An amazing Mantis’s mimicry

1,Mimicry flower. There is a mantis in the tropics. Its forefoot is transformed into petals, and its body is purple and white. It is hidden in the leaves and looks like a purple and white orchid at first glance. Malaysia has a flower mantis, pink body, looks like a blooming flower, attracted butterflies and honey.

2,Mimicry leaves. Other Mantis grows leaves and protuberances on the chest, abdomen, and joints, and mimics them as leaves, branches and tree scars.

3,Form water droplets. There is a praying mantis in the tropical desert, with a green body, a flat, bright, smooth head in the grass, and a glittering drop of dew on the head of the sun.

4,Intimidate the prey. French biologists once saw a mantis encounter with a large gray locust. When the mantis saw the locusts, the mantis immediately opened its wings and trembled to both sides, and the hind wings stood upright, like a sailboat, the side of the body, the poor snakes, the voice of the venomous snakes, the weight of the whole body on the four feet, and the body stood up, standing still, eyes fixed on the locusts. The locusts moved slightly, the mantis head turned, and the grasshopper was frightened by the frame, slowly lying on the ground, running away, and even moving to the mantis. When it moved to the mantis, the mantis swooped past, and the locust became the food in its mouth without resistance.

Why the fox is a cunning and treacherous incarnation

No matter which country or country, the fox is a cunning, treacherous, greedy image. People have not wronged it. The fox is born with suspicion and deceit.

If the fox was shot by a hunter and was not hit, it would take a dead way, soften the body, stop breathing, the hunter thought it was killed, and threw it on the ground, and then caught other prey, and the fox ran away.

Sometimes it could not escape by the hunting dog, and put a stench of “Foxes”, like a chemical bomb, so that the hound was breathless, and the fox took the chance to escape.

The fox is very suspicious. Before going out, listen to the wait-and-see at the entrance of the cave. When it is confirmed that there are no circumstances outside, the fox will just jump out of the hole. Walking on the ice, it always walks, listens and is completely on alert.

But in France, the story of a fox is a special case. Moreover, the image and popularity of the fox in France is similar to that of Sun Wukong, a great Chinese saint in the eyes of Chinese children. The image of a French fox is mostly male. The fox of France has another feature: humour, civilization, wit and flexibility, especially fear of violence and intelligence.

Something to pay attention to to feed the Scotland folding cat

The ear folding is caused by incomplete dominant gene mutation. Scotland folded cat is very hardworking and able to inherit the characteristics of its cat. Its appearance is very consistent with its gentle personality, its voice is very light, and it seldom speaks loudly. It is willing to cooperate with others, and express it in its own peaceful way.

Why do Scotland folded ears often clean their ears?

Because of the relationship between the ear and the ear, it is very easy to accumulate dust and dirt in the ear. If it is not cleaned regularly, it may cause ear inflammation or infection of ear mite. It seriously affects the health of cats, and it also affects the folding of ears.

Is the skeleton of the Scotland fold – ear naturally developed?

The skeletal hereditary disease of the cat is not limited to the young cat. As long as the cat has a folded ear gene, it may develop lesions at any time in its lifetime. Cat bones can easily break and need our careful feeding.

What should be paid attention to in raising Scotland’s fold – ear cat?

Its gastrointestinal function is relatively weak, and does not feed milk and excellent food at 1-4 months old. The best preparation for chicken and beef cooked with water for it, and professional food collocation. The cat to be fixed. A small number of times of feeding should be repeated so as not to increase the burden of the stomach and intestines.

Hornbill is a kind of precious and beautiful birds, is also the most loyal love birds

Hornbill is a kind of precious and beautiful birds, usually in the life of about 30-40 years old, the oldest was 50 years old.

When the birds mate in early spring and early summer, they choose to incubate eggs in a natural tree hole. When the female birds have finished their eggs, they lay eggs in a tree hole. The male bird holds the hole in the hole and only leaves a small hole in the hole. During the incubation of the nest, the male bird feeds the female from the small hole to the female, until the hatched chicks have long feathers.

Every male far found near the hard to find, in the forest and “family”, to get the food into the mouth and chicks. The male busy during the day, the night also perched on the outside of the tree, and by the enemy sentry, guard against.

When the young birds are plump, the male and female birds break the hole to get together and lead the birds to fly in search of food. One of the birds, if one dies, and the other will never live or find a new one, but die in grief, so they are called “love birds”.

The biggest feature of the hornbill is its big mouth, its long mouth and the helmet – shaped protrusion – the helmet, like the horns on the nose of the rhinoceros, so the hornbill is known. Though its mouth looks clumsy, it is actually very dexterous. It’s easy to peel nuts, pick berries and be light and free, and catch mice and insects as well.

Most of the helmet hornbill protrusion is horny hollow, the minority is solid. A large body of the hornbill meters long, eyes have long thick eyelashes, which is rarely seen in other birds. There is a hornbill in China’s Xishuangbanna, has been listed as the two types of animal protection. Hornbill “procreate” very carefully. They found a big hole, inside a foreshadowing, the female enters the delivery room”. Then his stomach secretions donated colloidal vomit, hybrid seeds and deadwood, close up. And the male birds in the hole with wet soil, fruit residue and other help the female birds to close the hole, only a vertical crack, so that the female bird outstretched the mouth to accept the male feeding.

In the whole incubation days, the male running around, looking for food. The female only incubated the eggs in the cave, until the bird was hatched, the female lifted the “confinement” out of the hole, and then sealed the bird in it until the chicks were about to fly. This peculiar brood, is conducive to the protection of children from other snakes and beasts of the infringement.

With all the small animal running cat – the fastest one

The feline is one of the heaviest and fastest running of all small cats, with a body length of 65 centimeters. The most obvious feature is the long black ear, controlled by 20 different muscles, which can help to find the prey. Surprisingly, they are easy to be domesticated, sometimes used as pets, and are said to be very adaptable to live with humans.

With the staple food of rodents and hare, occasionally attack small antelope or gazelle, young ostrich. The caroe is very picky and discards the viscera of the captured mammal, partially pulling out the hairs of the hoof and the larger prey, and removing the flesh from the skin to avoid the hairs. However, it will eat bird feathers, and can tolerate carrion. It is best known for its bird skills; caracal can catch the birds in flight, sometimes one can catch more than two. Caracal can jump very high and climb very high, which can make it more easily than other Carnivora captured within the order of animal.

With living alone or in pairs of feline animal field. Caracal can go without water for a long time and continue to survive, the water demand by water to meet the prey. At night, but in the colder season, it will also hunt for prey during the day.

With hair has many colors — red, grey and grey sand wine, there will also be blackened with. The young cat has red spots on its bottom, and the adult cat has no other stripes except for its black spots above the eyes. The most famous feature of the cat is its long and thick black ears. Its ears are controlled by 20 different muscles to help them find their prey. Clusters of hair help to precisely determine the location of their prey.

They live in arid grasslands and semi desert areas, but live in woodlands, savannas and shrubs, and even in the mountains of 3000 meters above sea level. As in the arid regions of feline animal and other life, with also can survive in a long time without water. At this time, they rely mainly on body fluids in hunting objects to get water.

Tourists encounter wild giant pandas in Pingwu County

At 10 a.m. on March 23rd, more than ten tourists from Chengdu and other places in Pingwu, Mianyang, Sichuan, visited a wild giant panda in the protected area, and witnessed the process of crossing the road.

The tourists to take videos and photos can be seen, this panda is the first half of the body hidden behind a tree, looking at the pictures of the tourists did not immediately turn away, but and tourists looking for a long time, only twisted round the body slowly to the opposite side of the road. Visitors said that the pandas were “too lucky” to meet the pandas, and the tourists were not chased after taking pictures, but they were just seeing them leaving.

According to the staff of the scenic area, Li Tianming said that at about 9:40 in the morning, he received more than ten tourists from the scenic spots to the scenic spots. “The vehicle through the line to field attractions Aries Ganhaizi Road, a visitor suddenly exclaimed” soon to see the panda! “” Li Tianming stopped the car slowly, and saw the wild giant panda hiding from a big tree outside the car several meters away. He stretched out his head from time to time and looked at the vehicles and pedestrians on the road from time to time with a pair of black eye circles. Then the giant panda trotted through the road and went into the forest in the mountain.

Li Tianming said, the whole process was less than two minutes. The tourists on the bus were very excited. They took the photo while exclaimed, “luck is too good”. “Panda is so cute!” But at the same time, there are tourists reminding, “don’t frighten it.”

It is understood that in the 3-5 month of the year, the giant panda enters the estrous season, and its activities become more frequent. Hope that the majority of tourists do not disturb the normal activities of the giant pandas when they are sightseeing.

As early as 2015, there was a report about a tourist encounter with wild giant pandas in Pingwu county. Pingwu county is the largest number of wild giant pandas in China, also known as “the hometown of Panda”, “the first county of the world Panda”.

As of last year, there were 418 wild giant pandas in Mianyang, including 335 giant pandas in Pingwu county. The habitat area was 288322 hectares, which was more than 1/10 of the whole province. The number, area and density were the first in the province. The territory, xubaoding reserve has a number of giant pandas, 92. In addition to Pingwu, Beichuan has 74 giant pandas, Michigan has only 9.

According to the fourth giant panda survey data of the provincial forestry department, there are 1387 wild giant pandas in Sichuan, an increase of 181 over the third survey, accounting for 74.4% of the total number of wild pandas in the country. Compared with the previous survey, 7 counties (cities and districts) have been added to the wild giant panda habitat in the province. The habitat area of the giant panda in the province is 2 million 27 thousand hectares, and the potential habitat area is 411 thousand hectares. Pingwu County, Wenchuan County in Baoxing County, area number and habitat of wild pandas, ranked in the top three.

In the third pandas survey, there were 346 giant pandas in Mianyang. The data showed that there was a significant increase in the fourth surveys, whether it was the number of pandas or the area of their habitat. Among them, the number of giant pandas in Pingwu county has increased by 105.

How long is the life of a snake?

Disk lying in Houshi Forest Park snakes reportedly life for thousands of years, this argument has a scientific basis? The data show how long the snake lives, which is difficult to observe in nature. There are not many records under feeding conditions, but 30 kinds of snake. The shortest living snakes can only survive for one year, and the longest snakes are said to live for 200 thousand years!

In general, burrowing snakes live a shorter life, such as snakes, snake flash, its life is only a short period of 1 – 3 years. Viper, American black snake can live more than 5 years; the snake, snake can live 6 years; night, North American snake Viper can live 7 years, fishing snakes can live 9 years or so; the snake, bald locust, rattlesnake lived 13 to 14 years; the Green Mamba, cobra, cobra, king snake, African rock python can live 15 years or so; India boa can live 16 years or so; the western diamondback rattlesnake, Agkistrodon contortrix can live more than 18 years; Madagascar python, prairie rattlesnake can live more than 19 years; Agkistrodon piscivorus can live 21 years, python, cobra, black; Europe can live 22 years or so a kiss; Wang Sheke lived 23 years; Python can live more than 25 years; the black Cobra lip can live 29 years.

Snake than non poisonous snakes (except Python), long life without snakes in Zaocys, although the body is hypertrophy, but the life is only half of the viper. Under the condition of artificial cultivation of the Viper life of 7 – 12 years, the highest record of more than 15 years, life expectancy up to 25 years of King cobra. As body length, big Ptyas and Ptyas korros, but its life than the serpent Zhuyeqing much shorter. Venomous snakes are longer than venomous snakes because the growth and development of venomous snakes are slower than non poisonous snakes, and their growth period is long and the life span is relatively prolonged.

The snake living in natural environment is usually short lived than the breeding condition due to the existence of natural enemies and bad factors such as poor living conditions and food shortages. Some people think that snakes live in the field for more than 20 years, and the smaller snakes have a longer life span.

According to the relevant documents, the python is a long – lived one of the serpents. A boa constrictor of the Philadelphia zoo in the United States has survived for 40 years. It is reported that under the condition of artificial breeding, the python can survive for 100 years, and it is a real serpent’s longevity.

It is said that the world’s oldest animal living in the deep green velvet line, green snake, snake and line can live for about 200000 years! This snake like trees that ring, every year at the end of a long clear ring, found a green velvet line snake “biologists in the South Pacific sea, this” green velvet line snake “actually have 1867 rings, that is to say it has been living at the bottom of the sea in 1867 according to experts, research, this is just a young snake.

Pangolin is an expert in building caves

Pangolin lives only in caves, only in the breeding season. To adapt to life in the cave, pangolin love cleaning habits, each stool, first in the 1-2 meters outside the place with forepaws to dig a 5-10 cm deep hole, the feces into the pit, and soil covering.

The cave structure is also very particular, often change with the seasons and food are different, there are two main forms: one is the summer, called Xia Dong, built in a cool ventilated, higher slopes, so as not to pour into the rain, the tunnel is short, about 30 centimeters or so, it has the advantages of simple structure; the other is in winter, called the winter cave, built on the leeward Xiangyang, low-lying areas, the ground vertical height of 4 meters.

The complicated structure of the tunnel is crooked, gourd shape, at a distance and a mound of earth, the length of up to 10 meters, also after two or three termite nests, become the winter’s “granary”, have a more spacious recess at the end of the tunnel, which pave the way for the xiruan weed, to keep warm, the winter “bedroom”, also used as a “nursery”.

The pangolin is mostly in the grass of the foothills or in the humid areas of the hilly areas. Day and night, when the enemy is curled up into a ball, the hard shell that is difficult to chew or swallow prey, when the lion and other large carnivorous animal trying to bite the huddle of pangolin, pangolin scales will use muscles make cutting motion, cut the enemy’s mouth, trying to eat pangolin animal will be cut injured.

An elongated tongue extension, sticky saliva, food, with a keen sense of smell to find the nest, with robust forelimb claw dug ant hole, the nose deep hole with a kiss and lick it.

The main food for pangolin termites, in addition to ants and their larvae, bees, wasps and other insect larvae. The appetite is large, the stomach of an adult pangolin, which can hold up to 500 grams of termites at most.

Canadian hairless cat: is it a rare treasure, or a monster?

A Canadian hairless cat is usually able to live to 9 – 15 years old. It is the phenomenon of hairless caused by recessive gene specific, which means a hairless cat’s parents would carry a capital and hairless related genes. In fact, hairless phenomenon is still a rare phenomenon unless the cat is inbreeding or both of them carry related genes.

The Canadian hairless cat is not completely hairless. They have little hair like hairless dogs, hairless elephants and hairless marine mammals, but the number and length of these hairs have been greatly reduced. Some people think of the fur of a Canadian hairless cat as a peach.

Because in the morning and evening, all kinds of functional activities in the body of the hairless cat are very vigorous, so this is the best time to breed, which can guarantee a high success rate. The female cat has no more than two times of estrus every year, the infant death rate is high, the newborn cat’s skin is wrinkled, and the hair on the ridge is disappearing with the age. The Canadian hairless cat is more difficult to reproduce, so it is very rare so far, and it is very precious.

The European and American breed of cat breeders had spent more than thirty years breeding woolless cats as common woolen cats and then reproducing them back to hairless cats. The purpose of this selection is that the cat contains a variety of genes to avoid health and genetic problems.

Canadian hairless and other cats than sweating, body temperature to be higher than 4 DEG C than the average cat, so we have to constantly eat in order to maintain its The new supersedes the old. This is a kind of cat that is very sensitive to the sun. Because of the hairless, the outside temperature adjustment ability is poor, not only cold, but also afraid of heat, because the white spot is easy to sunburn.

When the room temperature stays between 25~30 degrees, it will make the cat feel very comfortable. When the temperature is below 20 degrees, it will feel cold. If the indoor temperature is below 10 degrees, the hairless cat will freeze to death. This kind of cat is suitable for the apartment. In the summer, the owners need to apply sunscreen to avoid sunburn; in the winter, they need to be added to cover their body to keep warm.

In 2010, Canadian hairless cats were popular in Britain, which sold for up to 3000 pounds. But for this appearance of the cat, people’s opinions are often the opposite. They believe that it is the most rare cat species and a rare treasure. People who can’t accept its peculiar appearance directly call it a monster. There were 25 registered hairless cat farmers in the UK by 2008.

How does panda eat bamboo only to meet the nutritional needs

Being a vegetarian is not easy to maintain a balanced diet: in the face of this problem, many people will be more willing to go back to embrace the hamburgers and chicken wings, so human being vegetarian does not eat a food, they will expand their recipes – Panda too.

Previously, the panda is only rely on how to determine the consumption of a high fiber, bamboo plants to meet the nutritional needs of their scientists have been unable to answer, until recently the study of this problem: the panda will eat two bamboo, and other types of plants, to meet their daily needs.

The giant panda in late period before to plant food habits, their bodies remain carnivorous ancestors characteristics — the smaller the stomach and shorter digestive tract, but they are still eager to get protein and nutrients from the carnivorous.

In a 6 year survey conducted in China’s Giant Panda Sanctuary, researchers installed GPS collar on three male and three female pandas to observe their natural food habits.

The team then collected samples of all kinds of food resources of the animal to measure the nutritional components of these plants, especially the contents of nitrogen, phosphorus and calcium contained in them, which are the three basic index elements in the mammalian recipes.

After a year of research, the researchers found that the pandas have arranged a very sophisticated recipe. In spring, the pandas no longer eat bamboo leaves and eat its bamboo shoots. The bamboo shoots are rich in nitrogen and phosphorus. When the bamboo shoots aging, loss of nutrition, the pandas would move to another kind of high altitude edible bamboo, bamboo shoots, it is also rich in the two kinds of nutrients. In mid July, they changed again this time to change their diet, eating bamboo leaves, which is rich in calcium. In mid August, the female returned to the low altitude areas to give birth to the bamboo leaves.

This model year after year, pandas can maintain adequate nutritional levels, but the hardships and deaths are still associated with the endangered species. Because of the low nutrient content of bamboo leaves in the winter of three or four, the mortality rate of pandas rose sharply during this period.

The research team analyzed the effects of this diet selection on panda breeding. The pandas mate in the spring, but the embryos are free and undeveloped – this process is called the delayed implantation. According to the researchers, the embryo and not adhere to the mother’s womb, do not continue to grow until the mother to eat bamboo leaves, and this stage is the pinnacle of diet, calcium intake.

Therefore, the researchers speculate that the delayed development of the embryo is to wait for the mother to eat enough calcium for bone development and lactation. This may also explain why the panda’s pregnancy is very short (only 2-3 months), and the newborn baby is so small. The earlier they are born, the earlier they weaned, which means that the baby can start eating themselves earlier, which relieves the pressure on their mothers. The mother of pandas can not provide enough nutrition for two individuals in the long run.

Understanding the eating habits of pandas in the wild is an important part of the conservation work of the species. By knowing what food they eat, scientists can make a targeted policy of conservation, including the protection of their food resources in the near and long term. Although a vegetarian is very difficult, the giant panda has proved that innovation can help them go a long way.