Italy’s history of prohibition of luxury sports aimed at curbing luxury consumption

The luxury and fashion industry in Italy has always been a proud trade and cultural output representative of its nationals and governments, but as we look back on the Renaissance in the bud of modern commerce and consumer society, it will be found that behind this cultural movement, it is also a protracted history in the history of Italy. Prohibition of luxury consumption is the main purpose of the prohibition of extravagant sports.

Prohibition of extravagant legislation is not the product of the modern world. Since the ancient Greek and Rome period, there has been “decrepit luxury” related decrees. In medieval Europe, accompanied by economic recession and general poverty, the condemnation of luxury behavior by Christians was more severe, and directly increased to the height of original sin of morality and humanity. But in this period, the church mainly adopted moral admonition and Enlightenment methods, and seldom used legal methods to regulate and curb extravagant behavior.

In the late Middle Ages, with the rejuvenation of the city and the development of cross regional commercial trade, luxury consumption was no longer only the privileges of a few rulers. A large number of luxury goods from overseas (such as spices, porcelain, silk and rare jewels) poured into the Italy market through the merchant ships of Venice and Genoa. The revolutionary change in business has had a great impact on Italians’ traditional lifestyle and consumption concept. The black death in the middle and late fourteenth Century solved the problem of overpopulation and famine in Europe at that time.

The surviving people found that after the plague, the market was not only full of goods, but also low prices, and a large number of uninherited wealth was occupied by the survivors. The end of the day panic makes them choose to play in a happy way when facing these wealth. People are caught up in a grand luxury consumption carnival. This near morbid way of consumption and lifestyle not only worries the Christian moralists and humanists, but also causes the panic of the secular rulers. The rulers of the secular world began to attack and limit the spread of this luxury consumption by using more powerful legal means with the help of Rome jurists.

According to the latest statistics of historians, in the Renaissance period, more than 40 autonomous cities in Italy issued 300 prohibition laws. Among them, the prohibition of extravagance decrees promulgated by Genoa in 1157 is the earliest secular prohibition order since Italy in the middle ages. After thirteenth Century, sumptuary laws began to appear in the legislative regulations such as bamboo shoots after a spring rain like Italy city. Each autonomous

In Fourteenth Century, more cities were not only added to the ranks of extravagance, and many cities were reiterated over the next two or three centuries, adding and reaffirming the prohibition of extravagance. In fifteenth Century alone, 83 prohibition laws were issued in the whole Italy area, which was two times more in the next two centuries. The trend of the prohibition of extravagant legislation has not gradually gone down until eighteenth Century, but its influence on the formation of modern consumer society in Italy and the decision-making behavior of modern state government is still concerned by historians.

The thirty-fifth Hongkong international jewelry exhibition opened at the Hongkong Convention and Exhibition Center

The thirty-fifth Hongkong international jewelry exhibition opened in Hongkong Convention and Exhibition Center in March 1st, attracting more than 2580 exhibitors from 39 countries and regions. In order to cater to the diversified demand of consumers, the exhibition has added “jewellery technology corridor” to help the jewelry industry develop with scientific and technological elements.

According to the organizers of the Hongkong Trade Development Council, the 5 day exhibition is provided with a plurality of Theme Pavilion, which this year the new “jewelry Technology Corridor” to showcase the latest technology jewelry design, production, commerce and management, intended to help the industry to grasp the new technology, new design and service, to meet consumer demand increasingly diversified to enhance the competitiveness of the.

In addition, the “brand essence Gallery” show about 40 domestic and foreign well-known brand jewelry series; “the essence of jewelry Gallery” concentrated nearly 100 top international jewelry company presents the top jewelry; “magnificent jewelry Museum” dedicated to showcasing design expertise and special technology Hongkong jewelry industry; “jewelry design exhibition featured” a snare local and overseas young designer brands and high-quality jewelry series.

The exhibition also has “Wedding Jewelry” exhibition area, a classic classic gallery for classical jewelry dealers, and a “watch Gallery” for famous watches and clocks.

In order to encourage local jewelry creation, the Hongkong Trade Development Council in conjunction with the local jewelry industry chamber of Commerce organized the nineteenth Hongkong jewelry design competition “and” gold jewelry design competition 2018″. The award-winning works will be displayed during the jewelry exhibition, allowing global buyers to appreciate the creativity of local jewelry designers.

Many seminars and forums will be held during the jewelry exhibition to discuss jewelry technology, marketing strategy, jewelry technology, quality identification technology and so on.

Children’s intelligent watch has potential safety hazard

Many children’s smart watches have telephone call and positioning function, the purpose is to allow parents to contact the children at any time, to ensure the safety of children. However, such watches are pointed out that there is a security risk, after hackers attack, but easy to disclose personal information.

Security watches designed for security risks, hackers exactly how to attack smart watches? Are smart watches more vulnerable to attacks than mobile phones? What should be paid attention to when choosing children’s intelligent watch?

The safety problems of children’s smart watches are paid close attention to by many countries.

According to the Broadcasting British Corporation (BBC) reported that the German Federal network bureau banned the sale of children’s smart watches in the country, urged parents to destroy the existing children’s watches, and called it “listening device”. The agency has taken measures to companies that sell such watches online.

The reason about the ban, reported speculation may be because of security vulnerabilities or privacy watch. In October this year, the Consumer Council of Norway pointed out that some children’s watches had vulnerabilities, such as transmission and storage of data without encryption. “This means that a stranger uses basic hacking techniques to track a child’s action, or to make a child look in a completely different position.” Report says.

As early as 2015, the Chinese media have exposed many brands of children’s smart watches, there are serious security vulnerabilities, hackers can not only accurately grasp the location of the watch, but also a complete access to children’s daily walking route, tapping children’s dialogue and the surrounding sound.

It is understood that children’s smart watches have the corresponding mobile phone software (App), for parents to register, bind watches, in the mobile phone App can set children’s name, birthday and other information, can also send instructions, such as query location, call and so on.

The information and instructions sent in the mobile phone App will be transmitted to the smart watch cloud server, and the cloud server and watch will also send some functional instructions to each other.

Under normal circumstances, the user can only bind to their A smart watches to send information and instructions, but because the smart watch program does not have permissions to determine cloud user identity and instructions to execute, causing the user A can also operate on the other smart watches unbound. This leads to ultra vires loopholes.

On the “ultra vires loophole”, the expert explained that such as hackers in a bank bank card, under normal circumstances can only withdraw money from your bank card, but the bank card hackers modified into others, from someone else’s bank card to take money out of the bank, not to judge whether people have the right to take cash card the money from the bank, which is ultra vires loopholes.

In addition to security vulnerabilities, some children’s smart watches still exist inaccurate positioning, higher radiation problems.

Yakedeluo full range automatic doll watch full debut Chinese Beijing

October 24, 2017, the Swiss luxury watch brand Jacques Pedro (Jaquet Droz) grand opening in Beijing, mechanical legend Jacques Pedro automatic doll exhibition and tropical time bird three question watches global debut. As the only way to get the name of the Chinese emperor Yuci Chinese Swiss luxury watch brand, yakedeluo precipitation nearly 300 years in its long and glorious history, the process of automatic doll articles is to show each as the acme of perfection, automatic doll Tour de force for the Chinese and foreign guests, shining Beijing. Yakedeluo Christian global president Mr. Lattmann, Mr. Lu Xingwei, vice president of Chinese yakedeluo area and brand invited guests, Chinese and foreign mainstream media guests come to the scene, witnessed the glorious moment.

The exhibition, the full range of automatic doll yakedeluo watch full debut China Beijing, is also the brand will be the first time previously distributed in throughout the world renowned statue of automatic doll works at the same time sinks in Beijing. That’s enough to make people appreciate. Beijing is the starting point in 1783, Jacques de China, as the West’s first open the gates to the Forbidden City famous brand, yakedeluo represented the world most advanced production process technology to watch the Qing Dynasty palace, with the creation of automatic doll art and watch is the cuckoo as the acme of perfection, exquisite beyond compare won the emperor my favor. Today, in the the Imperial Palace collection of dozens of pieces of yakedeluo watch masterpiece, the vicissitudes of history, still witnessed between China and yakedeluo hundreds of years of love.

Today’s Beijing, has been the world’s top brands of the center market. Jacques Pedro held in the full range of automatic doll exhibition at the same time, it is a new automatic watch – Doll tropical cuckoo three about the choice of world premiere ceremony was held in Beijing, show the charm of Jacques Pedro brand with the process with a new look. As one of the Chinese commercial landmark, Beijing SKP has a “China department first store” reputation, is the domestic boutique department store sector fully deserve top dog in the high-end, the environment elegant, luxurious and comfortable shopping experience for the Chinese and foreign consumers praise. This is Jacques Pedro let the doll’s supporters can better appreciate the brand presents a visual feast, and will automatically process excellence by the Beijing dolls brought to the world, to all the fans watch.

Yakedeluo tropical cuckoo was the world’s first three watch, is best again presents the following brand launched in 2012 for the first time to watch the dynamic automatic doll, birds and other animal to praise the beauty of nature, once again break the boundary of imagination. Watch the enchanting beauty in the sculptor and painter of miniatures of hand carving. Beautiful colors of the scene like a soft lush oasis, the mother of pearl dial ran out, red gold watchcase lugs on both sides and table ring decorated with brand master craftsmen hand carved animal pattern. The waterfall, is worthy of the name of the source of life, the tropical plants thrive with Ning and tranquil environment. In the garden of Eden, the waterfall is flowing and lifelike. Dial center, brand art master hand carved and engraved a hummingbird to a clump of bright orange Hewanglan fly.

Hummingbird wings can be blown forty times per second, which is the first thing in the history of watchmaking, giving the scene a breathtaking sense of reality. Dial the right, a feather gorgeous blue peacock tail leisurely retractable screen, and the three o’clock position hidden in the palm leaves between the toucan, in separate occasion suddenly out of the foliage, and open mouth. Three elegant Dragonfly lightly fluttering in the nine o’clock position, delicate wings covered with SuperLuminova coating in the night flashing light, to watch whether by day or night, all charming charm. A total of 7 movable devices with a duration of over 12 seconds can perform 4 different scenes, with a suspended decorative bottom, which is more vivid and realistic.

In addition to the automatic doll exquisite, this watch equipped with a complex function watch – three Q time, internal control through the case hit the church bells sound spring vibration, which can be based on the need to sound at quarter hours, and minutes. Innovative technology will be admired watch enthusiasts brought on a new Jaquet Droz RMA89 movement at. The mechanism is equipped with a floating adjustment mechanism, which uses the friction of the outer small reed to regulate the three questions to tell the time, thus almost silent. Innovations in this complex include a new rack, a longer dwell time between a clock and a minute, and a three degree clock. Dynamic storage for 60 hours, a frequency of 3 hz.

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Amber contains biological genetic code DNA

Amber is one of the oldest ornaments, found in Estonia made of amber era 3700 years before the fall, decorative beads, buttons and so on, the 2600 BC made of amber treasures and found in egypt. The world’s oldest amber, a product of about three hundred million years ago, was found in Britain’s Northumberland and Siberia.

Amber is a mixture of organic compounds formed by geological processes during the Cretaceous to Cenozoic third – stage conifers. The formation of amber generally has three stages, the first stage, secreted from cypress pine tree resin; the second stage, the resin shedding buried in the forest soil, the petrifaction in this stage, a fundamental change in the fossil resin under the effect of composition, structure and characteristics; the third stage is the petrochemical the resin is washed, handling and sedimentation, diagenesis, formation of amber.

The most abundant and most meaningful is the inclusion of amber inside the plant, inclusions, such as umbrella pine, seeds, fruits, leaves; there are animal inclusions, such as beetles, flies, mosquitoes, ants, wasps etc.. Gas-liquid inclusions, such as round, oval bubbles and liquid; a vortex pattern and around inclusions distribution in insects, which is left struggling traces of insects; there are many impurities, such as clay, sand and debris.

These rich inclusions not only constitute a beautiful pattern, but also provide the most direct evidence for the scientific study of the environment at that time. At present, scientists have succeeded in extracting some biological genetic code DNA from the fossils contained in amber, which has had a great influence on the study of biological evolution.

Yu watches once again become the pioneer of high-end lifestyle

HUBLOT Yu watch as the first luxury brand in the international professional poker tour official chronograph and official watches, officially became the official watch of 2015WPT china. Hublot create special Big Bang Unico World Poker Tour Limited Edition watch poker elements into the design, with the iconic Big Bang appearance to attract players attention, this watch is equipped with Hublot homemade UNICO fly back time movement, dial visible guide column wheel and double level bearing.

Case diameter 45.5 mm, using 18K (18 carat gold gold king with 5% platinum, make the color more rosy, highlighting rare material) or stainless steel bezel, show the poker world iconic hearts, spades, clubs and square patterns to polishing and micro blasting technique, sapphire crystal mirror surface with unique WPT mark. The empty dial makes the UNICO return to time. The movement is clear and visible. The first display of the number of minutes is at the three o’clock position, and the second counters display the number of seconds at the nine o’clock position. The date pane shows the overall effect at three o’clock position. Wang Jinkuan limited edition 100; fine steel paragraph limited edition 200; at the same time, using a “one key” quick detachable system, can let the wearer easily replace the watchband. A total of three kinds of strap options are made of alligator skin, sewn in natural rubber, and black, red, gold, silver coating to watch the appearance of more “Poker” features.

World Poker Tour (WPT) was first created in 2002 and has been leading the front of poker competition. Its scale is increasing year by year in terms of prize amount or number of competitors. In this regard, Yu meter table unique eye, once again become a pioneer in leading high-end lifestyle. In early 2014, Hublot Las Vegas in the United States and the World Poker Tour announced an official cooperation, become the world’s first served as the official time in the international poker tournament and the official occupation of the luxury watch brand watches. The WPT China tournament, a poker competition the pinnacle contest will be staged 888 players, the game experience shows the spirit of competition, in a taste of passion between winning and losing. Competition does not focus on the results, but also more emphasis on participants in the process of participation and experience, which also with Yu table table love life philosophy fit.