Mourinho: I think second is good. We will never criticize the players

Manchester United challenged West Ham United and finally got 1 points in the 0-0 draw, so Mourinho’s team successfully locked second in the league, and Mourinho received a media interview at the press conference.

As for the second place in the league, Jose Mourinho expressed satisfaction: “we are now the second best team in the Premier League, in a league with a great number of excellent teams competing with 6 teams. I feel good, I’m not evasive, it’s not my character, Manchester United or Manchester United, we won’t celebrate the second league, but we are really happy to get the second place. Because in the past few months, when we realized that competition was impossible, winning second was the only goal we had left. We deserve this position. ”

In this game, Manchester United did not show their strengths and strengths at the offensive side. “I was disappointed,” said Mourinho. “But the players have a good attitude. They have done the game in their way. They are going to win the game as we have planned. But when you need 1 points to lock second, you need 1 points for a comfortable weekend (against Waterford), and when you realize that the game is in the mastery, we then make a good style change. All we have to do is control the game and get 1 points we need.

Then, Mourinho added: “I certainly won’t criticize the players’ performance. When against Brandon, I told them during the midfield that they would lose the game. And tonight, at halftime, I said we will win. Although I said it was wrong, I think our attitude towards the game is positive, and in 80 minutes I understand that 1 points are enough, so we let the game go the way it is. “

Breeding hybrid black pigs to lead the farmers to get rich together

The ice and snow lies in the depths of the mountain in the village of reed Shahe, Linjiang City, Jilin province. The ice and snow cover the Sky Lake gully as ink painting. The scattered black mountain pig is foraging freely, enjoying the sun in the middle of the day, and brings vitality to this mountain.

The owners of these mountain pigs are Wei Shubo, 44 years old. They have been raising pigs for 8 years in the mountains. Tian Hu Gou covers an area of 300 hectares and is rich in forest resources. The highest elevation is more than 800 meters, with a drop of more than 400 meters. It is the healthiest green product to grow naturally.

After graduating from Wei Shubo in 1999, many of his classmates decided to stay in the prosperous urban development. But he went back to his hometown without hesitation. In 2003, he planted 300 thousand trees in the mountains. From 2004 to 2018, Wei Shubo drove 176 farmers in the village to reforestation and about 1000000 seedlings.

In June 2011, he founded a professional farmer’s cooperatives in Linjiang City, and began to breed pig in large scale. He runs the black pigs on the mountains every day, increasing the viability of the wild. Under the guidance of agricultural experts, the Songliao Black Pig and the wild boar were successfully bred and bred. Today Wei Shubo’s hybrid black pig has begun to take shape.

Talking about the breeding of Changbai Mountain forest black pig, Wei Shubo said with a smile that he was “driven”. Wild boars run in Changbai forest area, especially in autumn. A group of wild boars can destroy more than 100 mu of crops overnight. Under the guidance of experts, he decided to introduce Songliao Black Pig as a breeding pig, and naturally mate with the native wild boar, and produce the first generation of pig breed. At present, there are thousands of pig farms in the cooperative, with an annual income of millions of yuan.

The black pigs are scattered in the mountain forest, and are mainly fed with wild fruits, leaves, stems and roots. It is safe and pollution-free natural spring water. It has a wide range of activities, strong resistance to disease, strong vitality and good meat quality. The cooperatives have also placed many surplus labor force in the village to lead the peasants to get rich together. “I am the son of Dashan. I want to protect this mountain forest and make use of the rich resources of my hometown to develop green ecological agriculture so that all the villagers can get rich.” Wei Shubo said confidently.

Today, cooperative breeding of mountain pigs has long been exported to many parts of the country. The members of cooperatives also increased from 6 to 176 households, with an average annual household income of about 20 thousand yuan per household. Turning to the future plan, Wei Shubo said: “my ecological breeding mode can be duplicated, and can be carried out in the surrounding forests. As long as the surrounding farmers agree, they can get rich together. By that time, I will be able to build processing plants and cold storage, and drive more people to become rich, so that my “ecological dream” will go round the farmers’ dream of becoming rich.

In recent years, Wei Shubo has been named the title of “Ten Outstanding peasants in Jilin province”, “pioneering pioneer of white mountain”, “Baishan City labor model”, “Jilin good man”, “Jilin Provincial Labor Medal” and so on. “I want to change the present situation in the countryside, turn the poorest place into the richest place, and let the green ecological agriculture bloom and bear fruit here. Even if it’s hard, you can’t give up. ” Wei Shubo said firmly.

Li Xiaoran, a tall Chinese actress with a sweet and beautiful appearance

Li Xiaoran, born in Beijing in May 8, 1976, is an actress from mainland China. She graduated from Beijing Dance Academy. Li Xiaoran is tall and beautiful and beautiful. His first impression is fine and elegant, her character is bold and independent, and Li Xiaoran in life is a North girl with a strong, stubborn and dared to hate.

In 1996, Li Xiaoran took part in his first TV play, the jade doll of the bodyguard, and entered the performing arts circle.

In 2000, Li Xiaoran played the play “like rain and wind” directed by Zhao Baogang, playing the noble dancer An Qi in the play, and Li Xiaoran and Wu Ruofu in the same year starred the ancient costume drama “the end of the world”.

In 2001, Li Xiaoran and Shao Feng and Zhuofan’s ancient costume drama “palace treasure” were broadcast. In addition, she also filmed the fashion emotional drama “love in the sunshine”, playing the piano teacher Lin Xintong, a single parent family in the play; in the same year Li Xiaoran appeared in the ancient costume Palace comedy directed by Ma Jingwu and Jin De Mao. The hooligan doctor.

In October 2002, Li Xiaoran starred in the martial arts drama “golden silk rain” produced by Beijing Forbidden City Film Co.

In 2003, Li Xiaoran participated in an emotional drama adapted from the novel “Toronto in the snow”, “farewell, Vancouver”, in the play as a pungent Yang Xi in the play; in May 30th the ancient costume drama “thorn tiger” was broadcast; in the same year Li Xiaoran and Du Yulu and Song Chunli filmed family ethics drama “family change”.

In 2004, Li Xiaoran and Julian Cheung and Zhong Hanliang co starred the ancient costume martial arts drama “cold against water” adapted from Wen Ruian’s same name novel, and played the tears in the drama of the city.

In 2005, Li Xiaoran appeared in the ancient costume drama “the Great Qing Zhi Lu” directed by kaykay; in August, Li Xiaoran, with Chiu Man-Cheuk, Ray Lui and Ada Choi, filmed the ancient costume and martial arts drama “the seven sword under the Tianshan Mountains”; in September Li Xiaoran starred the TV play “Jinmao Xiang” and played the heroine, Xu Xiaoman, in the play. In addition, she also took a shot. Take the emotional drama “Paris fairy tales” and act as fashion designer Lenny in the play.

In July 2006, Li Xiaoran played Yin Tong’s mother Lei Tong in Peter Ho and Yuan Quan’s love idol drama “the love of White House”; the city emotional drama “cocoa Xi Li” was played in July 19th and played the sports teacher Ma Erjie in the play. The play won the fifth Beijing literary art Art Award; in July 27th, it was directed by Wilson Yip. Action film “dragon Humen”.

In 2007, Li Xiaoran played the model Xiang Xiang in the love idol drama “want to fly” in Beatrice Hsu and Leon Jay Williams, and Li Xiaoran played the urban love drama “for love marriage” in April. In the play, he played the lover Lu MA in the play, and in December Li Xiaoran joined the drama “home” adapted from the novel of the same name Ba Jin. In the play, Li Xiaoran played a high consciousness new watch. Sister Qian Meifen, in the same year, played the spy war “meritorious service”.

In August 25, 2008, the play “Feng wearing peony” was broadcast, and Li Xiaoran won the best actress of the year for the southern TV station “2008 South Grand Ceremony Award” by the play; Li Xiaoran starred in the Spy Drama “Harbin under the night” in the same year, acting as a chest surgeon Lu Qiu shadow in the play; in November Li Xiaoran starred the drama film “over” The world.

In April 15, 2009, Li Xiaoran’s military drama “the military doctor” was broadcast; in November, Li Xiaoran played the drama “the reason dream”, playing Lu Tianen’s third wife Wang Lianjun in the play; in December Li Xiaoran acted as a vanity female nurse as a female nurse in the “human love” of Deng Chao and Fan Bingbing.

In January 2010, Li Xiaoran partner Du Chun played the drama “south”; in April, he participated in the spy film “east wind and rain”; in July Li Xiaoran starred in the love film “unmanned”, in the film as a ambition of the wife evergreen; in August 30th Li Xiaoran starring the Republic of the opera “I love you too late to say” broadcast.

In April 2011, Li Xiaoran starred in the emotional drama “blooming flowers” in the play, playing the principle of doing things seriously Ye Xiaowei; in July Li Xiaoran starred in love film “one night unlove”, in the film as a stewardess Gu Ting; December Li Xiaoran starred in the urban love drama “many marriage” sowing.

In February 2013, Li Xiaoran’s love film, “love is not NG”, was shown by Li Xiaoran in May. In July 31st Li Xiaoran and Ma Su and Liu Tao co starred the urban emotional drama “angel coming tonight”, Li Xiaoran played the obstetrician Lin ting in the play, and Li Xiaoran joined Yang Wenjun’s television in October. In the same year, Li Xiaoran played the spy war kite, playing the KMT female agent Lin Tao in the play.

In February 2014, Wang Zhiwen and Wang Zhiwen co starred the family drama “the big husband”, in the play as the fashion magazine deputy editor in chief Gu Xiao Jun, and by virtue of the play won the twentieth Shanghai Television Festival White Magnolia Award for best actress nomination; in April 2nd Li Xiaoran played the drama “great river children” broadcast; in the same year Li Xiaoran shot the city situation successively. The drama “sisters and brothers” and the Anti Japanese War “fierce fighting”.

In 2015, Li Xiaoran played the Spy Drama “the pursuer”; in August, Li Xiaoran and Wang Yaoqing played the play “the graduation song”; in December Li Xiaoran and Du Chun co starred the urban emotional drama “the wife is after 80”; in addition, she also worked with Jiang Wenli and Guo Xiaodong to filmed the emotional drama “Hey, children”, decorated in the play. The radio actress Jia Yuanyuan.

In 2016, Li Xiaoran acted as a resolute revolutionist Shen Qiuxia in the espionage drama “sparrow”, starring Li Yifeng and Dongyu Zhou, and Li Xiaoran, in April, appeared in the city’s emotional drama “the next stop, farewell”.

In February 24, 2017, Li Xiaoran and Zhang Jiayi co starred in the urban family drama “beautiful life”, playing a magazine editor Liang Xiaohui.

On the 15 day, the eighth Beijing International Film Festival will be officially opened

On the 15 day, the eighth Beijing International Film Festival will be officially opened. Director Wong Kar Wai was invited to serve as the president of the International Committee of the Tiantan award, and the Chinese films that enclose the “Tiantan Award” include the Red Sea action and the eighteen hole village.

The Beijing International Film Festival has been heading for eighth years. It is not only a platform for Chinese and foreign filmmakers to communicate with each other, but also regarded as the “wind vane” of China’s movie industry. In the background of China’s movie market’s high box office, Chinese movie audiences are moving towards younger age, while Chinese movie talent structure has also undergone a significant transformation. Whether it is Xu Zheng’s supervision, Ren Pengfei’s “behind the scenes player” is selected as the opening film, or a large number of young directors carry the new work to the Beijing International Film Festival, or to hold the theme of “how to improve the system of new directors”, can see the current Beijing International Film Festival is catching the trend of the film. Efforts to excavate the “new Legion” of Chinese film and so on.

In April 1st, the Beijing International Film Festival “Beijing Exhibition” unit officially opened the ticket. The hot film “Budapest Hotel” “Titanic” and “Chongqing forest” were sold out in 10, 12 and 15 seconds respectively. The organizing committee said that the remarkable change in the Beijing International Film Festival this year is that the participation group of the festival has gradually become popular, “the film festival has become a benign transformation platform.” Many ordinary audiences begin to advance the fans group through one or several movie festivals.

On the other hand, the works brought by new directors or young actors will become the highlights of this Beijing International Film Festival. Compared with the “fifth generation” and “sixth generation” Directors in the Internet age, the thinking mode and creative fountainhead will not be restricted by regional and other factors. From then on, the “embroidery spring knife” of the former New swordsman’s “embroidery” to the present is being hot, and the new director can see that the new director is talking about the film. Things, image style and many other aspects have been expanded and innovating.

12 years ago, Hao Ning, who stood out from Andy Lau’s “Asia New Star Guide” plan, has been making his new director plan in the past two years. On the eve of the Beijing International Film Festival, Hao Ning, Xu Zheng, the director of the film, “the God of Chinese medicine”, will be unveiled by the director of Makino and Xu Zheng. Although he is a new director, Wen Makino has proved that he is good at real subjects and has great courage and vision in his past works.

The other film “behind the scenes”, made by Xu Zheng and starring, is the opening film of the Beijing International Film Festival, which is one of the few financial films in China. It is also the first real commercial film of young director Ren Pengyuan. At the same time, there are few Chinese public welfare films that pay attention to left behind children and empty nesters. “The short grandmother” is a film showing the “Chinese story” unit. It will also be premiered on the evening of 11, and the director Jiang Nengjie, such as director, will exchange the scene with the audience.

It is reported that during the Beijing International Film Festival, the forum will also be held on the theme of “how the Chinese film market will improve the new director support system and establish the road of high standard industrial films”. At the appointed time, the directors from the domestic movie public welfare institutions and the commercial video platforms will share their experience in mining and supporting young directors.

The rise of Chinese players has also promoted the international development of snooker sports

In 2005, at the Chinese open, a young Chinese player overturned the title of “billiard emperor” Hendry in the final, and Ding Junhui became known to the world.

Hector Nance, a famous snooker sports reporter for the China open, recalled that when he started working more than a dozen years ago, Ding Junhui just went to Britain to practice the ball. “It’s very young, not much to speak English.” He said, “now he is very mature and fluent in English. He is like an ambassador to China and snooker.” Selby’s theory is: “Ding Junhui put China in the snooker territory.”

The career of China open and subsequent career is not only a success for Ding Junhui. A populous country began to pay attention to the snooker movement because of him. Many families are eager to cultivate the next Ding Junhui. With the expansion of the group, the CBSA World Snooker college, founded by the world professional billiards and the Snooker Association and the China Billiard Association, has been born in the CBSA World Snooker Championships in March. The academy has delivered 7 professional players, including the youngest ranking. Final player Yan Bingtao and so on. Barry Hearn, the head of the world snooker movement, has more than a slight exaggeration. If the performance is excellent enough, maybe the top 16 of the world will be Chinese players in the future.

The rise of Chinese players has also promoted the internationalization of the snooker movement, “the most British local players before, most of the players of Australia and New Zealand,” he said. But the success of Chinese players has made players in India, the Middle East and other regions see the possibility of their involvement in the sport.

Behind the Chinese Legion on the field is a strong Chinese fan market. According to BBC, in 2016, when Ding Junhui first entered the world championships final, the final afternoon competition in the finals attracted more than 45 million people in China. In that year, the total number of overseas audience in the World Championships was 300 million, of which China accounted for 210 million.

Li Yong, a fan of Weifang, Shandong, came to Beijing during this open competition. He and his friends started from Weifang and turned three trains to see Ding Junhui’s competition after four hours of the train. “Hot blood!” He said.

“Because the usual job is busy, so the schedule is also hard to ascertain, but the snooker movement has its unique charm.” Li Yong said that after the game, he made a temporary reservation in the cold wind in Beijing. Second days was ready to watch a game of his favorite player, “the wizard” Higgins, and then leave Beijing.

There are many lovers like Li Yong, who, according to the vice chairman and Secretary General of the Chinese Billiard Association, Wang Tao, have more than 60 million fans in China, and the number is still growing. Many players such as Ding Junhui and O’Sullivan have high popularity among these fans.

European art masters gather in Zhangjiajie, and their works will be exhibited in the birthplace of Renaissance

In April 6th, 21 artists from the Academy of Fine Arts, Accademia Di Belle arti DI ROMA and the Academy of Fine Arts in Milan, Florence, from the birthplace of the European Renaissance, came to the Zhangjiajie United Nations UNESCO World Geological Park Geological Museum in Zhangjiajie, Zhangjiajie, China, with the landscape of Zhangjiajie blue. This is an artistic creation.

The three generation of contemporary artists who participated in the creation, the old, the middle and the Qing Dynasty, were recommended by three famous and traditional Academy of Fine Arts, representing the top international standard of art. After the selection of the artistic creation of the UNESCO World Geopark of Zhangjiajie, the outstanding works will be displayed in the major European art exhibitions and will be permanently collected by the local Academy of Fine Arts.

“The geological structure of Zhangjiajie is shocking, breaking the concept of traditional landscape, and creating more inspiration for our creation.” Paul Laudisa, a professor at Accademia Di Belle arti DI ROMA, sighed with emotion at the painting scene. During this period, he and his artists will also go to Wulingyuan Tianzishan and Huanglong Cave scenic area for sketching and inspection, and have artistic exchanges and on-site creation with local artists.

Ye Wenzhi, general manager of Limited by Share Ltd investment Limited by Share Ltd, who planned to organize this activity, said that in 2018, it was 30th anniversary in Zhangjiajie, and Wulingyuan in Zhangjiajie was the first World Geopark. China’s first world natural heritage was a common treasure of human beings. The company undertook 3 days to “Wulingyuan of Tong painting”. The theme of the activities, with the help of European artists to gather in Zhangjiajie, and bring the works to the birthplace of the Renaissance and the European tour, with artistic creation to show the beautiful charm of the UNESCO World Geological Park and the world natural heritage, and to broadcast the beautiful scenery, humanity and green hair of China to the world. The idea of exhibition will boost Zhangjiajie to the world.

Huang Heqing, a researcher at the Institute of geography and resources of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the director of the joint research center of Zhangjiajie geomorphology, said that through the creation of world-class masters of art, the world geological parks and world natural heritage will be propagate and disseminate by artistic techniques, which will enhance the human consciousness of protecting and protecting nature and showing the green development of China. The idea.

The first woman to climb Mount Qomolangma in Hongkong is Zeng Yanhong, who encourages students to pursue their dreams

Going up to Mount Qomolangma with his own feet was a feat for anyone, but Zeng Yanhong’s reaction was: “I haven’t met the plateau, and the mountaineering feels very comfortable.”

In the early morning of May 21, 2017, Zeng Yanhong became the first woman to climb the Mount Qomolangma in Hongkong. Recently, when she received an exclusive interview, she carefully traced her story.

In addition to the first Hongkong woman who reaches the top of Mount Qomolangma, Zeng Yanhong’s more cherished identity is the occupation of middle school teachers. At the age of 20, she began to teach when she graduated. She loved her students and spoke more than three sentences. Even at the very beginning, we wanted to challenge Mount Qomolangma, in order to encourage students, even if it is difficult to climb the sky, we must strive to overcome it.

Zeng Yanhong from 2008 began riding Sichuan Tibet line, Tibet line to a different mountain, let the body used in high altitude environment. When she was a child, the doctor said that her hemoglobin was high, the oxygen content of the blood was very high, and the exercise adapted every year. The plateau was not difficult for her.

But when Zeng Yanhong took part in the “Chinese women’s mountaineering team” to conquer Mount Qomolangma, it began to experience two disasters: in 2014, an avalanche occurred, a dozen Sherpas were killed, a dozen Sherpas were killed, and the Nepal government sealed the mountain; the next year she challenged the top again, but she met the Nepal 7.9 earthquake and destroyed the base. 5 of the team were killed, she self He has had head injury and ribs broken, and he has been recuperating for six months before he can start again.

At the time she was two liters of blood flow, was airlifted back to Hongkong directly into the hospital. For this, she said, “God is so good to me. Many of my teammates left a mountain climbing because of this psychological shadow. But I have no memory and no fear at that moment.

Every failure experience will be shared with her students. When students talk about future worries, she uses this experience as an example, so that they can only think about the most difficult problems at present, and try to solve them. A year after the injury, in July 2016, she climbed up to the 7600 meters of the mousshalg peak, and because the school could not ask for leave, she skipped the early adaptation and went to the top with the fastest speed. It gave her great confidence that “difficulties make people stronger,” she told students.

For the sake of school leave, Zeng Yanhong cried two times, because this is a hard work which cannot be solved by oneself. At last, she knew that in order to climb to the top, she had to quit her job and be unable to teach students.

Last May 20th, late last May 20th, after the wind stopped, Zeng Yanhong and the guide set off to the Mount Qomolangma, and after more than four hours, Zeng Yanhong finally set foot on the dream. She said it was quite different from what she imagined. She had a hot, physical condition, stayed at the peak for a long time, had no electricity on her cell phone, and she even took off her gloves and took out the charger. Because the wind was too big, she took a picture of the Hongkong special zone flag at last.

Looking back on what has been achieved, Zeng Yanhong is very calm. She prefers to spend time with her students than to record her own experience. No matter what form I use, I will continue to do education. She said firmly, “I will not encourage students to do something, but I will try to help them as much as they want to do.”

She said it plans next year in the name “Gordon is a Mount Qomolangma Chinese women’s team”. Her teammates and her own have already reached the top in their personal name, but China has not yet succeeded in climbing the women’s mountaineering team. Zeng Yanhong decided to make this happen: “more difficulties, we must solve it.”

Zhao Liying, a Chinese film actress with great achievements

In October 16, 1987, Zhao Liying was born in an ordinary peasant family in Langfang, Hebei. After graduating from Langfang electronic information engineering school, she gave up her chance to apply for a stewardess because of her family economic conditions, and chose to work in a company as a salesperson.

In May 2006, he participated in the YAHOO search competition co sponsored by YAHOO, Zhejiang satellite TV and Huayi Brothers, and won the Feng Xiaogang group’s championship by personal performance and voting netizens support, so as to enter the entertainment circle formally.

In 2006, the leading actress in commercials “directed by Feng Xiaogang’s” family knelt; the same year, signed Huayi Company, and advertising with Xun Zhou in OLAY; in November, in the family ethics drama “golden”, who plays naughty rebellious daughter three Tong Tong a lot; the same year starred in the costume drama “the Nanyue King”, playing the graceful little queen in the play.

In 2007, he acted as a movie debut, the Peony Pavilion of dart world, playing the peony’s younger sister Xiao Hong. In January, he acted in the love drama “no mood for the century”. In the same year, he played a gentle and graceful Ren JE in the Republic of China’s love drama “Chun Chun Chun Hui”.

In 2008, as smart in the “locked” in the emotional drama of girl Wen Yan.

In January 2009, digital film starring “love to kill nine River hall”; in May, as gentle as a palace drama linger in the sphere of the “, this is the first time Zhao Liying in a sageuk; in August, won the third session of the global Chinese” very short “contest” most popular actress”.

In January 2010, Zhao Liying starred in drama “Luoguxiang”, played the teenage Li Qiuping; June, change the screen image in emotional drama “dream wedding day”, as the rebellious 90 girl ANN; in the same year, the costume drama “a dream of Red Mansions” in the end, played steady, and by virtue of the educated Xing Xiuyan. The show won the audience’s attention.

In 2011, Xu Zheng and starring costume drama “in” underhand plays, kind of cute Chen Xiner, this is the first time she appeared in Comedy TV series; the same year, the signing of Hai Run Group; in April, the emotional drama “the new jade goddess of mercy”, who plays clever pure quiet; August. In the costume drama of love “new My Fair Princess” as sweet dignified, shenmingdayi fine pearl; September, starred in the drama “autumn” Xia Yan, who plays a generous, gentle girl Tang Xiaoran personality.

In October 2012, Zhao Liying starred in the drama “the best male and female diary” in the play, vibrant city girl Chu Yang; the same year, as the nineteen Fujin Lily in elegant generous costume drama of love “gongsuo bead shade”.

In May 2013, starring costume inspirational drama “Lu Zhen legend”; in the play as a female intellectual virtues of Lu Zhen and Chen Xiao; and the choral piece interlude “mood”; during the play premiered in possession of an average of 8.72% national network viewership statistics in audience share; ranking in the csm46 viewing statistics at the same time the first year, third the annual rankings in the ratings; in addition, the play also by Japan, Malaysia, South Korea and other countries to introduce broadcast; July, starring costume drama of God “snakefish legend”, who plays cute carp fine red damask; the average ratings of the play premiered on two national network reached 1.25%, the average audience share of 8.51%. Two results are ranked first at the same time; the ending with a 10.75% audience share and get the ratings champion; August 13th, starring Zhao Liying love Costume Film “palace lock incense” was released, she changed the image of the screen in the film, played the villain glazed narrow-minded, in November 20th, hide a dagger behind a smile; “Youth” annual festival in 2013, won the mainland’s most popular actress award; December, new actress award was the fourth pageant as the mainland’s most popular actress award and National Opera Festival Audience favorite.

In February 2014, it was played in the ancient costume and inspirational drama “the wrong mandarin ducks and the mandarin ducks”, and in the play
For the first time who played horns, as a weak kind of Miss Sue magic son and clever brave girl Yang Yiliu; the drama in Jiangsu province network ratings share up to 19.7%, in the Zhejiang province network ratings share up to 21.3%; in March, in the drama “my wife’s Secret” played in mature generous, patient family heir Jiang Jiang lily; the play after the launch with an average audience share of 6.14% to become the national network at the same time in May, Forbes ratings winner; Chinese celebrity list ranked eightieth, this is the first time she appeared on the list; in July, the city of love drama “partner Zhang Hanzhu Shanshan coming”. In the play as good nature, pure and lovely small staff Shanshan; access to the play at the same time ratings champion during the broadcast; in addition, the play also by Russia and the United States, Japan and other countries to introduce broadcast in October, In Chinese Golden Eagle TV Art Festival Golden Eagle goddess vote, Zhao Liying total votes ranked first, become the Golden Eagle goddess; December 6th, won the “scream 2015 Iqiyi night” the most popular TV actress award; in December 17th, with the city of love drama “Shanshan” to the country drama festival the year the mainland’s most popular actress.

In February 2015, Zhao Liying starred in a comedy “surprise” road, blustering, strong and vigorous as gymnastics queen Nana in the film; in May, Forbes China celebrity list ranked forty-third; in June, Zhao Liying starred in the costume drama “Xian Xia spend thousands of bones” broadcast; orphan she played strange, strong and kind in life in the play and spend thousands of bone, and Wallace Huo sang the show’s theme song “unspeakable”; the play with an average of 2.213% to break the ratings China mainland drama broadcast week record ratings, and 29 consecutive win one-day ratings winner, become Chinese mainland annual ratings runner up; in addition, the play also to play one day more than 400 million break China mainland TV day network playback volume record, becoming the mainland’s first Chinese exceeded 20 billion times the amount of playing TV drama; and Zhao Liying with the play has won second The 2 Shanghai TV Festival Magnolia Award for best actress nomination, the twenty-eighth Chinese TV Golden Eagle Award audience favorite actress award, the sixth Macao International Film Festival Best Actress Award, the 19 session of the tripod award China theme costume drama nomination for best actress; July, starring drama “come on” in the play as simple Intern. Good song warm intern.

In January 15, 2016, Zhao Liying starred in the comedy thriller “ultimate challenge” released in March, starring Zhao Liying; romantic comedy “female man love formula”, female character Curve Wrecker played extremely calm and rational in Herr dance; March 7th, awarded the 2015 annual awards ceremony in mainland star power list of the most popular actress; April, by virtue of “come on” intern was the nineteenth tripod award China contemporary drama nomination for best actress; June, in the “auspicious” Tianbao costume comedy plays, Yang Ruonan resolutely be clever and sensible.

In January 28, 2017, Zhao Liying starred in the movie “modern” ride the wind and waves release, she played Wen Wanqingli Niu Aihua in the film, and the film China in the mainland box office exceeded 1 billion yuan; in May 26th, with “” ride the wind and waves get twenty-fourth Beijing Student Film Festival the most welcomed actress; June 5th, starring female inspirational legendary costume drama “Chu Joe biography” broadcast, she played tough, bold xiagurouchang Chuqiao in the play, and the play and Zhang Bichen sang the theme song “look”; after the show aired in the CSM52 city network to an average of 1.741% of the ratings obtained at the same time ratings winner, and to play more than 42 billion times the amount of China become the mainland’s first during the broadcast webcast volume exceeded 40 billion times the TV series; in July, CC-Smart announced the release ceremony of star value list “2017 Chinese. According to the star value report, Zhao Liying won the most valuable female star award in September in his performance in the film and television field. In September, he ranked the fourth in the Chinese celebrity list.


The Lebanese Caracalla Dance Theatre in Beijing will be staged at the National Theatre ballet “through the Silk Road”

It seems that the Arabia world is always covered with a veil, which is particularly mysterious. Arabia is the world’s first professional dance troupe, the Caracalla Dance Theatre from Lebanon in from March 15th to 17th will be staged at the National Theatre ballet “through the Silk Road”, with a layer of mystery that steps aside.

The Lebanese Caracalla dance theatre was founded in 1968 by Mr. Abdul Halim Caracalla. They show the Western dance skills and mysterious oriental color combination, thus forming a unique “Caracalla dance style”.

Caracalla Dance Theatre artistic director and choreographer Ellie Ivan the troupe thrall is Abdul Halim Caracalla’s two children, two people and company grow together, and lead the company toward frontier art and innovation. Ivan Caracalla said: “the Silk Road civilizations pavilions, many great heroes and adventurers, thinkers and pioneers built in the ancient world communication Road, bridge the tolerance and understanding between East and West, great deeds have made history. It is these precious records that have inspired the creative inspiration of “crossing the Silk Road”, and have achieved the brilliance of the dance drama.

As the most outstanding professional dance troupe for the Arabia world, Caracalla Dance Theater in February 2016 articles on behalf of the dance “one thousand and one night” debuted for the Beijing National Theatre, the audience to show its unique charm of Oriental mystery. The dance drama “crossing the Silk Road”, which they brought, has a close relationship with China. The play will be the integration of the Silk Road and the imagination of ancient Chinese dance, grand gorgeous performance strike a deep chord.

In June 2016, the region’s most prestigious Baalbek International Art Festival, Caracalla Dance Theater gathered hundreds of artists from India, Iran and China, Italy and other countries of the actors in the city of Baalbek Temple Square, show the latest creation of dance drama “through the Silk Road” to the world, the magnificent adventure the Temple of background and legendary, make the whole performance unprecedented.

The curtain opened, visitors from around the world came to the ancient ruins of the temple of the temple of Baalbek Rome Sun City tour. In an instant of time stagnation, the fate of staggered, a man named Timur young by Jupiter mirage with through time and space, go back to the past, as he revealed hundreds of years ago, his old ancestor Timur, symbolizing the victory of humanity through the historical course of the silk road”.

When they came to Chinese after experiencing hardships, after several twists and turns before they have a chance to tell the emperor to Chinese their trip purpose and mission of peace, the Taklimakan Desert, into Persia and Samarkand and through hardships, finally returned to Sun City of Baalbek…… The fantastic stories and different style and distinctive exotic dances are different in the art of the artists.

The media commented that this is a brilliant performance, like the sky and natural color, making Lebanon into a paradise on earth, which makes the mood of the audience calm for a long time. The professional dancers and harmonious arrangement will bring a show for the Beijing audience exquisite beyond compare.

Ma Xiaolu won the champion of the Sala flower selection in the fourth national flower selection campaign

In October 15th, the fourth session of the national flower selection activities “Sala flower Contest Finals held in Qinghai, from Xunhua Salar Autonomous County Ma Xiaolu gains Sala flower crown, Ma Xiaojun and Han Meiling won the runner up and second runner up.

The fourth session of the national flower selection activities “Sala flowers” when selecting the calendar for more than a month after the auditions, semi-finals and finals of network voting and other layers of selection, from the nationwide Salar players finals.

The finals of the finals were evaluated through self introduction, talent show and comprehensive knowledge quiz. All the competitors were dressed up in Salar traditional ethnic costumes, attracting the audience to raise their cell phones and take pictures. Bring original dance “the Yellow River player Han Meiling Anal.” Han Meiling, told reporters: “the Yellow River shore Anal” I participated in the final with friends for our own dances, although there are a lot of problems, but I hope I can show my eyes to you in this way salar.”

Finally, Ma Xiaolu, a Salar girl, captured the judges and spectators of the Salar race with an original work, “charming Xunhua”, and won the championship of the Salar flower selection. She will represent the Salar people to participate in the fourth national flower selection event, the 56 national flower award ceremony.

Her gentle emotional recitation, the audience will travel to Xunhua, Xunhua’s numerous hills and streams Xunhua delicacies tasted. The unique charm of the Sala of Xunhua is displayed in an all-round way. It is reported that the selection of ethnic flowers is a national national culture classic brand project founded by the Chinese era media, and has been successfully held for three sessions.