Qualified foreign high-level talents can enjoy national treatment in Shanghai

Qualified foreign high-level talents can enjoy national treatment when they start up in the Shanghai free trade area. This is a bright spot in the new talent policy of Pudong New Area in Shanghai in April 3rd. Over the past few years, Shanghai has concentrated on the “overweight” talent policy to build bricks and mortar for the peak of international talent Heights.

“Before bidding for a new business, it will take one to two months. After enjoying the same national treatment, only four or five working days were applied for new businesses in March 28th. When it comes to the establishment of a new business, Blue River Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., Zhang Wei, an expert in Shanghai’s “thousand person plan”, feels the same way.

The “equal treatment” in the mouth of the Chinese Chinese Zhang Wei with permanent residence permit refers to the provisions of the “35” new deal on talent development in Pudong, which “the high level foreign talents can enjoy the national treatment of entrepreneurship” in the new deal. According to the latest issue of “Pudong New Area’s views on supporting talent innovation and entrepreneurship to promote talent development”, it holds a high level of foreign talent in Hua Yongjiu’s residence identity card, and enjoys the equal treatment of Chinese citizens in the Shanghai self trade test area.

Pudong’s talent development “35 item” new policy has also launched a number of policies to encourage foreign talents to work in the FTA. Foreign talents introduced by employers, such as universities, scientific research institutions and enterprises, can be allowed to work in a number of units after filing a guarantee by work units and part-time units, and Shanghai colleges and universities will also be supported by part-time employment of foreign students in the Shanghai self trade test area.

Qi Yuxia, Deputy Minister of the Pudong New Area District Committee Organization Department, introduced that according to the new deal, Pudong New Area will also apply for permanent residence of the core members of the top scientific research team in the pilot area of the free trade test area, and make a breakthrough in placing the permanent residence recommendation from the Management Committee of the FTA to the major projects of the country and the city. Team leader.

In recent years, Shanghai has concentrated on the new talent policy of “overweight”. The new “Shanghai speed up the implementation of the talent peak project action plan”, clearly will implement the “one person and one policy”, around the development of the cause, social security, convenient life, service measures and other aspects, the systematic solution to the needs of the peak talent.

Data show that Pudong New Area’s talent resources reach 1 million 370 thousand, of which 36 thousand are overseas talents. In order to further improve the personnel investment guarantee mechanism, Pudong New Area will arrange a talent support policy fund of less than 2 billion yuan per year in the next three years.

The number of part-time women in Spain is huge

On February 13th news, according to a National Bureau of statistics data, the work time without paying housework Spanish women investment per capita 26.5 hours per week, is almost two times that of men; this is mainly concentrated in greeting children, sick old family, plenty of housework etc., while females per capita weekly working time is only 14 hour.

A single and unfixed Spanish man with a per capita housework time of 11 hours per week and 13.3 hours per person per week.

At present, the inequality of men and women in the Spanish labor market can be roughly measured in several ways.

1,  The salary gap, the market survey data show that the same jobs, women’s per capita salary lower than 23% of men;

2,  Unpaid housework women have almost 2 times more time than men.

3,  The number of women in the leadership positions is still far less than that of men.

However, according to another data by the National Bureau of statistics, the working conditions and little contact; instead and market response associated with long-term dependence of fixed thinking; a considerable number of women in odd jobs, the so-called part-time, and often unpaid overtime, while men are far less than women; but this and women because of long-term heavy housework is closely related.

Another fact is that in most of the families and work environment, work part-time or full-time at home doing housework or mostly women; if a couple colleagues work, where women work week is 6 hours less than men; and if the traditional “male and female” mode family, women are at home full-time workers is not high proportion of 17.2%.

Another case is that if women are single parent families, engaged in housework time per week for more than 30 hours, the work time is much higher than that of male single parent family per week 13.5 hours of housework; and if men and women with children, the difference will be reduced a lot of difference between men and women in housework; little time.

Of course, many still have to analyze, but the data show that the Spanish men and women, there is a long way to go in with housework time equal; in addition, a huge number of Spanish women working part-time, 2 million 800 thousand part-time jobs, women accounted for the 74%, this also explains a significant problem now the labor market.

Medical graduates have become the target of each major hospital for the recruitment of each other

In the near future, the shortage of medical talents has caused concern. It is understood that, thanks to the “two child policy” and the impact of the new pension policy and urban development needs, many hospitals expanded their field enrollment in recent years, while medical colleges and universities did not expand enrollment, and the training time of medical students was long, and the relationship between supply and demand was very uneven.

In order to recruit talents, some hospitals provide a written test site on the scene, as long as it is suitable for direct signing.

In December 13th, 2018 college graduates in Guangdong were badly in need of the shortage of talents. There were more than 40000 recruits in medical, business and public institutions, and more than 25000 students from more than 180 universities were recruited.

“The hospital for talent needs, can be used ‘phagocytosis’ to describe.” Liu Haifeng, director of the employment guidance center of Southern Medical University, said that medical students such as school transfusion, imaging, anesthesia, pediatrics, obstetrics, gynecology, pathology and other departments are also the object of competition among major hospitals. He predicted that it would take at least 10 years to ease the contradiction between supply and demand.

The shortage of talents leads to the choice of high quality graduates in many colleges and universities. As far as Southern Medical University is concerned, many students have received many offer before graduation. Nowadays, there are 6.2 jobs per graduate of Southern Medical University.

Liu Haifeng says medical graduates have at least 6000 yuan RMB for a month.

In addition, Xiao Youru, the party secretary of Hunan Hengyang Central Hospital, revealed that for the introduction of medical doctorate, they will provide the minimum 800 thousand yuan RMB family allowance. If the leader is a subject leader, the cost will increase to 1 million yuan RMB. In addition, there are 150 thousand yuan RMB for the start of scientific research, and the commitment to properly settle the employment of family members.

Zhuhai people’s Hospital Lu Ligong introduction, for postdoctoral talents, the Institute offers 350 thousand yuan RMB angufei, “we also signed a spouse and working solution to settle the problem of academic leaders under the age of 50 can meet the conditions of the room one was 2 million RMB.”

“After handling the employment procedures, it will give 200 thousand yuan a home fee, and the per capita income is thirteen – one hundred and forty thousand RMB.” In November 12th, a person in charge said at the 2018 session of the conference on the exchange of medical and health graduates in Jiangsu.

20 years in South Africa: 4 million 600 thousand sets of housing arrangements for the poor

Said the South African people living minister Xi Su Lu before the deadline to September 30th this year, the government of South Africa has 4 million 600 thousand households in the distribution of free housing or provide subsidies. By the end of 2019, the total allocation will reach 6 million units.

The New South African government adhere to the families of the masses of free housing, due to the abolition of the apartheid regime, South Africa’s government took office in 1994 of a commitment to the Chinese people. That day before President Zuma Province Council issued its annual speech, for human beings, living is very important in their own home. South Africa’s housing system to help millions of people to live a decent life in the future, the government will continue to adhere to the sick and elderly and other vulnerable groups and veterans housing distribution.

West Su Lu in 9 days to attend the eleventh session of Govan Mbeki prize awarding ceremony said: “every day we have to build 1029 homes, according to a family of five people, every day we have to solve the housing problems of 5145 people.”

“This government office, we have 1 million 400 thousand sets of goals.” West Su Lu said, “but with the advance of the big city project, I believe this goal can be achieved. Under the strong impetus of the relevant committees, at the same time, the provinces and cities work hard, we will not fail.”

West Su Lu also revealed that, in order to give families without housing allocation of housing, the government established a national housing demand for housing registration database, those records or related services.

Skyscrapers themselves are actively exploring ways to solve the dilemma

A phenomenon in China’s economy: many companies have fled from skyscrapers, and the next option is mostly industrial parks.

Chongqing, a well-known website of the person in charge told reporters: “high rent skyscrapers is the root cause of the enterprise fled.”

Reporter specially inquired about a Chongqing core area of skyscrapers, writing room rent prices, to 1000 square metres of space, the current monthly rent on average 8~10 yuan. However, in Chongqing’s most popular industrial parks, the same area of the monthly rent is also the most expensive room only 3~5 yuan. “Every month only rent this link can save 50 thousand yuan RMB, annual savings 600 thousand yuan.”.” An enterprise executive who has just moved into an industrial park in Chongqing is counting on the journalists.

In addition to the high rents forced companies to flee, the change in career models is another reason why skyscrapers are no longer popular. Adam Minter in the analysis of the article mentioned: “Chinese young people’s thinking is changing, they do not seek stability, odd jobs, part-time or even entrepreneurship is already part of their lives.”. At present, the joint office in China is a challenge to traditional office buildings.”

An entrepreneur told reporters that he had just set up the company information is raised by the public in the first mode, choose office locations, shareholders also mentioned the rental office building in downtown, this will increase the enterprise intangible impression in the minds of customers value, industry park but opted for their value or more the relaxed environment and the degree of integration, but also to the staff to bring a greater sense of freedom.

“In fact, as a skyscraper operator, we should be aware of the current market changes, otherwise, the next road will become more difficult.”.” Industry experts said that the first can not be arbitrarily defined era of skyscrapers to the end, followed by the need to city skyscrapers meaning more diverse, not only as a single form of office building rental and existing.

Not long ago, is located in the Chongqing region has a core of a skyscraper West first high-rise “title, joined the tourism function elements in the content, quickly attracted public attention, and so pleased to see changes to the outside world, the skyscraper itself is also actively exploring the way break the deadlock.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of an open kitchen?

The open kitchen is becoming more and more popular with young people in the name of beauty and fashion. But for the traditional housewives, the open kitchen is simply a nightmare of Chinese style dining, or closed kitchen is more practical. Two different points of view, each has its own reason, then, what are the advantages and disadvantages of open kitchen in the end?

Open kitchen refers to the ingenious use of space, the utility of beautiful dining table and kitchen closely linked to form an open cooking dining space. That is to say, the kitchen and dining room are combined into one another, thus creating a warm dining environment, and making the intimate pleasure of home life begin with the whole family from early morning.

Advantages of an open kitchen

1, warm feeling enhanced

A family can happily chat while preparing meals, kitchen, living room become the focus of the family, reading, work, eating, talking can be in this area. The cook can cook and bake while having a pleasant chat with his family and watching TV. Some boring kitchen work has become warm.

2, no sauna in summer

Often the kitchen is clear, the summer in the kitchen is a painful thing, I am sweating like the rain, and people in the living room air conditioning blows comfortably, my heart is definitely not balanced. And now this open kitchen, this is no longer a problem.

3, expand the visual space

Open decoration makes the kitchen, dining room, living room and other space connected, so that space is more beautiful, while expanding the visual space. Especially for small kitchen units, open decoration, so that the kitchen does not seem crowded. In the past, only one person’s kitchen was allowed, and after opening to the open type, several people might be able to stay.

Open kitchen shortcomings

1, soot problem

The key reason why many people do not choose the open kitchen is that the open kitchen smoke can easily spread to other places. If high temperature frying often home cooking fume more, because there is no partition block during cooking fume, open kitchen fume can easily spread to other space.

2, overall aesthetic degree

Kitchen utensils, tableware and other objects are very large, if the storage is not done, it is easy to show a messy state. The open kitchen has nothing to do with it. Everything is shown naked and gives a sense of clutter.

What problems should I pay attention to when buying an economical villa?

What is an economical villa?

Economic villa is a breakdown of the villa market varieties. Its area is generally no more than 300 square meters, the threshold is low, the total price is low, only in the central area is equivalent to buy a villa. If there is a certain demand and improve the economic capacity, you can choose a single day, economic type villa.

What are the living advantages of the economic villa?

1, buyers can have their own piece of heaven and earth, is a single family, a day, a garden, a large balcony.

2, tenants will have a certain private space and quiet living environment.

3, economic villa can enhance the quality of housing buyers; from the living space perspective, but also from high-grade living quarters to upgrade to the villa multi-level living. If you want to do some PARTY, a multidimensional layout structure is required.

4, the economic villa away from the city, the corresponding facilities should be relatively complete, low cost of living, such as clubs, fitness centers, restaurants, supermarkets and so on.

What problems should I pay attention to when buying an economical villa?

First because of psychological craving, because the threshold is not high, small villa buyers are more likely to buy “impulse”, is more likely to occur “villa living is not easy to buy” phenomenon.

Economic type villa are generally located in the suburbs, the more expensive the more remote, time cost and fuel consumption expenditure is definitely not a small number, some buyers ignored the problem when buying, etc. after the discovery of “live in the way home so long, so to consider this problem.

Wuguan fee is also a factor to consider. Villa management fees will be more expensive, with a set of 300 square metres of villas, a month to pay a considerable number of management fees. Therefore, before buying a villa should take into account the daily pressure of the house.

Economic small apartment layout design of the villa is more practical. Because the area is small, the design is not good, it will be like “attic”, the loss of villas feel. Not only that, small villas are generally not equipped with elevators. If a family has old, there are small, it is best to see whether or not to install an elevator, or to see if there is an elderly suite on the first floor, otherwise the comfort of living will be greatly reduced.