Apple Corp is working with the world’s two largest aluminum producers to develop “carbon free” metals

It is reported that Apple Corp is working with the world’s largest two aluminum producers to develop “carbon free” metals for future iPhone and notebook computers.

Rio Tinto (Rio) and Alcoa (Alcoa) have set up a joint venture to develop technology to eliminate greenhouse gas emissions in the process of aluminum smelting and to commercialize the technology and plan to start sales in 2024. Apple Corp said it will help to promote cooperation and will also provide technical support.

This is the latest effort by Apple Corp to reduce carbon emissions. It also shows that metals and mineral company are trying to reduce carbon footprint to meet consumer demand. Mineral company is becoming an important supply chain for electric vehicles and clean energy industries, which require metals including aluminum, copper, lithium and cobalt.

The Apple Corp announced in April that its global plant facilities supplied electricity with 100% clean energy and promised that eventually all products would be produced using recycled and recycled materials.

The only highlight in the user time battle is short video

In the 2018, many analysts gave astonishing data. QuestMobile data showed that the only bright spot in the user’s long battle was short video, rising from 1.5% in March last year to 7.4% in March this year. Its main cutting share came from instant messaging, directly causing instant messaging users to drop from 37.9% to 32% in March last year. From March 2017 to March 2018, users of short video APP grew by 521.8%.

Eri’s data also proves this trend. Over the past year, the number of active users breaking 100 thousand per month exceeded 10 new APP, with 4 APP active users over 100 million monthly. Short video vents are strong, with a market scale of 5 billion in 2018 and 35 billion by 2020.

On the other hand, competition is also fierce. The ranking of industry TOP 5 has changed drastically. “Shaking sound toxic”, “old iron, fast hand” and other highly topic and spread of the various platform challenges, brainwashing to let more and more people want short video.

“Smart phones, high-end cameras, high-definition cameras and the technical ventilation brought by the popularity of 4G are the objective reasons for shaking up.” Experts say that the outside world has many interpretations of the sonic boom, but he does not think he has come up with ideas. Compared with the similar products on the market, the vertical screen design of the trembling sound, the full screen picture and the more refreshing content are competitive advantages, but the trend of promoting the development of the industry can not be separated from the progress of technology.

Chen Chao, co-founder of Questmobile, affirmed this statement. At the 2018 China Internet video annual summit held yesterday, Chen Chao said that the coverage of the 4G network cleared the technical barriers to the outbreak of short video in the mobile era. In 2017, the mobile APP market was almost zero sum game, but the growth of short video in 2018 was fierce.

Huya – China’s most profitable game player platform

At 9:30 a.m. local time in the United States at 9:30 on May 11th, the “first game of the game live” was successfully listed on the New York stock exchange in the United States to become the first broadcast platform of the game in China.

Thanks to its excellent business models and content ecology, tiger tooth has become China’s most profitable game player platform before listing. Industry related people revealed that after IPO, tiger teeth will be a huge brand, capital and industry resources, tiger teeth jumped into the integration of China’s live game industry.

“Tiger tooth listing” is a key turning point in China’s live broadcast industry. After listing, we will further integrate industry resources, strengthen integration with game manufacturers, support upstream and downstream partners, and create a more prosperous ecosystem. Referring to the strategy of tiger tooth listing, tiger tooth live broadcast CEO Dong Rongjie told the US media in May 11th.

In the less than 3 years from 2016 to 2018, the live industry staged the trilogy of tortuous evolution, and tiger teeth entered the capital market, and the industry entered a new competition stage.

Tiger tooth is born out of YY’s game community operation and technology ecology, and has the advantage of natural game live broadcasting at the initial stage. The strong combination of tiger tooth and Tencent confirms this point. After listing, tiger tooth will borrow capital layout content ecology, carry on continuous, deep and comprehensive content cooperation with game manufacturers, explore the cooperation mode of two-way integration, grasp the source of content, and intervene more opportunities in the stage of game R & D.

As the direct seeding industry has entered the mature stage, the competition for users will be more intense. Where there is better quality and richer content, users will choose where to go. As a provider of 24 hours with users and highly interactive content, the live platform is one of the sources of energy sources that constantly provide quality content and constantly improve and enhance the content of the content, but in the final analysis, it is the host. “A new live broadcast, the emergence of the head anchor takes 3-4 months. Therefore, the starting stage is the basis of the platform. Whoever can do the new game and cultivate the head anchor will win the game. And the probability of having head content is the biggest. A senior industry personage is a word of truth.

Therefore, for the live broadcast platform, the mechanism of screening and cultivating the host is particularly critical, and as the only company in the industry that makes the ecology of the guild and the host very effective, the guild system and the guild host ecology’s deep research and super operation ability have been regarded as the deepest moat of the tiger teeth. In 2017, Q4 data showed that more than 30 thousand guilds and 600 thousand anchors were active on tiger tooth platform.

Technology, ecology and guild mode have laid the foundation for the leading industry of tiger tooth, and tiger teeth will further expand its advantages after listing. Tiger tooth prospectus shows that the funds raised will be mainly used to expand production and enhance products and services, and be used for working capital and other business users. In addition, tiger tooth will also use some of its funds to purchase business, products, services and technology.

The strategic determination of tiger tooth is also reflected in a series of actions to integrate upstream and downstream resources. Through the depth of integration with the game manufacturers, tiger teeth will have the opportunity to explore more cooperation models with the game manufacturers, which will also feed back to many companies in the game industry chain. At the same time, increasing ecological support will also benefit more associations and brokerage firms on the chain.

The integration of upstream and downstream resources based on content upgrading will build an active industry ecosystem for tiger teeth. The competition in China’s live game industry will also enter the era of multi platform competition and enter the era of industrial alliance competition. No doubt the tiger teeth have won the opportunity to win in the “new era”.

To prevent children from indulging in Internet, parents should not use mobile phones as babysitters

Why is the network “charming”? To some extent, the Internet is not just a network cable or a WiFi, but rather a social interaction, entertainment, leisure, athletics, reading. This virtual world is colorful and full. How to compete with the “charming” network for primary and secondary school students is a difficult problem.

“The hearts of primary and middle school students are like a vast field. The best way to make fields not long” weeds “is to plant a golden rice. Experts suggest creating colorful extracurricular life so that children can put more energy into effective learning, outdoor sports and social practice activities. Children can naturally improve their immunity to bad Internet content when they are fed up with the “mental feast”.

“The network behavior of young people, the school should not be blocked, and the passive and passive prevention of adverse Internet access, it is better to actively guide young people to the Internet and healthy Internet.” In the study, many schools have found that many schools have issued rules about the use of mobile phones for students, such as “no mobile phone in the classroom”, but most of them are limited to whether or not they are allowed or not used, and lack of effective guidance on how students use mobile phones and specific Internet behaviors.

Experts suggest that the Internet should be guided to help teenagers understand what the network is and what a moral network behavior is. She said that the practice of some countries should be used for reference. For example, in Japan, the “teenager Internet navigator” has been set up to “navigate” on the status and danger of the network society, how teenagers grasp the scale of network use, how to carry on the self monitoring and management of the Internet. In Korea, the ethical content of the network has been included in the teaching materials of primary and junior high school, and the moral and computer teaching in high school. In the wood.

Parents should educate and guide, set an example, attach importance to accompany, dredge psychology, cooperate with schools, and build a solid defense line to prevent primary and middle school students from indulging in the Internet. If the parents themselves are “mobile phone control” and “bow family”, how can we expect children to control themselves? Experts have found that some students are addicted to Internet and mobile travel, which are related to their growing environment.

Some parents often do not allow their children to disturb themselves, they often use mobile phones as “electronic nanny”, let cartoon and mobile games grow up with children; some parents go out to work, children become left behind children, the smart phone bought for the convenience of contact is “lost control”… Experts introduce, in Ningbo national high tech Zone Experimental School, each year will organize Freshmen’s parents to participate in special activities to guide parents to pay attention to the harm of electronic products and online games.

Parents are the first teachers of children, and families are the children’s first schools. “Parents should first do what they want them to do.” Experts suggest that parents should first look at whether their way of Internet is reasonable, whether the content is active, set an example to the children, and let the children learn to use the network in a healthy way.

“Many parents feel that children begin to hate learning because they like to surf the Internet. In fact, many children are addicted to the Internet because they hate learning. If learning occupies most of the life of a child, it will give an opportunity to indulge in the Internet. Experts remind that parents should cultivate a wide range of interests and interests of children and give children high quality companionship, such as reading, playing chess, sports, doing housework, visiting relatives and friends, traveling around the family, visiting museums and appreciating concerts, so as to attract rich and colorful real life to attract children.

Users’ active cancellation of account accounts is difficult

Recently, the secret service in Beijing was very upset. For working reasons, he wanted to cancel micro-blog account, but he failed several times. In fact, a lot of people want to write off micro-blog account, in micro-blog, a lot of people helpless “message cancellation”, the last micro-blog published on micro-blog, the content is “this account cancellation”.

Experts find that many APP do not provide the function of account cancellation at present. In March, the QQ team conducted a grayscale test on the cancellation function of QQ account, but the function was downloaded in March 21st.

In another case, APP says that it is the function of providing account cancellation, but it is always difficult for users to operate. In the case of micro-blog cancellation, “the reason why I will not write off is that I have not used the mobile phone, but my mobile phone has been used for two years.” Secret strength said.

In addition, in today’s headline, although its privacy agreement shows that users can write off their accounts, neither the PC end nor the mobile end found the entry of the account cancellation; Baidu APP shows a cancellation function, but the expert trial suggests “sorry, the account cannot be cancelled”, even if the account is just registered soon. New account number.

It is worth noting that in January 11th, the Ministry of industry and information reported that “part of APP is suspected of infringing user privacy”, and interviewed many Internet Co. At that time, it was pointed out that the supervision and inspection of the information collection and use of Internet service information, account cancellation and other links would be strengthened.

Swimming in the first quarter of 2018, earning $105 million online games

Recently, the company launched its unaudited Q1 earnings as of March 31, 2018. According to the financial data, during the period of Q1, the total income of the tour was $137 million, an increase of 14% over the same period, and the income of online games was 105 million dollars, an increase of 24% over the same period last year. The average monthly active accounts of PC games are 2 million 500 thousand, while mobile game accounts for 2 million 600 thousand of the monthly active accounts.

Changyou today released its unaudited financial report for the first quarter ended March 31, 2018.

The highlights of the first quarter of 2018:

The total income was 137 million US dollars, up by 14% over the same period last year, down by 5%, exceeding the company’s guidance.

The income of online games was $105 million, an increase of 24% over the same period last year, a decrease of 4%, exceeding the company’s guidance.

According to the United States general accounting standards, the net loss was $13 million, compared with the net income of $30 million in the first quarter of 2017 and the net income of $34 million in the fourth quarter of 2017.

According to non – US general accounting standards, the net loss of Changyou was $16 million, with net profit of $35 million in the first quarter of 2017 and net profit of $34 million in the fourth quarter of 2017.

Guide the middle and old age groups to use and use new media

The survey found that the middle-aged and the old people surfing the Internet to browse the top of the list are the heart chicken soup and humorous passages related to the comfort of the mind and the mood, followed by news of current affairs, health care and emotional life.

“This reflects the emotional needs of this group – they get less social support and are more susceptible to social alienation and emotional isolation.” Chen Yunsong, a professor of sociology at the Nanjing University, said that the new media can meet the needs of the elderly in the three aspects of obtaining information, participating in the society and promoting emotion, and it is easy to make them feel satisfied and dependent on the online life.

Because of this, some elderly people are even a little addicted. In Luohe, Henan, a six – day old man has gained more praise from the “WeChat movement”, walking a few hours a day, sticking with his legs, and causing concern for his family. In Daxing, Beijing, an aunt used to sing APP to record songs in the early morning. She even pulled the stereo which was not used by the village committee to the home, and made many unhappy with the villagers.

The professor of communication research at Communication University of China opened the analysis, which is due to the old people’s desire to communicate and to be concerned. Two, lack of self-management awareness, especially the lack of awareness of the possible negative effects of the use of new media. In this regard, we need to improve the media and information literacy of the middle and old age groups, and guide them to use and make good use of new media.

The 17 year old hacker was caught stealing data

In order to deal with the Internet black ash industry that has already formed a complex industrial chain, Baidu safety formed the Internet black ash attack team in 2016. This year, Haidian police strengthened the cooperation with the Baidu Inc. At the beginning of this year, Baidu security through the threat intelligence platform, perceived the existence of a black product Gang on the Internet, and continued to investigate the suspect’s use of cloud server theft, immediately feedback to the Haidian public security branch.

Haidian police through the investigation and analysis, found that a large number of clues traceability traced to Li Moumou. In March 11th, the Haidian police went to Yunnan, where they were captured by local police. At the scene of arrest, Li Mou admitted all his criminal facts. Police in Li and some of the home search, extraction in their computer data, found several kinds of network companies suspected of information data, stored in the cloud computing server over 760 million data. Later, the police escorted Lee Mou to Beijing for further examination.

Li Mou is only 17 years old. He likes to study computer programming at ordinary times. In 2016, Xiao Li developed a program, using hacker technology, through the Internet to obtain a large number of data such as the user name of a network company. Because he has made such a great achievement, in order to show off his ability, Xiao Li will display it on the Internet Forum. Not long after, a person claiming to be a technology company in Beijing contacted Xiao Li. Subsequently, Xiao Li received a small salary of 500 yuan per month, and he was employed to provide the network users with regular information to the technology company.

According to the confession and electronic inspection of Xiao Li, the police have been traced to a technology company in Shijiazhuang, Hebei province. The company mainly deals with the development and sales of computer software, hardware, electronic products and auxiliary equipment, and uses the user information obtained by the software to make profit for foreign sales. In April 5th, under the cooperation of the police in Shijiazhuang, the police of the arrest group seized Feng, Mou, Wang, Cheng, Wang, and so on, and picked up hundreds of millions of information data including well-known network companies in the company’s computer.

At present, four members of the gang such as Feng and so on have been arrested by the Haidian police for crimes of infringing upon citizens’ personal information. Xiao Li has been bailed out by the Haidian police as a minor, and the case is under further review.

The new security detector of artificial intelligence processor accelerates the arrival of intelligent security inspection era

0.7 seconds can identify 89 categories of prohibited goods samples, lift hands can complete security inspection, detection accuracy rate of over 95%…… On the 25 day, reporters saw a new type of security detector installed with artificial intelligence processor in 35 of the three hospitals of China Aerospace Science and engineering group. After the replacement, the artificial intelligence “security inspector” can effectively solve the problems such as long queues in security inspection, large radiation in security inspection, and privacy in security inspection.

In airports, subway stations and other areas, most passengers have been hand picked by security inspectors. 35 artificial intelligent human security instrument designer Hu Lin introduced, the current human security means commonly used magnetic metal detection and manual hand inspection mode, the biggest disadvantage is the slow speed, high labor intensity, the use of X ray human security apparatus in a few places, may have greater radiation to the inspectors, a new type of new type developed by 35 The safety check of AI is only 1/1000 of the cell phone signal.

Using artificial intelligence security inspection instrument security check, the examiner only needs to stand on the security instrument and lift both hands, and can read all the information outside the person’s skin within 2 seconds. The 360 degree, imaging resolution millimeter scale detection map is instantly generated. It can read “non-metallic dangerous goods” and “prohibited items” that can not be detected by the safety inspection equipment, including corrosive, flammable, explosive liquids and colloids.

“This kind of” glance at everything “is aimed at objects only, and the application of AI can protect the privacy of the examinees well. Zhao Yinghai, the director of the 35 artificial intelligence technology research office, told reporters that the security instrument used intelligent privacy protection technology, and the imaging records blurred the body’s face and sex organs. A virtual puppet mapping technique is used to display virtual puppets on the display panel on the outside of the security instrument. If there is a contraband, it will be identified in the corresponding area.

Through artificial intelligence, the security instrument can also continue to learn the endless contraband. After the software platform is upgraded, it can meet the needs of the future security requirements. Sun Hao, the 35 director, said that at present, the 35 security detectors have been tried in many parts of the country, and will continue to explore in the future to accelerate the arrival of the smart security inspection era.

Since the “Wuhan parking” APP has been online, nearly 900 thousand owners have been registered

The streets are clean and refreshing, and the vehicles are in good order. This is the scene of wusheng West Street, Hankou, China, on Monday morning. The inspector wearing yellow uniform is patiently guiding a car owner to park the car on the line coding berth.

The inspector introduces that geomagnetic sensors are installed on each berth, which can automatically detect and record the start time and deadline of parking. Whenever a car stops, the magnetic induction system sends a signal to her PDA (palm computer). In half an hour, she will get to the corresponding berth, sweep the license plate with PDA and upload it to the system, and the system will correspond with the license plate to form a parking information record. As to how long and how much money the vehicle should be charged, the system is automatically generated by the system.

“System design science, easy to use, can automatically generate parking information, so that the public parking is more standard, more conscious, the consciousness of short parking has been significantly improved in the past, the ‘zombie car’ that has been stopped for a long time is gone, and the utilization rate of parking space is also greatly improved.” The inspector said.

Ms. Chang, who has lived in wusheng West Street for nearly 10 years, exclamations, this section is quite narrow, the vehicle before the random stop, the roadside merchants private phenomenon is very common, the long stop “zombie car”, the two rows of parking vehicles become more and more narrow, so that sidewalks and motorized lanes can not be separated, serious shadow Noisy traffic order, sometimes even people can not pass. Every day we pass by here and there, and the traffic is so crowded that everyone anxious to go home feels anxious and anxious.

Recently, with the support of the traffic management and the city management department, the parking space of the “Wuhan parking” was unified, and the nearby residents were widely publicized, with the patient guidance and caring service of the on-site staff, the parking order was obviously improved, and the “one car and one” atmosphere had been formed. The traffic was completely eliminated and the traffic was clear.

It is understood that “Wuhan parking” APP since its on-line, nearly 900 thousand owners registered for use, daily activity of about 100 thousand. The turnover rate of the pre – line berth of the system is less than 300%. Now, the average daily turnover of road parking berths is about 10 times. It not only invigorates the public parking resources, improves the parking utilization rate, but also improves the parking environment and traffic conditions in the city.