China’s high-speed rail top speed of 350 km, won the world’s fastest title

China high-speed rail 21 days to restart the top speed of 350 kilometers of commercial operations, to recapture the world’s fastest title. Japan’s Kyodo News 21 reported that China’s rapid pace of domestic construction of new lines at the same time, to strengthen overseas sales, in the railway field is also an international leader.

The report says, a more than 50 year old male passengers in Beijing by train, when the railway station on time after arriving in Shanghai, he said, “when the last century in 90s on the Shinkansen in Japan was surprised, but now is not only high in iron, China in every way ahead”.

Reported that the latest “Renaissance” train using a number of self-developed technology, as a whole to improve security.

By the end of 2016, the total length of China’s high speed railway had reached about 22000 kilometers. China’s high-speed rail operating mileage accounted for more than 60% of the world’s total high-speed rail mileage, ranking first in the world. New lines are still being built in all parts of china.

Japanese media said the high-speed rail will also be positive for promoting China’s “The Belt and Road” initiative, technical strength of various geographical conditions of train speed and coping with the plateau and cold area, help Chinese high-speed rail in the Japanese Shinkansen and the order for victory.

Dating skills are heating up your relationship

1, the tone should be fresh.

You can be inarticulate, but don’t breathe foul words. A fresh breath is an important expression of your mental outlook, even more important than dressing. If an opening is an annoying smell, it can’t help being prettier. Get some gum, especially if you’re going to invite someone to share a romantic dinner.

2, understand humor.

Smiling is the best mood regulator. You may not be a natural humorist, but you’ll soon have humor as long as you have a mind to focus on it, watch jokes and TV shows. Especially when faced with embarrassment, can easily relax with humor, not only for the image plus points, but also to make their confidence doubled. But pay attention to grasp the sense of propriety, words do not have to, the key is nature.

3. Be punctual.

Punctuality is the act of good faith. Some girls are deliberately late on dates to test the patient’s patience and associate it with the boy’s feelings for her. But this will make the girl’s image greatly reduced, and not punctuality will become a habit, causing greater risks.

4, make more surprises.

Surprises come from thinking out of the box and exploring interesting activities instead of going to the movies and shopping on weekends. A small gift will also bring surprises.

5, stop arbitrary.

Men and women in love tend to be stubborn, sometimes at fault. At this point, you need to stand on the other side of the point of view, if you can not listen to the words of lovers, you can listen to the views of relatives and friends.

6, wind and rain date.

Select the date is not some day It’s raining and blowing hard. beyond routine? In fact, this will bring a lot of benefits, because weather factors, you will choose indoor activities, drink tea or coffee, quiet chat, focus on each other, the relationship will be more intimate.

7, pay attention to instrument.

No matter how times change, gentlemen and ladies are always full of charm. Men wear neat, clean, proactive, female gentle, careful, slightly shy, will make a good impression on each other.

8, set the password.

Lovers need intimate little gestures or whispers that other people don’t understand, which will help distance you and increase your sense of identity. For example, give each other a nickname and say “I love you” in some body language”.

Habitats and transit stations for rare and endangered birds on their migration

Han stone bridge wetland is rich in animal and plant resources. It is the habitat and transfer station for many rare and endangered birds on their way of migration.

In order to protect the typical reed marsh wetland ecosystem and wild animals and plants, the people’s Government of Beijing in China approved the establishment of Beijing Han Bridge Wetland Nature Reserve in April 2005. Han stone bridge wetland is located in the plain of Jingdong. It is the only wetland in the area of Beijing where there is the only large reed swamp type.

It was originally a low-lying area, where the floods were serious in history, and the reservoir was built in 1958. Because the reservoir depth is shallow, very suitable for the growth and reproduction of aquatic plants, soon formed with reeds, cattails and other aquatic and marsh vegetation dominated wetlands in the reservoir area.

The Han stone bridge wetland has the ecological functions of regulating flood, conserving water, supplying ground water, purifying water quality, beautifying the environment and regulating the microclimate in the area.

Hanshiqiao wetland is located in the suburb of Beijing City, which belongs to the type of wetland, plays an irreplaceable role in improving regional ecological environment, plays an important role on sustainable development of regional economy and other industries.

How to develop children’s communication skills?

To train children’s language ability is the foundation of children’s acceptance of all education. How to train children’s communication ability, is a lot of parents concerned about, especially now children in more than one child families grow up, lack of communication with peers, lack of communication ability.

Use communication instead of refusal

“The child’s autistic personality, her future development is unfavorable, and want to find ways to let her and children contacts, exchanges can exercise her communication ability, you might as well think of ways.”! “Sunday brings her to my family to play more, is a good friend to make the young girl, lets the blossoming to drive her, we try to see whether can change.”.” Every mother heard her friend’s child not gregarious, immediately concerned about the idea.
Well, this week I will go to your place to go!” Friends agree with mom’s plan.

“Then I’ll get more toys and nice books. They can go to the cartoons together. Let’s organize a discussion for them.”!” Mother went on perfecting the program.
“Thank you.”!” There was a cheerful laugh from the other end of the phone.
How can children develop strong social skills and build good relationships from childhood? Communication skills are one of the most important factors, and gratuitous rejection will keep your child from you. Therefore, it is very important for children to cultivate good communication skills from childhood.

Communication skills are the basis of mutual understanding

Communication ability is an essential ability in modern society, and it is also a kind of ability to cultivate children from an early age. The child’s communication ability, is that they can through other people’s facial expressions, gestures, movements, language, to understand other people’s feelings and aspirations, and through their facial expressions, gestures, movements, language to others express their desire to make others understand their feelings, ability can be social interaction.

The important conditions of communication ability are language ability and interpersonal communication ability. The language ability of children, often through oral or written language to communicate with others effectively; with “foreign” ability of children, those with more love to participate in the activities of group characteristics and can get help and friendship.

Innate temperament, heredity, parenting traits, and parenting styles can influence a person’s relationships, while the acquired upbringing has more influence.

Yu watches once again become the pioneer of high-end lifestyle

HUBLOT Yu watch as the first luxury brand in the international professional poker tour official chronograph and official watches, officially became the official watch of 2015WPT china. Hublot create special Big Bang Unico World Poker Tour Limited Edition watch poker elements into the design, with the iconic Big Bang appearance to attract players attention, this watch is equipped with Hublot homemade UNICO fly back time movement, dial visible guide column wheel and double level bearing.

Case diameter 45.5 mm, using 18K (18 carat gold gold king with 5% platinum, make the color more rosy, highlighting rare material) or stainless steel bezel, show the poker world iconic hearts, spades, clubs and square patterns to polishing and micro blasting technique, sapphire crystal mirror surface with unique WPT mark. The empty dial makes the UNICO return to time. The movement is clear and visible. The first display of the number of minutes is at the three o’clock position, and the second counters display the number of seconds at the nine o’clock position. The date pane shows the overall effect at three o’clock position. Wang Jinkuan limited edition 100; fine steel paragraph limited edition 200; at the same time, using a “one key” quick detachable system, can let the wearer easily replace the watchband. A total of three kinds of strap options are made of alligator skin, sewn in natural rubber, and black, red, gold, silver coating to watch the appearance of more “Poker” features.

World Poker Tour (WPT) was first created in 2002 and has been leading the front of poker competition. Its scale is increasing year by year in terms of prize amount or number of competitors. In this regard, Yu meter table unique eye, once again become a pioneer in leading high-end lifestyle. In early 2014, Hublot Las Vegas in the United States and the World Poker Tour announced an official cooperation, become the world’s first served as the official time in the international poker tournament and the official occupation of the luxury watch brand watches. The WPT China tournament, a poker competition the pinnacle contest will be staged 888 players, the game experience shows the spirit of competition, in a taste of passion between winning and losing. Competition does not focus on the results, but also more emphasis on participants in the process of participation and experience, which also with Yu table table love life philosophy fit.

Insurance: creating value for emerging markets

Recently, a research report pointed out that more and more empirical studies on emerging market economic development, insurance to promote income, alleviate poverty and contribute to the improvement of the quality of life, promote the development of emerging markets.

Data show that about 100 million people worldwide each year due to illness. A case study shows that insurance can reduce medical expenses insurance at their own expense, improve the utilization rate of medical services, thereby reducing the risk of poverty. The use of different ways of micro insurance and insurance cooperation, and application of innovation and technology, will be able to transfer the risk solutions and personal and business needs, and to help overcome certain obstacles encountered in the insurance industry in emerging markets.

The report believes that emerging market insurance industry has achieved rapid growth, but there are still significant security gap, the demand side and supply side, the difference between emerging markets significant. As a result, insurance solutions are also facing different barriers to supply and demand.

Affordability, for example, is a major demand side barrier. Studies in Nicaragua and India show that demand for insurance remains low even with large subsidies. This suggests that trust may be equal or even higher than price considerations. Other major obstacles include lack of risk awareness, behavioral bias and institutional constraints, regulatory constraints, and so on.

To this end, the report pointed out that only a better understanding of the above obstacles, we can expand the coverage of insurance through new ways. In this respect, technology has proved to be a major driver in many countries.

For example, with sensors and smart devices, insurance companies can gather new data from the insured, combining intelligent analysis and predictive modeling techniques to achieve more sophisticated underwriting. Therefore, an insurance company may design products and set premiums according to the actual behavior of the insured (rather than age, marital status and sex status). By 2020, the number of mobile phone users in China and India is expected to rise to around 1 billion 200 million and close to 1 billion, according to the report. In these two countries, digital technology based insurance companies are offering a wide range of simple (e.g., pay per use shared economic insurance) and complex new products (such as new technology liability insurance).

Innovation could help expand insurance coverage in emerging markets, the report said. Insurance companies face a major challenge: low premiums cannot cover the cost of insurance. This is especially true for consumers who are unable to obtain or cannot afford premiums. In response, insurance companies are trying to reduce costs. One way is to share the cost of community insurance, that is, insurance companies cooperate with community organizations such as mutual insurance agencies and cooperatives so as to guarantee payment. Another approach is to segment customers.

The report notes that the government plays an important role in further expanding emerging market risk solutions, including the implementation of mandatory insurance and the provision of supportive policy environment. For example, the Chinese government implemented the subsidy policy for agricultural insurance in 2007. In the past 10 years, the average annual growth rate of China’s agricultural insurance market has reached 43%. By 2016, the agricultural insurance premium reached RMB 41 billion 800 million yuan (US $6 billion 600 million), and China became the second largest agricultural insurance market in the world.

The report says insurance companies and policy makers can make decisions based on empirical evidence to better analyze the cost-effectiveness of different risk management strategies. Insurance companies must understand the motivations behind consumer choice. Simplifying policy wording is also a key condition for serving individuals and small businesses. In the final analysis, the development of the insurance industry should follow the principle of “on demand basis”. Flexible and innovative capabilities will help overcome market barriers and better match product solutions to customer needs.

What problems should I pay attention to when buying an economical villa?

What is an economical villa?

Economic villa is a breakdown of the villa market varieties. Its area is generally no more than 300 square meters, the threshold is low, the total price is low, only in the central area is equivalent to buy a villa. If there is a certain demand and improve the economic capacity, you can choose a single day, economic type villa.

What are the living advantages of the economic villa?

1, buyers can have their own piece of heaven and earth, is a single family, a day, a garden, a large balcony.

2, tenants will have a certain private space and quiet living environment.

3, economic villa can enhance the quality of housing buyers; from the living space perspective, but also from high-grade living quarters to upgrade to the villa multi-level living. If you want to do some PARTY, a multidimensional layout structure is required.

4, the economic villa away from the city, the corresponding facilities should be relatively complete, low cost of living, such as clubs, fitness centers, restaurants, supermarkets and so on.

What problems should I pay attention to when buying an economical villa?

First because of psychological craving, because the threshold is not high, small villa buyers are more likely to buy “impulse”, is more likely to occur “villa living is not easy to buy” phenomenon.

Economic type villa are generally located in the suburbs, the more expensive the more remote, time cost and fuel consumption expenditure is definitely not a small number, some buyers ignored the problem when buying, etc. after the discovery of “live in the way home so long, so to consider this problem.

Wuguan fee is also a factor to consider. Villa management fees will be more expensive, with a set of 300 square metres of villas, a month to pay a considerable number of management fees. Therefore, before buying a villa should take into account the daily pressure of the house.

Economic small apartment layout design of the villa is more practical. Because the area is small, the design is not good, it will be like “attic”, the loss of villas feel. Not only that, small villas are generally not equipped with elevators. If a family has old, there are small, it is best to see whether or not to install an elevator, or to see if there is an elderly suite on the first floor, otherwise the comfort of living will be greatly reduced.

Mobile game “King glory” so far, the heat unabated

Current absolute mobile game, “King glory” so far unabated heat, “people play king glory” tide is still not returned. What kind of mobile phone system can let the game player really play king of glory? In addition to the mobile phone itself performance and endurance strength good, is also very important to provide an interference free immersive gaming experience for users.

Meizu Flyme 6 equipped with intelligent thinking engine One Mind, starting from the experience of the game process, in the game mode to make more optimization, to create immersive game experience, so that players simply can not stop.

As you all know, One Mind’s powerful analytical ability, by observing and analyzing user habits, provides priority for games that are commonly used, and this function is called artifact when the user is playing the game”. Receive the call of teammates, One Mind intelligent thinking engine in the user click on the game in general use of the moment, to achieve rapid start, thereby winning the starting line.

At the same time, as the basis for immersive game experience, the smooth flow of the game is also very important. Flyme smart game mode, according to the type of game will intelligently adjust the CPU and GPU frequency, and in the game during memory cleaning, to ensure that the game experience and power balance.

It needs to be reminded that the game mode requires the user to open it in the settings accessibility function.

The limitations of mobile phone game is the largest small screen and mobile phone function diversity brings “beyond the game feeling”, even in battle mode, or unexpected sudden caller ID, pop-up, or low battery alert. These intimate functions in daily life can have considerable impact on the game, and may even miss the opportunity to win. One Mind game mode, these “off the spot factors” are resolved one by one.

First of all, the Flyme game mode can screen all notifications except the caller and alarm clock, and the call will appear in the form of small floating icons that do not affect the game’s progress.

Secondly, the game mode can also shield the global gesture, as long as the choice of the corresponding mask button in the game mode gesture interface opens, you don’t have to worry about a sudden marked out the notification bar, can continue to enlarge the recruit. One Mind also shields mBack, preventing players from playing too much, making too many gestures, and mistakenly returning to the main interface. In the optimization and upgrading after the game mode, even low power pop won’t suddenly jump out, the system automatically transformed into low power mode, quietly for you to solve all the interference possibly encountered in the game, let you concentrate to get MVP.

In busy daily life, it is rare to stop and concentrate on playing a game. With the help of One Mind game mode, you can enjoy yourself more.

What are the main areas of employment in financial engineering

The employment of financial engineering is mainly in the following areas:

1. The central bank, the Banking Regulatory Commission, the Securities Regulatory Commission and the insurance supervision and Administration Commission, which are the financial supervision and administration institutions. To be a financial officer in the industry supervision and management department should be the first choice for financial graduates. First of all, China finance is based on the macro economics, macro financial market based on the professional application is easy to start, grasp the policy in place; secondly, in the industry management department do a few years to practice at least to give a more middle position.

2. Commercial banks and joint-stock firms, city commercial banks and foreign banks in china. Access to the state’s four largest commercial banks is a good choice for graduates. China’s 4 largest commercial banks have the strength, ranking 500 in the world. Background or strength will be a good choice. But China’s financial market is much late than the western countries, and there are also many problems. Bank as a special group in the financial sector, in the future development of the financial market plays a vital role. People with dual backgrounds tend to be key players in China’s exposure to international financial markets. Many returned overseas personnel at first is devoted to the four major state-owned commercial banks, in the city after the joint-stock commercial banks develop rapidly have quit, and become the backbone of city commercial banks, joint-stock commercial banks, many become middle managers, minority become senior leadership.

3. Securities companies (including fund management companies), trust and investment companies, financial holding group and other risky financial companies. Securities, trust funds, these three are on the risk management of food, the existence of industry risk factors, but the money is relatively easy, short-term returns (higher risk is big, and the operation) according to the real enterprise management mechanism, if you want to be in the professional development and achievement, is an excellent choice in this the industry, many fund managers, investment bank managers are the annual salary of one million yuan. The recent re emergence of the trust industry has added a new choice for graduates of Finance and other majors, and the three most influential people in the financial industry.

4. Asset Management Co, financial leasing, Guarantee corporation. Asset Management Co is similar to policy bank, and its purpose and function at the beginning of its establishment are gradually fading away. The financial leasing and guarantee industry is developing rapidly and can be considered for entry. Of course, if you have the experience in banking and securities, you should be more involved in this industry.

5. Insurance company and insurance brokerage company. Social security fund management center or social security bureau. The insurance company can refer to the analysis of the commercial bank, working for several years, after experienced marketing, risk management, insurance, grow rapidly in the domestic joint-stock insurance companies the opportunity to enter the foreign insurance institutions, or have a brilliant future. Actuarial science is very popular. Social security centres and financial audit departments are places for the elderly, more stable, less intelligent, of course, hope to get a steady return of friends may as a choice to consider.

6. Listed company (securities company), securities department, finance department, securities affairs representative, Secretariat of the board of directors, etc.. Experience also listed companies in the Securities Department of the securities industry, congenital across two lines, and then to the development of a foothold. If the whole process of IPO preparation work, the future career will be more beneficial, it requires higher financial, industrial analysis capabilities, we must strengthen the study in this area.

7. The government of the civil service sequence of administrative institutions, such as finance, auditing, customs and other departments; colleges and universities, financial and professional teachers; research institutions, researchers.

It is an inevitable choice to build a network space destiny community

To solve all kinds of problems in the development of international cyberspace, we must build a community of cyber space destiny. This is the inevitable choice to realize the healthy, safe and sustainable development of the global internet.

Promote network interconnection. Interworking is the essential attribute of the network. Under the new era conditions, only by relying on the Internet to achieve interoperability between countries, in order to better promote economic globalization, and effectively enhance the well-being of people of all countries, and thus build a network of space destiny community. We should strengthen the construction of global network infrastructure, continue to promote the development of Internet technology and the application of innovation, the digital divide between the narrow and Bridge in different countries and regions, groups, various countries to achieve common development and common progress.

Focus on common benefit. Constructing the community of destiny in cyberspace creates a new point of mutual benefit and cooperation in the economic, cultural and other fields of the world. To build a community of destiny in cyberspace, we must aim at benefiting and benefiting all countries and achieve shared prosperity. The common benefit benefit is to make each country through interoperability, equality and cooperation, sharing the development of the Internet brings economic growth, cultural prosperity and social progress, let more countries especially developing countries and people sharing Internet development opportunities.

Establishment of equal consultation mechanism. The construction of the fate community of cyberspace requires not only mutual trust and close cooperation among countries, but also exchanges and cooperation between enterprises and social organizations in various countries. In other words, the main participants in international cyberspace governance are countries, and at the same time, we should actively play the role of international organizations, Internet companies, technological communities, civil institutions, citizens and individuals. It is necessary to establish an equal consultation mechanism to effectively co-ordinate the forces of the pluralistic bodies and to form a cohesive force, so as to achieve common governance in cyberspace through equal consultation.