200 to 300 mainland tour groups visiting Hongkong every day in the mainland of China

According to the Hongkong Da Gong Pao, less than one week from the May Day holiday, the Hongkong tourism industry predicted that in the next ten days, there were 200 or 300 mainland travel groups on average to visit the port in the next day. During the period, the occupancy rate of Hong Kong Hotel and guesthouse will be overcrowded. The drugstore estimates that this year’s business has increased by about 20% compared with the same period last year.

The mainland’s Labor Day holidays this year will be three days from April 29th to May 1st (from Sunday to Tuesday). The Hongkong Immigration Department predicts that about 3 million 980 thousand people, including Hongkong residents and visitors, will go to Hongkong through the various control stations from Saturday to Tuesday during the May Day Labor Day holiday. The Immigration Department predicts that about 446 thousand people will enter the country on Sunday. The Hongkong Observatory predicted that during the labor holiday, the temperature in Hongkong ranged from 23 to 30 degrees.

Cui Dingbang, director general of Hongkong Tourism Promotion Association, said that an average of more than 300 mainland tour groups visited Hong Kong every day within a week. During the peak period of the holiday, from next Monday to Wednesday, the number of missions will drop to about 200 per day due to the heavy traffic in the mainland.

He Baomin, deputy director general of the Hong Kong and Kowloon pharmacy General Chamber of Commerce, said that the number of mainland customers increased significantly over the past few months, thanks to the rebound in mainland passengers and the continued strength of the renminbi. He estimated that business during the May 1 golden week rose by about 20%.

In terms of accommodation, Liu Gongcheng, chairman of the Hongkong Tourism Hotel Association, said that it is still about a week from May 1. The hotel room reservation rate has reached 80% on Friday, and it is expected to be full during the golden week.

The hotel owners association forecast that the occupancy rate of Hong Kong Hotel in May 1 golden week could reach 90% this year. He Ruijian, general manager of Prudential Hotel in Tsim Sha Tsui, Hongkong, predicted that house prices were up 5% to 10% per year, such as HK $1500 per night and HK $2000 to HK $2500 per night for four or five star hotels.

Online tourist website “bundling” has become a hot spot of complaint

At present, the topic about the bundling of Ctrip network has attracted much attention. Experts point out that, in fact, this problem is not only a problem with a network, but a problem in the whole industry.

Consumer Protection Law Research Association Deputy Secretary General, Beijing sunshine consumption big data technology research institute chief analyst Chen Yinjiang said China law, “I just about the experience of several large online travel website, found the default option is still a widespread problem, just cancel the default option than before relatively easy, but there is still a default option individual website is hidden, the consumer is not easy to find, it is very troublesome to cancel.”

Online tourism website bundled sales, that is, without the consent of consumers, the website set up the default option in the booking process, and unilaterally chose the service options besides the air tickets and train tickets for consumers. When a consumer submits an order, it may not be a choice, or a service that you need, as long as it is a little unmindful. This kind of problem has always been the hot spot of consumer complaints.

In the last two years, the issues related to the bundling of online tourist websites have been repeatedly exposed by the media and even interviewed by the relevant departments. “But the enterprise has always been reluctant to give up this’ fat meat ‘, which is self-evident.” Chen Yinjiang told reporters that at the moment the most reason for business explanations is to provide customers with diversified and personalized services.

“Personally, this reason is completely untenable. It is not only wrong, but also worthy of encouragement and encouragement to provide diversified and individualized services for consumers. But the premise is that enterprises must be law-abiding, not to damage the legitimate rights and interests of consumers, to ensure fair and reasonable transactions. ” He said.

Chen Yinjiang believes that, first of all, the consumer protection law stipulates that consumers have the right to know its real situation of buying, using commodities or accepting services, and the operator is obliged to tell consumers the truth of their goods or services. Consumers enjoy the right to know. In civil activities, the parties follow the principle of honesty and credit, which is not only the penetration of business ethics, but also the norm of market economy development.

“When consumers buy tickets, they have to browse many pages. If the website fails to set up the default options in the process, consumers are generally not easy to find. Some consumers who do not often use the website to buy tickets may even think that it is necessary to buy a package product, otherwise the ticket can not be purchased normally. As a result, the default options are likely to cause damage to the consumer’s right to know. ” He said.

Secondly, the anti unfair competition law also stipulates that the sale of goods by a business operator must not sell goods or other unreasonable conditions contrary to the buyer’s wishes, nor sell fraudulent prizes, or sell products with high quality and high price by means of prizes and sales. The law on the protection of the rights and interests of the consumer also stipulates that consumers have the right to choose their own goods or services independently.

Chen Yinjiang pointed out that “online travel websites choose service options for consumers without asking consumers to agree, even if consumers can cancel themselves, and websites are also suspected of violating the right of consumers to choose independently.

Besides, as a special civil and commercial contract, the advantages and disadvantages of the contracting parties in information mastering and trading status are very obvious. The general rule of the contract law is difficult to guarantee substantial equality. To this end, the consumer rights protection act specifically stipulates that operators who use standard clauses in business activities should draw consumers’ attention to the clauses with significant interests, and explain them according to the requirements of consumers.

“Consumers buy tickets from the website, that is, a consumer contract with the website, the two sides grasp the information serious asymmetry, will inevitably affect the fair of the transaction. In this case, if an enterprise sets up the default options related to the interests of consumers, it must draw consumers’ attention in a significant way, otherwise it can be regarded as an invalid purchase contract. Chen Yinjiang said.

Bunostomum scenic area scenic Margaret Lan light gas peaks stand

China Qingdao laoshan Yang mouth scenic area is located in the northeast of laoshan scenic spot. Scenic spot arashi brume qunfeng stands in the gas, light cup yan, pine and bamboo with “sea palace” in the peace palace;

Guan Yu Temple in the mountain pines mandshurica, before Lin Jian water, cut on bamboo. Hidden under many precipitous rock faces and sheer cliffs strange cave: Poems of Laoshan scenery famous Taoist Qiu Yuan dynasty recorded 21 songs of the ancient Taoist practice of Bailongdong; and by the “dragon” cave; and “white tiger”, “Rose” and “Xuanwu” constitute four huge white hole.

The lion peak can enjoy the famous moving spectacle “lion guest”, then under the charming scenery of the peak “Shiling Wang yun”. In addition, in the mountains, scenic garden, general Center Hill, MI Erxian drill hole days, and bay Bunostomum, Rocky Mountain headland, carved dragon is mountains and bay beauty show.

It is an ideal sea bathing beach with a wide and flat, sandy beach.

Laoshan’s best tourist season: it was best to go to Laoshan on August, because there was a Tsingtao Brewery Festival at that time, and at this time, the sea was warm. In fact, in 6-9 months, the temperature in Laoshan was about 20 to 28 degrees.

Chinese newcomers love Overseas Wedding Photos: meet love dream

Reference News Network reported on November 6th, every month there are hundreds of the bride and groom came from Asia, wearing a wedding dress posed, in some of the most famous scenic spots (recently also includes less well-known scenic spots near the romantic shadows left).

In Paris, they’re becoming as ubiquitous as street vendors. They’re everywhere. Le Louvre Museum, in front of Eiffel Tower, in Luxembourg Gardens, luxury hotels and buildings, and sometimes even in parking lots.

Reported that this upsurge, new trends and traditional tourism maintains a profitable branch, it is not only in the world of romantic Paris spread to other places, but also spread to France and Britain, Greece, Italy and other European countries.

They were dressed in wedding dresses and flowers, although they looked newlyweds, but they were taking part in a “wedding before” event just for pictures. A real wedding takes place back home, sometimes after a few months. Then, with slides, posters and videos show the way those videos will become an important part of the wedding ceremony.

Reported that the view of Li Zhaoping of Finland University of Applied Sciences in the research on the industry before the wedding: “most couples are in just a few months before the wedding photography, this can be a complex and difficult process, need the efforts of several days, numerous sets of clothing, out to exotic places, but also have a take some photos of the big budget, up to $15 thousand. New people in the West often want wedding photos to capture real moments, while Asian newcomers hope to have sophisticated photographs that satisfy their romantic fantasies.”

It’s not a new fad, the report says. In fact, rich Asian newcomers have done this many years ago. The new feature is that the number of new people has been steadily increasing due to the decline in travel costs, leading to a thriving industry. The industry now offers one or more photographers, many selected European romantic attractions, and not just for fashionable wedding photographs. Floral designers, hair stylists, makeup artists, big brand dress shoes, luxury cars, and vintage cars are included in packages that are destined to meet – at least in the photos – the most romantic dreams of new people.

French television 2 explained: “this love dream costs about 2000 euros, the content is from thousands of miles away to Paris, take dozens of photos within a day, and then take them home.”.”

“World news” published an article on this special tourism trend of the article said that the Chinese red dress to rent new traditional Paris currently has several “wedding” or white wedding dress, shoes, tuxedo and jewelry, and hair and makeup to make arrangements. A company manager told the newspaper reporter: “in the basement, the bride can try hair and makeup.”. On the day of the filming, the bride will be given manicure and false eyelashes.”

Many people choose to replace multiple sets of clothing during shooting, wearing a gorgeous dress and Santorini fashion in England, the white cliffs of Dover in the south of France, lavender fields Greece and Big Ben in London and other romantic background before leaving dreamy photos. For example, the beauty of the parish church of Cotswold built in thirteenth Century had been coerced into this upsurge, the origin is a typical British couple filmed the taste of beautiful photos there. Bath and Lake District are also very popular.

The expansion of services in some offer exquisite to the extreme, the shooting time can last for a few days, in the famous luxury ski resort is dressed new photos, or in the famous film works for the new pictures.

An article published in the South China Morning Post in Hongkong calls the popular tradition “the manor effect of the photos before the Chinese wedding””. The newspaper said: “in this era driven by popular drama, hundreds of couples flew to Britain each year, spending thousands of pounds to hire photographers take pictures in Oxford, Cambridge, Brighton, York and Cornwall Peninsula atlands etc..”

The newspaper said that this trend “in part by” Downton Abbey “a huge hit driven, the show attracted 160 million spectators in the China, but also by Chinese singer and actor Jay Chou famous, he held the wedding ceremony in the Selby Church in Yorkshire, and then held a wedding party in castle Howard, Castle Howard is because of the adaptation of century broadcast in 80s, the British writer Evelyn Wo’s” Brideshead Revisited “of the TV series and the mingyangtianxia”.

In the shooting of Castle Howard as a high-end camera to spend 5000 pounds, including tickets and expenses in the castle and photo day. It costs 550 extra to hire a four wheel carriage.

The average price of a photo set before a wedding is 1000 euros at a famous scenic spot. Increasing the cost of two scenic spots depends on the distance, the fare increases from 500 to 1000 euros.

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The boundary lakes between China and Korea

Changbai Mountain China Tianchi is the deepest lake in 1702 after the volcano volcano water, the highest in Changbai Mountain Baitoushan (peak 2691 meters above sea level, the highest peak of the mountain to the northeast). Lake level 2155 meters, an area of 9.2 square kilometers, with an average water depth of 204 meters, as China and North Korea boundary lake. Surrounded by peaks surrounding tianchi.

The climate here is changeable, often filled with steam, instant rain mist, like the misty fairyland. Sunny, shadow clouds reflected peak pool, colorful, attractive scenery. There are monsters in the lake, causing a sensation, and it is still a mystery.

Tianchi is the source of Songhua River. The Tianchi water overflows from a small gap and flows out of the cliff after more than 1000 meters, forming a famous Changbai Mountain great waterfall. Besides the Tianchi Lake and the Changbai Mountain waterfall, there are many lakes waterfalls in Changbai Mountain. Beside Tianchi, there is a small Tianchi, also called long white lake, the water is also blue. In the woods between the birch waterfall and halfway up the ladder cloud waterfall, the scale is not small.

In addition, there is Changbai Mountain hot spring not far from Changbai waterfall, which is a hot spring group with an area of 1000 square meters. There are 13 hot springs out of the water. The water temperature at 60-80 DEG C. Hydrogen sulfide in water, according to research can cure arthritis and skin diseases.

Tianchi in Changbai Mountain belongs to the temperate continental climate, due to the high altitude, cold climate, rain, wind and snow more crazy is that it features. It had 10 months of winter, and the lake froze for 6 months. When the wind reaches 5, the wave height in the pool can reach more than 1 meters.

Changbai Mountain waterfall a thousand li, spray, like rain like scattered, a few miles outside can hear the sound of its roar. The flow continued year after year.

Keep a secret when you’re dating a girl

Don’t always take her to a place

There must be 2-3 places for dating, and most men are foolish enough to schedule one thing after dating. Like watching a movie or having dinner, always doing a couple of things on an appointment. The more you take her, the more she wants to contact you.

Don’t tell her where you’re going to take her

They always ask you where you’re going to take her, but it doesn’t mean they really want to know the details, because they know how to dress for appointments. If you take her to dinner and bungee jumping, they’ll wear different clothes. They don’t wear running shoes for a big dinner.
Tell her your exact plan, you will drive away all the fun and excitement of a date. Don’t tell her where you’re going to take her, just tell her how to dress up.

Pay attention to her brain and body

For example, if you take her to the coffee shop, your behavior is limited, so you can only chat, and her body is forgotten. Remember: you have to seduce her body at the same time, not just her brain. Don’t forget to do it while you’re having dinner or having coffee.

Grasp the game time

That’s the key to dating. All the dinner dates and the movies were too formal. It feels like an interview, or it’s like a business meeting. On the other hand, if you take a girl, you play with her, you have fun, you can have fun, and she shows a totally different mental state.

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On China’s first home stay tourism industry standard formal implementation

October 1st, on China’s first pension tourism industry standard formal implementation, insiders said, a clear answer to the discussion to personalized or B & B standard “. B & B & B operators and researchers say, standardization and individualization are not in conflict, mainly in the standardization of safety and health, which can be reflected in the personalized decoration style etc..

According to the definition of “B & B requirements and evaluation”, “B & B is the use of idle resources to the local, guesthouse owners participate in the reception, to provide experience of small accommodation facilities local nature, culture and way of life and production for tourists.” The transfer standard life aesthetics, the pursuit of product innovation, promote the local culture, guide the green environmental protection, achieve a win-win symbiosis five evaluation principle, while the B & B is divided into gold and silver Su Su level two levels, different levels corresponding to different reception facilities and service quality, will choose to consumers.

It is understood that in the health service, “” B & B requirements and evaluation requirements of housekeeping, quilt cover, pillowcases, sheets and towels should be done every guest must change, public goods should be one guest room toilet should be disinfected; moisture and ventilation measures, a comprehensive clean-up of public goods should be once a day, a guest in the environmental disinfection facilities; the standard requirements, the main building should be in harmony with the environment is beautiful, should be equipped with necessary disinfection facilities etc..

Nanjing citizens Ms. sun during the national day to a B & B in a Wuxi scenic area of experience. She told the Yangtze Evening News reporter, compared to the hotel, feeling more and more feelings, temperature. This time she chose a B & B is an inn is located beside the scenic bridges, the whole street here are all built into imitation Tang Dynasty style inn, looking from a stone on the main road, on both sides of the road are wooden inn or shops, uniform appearance decoration, the door hung a variety of ancient lanterns. The guide also wore the clothes, as if a moment let visitors through to the ancient. However, after the Inn opened can be found inside the inn, although the decoration style is different, but the layout and rooms are clean utensils clean and comfortable, like four five star hotels, indoor and outdoor scenes with WeChat public number of presentations and brochures on the picture is completely consistent.

Ms. Sun told the Yangtze Evening News reporter, in this area, the waterfront thatched houses is the imitation of Southeast Asian style guesthouse, the price is more expensive, to 3000 yuan a night during the holiday season. And their choice is to imitate the Tang Dynasty double deck “inn”, the price is slightly cheaper, during the festival 1100 yuan a night. Although the price is expensive, the room is still in short supply. In addition to the scene and experience through the sense of their own lives near the B & B still show, and a variety of cultural experience. The standardization and personalization of the new regulations do not conflict, standardization can make people more confident to experience, and personalization can make people feel different cultural feelings and cultural themes.

Nanjing owners’ Ms. Chen Ran two houses, she is their idle two house converted into a pension, pension operation for three years. She told the Yangtze Evening News reporter, his two, the occupancy rate has been high, the peak season demand, even the off-season, can also achieve the occupancy rate of about 80%. She believes that the standardization and individuation, new regulations are not in conflict, standardization and standardized management of safety and health, and personalized decoration style and etc.. But she also believes that because the pension is relatively hidden, or even hidden in the residents of the building, so late in regulation, there will probably be some blind spots need to attach importance to the relevant departments.
Another hostel executive Mr Yang said the hostel reflects the local conditions and cultural characteristics, is the eyes of the passengers on their own business, B & B, every time during the holidays, the occupancy rate and turnover are far more than usual. He said, before many in the environmental assessment, fire, no special attention, after the introduction of new regulations, will be transformed, such as electronic smoke and fire emergency soft belt, from the standard level of security.

The B & B as non standardized new accommodation industry, its soft power, soft services such as art design, unique experience, there is no substitute for the hotel, it is because of this to attract more tourists.