Mourinho: I think second is good. We will never criticize the players

Manchester United challenged West Ham United and finally got 1 points in the 0-0 draw, so Mourinho’s team successfully locked second in the league, and Mourinho received a media interview at the press conference.

As for the second place in the league, Jose Mourinho expressed satisfaction: “we are now the second best team in the Premier League, in a league with a great number of excellent teams competing with 6 teams. I feel good, I’m not evasive, it’s not my character, Manchester United or Manchester United, we won’t celebrate the second league, but we are really happy to get the second place. Because in the past few months, when we realized that competition was impossible, winning second was the only goal we had left. We deserve this position. ”

In this game, Manchester United did not show their strengths and strengths at the offensive side. “I was disappointed,” said Mourinho. “But the players have a good attitude. They have done the game in their way. They are going to win the game as we have planned. But when you need 1 points to lock second, you need 1 points for a comfortable weekend (against Waterford), and when you realize that the game is in the mastery, we then make a good style change. All we have to do is control the game and get 1 points we need.

Then, Mourinho added: “I certainly won’t criticize the players’ performance. When against Brandon, I told them during the midfield that they would lose the game. And tonight, at halftime, I said we will win. Although I said it was wrong, I think our attitude towards the game is positive, and in 80 minutes I understand that 1 points are enough, so we let the game go the way it is. “

Studies have shown that steaming sauna can reduce the risk of stroke

A new study conducted by researchers at Finlandia University in the East and colleagues from Britain and Austria found that sauna could reduce the risk of stroke.

Researchers tracked 1628 people aged 53 to 74 in eastern Finland in 15 years. They were divided into 3 groups, the first group was sauna 1 times a week, the second group Sauna 2 to 3 times a week, third groups sauna for 4 to 7 times a week.

The results showed that the more frequent sauna, the lower the risk of stroke. People who had sauna 4 to 7 times a week had a 61% lower risk of stroke than those who only sauna 1 times a week.

Even if risk factors related to stroke were excluded from age, sex, illness and lifestyle, the association between steaming sauna and reducing stroke risk persisted.

Researchers believe that steaming sauna can reduce blood pressure, stimulate the immune system, improve the function of the heart and circulatory system, and so on, so as to prevent stroke. Relevant research papers are published in the latest issue of the Journal of Neurology.

43 year old veteran John Higgins joined Snooker World Championships finals

2018 Snooker World Championships end semifinals, four World Championships champion John Higgins 17-13 defeated London master runner up Karen Wilson in the final of the world championships for second years. In another semifinal, Mark Williams, the two world champion, won the finals with Higgins in 17-15 victory over Barry Hawkins.

43 year old veteran Higgins this year’s World Championships has an excellent performance, the first round of the first round of the strong attack fire of the tower guessing, the second round of the fierce recent momentum of the 90s Rissov J Ki, Higgins’s first section of the 8-0 final 13-1 points win. In the eight strong wars, Higgins faced the “quasi God” Trump, once 3-7 behind, and finally won the 13-12 victory. In the semifinals, Higgins encountered the 90s new rookie Wilson, the latter won Stevens, Jones and Alan into the four finals. The semifinals adopted the 33 games and 17 wins, which were divided into four sections.

By virtue of his old experience, Higgins took the lead in the whole game, although England’s Wilson narrowed the gap to one point six degrees in the game, but it was always impossible to draw the score. Speaking of this after the game, Wilson said he was always on the passive side in the competition. He said, “maybe every time I approach the score, I want to see what Higgins will do when I can score a tie. But unfortunately, every time I catch up with only one game, he suddenly becomes very strong. My best time appeared in the first stage when I was 3-4 behind, but I missed a red ball that I had arrived, and there was no such good chance.

Higgins pointed out after the game that whenever Wilson came to a close and gave himself pressure, he would recall his own match with Selby at the peak. He said: “the momentum of Karen’s pursuit is very fierce, which makes me feel stressed.” When I am under pressure, I always think of many things. He made me think of Selby, who played with me in 2007. Today’s Karen and Selby, at the time, were almost the same. They could almost throw any ball into the bag.

Although Wilson was the first to reach the top four in the world finals, he was slightly younger than the seven. But Higgins has high hopes for the 26 year old England star. “Maybe the control of the ball today is slightly less than that of the other great players, but I believe he will soon be as good as the others. His distant attack was very accurate. I believe he will be a great player with every game and every season.

What is the power of billiard skills and how to make it “transparent”?

Force is a very important part of billiards, and is closely related to accuracy, walking and so on.

Now that we talk about force, we usually use the word “thorough” to judge the quality of the force.

What kind of situation is the “power” and “what is the effect”? What is the effect of the power transmission? The so-called power of the billiard is to transmit all the power to the white ball when the pole is released.

1,  Force through
With ten points, there is a great deal on the white ball.

2,  Impermeable
With ten strength, only seven or eight points or even lower are scored on the white ball.

The causes and effects of impermeability?

Whether the rhythm of the bar is smooth or not, whether the level of the club is horizontal or not, the shaking of the rod and the grasping rod of the rear hand will cause the force to be impermeable.

Impatience can lead to a decline in accuracy and an inaccuracy in walking.
Only by “penetrating” can we make such an accurate distant platform.
So how can we make it very thorough?

1,  Speed
The effect of force is not directly related to strength, but the speed of the rod. The faster the speed, the better the effect.

2,  Spot
If you want to have a good effect, you must have a “point” effect when hitting the ball, that is, you should have instant strokes, instant touches, and no joint effects.

3,  Grip bar
No matter whether the club is heavy or light, the club always has weight. When holding the pole and moving the lever, the weight of the rod must be fully retained, and the grip must not be too tight, so that the weight of the rod can be concealed by the strength of the hand. When the rod is released, the force should be taken as the core and the force will be sent out. The power of the hand is mainly to send, not to play, the key to understand this feeling of sending!

Marathon is not only seen as a means to pursue health, but also a way to resist anxiety

Self repair of the state of Subhealth

The marathon is not only regarded as a means of pursuing health, but also a way of resisting anxiety. It is not only salty, but also full of ritual and consumption. It says that the start is convenient, and the health improvement after long persistence makes more and more people join the marathon army.

Measure the world with footsteps

From Beijing to Shanghai, from London to Boston, the distance of 42.195 kilometers, step by step, shows the most beautiful side of a city for each contestant.

Running is like life, it needs to stay alone

In fact, running is a very lonely sport. Generally, a person is walking alone.
When you can’t hold up, choose to give up or bite and hold your teeth. It’s your own decision. When you bite again and again, you will realize that when you put in the right time and energy, all your life goals can be achieved.

A continuation of life

A father in Wuxi marathon ran away with the death of his daughter. Dick Hoyt of Boston participated in more than 60 marathons with his son with cerebral palsy. Is the marathon a mountain that goes over the past? Marathon is a new life for life. In 1924, someone asked the British explorer George Mallory, who is going to start, why do you have to conquer Mount Qomolangma? He answered briefly, “because it is waiting there.”

The marathon is waiting there, and what about you?

2018 archery World Cup Shanghai opens the bow, the number of participants and the largest number of history

The 2018 modern auto archery World Cup – the 23 day of the ShangHai Railway Station in Lujiazui financial city was officially opened. According to the press conference held on the day, there will be 513 officials, coaches and athletes from 46 countries and regions. The number and size of the history are the most.

2018 the modern automobile archery World Cup will be held in Pudong, Shanghai from April 23rd to April 29th. This is also the tenth consecutive year in Shanghai Pudong. It is reported that there are 10 competitions between men’s and women’s arches, men’s and women’s compound arches, individual groups and mixed groups, which produce 10 gold medals.

Among them, April 23rd is the official training day, and April 24th and April 27th are the qualifying and elimination matches at the source Sports Center Stadium on the four day. The final will be held from April 28th to April 29th in the green center of Lujiazui, Pudong New Area. This competition will adopt the world cup system. The distance between the male and female arches is 70 meters, and the compound bow for men and women is 50 meters away. Among them, the top ranking South Korean player Jinyou Town, the world ranking first in the women’s anti curved bow, and the top ranked top players in the top of the composite bow will all gather in Pudong.

In addition, the Chinese archery team athletes participating in this event include: the men’s team consists of Ding Yiliang, Sun Quan, Wang Dapeng and Wang Yan, and the women’s team is composed of Qi Yuhong, An Qixuan, Cao Hui, and Kong Xiao, among which Qi Yuhong is a Shanghai athlete.

ShangHai Railway Station is the first international event after the winter training of the national archery team. This time, it has also sent a good training player during the winter training period, but nearly half of them are young players, lack of competition experience, and the ShangHai Railway Station can do the first exercise. This is also for the next Asian Games to be trained and expect them to get good. Results.

Tom Dean, the Secretary General of the International Archery Federation, said it is looking forward to the exciting competition in Shanghai, and more hope that the campaign will be popularized and popularized at the public level through the holding of Shanghai.

In addition, the competition will be seamlessly linked to the folk amateur experience events. During the event, the shin City Cup will be held in three areas in Pudong, Jingan and Yangpu. The first 3 amateurs of each group will have the opportunity to compete with the world’s top players in the pre match scene and award the awards in the final venue. In addition, the organizing committee also shows all kinds of archery equipment and archery culture carnival activities in the preliminaries, and organizes the performance programs on the scene in the final, and arranges the archery experience of the citizens.

Hang gliding – like a rapid gliding eagle flying posture

Hang gliding is also known as the delta wing (Hang Gliders), delta wing was also is composed of 3 big: wing body, punching bag, deputy umbrella, then you need to be equipped with some flight equipment such as: flight helmet, altimeter, radios, GPS, clear protective glasses, etc.

Because it is a hard wing glider, it avoids the paraglider folding wings, flying wind resistance and resistance to turbulence is better than a paraglider, but is not convenient to carry and transport, as well as to the take-off venue and landing site demand is higher, due to its popularity as a paraglider.

After the advent of paragliders, the development of the delta wing is faltering, because gliding fans tend to choose the more convenient gliders – paraglider, delta wing sprawled flight posture is like a rapid gliding eagle in the sky, also it fascinating.

Now play such gliders lovers is less, the larger delta wing ownership is from power delta wing (Powered hang glider), after all, this is the present domestic the most mature and most readily available light vehicle, it can solve the delta wing of the limits of strict requirements for take-off venue and landing site.

A great Fisherman: what bait is used in autumn for carp

A,  Carp bait in natural waters in autumn

1,   Bean powder 250 grams
2,  200 grams of soya bean powder
3,  500 grams of particle powder
4,  50 grams of fish bone powder
5,  The water is 500 milliliters.
Stir to make it mixed evenly .

B,  In natural waters the carp bait

1,  500 grams of particle powder
2,  250 grams of corn flour
3,  Flour, wine soaked millet 100 grams
4,  50 grams of special flavor of carp
5,  The water is 800 milliliters.
Stir to make it mixed evenly .

C,  Autumn sea pole fishing carp, grass carp (explosion hook)

1,  800 grams of particle powder
2,  200 grams of bait for carp
3,  120 grams of flour
4,  50 grams of shrimp powder
5,  About 500 ml of water (less shallow water, more in deep water).

Manchester City won the Premier League five times in advance. Guardiola’s ability to coach is questioned by fans

In the early morning, the thirty-fourth round of the Premier League clash, Manchester United home to Sibrand, the last round of 3 to 2 Manchester United defeated Manchester City, but a big cold door, the final home 0 to 1 to the opponent. In this way, the score was 16 points against Manchester City, and the five round in the Premier League, so Manchester City won the 2017-2018 Premier League early.

Guardiola, a player in the player age, was a Barcelona player, and Guardiola, 37, was a Barcelona coach in 2008, and the first season finished the three crown, and began a more brilliant career. Guardiola is considered to be one of the best managers in the world. Even some fans think he is the world’s first coach, but there are many fans’ criticism of him.

We first looked at Guardiola’s post, winning the Spanish championship and two Champions League Championship in Barcelona for three consecutive seasons. In 2009, it created the unprecedented six crown kings, and also won three German champions in Bayern, and finally won the League Championship in the Premier League. 9 years of teaching career, 7 League champions, 2 Champions League champions, all the champions in one, 23. This is a result that many Marshal can’t do in his life, but Guardiola is only 47 years old this year, the standard young man, the future achievements can be how big, no one can guess.

But for Guardiola, many of the fans’ criticism is that the team he teaches is too strong. At the peak of Barcelona, Messi, Harvey, Iniesta, and so on, to change a coach, the results are not very bad. While taking over Bayern, Bayern had just taken the three crown to win the Champions League, but under Guardiola’s lead, although every time he was able to go to the top four, not only did not win the championship, even a European Championship final.

In Manchester City, Manchester City was only third in the Premier League in the last season, and under the supervision of Guardiola, the city was three hundred million dollars in the back line. From the point of view, Manchester City was the first top team in the Premier League, and the championship was indeed won in the Premier League.

But at the top of Manchester City and the fans more important in the Champions League, city can not be reassuring, although the team is easy to play the first line, the 1/8 final easily eliminated Basel, but the 1/4 final met Liverpool, but was 3 – 0 and 2 – 1 Liverpool humiliated, the two round was 5 to 1, is completely not one. A class of competitions.

It’s like some C roo fans questioned Messi, who think Messi’s success lies in the Barcelona system, and Guardiola’s success lies in the team’s strength. At present, he only teaches the three teams in Barcelona, Bayern and Manchester. It is really a super team in paper. The merits and demerits of Guardiola’s fans are more interesting. If fans continue to teach Manchester City, what’s the next year’s Champions League performance?

Li Xuerui won the Lingshui Badminton Masters

In April 15th, 2018 China (Lingshui) International Badminton Masters competition in Lingshui, the Chinese team took the women’s singles, women’s doubles, men’s doubles and mixed doubles of the 4 single champion, Li Xuerui won the first race after the return of the first race.

London Olympic badminton women’s singles champion Li Xuerui broke the cruciate ligament completely in the Rio Olympic women’s singles semifinal. The injury lasted for 20 months. At the 2018 China (Lingshui) International Badminton Masters, which began in April 10th, everyone finally saw the figure of Li Xuerui, which has also made this match a great concern.

In the early stage of the competition, Li Xuerui played an excellent role and successfully qualified for the finals. 15 of the women’s singles final, in the face of South Korea’s Kim Jia’en, Li Xuerui at 16:21 Xiandiu inning. The second game, Li Xuerui timely adjustment of status, to regain a bureau at 21:16. Finally, Li Xuerui took the three game at 21:18 to reverse his opponent and win the first championship after the comeback.

Mixed doubles competition, Guo Xinwa / Liu Xuanxuan tacit cooperation, the score 2:1 beat Indonesia Ronald / Anissa to win the championship; for men’s singles, Lu Guangzu 1:2 won’t match China’s Lin Youxian, Lin Youxian, won the second place; women’s doubles project and men’s doubles project staged the Chinese team “civil war”, Yue / Li. Yin Hui 2:0 defeated the teammate Huang Dongping / Li Wen Mei to pick up the women’s doubles champion. Han Chengkai / Zhou Haodong defeated 2:1 to win the double men’s title.

From 2014 to 2017, Lingshui successfully held the four China (Lingshui) International Badminton challenge. In 2018, China (Lingshui) International Badminton Masters competition was the sixth level of the World Badminton Federation tour. It was held in from April 10th to 15th.