledge in one of the major theme of space science and technology museum. It includes eight planets, cosmic exploration, launch command center, space-time tunnel, space, star corridor and nine screen synchronizing seven exhibition areas.

Here, visitors can not only understand the rich knowledge of space from each subject in the exhibition hall, watch the space model of advanced science and technology, can also walk in the boundless sky corridor, space, time and space tunnel through the mysterious mystery, crack space, experience the splendor of the universe. The launch command center will let you witness the thrilling scene of the Shenzhou spacecraft launch.

Flying over the limit:

From the ancient dream of flying Apsaras to the exploration of life and death of modern space pioneers, from kites and balloons to the hope of human flying, the airships and airplanes bring people into the blue sky. “Flying over the limit” will make you dream of flying.

Over the limit project is a large suspended spherical theater, the ball screen film playback screen, suspension seat systems and a variety of special effects together, enable visitors to experience the true feelings in the hitherto unknown flying volley ball in the process of watching movies. The program can accommodate up to 99 visitors at the same time.

After the show started, the audience will be huge domed screen surrounded by majestic suspension seat fly up, with the grand scenes of the movie screen, allowing you to fly in the sky at the same time, or falling into the abyss of the canyon, or through the heavy monstrous waves, or hovering in the Pyramid spire, or whistling at the top of Mount Everest, or through the Brooklyn Bridge overlooking the cable.

Mystical Valley:

In the thick rainforest, there are abandoned ancient Mayan buildings everywhere. The old buildings were wrapped in the jungle, the stones were broken and the stone pillars collapsed. Here, tourists can sail through the huge and mysterious Pyramid, enter a dangerous archaeological site, and experience the most characteristic project — the lost world.

The total area of the project is about 10450 square meters, and the total length of the track is about 859 meters. There are 6 ships. Each ship can accommodate 20 tourists at the same time, and the whole tour is about 13 minutes. The project is based on the ancient Mayan civilization legend, combined with Darkride, drifting and high altitude slide and other techniques. Tourists go on a boat drifting, experience a variety of dangers, feel a variety of stimulation, experience the 26 meters high altitude slippery sensation.

Dinosaur Peninsula:

The grand metropolitan New York Museum, the bustling Manhattan street, the Statue of Liberty… The complete presentation of a modern metropolis makes you feel the essence of western culture. You want to escape in the dinosaur world.

This is the top of the world’s top 4D Ride project. The project makes full use of the real scene, the scene, stereo movie stunt, dynamic platform technology, integrated the giant screen, 4D screen film, multi degree of freedom dynamic scene stunt tour buses, a number of high-tech amusement technology, real scene formed stereo images generated by stereo digital movies and by special decoration and live stunt device the combination is an all blend into one harmonious whole, exciting and popular tourist project.

The total length of the dinosaur crisis project is about 74 meters, the total width is about 60.5 meters, the highest place is about 21 meters, and the total area of the dinosaur is about 4500 square meters. The space structure of the project is mainly composed of three parts, the preview hall, the queuing area and the sightseeing area. There are 10 moving cars, 12 films, and 21 stunt points.

The “dinosaur crisis” is about such a science fiction story. Now that the earth has entered a highly developed era, dinosaurs preserved in a city museum on earth have been irradiated by radioactive materials. After that, fossilized dinosaurs have been revived, breaking out and fleeing museums. After radiation, dinosaurs grow and reproduce at an amazing speed and appear in large numbers in every corner of the city.

Tourists traveling by sightseeing bus in a dinosaur run in a chaotic city experienced a catastrophe of dinosaur destruction and destruction of the city, experiencing the thrilling and exciting journey of life and death.