Kampuchea – the most vacations in the world

Kampuchea has 28 days of paid holidays, almost a month. It also made the country the world record holder for holidays.

Not long ago, Kampuchea increased another holiday: in May 20th this year, more than 15 million Kampuchea people did not have to work for the first time. The new “national mourning day” aims to mourn the millions of civilians slaughtered under the Khmer Rouge in the late 70s.

At the end of 7, Kampuchea will meet the election again. For voters, a day’s legal holiday is natural. However, Kampuchea has enough legal holidays related to history, system, Buddhism and royalty.

97% of Kampuchea’s people believe in Buddhism, so there are more religious festivals. Although king Norodom Sihamoni did not participate in politics, he was highly respected. His birthday, the birthday of the queen mother, the anniversary of the old king and the coronation day of the king are all legal holidays in Kampuchea.

In addition, there are festivals commemorating independence from the French colonial rule, ending the Khmer Rouge rule, Promulgating the Constitution and signing the Paris peace agreement. And Labor Day, Match 8 Women’s Day, Children’s Day and human rights day (December 10th) is a statutory holiday.

People in Kampuchea enjoy the holidays. Many people use their holidays to visit their relatives or friends in the distance or go to the seaside for a holiday. At this time, the Phnom Penh in the capital will be much quieter than usual. People in Kampuchea also like to extend the holiday. In the middle of April, the traditional Kampuchea new year has 3 consecutive days of vacation, but in fact, people celebrate almost two weeks, during which almost everything stops.

Although there are many exciting holidays, there are still some people who feel bad about it, mainly business people. Sardin, who runs a silk store in Phnom Penh, said: “too many holidays seriously affect business. I even don’t open 20 days in some months, but I have to pay the whole month rent and give the workers a full salary. “

The employment options of college graduates are more and the way out is more

Through interviews, it has been found that the employment psychology of college graduates after 90s has changed, with more options and more outlets.

Guangzhou, Shanghai, Beijing is no longer an option. “I originally wanted to stay in Beijing, but considering the realistic problems of Hukou, housing, children’s schooling and so on, I finally chose Tianjin.” “My girlfriend is working in Beijing now. In order to accompany me, I will transfer to Tianjin branch after a while,” said Dr. Shuo Shuo, a PhD student at Tsinghua University.

I hope to stay in the first tier cities, and the demand for Hukou is also decreasing. Zhao Yingqi, a fourth – grade student at Beijing Forestry University, said, “I’m more casual, so in the process of looking for a job, the Hukou index is not important. I may stay in Beijing for a few years and go to other cities to experience it.” Many people say that there are numerous possibilities for their future, and they are not necessarily anchored by Hukou and cities.

Of course, there is also a greater value on the account. “Having an account has a sense of belonging, which makes me feel secure.” Zhou Lin, a graduate student, had already found his favorite job, but he did not expect it to be downsized. He chose to look for it again.

Salary level is also a key factor for college graduates to find jobs. Many students pay more attention to salary. They say that people can’t live in a vacuum, and the cost of living is real. But at the same time, many people say that they can accept lower starting salary, so that they can see the future development space as long as they are conducive to the development of their career. When asked about the specific expectations, Qiao Yu Ming, a graduate student at Communication University of China, said, “I expect the monthly salary after tax to be around seven to eight thousand.”

At present, Deng Ping, a doctoral student, is in the process of entry into a university in Beijing. Her ideal is to stay in Beijing for academic research. She said that compared with the starting salary, she paid more attention to the development platform and academic research space.

Professional counterparts and interest are also the standards that many graduates insist on. Guo Jinling, a graduate student at Communication University of China, received an employment intention of an enterprise before she wrote materials and was refused by her. “I am extrovert, I prefer to interview research and write news, not suitable for sitting in the office.”

“There are a lot of new industries and new industries that may not be understood by parents,” said Liang Enrui, a graduate student engaged in industrial product design. “Even so, they rarely interfere with what I find, as long as I like it.”

A teacher who has long been engaged in employment guidance says that it is not difficult for college graduates to find a job, and it is difficult to work at the same time to meet a variety of needs at the same time. “Reality always fails to catch up with expectations. Expectations are ideal. Many anxieties come here. In fact, the reason is some, the sky and the sky. “

The demand gap for people in Beijing is about 8000 in the first half of this year

In March 28th, the Beijing vocational introduction service center issued the situation of “Analysis on the supply and demand situation of the human resources market in Beijing in the first half of 2018”. Under the background of the adjustment of the city’s economic structure, the employment situation in the city has maintained a steady development trend. The demand for enterprise users is gradually adapted to the adjustment of the industrial structure of the city, and the total supply and demand of the human resource market tends to balance.

According to the total volume, according to the survey data of employers’ employment demand, it is estimated that the demand gap of employers in the first half of 2018 is about 8 thousand, and in 2015, it has remained at a low level of about 10 thousand people, and the total supply and demand volume of human resources market has been balanced.

From the view of the distribution of industry, the third industry gap is the biggest, accounting for about 86.6% of the total gap, second industries accounted for 13.3%, accounted for 0.1% of the first industry; from the industry distribution, nearly 70% of the gap in information transmission, software and information technology services, leasing and business services, scientific research and technical services industry, manufacturing, wholesale and retail industry and real estate industry”.

From the view of structure, the employment gap of “professional technicians” is the largest, accounting for 32.5% of the total gap. The others are “production workers”, “service personnel” and “administrative staff” in turn.

From the industry distribution, the investigation employing unit needs data show that the first half of 2018 “sophisticated” industry demand accounted for 21.5%, increased slightly. The employment demand of the “sophisticated” industry in the city is highly concentrated. In the “information transmission, software and information technology services”, “science and technology services”, “manufacturing” and “leasing and business services” sectors, the 4 industries account for over 90%.

From the view of industrial distribution, the industrial structure continues to upgrade. According to the survey data of employers’ needs, the employment ability of new industries is increasing. The number of employees in the second half of 2017 has accounted for 49.2% of the total number of employees. In the first half of the last three years, the net increase in new industries is about 30 thousand in the first half of the year.

From the scale and type of the enterprise, the small and medium enterprises and the non-public economic enterprises have maintained a good momentum of employment. The proportion of employment demand for small and micro businesses increased gradually, from 71.1% in the first half of 2015 to 77.7% in the first half of this year. In addition, the proportion of non-public enterprises in the first half of 2018 was 90%.

The practice of Double delicious food Cooked Pork Slices


Pig tenderloin, egg, onion, ginger, coriander, carrot, sugar, vinegar, soy sauce, salt, starch.


One,Pork cuts large, about 2-3 millimeters thick.

Two,Onions, ginger, coriander, Huw Rob Che S, sugar, vinegar, soy sauce, salt sauce.

Three,Starch plus a little egg white tune into the batter, with meat easily evenly coated in batter, but not too thick for.

Four,When the oil is five – 60% in the pot, a piece of meat is wrapped in a piece of batter, and the medium is fried and pulled out.

Five,The heat transferred to the fire, add fried meat, fried to crisp, the color of the fire, I also not fried coke, coke and some fried general hotel than this, I love a little bit soft palate.

Six,Leave a little oil in the pan and stir fry with onion, ginger, carrot and carrot.

Seven,Put the fried slices of meat evenly, pour into the sauce, and stir fry the pot quickly.

Canada increased its work throughout the year 2017

Nick Exarhos, an economist at CIBC, wrote in the bulletin that the December employment data were surprising and drew a full stop for the extraordinary 2017 year. Why do you say that?The Federal Bureau of statistics data released today: in December last year soared to nearly 80 thousand jobs, words for 79000 jobs, and in November a net increase of 79500 jobs in October, net position number 35300, the last 3 months of the year the Canadian workplace performance views.

Remember Canada a few months before the strong employment growth and beautiful data, most economists are not optimistic about December in the workplace, for example by Bloomberg (Bloomberg) survey of economists on the show, most experts expected Canada December employment average, up to 2000 new job positions, compared with 79000 in the new position a huge gap!

In historical data, the unemployment rate in Canada is lowest to 5.9%, which is traced back to February 2008 before the global financial crisis, and the 5.7% in 2017 December is the best result in Statistics Bureau. It has become the lowest in 42 years.

The data are as follows: the unemployment rate in October was 6.3%, to 5.9% in November, and to 5.7% in December.

The increase in work has also hit a new high. The statistics bureau announced that Canada increased 423000 jobs in the 2017 year, an increase of 2.3% over 2016, the highest annual growth since 2002.

The increase in the work of the last year includes 394200 full time jobs with up to 93% higher quality.

The quick response was that after the FBI’s employment data were published, the Canadian dollar rose to 80.74 cents to 1 Canadian dollars.

The December employment data also compensated for disappointing GDP data in a sense, with our judgment, the Bank of Canada, or the increase in interest rates later this month.

In middle age, life has passed through the raging Canyon

A “middle-aged anxiety” has been lingering in the near future: from the “vacuum cup of vacuum wolfberry” to a company cleaning up the rumors of employees over 34 years old, and then to “middle-aged greasy”. Every other time, the middle age topic will be in the public opinion field for a long time, by ridicule and serious, from self mockery and sorrow.

In middle age, people feel that life is like a sorcerer’s burdens, and there will be no more surprises. Instead, all kinds of pressure come on, the ceiling of the cause, the expectation of the family, the burden of life, the comparison of the secular… Look at you, all the eyes are on you, not your own.

Some people confused, like Dante described in “the Divine Comedy” in the “half way, I lost my way in a dark forest, when trapped in fear and anxiety mood, life is like walking in the narrow road, staring at the side of the abyss, feel a dark gray misty road.

There is clear, as a modern poet said: “in the middle, life has been through the youth rushing Canyon, came to a relatively open land, become quiet and clear up, he saw that go forward in warm, to rediscover the distance, there is still intrigue in the workplace, everywhere the competition was all the irrelevant background.

State of mind, not to rely on chicken soup to deal with the crisis. Indeed, middle age anxiety is not only a psychological problem, but also a social problem. In the Internet age, the speed of knowledge iteration is quicker and the energy and energy are falling. Once it is in a tired or crisis, the pressure is getting bigger and harder. Many people have a sense of success, a sense of anxiety, and no fair experience of reality, and the sense of anxiety is superimposed.

Social problems must be solved in the society. Social equity and justice need state and society to improve governance level. Personal skills fear requires lifelong learning, self renovation and continuous improvement. There is no one button in the world, and the process is needed to overcome any problem. Admit it, face it, solve it. Some people say: you are weak, time will turn into a pig knife, you will slowly kill in invisible; you, time is a beauty knife, to help you create the most perfect life.

In the middle age, a new, only power that is qualified at this age is also agglomerate. The flowers of youth have been withered, but they can form fruit. This is a force that surpasses youth and hormones, a kind of power that continues to grow, and a kind of calmly welcome the power of storm. Inspire this force, and you can live well.

Medical graduates have become the target of each major hospital for the recruitment of each other

In the near future, the shortage of medical talents has caused concern. It is understood that, thanks to the “two child policy” and the impact of the new pension policy and urban development needs, many hospitals expanded their field enrollment in recent years, while medical colleges and universities did not expand enrollment, and the training time of medical students was long, and the relationship between supply and demand was very uneven.

In order to recruit talents, some hospitals provide a written test site on the scene, as long as it is suitable for direct signing.

In December 13th, 2018 college graduates in Guangdong were badly in need of the shortage of talents. There were more than 40000 recruits in medical, business and public institutions, and more than 25000 students from more than 180 universities were recruited.

“The hospital for talent needs, can be used ‘phagocytosis’ to describe.” Liu Haifeng, director of the employment guidance center of Southern Medical University, said that medical students such as school transfusion, imaging, anesthesia, pediatrics, obstetrics, gynecology, pathology and other departments are also the object of competition among major hospitals. He predicted that it would take at least 10 years to ease the contradiction between supply and demand.

The shortage of talents leads to the choice of high quality graduates in many colleges and universities. As far as Southern Medical University is concerned, many students have received many offer before graduation. Nowadays, there are 6.2 jobs per graduate of Southern Medical University.

Liu Haifeng says medical graduates have at least 6000 yuan RMB for a month.

In addition, Xiao Youru, the party secretary of Hunan Hengyang Central Hospital, revealed that for the introduction of medical doctorate, they will provide the minimum 800 thousand yuan RMB family allowance. If the leader is a subject leader, the cost will increase to 1 million yuan RMB. In addition, there are 150 thousand yuan RMB for the start of scientific research, and the commitment to properly settle the employment of family members.

Zhuhai people’s Hospital Lu Ligong introduction, for postdoctoral talents, the Institute offers 350 thousand yuan RMB angufei, “we also signed a spouse and working solution to settle the problem of academic leaders under the age of 50 can meet the conditions of the room one was 2 million RMB.”

“After handling the employment procedures, it will give 200 thousand yuan a home fee, and the per capita income is thirteen – one hundred and forty thousand RMB.” In November 12th, a person in charge said at the 2018 session of the conference on the exchange of medical and health graduates in Jiangsu.

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