If couples are unable to get pregnant all the year round, they may suffer from azoospermia

What is the cause of azoospermia? If couples are unable to conceive all the year round under natural conditions, this shows that they may not only have women’s problems but also men’s reasons. Azoospermia is a direct cause of male infertility. Without the combination of sperm and egg, the fertilized egg can not be formed normally, which can lead to infertility.

So, what is the cause of azoospermia? The main causes of azoospermia are as follows:

1.  Varicocele:
The occurrence of varicocele will seriously affect the blood supply of the male testicles, and it will affect the spermatogenesis of the testis, which will lead to a large reduction in sperm, and eventually there will be azoospermia.

2.  Genitals injury:
If the injury or torsion of the testicles, or the male hernia repair, can also affect the function of the testicle, which will lead to the occurrence of sperm production disorder, and cause azoospermia.

3.  No testosterone:
Testis is an important place for sperm production. If there is no testicle, sperm will not be produced, so it will lead to azoospermia.

4.  Bilateral cryptorchidism:
This is the case that the position of the testicle is not supposed to come to the scrotum. It stays in the abdominal cavity because the temperature is much higher than the scrotum. There is no way for the sperm to produce, and the spermatozoa will occur.

Barbecue is popular, but it’s not well suited to heart patients

Recently, a study from Harvard University showed that eating barbecue meat can increase the risk of hypertension, which may be harmful to the heart. Barbecue is a popular food, but this kind of food is not suitable for heart patients. Barbecue not only destroys meat nutrients, but also produces carcinogens, aggravating heart disease and endangering health.

High temperature barbecue food produces a compound called advanced glycation end products, which reduces cell elasticity and increases the risk of heart disease. If a heart patient wants to eat meat, the steamed meat is healthier and the fried meat should be avoided as much as possible.

If you really like to eat barbecue, pay attention to the following things, it will help to reduce the damage to health. For example, high blood pressure patients should be light diet, the outside of the barbecue usually use more seasoning, salt is very high, not recommended to eat, if you can barbecue food, grasp the ingredients, eat less can also.

Hyperlipidemic patients need to avoid high-fat foods. If the ingredients are lean meat, they can be eaten in small quantities. When the food is barbecued, the water loses very much and causes dry taste. So people are used to brush the food in the process of barbecue to increase the moisture and improve the taste. Be careful not to brush too much, or you will get more salt. At the same time, do not forget to take part in physical exercise and take blood pressure lowering drugs and lipid-lowering drugs on time.

Eat barbecue also pay attention to the ratio of meat and vegetables, 70% meat and 30% dishes is relatively healthy, it is best to match some fresh fruits and vegetables. You can eat a kiwi fruit, or two medium-sized tomatoes, or other seasonal fruits rich in vitamin, which can supplement all kinds of vitamins. Vitamin C rich in fruit can reduce the production of carcinogen nitrosamines, vitamin E has a strong antioxidant effect, helps to reduce the harm caused by barbecue food.

More and more studies believe that artificial trans fat is harmful to health

Artificial trans fat, which is once considered a breakthrough invention for prolonging the shelf life of fried and baked food, is considered to be harmful to health.

On the 14 day, who announced a plan to eliminate all trans fats in foods in 5 years. Trans fats, also called trans fatty acids, have a small amount of natural trans fats in beef, sheep, milk and dairy products, and the main source of artificial trans fats is partly hydrogenated vegetable oils. This kind of oil has the advantages of high temperature resistance, no deterioration and long storage. It is commonly used in fried chicken, French fries, cakes and other foods.

The biggest health hazard of trans fats is the increase in people’s risk of cardiovascular disease. According to WHO, more than 500 thousand people die of cardiovascular disease every year because of trans fat intake.

In addition, in recent years, some medical studies have found that trans fat not only endanger health, but also affect mental health. In 2015, a study by the state State University of San Diego found that people with less trans fat intake were better able to control their emotions than those with more trans fats.

On the 14 day, the WHO issued a guideline for action in Geneva, Switzerland. The WHO has called for a complete elimination of artificial trans fats from the food supply chain while reducing natural trans fats, which will be “a major victory for the world’s cardiovascular disease”. The use of healthier oil instead of artificial trans fats can save at least 10 million lives in 25 years.

At present, regulators in some countries require that trans fats must be labeled on food packaging, while some countries are beginning to ban trans fats.

Denmark is the first country in the world to take measures to limit the use of artificial trans fats. For 15 years, the incidence of cardiovascular disease in Denmark has fallen faster than in other developed countries.

The shortage of long-term care beds has also intensified the demand for homes for the aged and for retired homes

At present, by the date of 2017, the rent area of the national old house is very different, which is the most expensive in Ontario Province, the average monthly cost is $3526, the lowest rent is Quebec Province, and the average of $1678 per month.

Because by 2026, 2 million 400 thousand Canadians reached or exceeded the age of 65. Many of them need to provide “supportive care” nursing homes, which include medication supervision, regular housework management, preparation of meals and all kinds of services.

The DBRS study found that as more baby boomers reach the age of 65, the number of people needing this kind of care by 2046 is expected to reach an astonishing 3 million 300 thousand.

The report says that although the apartment units are built and put into use every year, they are far from meeting their needs. By the number of words, the elderly population increased by 21.7% between 2006 and 2016 in ten, but the increase in the supply of apartment units in the same period was less than half that of the same period.

Laura Tamblyn Watts, director of the Policy Research Department of the Canadian retiree Association CAR, points out that we are not aware of the impact that the baby boomers retire to pension property, but that we do not pay enough attention to the problem, and we have not taken appropriate policies and measures to deal with it.

At the same time, the shortage of long-term care beds also aggravates the demand for homes and homes for the elderly, which makes the old people unable to enjoy government funded facilities and services, and let them lose a good choice for the elderly.

In response to this crisis, the provinces of Canada are very different. BC and opiah are doing well to provide subsidies for pension facilities and retirement homes, but Ontario is very backward.

Studies have shown that steaming sauna can reduce the risk of stroke

A new study conducted by researchers at Finlandia University in the East and colleagues from Britain and Austria found that sauna could reduce the risk of stroke.

Researchers tracked 1628 people aged 53 to 74 in eastern Finland in 15 years. They were divided into 3 groups, the first group was sauna 1 times a week, the second group Sauna 2 to 3 times a week, third groups sauna for 4 to 7 times a week.

The results showed that the more frequent sauna, the lower the risk of stroke. People who had sauna 4 to 7 times a week had a 61% lower risk of stroke than those who only sauna 1 times a week.

Even if risk factors related to stroke were excluded from age, sex, illness and lifestyle, the association between steaming sauna and reducing stroke risk persisted.

Researchers believe that steaming sauna can reduce blood pressure, stimulate the immune system, improve the function of the heart and circulatory system, and so on, so as to prevent stroke. Relevant research papers are published in the latest issue of the Journal of Neurology.

Eating order affects postprandial blood sugar, and eating vegetables first can reduce postprandial blood glucose response

A little food can be eaten 30 minutes before the meal

As for the time before meals, most of the choices are 30 minutes before the meal.

Eating something at such a point at 30 minutes before the meal does not produce the feeling of eating just finished and not eating dinner, nor does it appear before eating too early and starving.

If you cook at home, eating something 30 minutes before eating will ensure that you are not too hungry, but you are more energetic and happy to cook.

For example, we can have a cup of sugar free soya bean milk before breakfast, and then start making breakfast. Before lunch or dinner, a small bowl of vegetables, or half an apple, can be served half an hour earlier. After a little feeling of satiety in the abdomen, you can cook more comfortably. The work party and the student party can guarantee the work and study efficiency in this period.

Adjusting the order of eating is beneficial to the control of blood sugar

But when we are busy with work, it is difficult for us to eat a little more than 30 minutes before the meal. Is there no way to control blood sugar by the preload method? In fact, it is not. We can pay attention to adjusting the order of eating, and can also achieve the effect of pre meal load method.

In one study, 30 subjects were given the same food content and energy for two days, but on the first day after eating, the second day eating order was the opposite, that is, eating food before eating, monitoring the changes in postprandial blood sugar, and finding that the blood glucose level of the patients who ate the first food was significantly lower than that of the later food. It can be seen that the order of eating affects postprandial blood sugar, and eating vegetables first can reduce the postprandial blood sugar reaction.

Bad habits are the enemy of the health of blood vessels

Often eat more oil and meat, blood vessels easily clogged

Excessive intake of nutrients, excess lipids and nutrients are difficult to expel and accumulate in blood vessels. On the one hand, it is easy to deposit blood vessels on the walls of blood vessels. On the other hand, it will also increase blood viscosity and cause thrombosis.

It is difficult to recover the blood vessels of smoking in ten years

Even if smoking is not much, 10 years later, there will be obvious atherosclerosis. Even if you quit smoking, it will take 10 years to completely repair the damage of the vascular endothelium.

If you eat too much salt and sugar, the wall of the blood vessels wrinkle

A normal blood vessel is very clear like a glass filled with water, but when people eat sweet and salty food, the blood vessel wall cells become wrinkled. Non smooth vascular walls are more likely to develop into hypertension, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

Stay up the night family, hormone injuried blood vessel

When you stay up late or are too excited, people are in a state of stress for a long time and constantly secrete hormones such as adrenaline, which will cause abnormal vasoconstriction, slow flow of blood, and a great pressure in blood vessels.

No exercise, rubbish is hoarded in blood vessels

If there is a lack of exercise, the waste of blood in the blood can not go out, the excess fat, cholesterol, sugar and so on will be hoarded in the blood, make the blood thick and dirty, and form the atherosclerotic plaque in the blood vessels, such as “untime bomb”.

Oral bacteria also hurt blood vessels

The toxins produced by oral bacteria can enter the circulation of the whole body and damage the vascular endothelium. Therefore, we must not think that brushing teeth is small, brushing our teeth sooner or later, rinsing mouthwash after meals, and cleaning teeth every year.

Retinal vascular status in adolescents reveals future risk of heart disease

A recent Australian study shows that observing the retinal vascular condition of young people may be able to know their risk of cardiovascular disease in the future.

From 2009 to 2011, the West Meade Institute of medical research examined the retinal blood vessels of 1600 students aged 11 to 19 years old to understand the physical and mental health of the students. The observation of retinal vascular condition is a noninvasive method to evaluate the blood circulation system.

The researchers found that the subjects with lower health related quality of life, especially in men, were relatively thicker and smaller in the retinal arteries. Studies have shown that poor health and structural changes in the retinal vessels are associated with an increase in the risk of cardiovascular disease in the future, because the thickening of the blood vessels is one of the signs of inflammation and blood flow reduction.

The West Meade Institute of medicine also showed that health related quality of life increased by 1 points, and the retina of the human body became thinner about 0.00005 millimeters.

The United States daily science website cited research project lead Bamini Gopinat as the first study to show the low independent health related quality of life associated with retinal vascular changes.

Elderly people are more likely to have health problems if they get cell phone dependency

Listen to drama, play chess, brush micro-blog, chat WeChat, video chat… The first half of 12 hours every day in the eyes stare down on the mobile phone, Uncle Wang, dizzy badly. After checking the doctor, he told him that it was too long to play the cell phone.

Uncle Wang, who lives in Chen Kou Dun, who lives in Qiaokou District, is 72 years old. He always pays attention to health care and health care. Last September, Sun Tzu, who was not at work, bought a smart phone to honor him. Sun Tzu only taught for two or three days, and Uncle Wang went to school. Listen to play, play chess, play card, watch news, brush micro-blog, video chat, the life of King Wang suddenly becomes rich and colorful, no longer do not have to worry about to play.

The simple and interesting game in the mobile phone is addictive, and Lord Wang does not go out to exercise. He holds a mobile phone at home every day, and often goes to sleep at 12 at night. Recently, he often felt dizzy, and his arms were numb and his things were blurred. He hurried to the first hospital of the city to visit the geriatrics department. X-ray examination found that Uncle Wang was cervical deformation, eyesight drop badly. After detailed inquiries about life habits, doctors believe that the rapid decline of cervical spondylosis and vision are related to his excessive use of cell phones.

Chen Hui, director of the Department of Geriatrics, said that the popularity of smartphones has made more and more people infected with “cell phone dependence”, and the outpatients often encounter elderly people playing with mobile phone health problems. Compared with young people, the functions of various organs of the elderly are declining. For a long time, mobile phones are more likely to cause or aggravate the original diseases. For example, looking at a mobile phone for a long time will aggravate the disease of the cervical spine. A long time staring at the small screen of a cell phone leads to a decline in vision or even blindness. The lack of sleep will aggravate the hypertension.

Chen Hui warned that elderly people should not play more than two hours a day, not more than 10 minutes each time. He suggested that children should not only use social software or telephone to communicate with their parents. They should spend more time with their parents and take their children home. The elderly should take part in community activities, get acquainted with more friends through chess or sports activities, and establish more social circles.

How to prevent tick bites from outgoing outings

Ticks are a class of arachnoid acari, which sucks the blood of people and animals, causes blood loss, causes skin allergies and ulcers, even limb paralysis, and also spreads a lot of human zoonosis.

Experts on disease control in Shanxi province of China say ticks are distributed throughout Shanxi province. Ticks have entered the active period in April. Ticks in Shanxi are mainly found in mountain areas, woodlands, and some scenic spots mainly based on natural natural scenery. The CDC of Shanxi province has special hints:

1,  Enter the mountain and forest areas, wear light colored long coat pants, tighten trouser leg sleeves, and do not wear sandals.

2,  Try to avoid sitting in the field for a long time, and check the necklines, cuffs, pants and other parts in time to avoid tick invasion. The naked skin is coated with repellent, replenish in time to maintain effective protection.

3,  If you find a tick bite, you can’t pull it hard to drag the skin, or leave the tick’s head in the skin to cause infection. It can be anaesthetized by alcohol or a cigarette head and a burning tick on the head to let it fall off naturally. If the conditions permit, seek medical treatment as soon as possible, and observe the physical condition at any time. People with tick bite history or history of field activities should have early fever and other suspected symptoms or signs, and inform the doctor about the situation.

4,  Wild animals are easily parasitic by ticks. Please do not approach them. To carry pets to the living environment of ticks, to do a good pet protection, when leaving, carefully check whether the pet body is attached to the tick to prevent ticks from entering the home environment.