Love rose, love life – the tenth Beijing rose Culture Festival opens

In May 11th, the tenth Beijing rose Culture Festival opened in the Fengtai District world flower Grand View Garden, and the city will launch the 12 – month season theme exhibition area, and nearly 10 million monthly seasons are concentrated.

The festival, with the theme of “love of roses, love life”, introduces the theme area of the 12 monthly season. It focuses on the variety of the hybrid perfume, the rich rose, the strong rose, the minitype rose, the Fujimoto Tsukiki, the shrub, the lunar rose and the ancient rose.

Among them, Taoranting Park Park launched the “flower show area”, “manual experience area”, “horticultural exhibition area” three interactive theme activities. The world flower garden has been rendered into a colorful rose flower sea. Fengtai garden takes advantage of medicinal botanical gardens to publicize the medicinal value of rose and enhance its influence.

During the festival of this season, the garden of Chua’s Rose Rose continues to strengthen the layout of the activities of the mixture of scenery and scenery, with the four cultural nodes of “acquaintances, acquaintances, love and keeping together” with the mountain planting landscape, and the DIY activities of sketching, photographing, fragrant bags, soaps, tofu and chocolate. At the Beijing International Flower Port, while displaying the exquisite rose, it also organized a lecture on rose knowledge, popularizing the long culture and history of rose planting.

It is worthy of concern that the weiczhuang Town, Daxing District, which has held the world’s highest level of the world rose intercontinental Congress in the world, the monthly rose Museum in the world rose theme park, featuring the theme of the monthly season and the Chinese rose culture, with an area of 165 hectares of ancient Chinese Rose culture. The garden displays 180 rare old rose varieties and 2000 modern rose varieties. According to the introduction, Wei Shanzhuang’s Napoli Bay rose garden as a hundred years old pile garden, using the new technology to grafted the most precious and most beautiful rose to a hundred years old pile, precious.

The Beijing rose Culture Festival has been successfully held for the nine session. The cultural festival has become an important part of the spiritual and cultural life of the capital. Its influence is increasing, and the number of exhibitors, planting area and the number of tourists has been innovating high and high. According to the preliminary statistics, the number of tourist reception has reached 5 million people every year since the festival of rose in 2009. It shows that the monthly rose from the first 1 million 500 thousand strains, more than 1000 varieties, to nearly 100 million strains, more than 2300 varieties, the economic benefits of an increase of about 10 times. At present, the production and planting area of rose has reached more than 18 million hectares.

The cryptic terraced fields in the deep mountains of Southern Anhui

In the deep mountains of Southern Anhui, there is also a group of peaks in the “secret rape flower terrace” surrounded by ancient villages.

There are few tours here, only donkey friends and photography enthusiasts. There is a golden yellow film that is not known.

In order to commemorate the hero of a Korean War in the village called “Xu Jia Peng”, this is called “Jia Peng terraced fields”.

The terraced fields, golden fields, and the white flowers and the black walls of the Huizhou architecture reflect each other.

If there is a drizzle in the dark, a small red umbrella is wandering in the sea of flowers, like a dream. Is there a beautiful scene in the world, “a lifetime of idiot, no dream of Huizhou” in the world?

Italy’s history of prohibition of luxury sports aimed at curbing luxury consumption

The luxury and fashion industry in Italy has always been a proud trade and cultural output representative of its nationals and governments, but as we look back on the Renaissance in the bud of modern commerce and consumer society, it will be found that behind this cultural movement, it is also a protracted history in the history of Italy. Prohibition of luxury consumption is the main purpose of the prohibition of extravagant sports.

Prohibition of extravagant legislation is not the product of the modern world. Since the ancient Greek and Rome period, there has been “decrepit luxury” related decrees. In medieval Europe, accompanied by economic recession and general poverty, the condemnation of luxury behavior by Christians was more severe, and directly increased to the height of original sin of morality and humanity. But in this period, the church mainly adopted moral admonition and Enlightenment methods, and seldom used legal methods to regulate and curb extravagant behavior.

In the late Middle Ages, with the rejuvenation of the city and the development of cross regional commercial trade, luxury consumption was no longer only the privileges of a few rulers. A large number of luxury goods from overseas (such as spices, porcelain, silk and rare jewels) poured into the Italy market through the merchant ships of Venice and Genoa. The revolutionary change in business has had a great impact on Italians’ traditional lifestyle and consumption concept. The black death in the middle and late fourteenth Century solved the problem of overpopulation and famine in Europe at that time.

The surviving people found that after the plague, the market was not only full of goods, but also low prices, and a large number of uninherited wealth was occupied by the survivors. The end of the day panic makes them choose to play in a happy way when facing these wealth. People are caught up in a grand luxury consumption carnival. This near morbid way of consumption and lifestyle not only worries the Christian moralists and humanists, but also causes the panic of the secular rulers. The rulers of the secular world began to attack and limit the spread of this luxury consumption by using more powerful legal means with the help of Rome jurists.

According to the latest statistics of historians, in the Renaissance period, more than 40 autonomous cities in Italy issued 300 prohibition laws. Among them, the prohibition of extravagance decrees promulgated by Genoa in 1157 is the earliest secular prohibition order since Italy in the middle ages. After thirteenth Century, sumptuary laws began to appear in the legislative regulations such as bamboo shoots after a spring rain like Italy city. Each autonomous

In Fourteenth Century, more cities were not only added to the ranks of extravagance, and many cities were reiterated over the next two or three centuries, adding and reaffirming the prohibition of extravagance. In fifteenth Century alone, 83 prohibition laws were issued in the whole Italy area, which was two times more in the next two centuries. The trend of the prohibition of extravagant legislation has not gradually gone down until eighteenth Century, but its influence on the formation of modern consumer society in Italy and the decision-making behavior of modern state government is still concerned by historians.

Lips that are named for their sexy and attractive lips

Lips flower is named for its sexy and attractive lips. The flowers of this plant are bright red and peculiar in shape, which makes people wonder about the magic of nature.

The red part resembling the lips is not the real petals, but the bracts of flowers. The plants are bright red and unique in shape. It seems to have been processed by technology. However, it can be said that its attractive lips are natural rather than technological.

The florescence of the lip flower is from December to March. The plant evolved into this shape to attract pollinators such as hummingbirds and butterflies. Because of its gorgeous colors, people call it Hooker lips.

Lip peanuts are more than 350-1300 meters above sea level. However, due to the unrestrained deforestation in these countries, the plant is on the brink of extinction.

Lip flowers grow in tropical rain forests of central and South America, such as Columbia, Costa Rica, Panama, Ecuador and so on.

“Baby baby” and other rare orchids across the 2018 Shanghai International Orchid Show opened Friday

From March 23rd to April 8th, the fourth Shanghai International Orchid Exhibition will be held in the Chen Shan botanical garden in Shanghai. Then, from the four continents, 600 kinds of 30 thousand orchids in nearly ten thousand square meters of exhibition gathered, the public can experience the exotic Chelan “Wonderland in the orchid leaves, looking for the fun of returning to nature.

The orchid, with its beautiful wonderful shape, challenge people’s imagination. The orchid show with “all Lanyun – quality of life” as the theme, with 6 exhibition, and invited Thailand, Japan, Malaysia and other major producing countries and regions of the orchid orchid gardeners, bringing a rare species of orchids.

In the “natural wonders” exhibition, orchids greets, gardeners busy figure everywhere exhibit. According to Hu Yonghong, executive director of Chen Shan botanical garden, a new cultivar, “Sino African pitch” comet orchid, will be first presented to visitors at this orchard exhibition. The species is only one of Chen Shan botanical garden in the world. ”

2014 years mountain orchid greenhouse first to introduce the varieties of female parent, through trial and matching, and the native species without pollination success and stem of comet orchid.”

In the “exotic flowers Orchid Pavilion, which looks like an orchid tulip, attracting visitors to watch. According to the staff, the name of Cymbidium orchid incense, from Ecuador, native to South America in the northwest, because after blooming flower like baby baby, called “the infant flower”. At present, the variety has not been popularized in the market, and the citizens can watch it at the Orchid Exhibition.

The more than 20 varieties of Phalaenopsis are open in winter season

In the winter season, the 4000 square meter intelligent greenhouse in Zhangjiakou, Hebei, China, is full of warmth and warmth. The more than 20 varieties of Phalaenopsis open to each other, attracting customers from Beijing, Tianjin and other places to come to order, and become the “hot selling goods” in winter.

Phalaenopsis is the genus Phalaenopsis of Orchidaceae. It is native to the subtropical rain forest area and is epiphytic orchid. Phalaenopsis white thick dew on the leaves around the roots, but has to absorb the air nutrient effect, and growth and photosynthesis. The New Year season, Phalaenopsis out long pedicels from leaf axils, and a butterfly shaped like flowers, flowers by the fans of all ages, known as the “Queen of Cattleya” said.

Phalaenopsis is mainly distributed in Thailand, Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Taiwan and other places in China.

The leaves of Phalaenopsis are easy to absorb urea and other fertilizer from the leaf surface when they are fertilized. Porous media are very important to the roots, even though they have negative capillary effects, but they have more advantages. In the early stages of growth, irrigation with irrigated or irrigated arms is very useful for crops. In the flowering stage, in order to avoid watering the petals of gray mould, the use of drip irrigation pipeline is better. When there are many flowers in the pedicel, water from above is easily broken.

Irrigated water should not contain chemical constituents and visible microbes. The sodium and chloride ions in the water should not exceed 100 mg/l, and the bicarbonate should not be overdose. If there is no good water, the water that is treated with reverse osmosis must be used. Water content is related to climate, medium and plant age. In Western Europe, the irrigation water is about as follows: 1 times in winter 7~10 days and 1 times in summer in summer. During the growth period, the water temperature needs to be 18~20 C to avoid the root loss.

In the first month of growing season and moving to large basin, the moisture must be applied from above. Besides that, it can maintain the medium moist enough, and avoid the phenomenon of salinization at the top of the media. The drip irrigation system can be used after the root is well developed. At least one time a year, water is used to wash the medium from above.

Australia Wine National Pavilion will be unveiled in Chengdu rum

On March 18th -24, Australia Wine administration will bring together more than 20 exhibitors consisting of national pavilions, once again at the Chengdu rum exhibition, and the exhibition will be organized for the first time exhibitors Shangri-La Hotel. This is not only Australia Wine administration since the participation of Chengdu rum Pavilion, one of the largest, and most abundant time.

It is reported that the main exhibition of the Chengdu sugar and wine exhibition (22-24 March) of the National Exhibition of Australian wine, the area increased by nearly 40% over the area of last year. Will set up 28 booths this year, there will be from 5 Wine producing states and more than 20 Wine areas, nearly 60 Wine brands in this exhibition debut, Australia Wine show high quality, diversity, and outstanding culture from various aspects.

At the Wine Australia from many well-known areas, including: Nan’ao, Barossa Valley, Michaela Lun, Navarra, Claire Lur library; Western Australia’s Margaret River, black forest valley; New South Wales’s Hunter Valley, he rushed Vitoria’s Yarra Valley; and Glenn Pean J, Heathcote; and Tasmania, etc..

In the first two days of the exhibition, the Australian Wine administration will also invite Australian Wine administration certified instructor Qi Shaoren and Yin Lixue opened a tasting class in the scene, the Australia Wine knowledge and market trends at the same time, lead the audience to the exhibitors on behalf of tasting wine. It will also be the first education course of the Australian wine administration, Foundation Program, for the first time in China.

It is worth mentioning that the Australian wine authority has also led 8 exhibitors to show more than 20 Australian wine brands at Shangri-La Hotel (March 18-21). This is not only the first time that the Australian wine authority has organized exhibitors to participate in the hotel exhibition, but also held the first Australian wine industry forum entitled “win win and innovate together” during the hotel exhibition. The forum invited domestic and foreign wine experts to come to the lecture and carry out the brainstorming of the round table.

At the same time, the Australian wine administration will also hold high standard master classes for the first time during the hotel exhibition. Lv Yang, a master of wine and wine division, will lecture “master of Sichuan cuisine with Australian wine”, leading you to Sichuan cuisine and feel the perfect combination of Australian wine and traditional Chinese food culture. Australia Wine administration lecturer Xu Wei will bring titled “gentle and cool region of Australia Wine of” master class, show in the mild and cool climate conditions, not the same charm endemic to Australia to Wine.

The cold plant – Saussurea flower growing on the cliffs of 3000 to 4000 meters above sea level

Lotus flowers, perennial herb, was born in the hillside, valley, stone, water, meadow, 2400-3470 meters above sea level. The plant is 15-35 centimeters high.

Snow usually grows in the mountains below the snowline. The changing climate, hot and cold rain and snow impermanence, alternately, the highest monthly average temperature of 3–5 DEG C, the minimum monthly average temperature of -l9—21 DEG C, about 800 mm annual precipitation, frost free period is only about 50 days. The soil is mainly alpine meadow soil, the content of organic matter is 8.5–11%, and the nitrogen content is 4.5–10%.

Because of poor environmental conditions, it is difficult for ordinary plants to grow. Only a few cold tolerant and low temperature Carex spp., Kobresia spp. and all kinds of Alpine perennial herbs are associated with them. Under the harsh conditions of this mountain, snow lotus grows slowly, at least 4–5 years later. However, because of the short growth period, it can quickly germinate, grow, blossom and result in a short time.

Saussurea is mainly distributed in Xinjiang, Qinghai Tibet Plateau and Yunnan Guizhou Plateau. Russia and Kazakhstan are also distributed. The trans Xinjiang Central Tianshan Mountains, the snow capped mountains meandering mountain, 4000 meters above sea level is the snow area, known as the snow lotus flowers grow below the snowline altitude of 3000 meters to 4000 meters on the precipitous rock faces and sheer cliffs. Because of the special growth environment, the snow lotus will be able to blossom in three to five years.

Ten health effects of sea cucumbers

1. The spirit of the brain, the wisdom and the longevity

Sea cucumber contains more than 50 kinds of natural nutrients. Among them, acid mucopolysaccharide and chondroitin have special effects on delaying senescence. Manganese and taurine have unique functions for human body to postpone senility. Therefore, the sea cucumber is also called the “God of longevity”.

2. The sea cucumber is called “marine Viagra”, which is called “nourishing the kidney and benefiting the essence”.

From the “new” materia medica records, sea cucumber “Bushengyijing, impotence treatment paralysis”. Arginine in sea cucumber is the main component of male sperm cells, and has the function of regulate the sex hormone, and sea cucumber are the “arginine rich”, has special efficacy for treatment of impotence, kidney deficiency, so the “ocean sea cucumber Viagra”, there is a preservative with sea cucumber the name of life “.

3, Improve insomnia and improve memory

Sea cucumber contains arginine and collagen, which has special effects on neurasthenia and sleep improvement. Besides, nicotinic acid, calcium, taurine, lysine and other elements in sea cucumber also play an important role in eliminating brain fatigue and enhancing memory.

4, Inhibiting the formation of thrombus

The sea cucumber body contains “autoenzyme”, if the sea cucumber leave the water solution will role in autolysis enzyme, within a short period of time Not the least trace was found. dissolved, this substance can inhibit the formation of thrombus, used in the treatment of cerebral infarction, myocardial infarction, cerebral infarction can prevent recurrent thrombotic disease.

5, Prevention of hyperlipidemia

Sea cucumber can dredge blood vessels, effectively prevent hyperlipidemia, prevent arteriosclerosis and cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, and can play an indirect role in lowering blood pressure. Sea cucumber contains vanadium, manganese, potassium, copper, niacin and taurine can affect the metabolism of body fat, can prevent the formation of fatty liver.

6, Regulate blood sugar

The acid mucopolysaccharide in sea cucumber can reduce the blood sugar activity in the body and inhibit the effect of diabetes. And the potassium it contains plays an important role in the secretion of insulin in the body, and the vanadium containing it can prevent diabetes.

7, Promote growth and development

The sea cucumber also has an amazing capacity for regeneration to repair, when the enemy, it will put the visceral excreted confuse the enemy, they will soon disappear, and then grow new organs, so edible sea cucumber could promote the growth, immune mediation, wound healing, reproduction and other physiological activities.

8, Sea cucumber or cancer cure

Sea cucumber toxin, also known as sea cucumber saponins, is an antitoxic agent that inhibits the growth of certain cancer cells. At the same time it has a strong anti – bacterial effect. Selenium contained in sea cucumber can inhibit the growth of cancer cells and blood vessels, and has an obvious anticancer effect. The sea cucumber has obvious effect on the cancer, on the growth and metastasis of malignant tumor has a significant inhibitory effect, known as the “cancer””.

9. The best supplement for the operation patients

The sea cucumber cut into two pieces thrown into the sea, after 3-8 months, each section of sea cucumber will grow a complete sea cucumber, some experts have done experiments, two patients with similar disease, age and weight not much difference between a sea cucumber, edible daily patients than the other patients. About 20 days before comprehensive rehabilitation. Therefore, the edible sea cucumber can supplement the blood to restore the Qi, and can obviously shorten the recovery time. Therefore, the sea cucumber is called “the head of 100 mending” and “the God of blood supplement”.

10. Sea cucumber is a beauty food

The sea cucumber has a high content of collagen, the protein with traditional Chinese medicine gelatin, tortoise plastron glue, antler glue is comparable to the nutritional composition, its function is nourishing blood. Keep the skin smooth and elastic, keep the beautiful appearance and postpone the aging of the body.

Ecological characteristics and cultivation technology of bell flower

The ecological habits of flower string

Bell flower likes the warm and humid environment, strong cold resistance, not afraid of cold winter, summer is cool, rotten leaf soil should be loose fertile and well drained.

At the end of August will add 6 freezer bulb and 8 DEG C within 50 days of refrigeration, and then put out in the ventilation cooling chamber, at the beginning of December with a chrysanthemum flower planting, each bowl 8 to 12 balls. In the 15 to 25 DEG C maintenance, new year’s day and Spring Festival can blossom, can be used as indoor hanging plants.

The string of flower cultivation techniques

Selection of imported bulbs in the autumn and winter cultivation, the soil in the humus soil or sandy loam soil is better, keep moisture after planting. After the leaves are grown, nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium diluents can be used to promote development. The spring flower buds grow to sunshine, 60% – 70%, the rapid elongation of stems.

String of flowers has strong adaptability, easy cultivation and management, at any time can be transplanted, also can be used for winter cultivation. In North China, only part of the shoot is withered in the upper part of winter, and the open area can be overwintered.